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Clearing cache evalynnh 1/15/09 2:20 PM
When does chrome clear cache? Does it automatically clear it on exit?
Re: Clearing cache Bapabooiee 1/15/09 2:26 PM
Chrome doesn't have a feature to automatically clear the cache (or any other private data) on exit. To clear the cache, you have to click the blue wrench at the top-right, and select "Clear browsing data".

That's the only way to clear it.
Re: Clearing cache George B. 3/10/09 9:34 AM
Will Google Chrome be able in future versions to clear all browsing data on exit?
Re: Clearing cache itouchedyou 3/22/09 9:45 AM
I don't think Chrome will ever have a feature to clear all browsing data on exit.  It's made by Google, who makes their money through advertising.  Clearing your cookies means they get less data about you, which means they can't advertise as accurately to you, which means you'll be less likely to click on ads, and that means less money for Google.  However... if they actually hope to compete with Firefox, they'll need to let other developers build add-ins for Chrome, and I'm sure there will be privacy add-ins to make up for Chrome's lack of privacy features.
Re: Clearing cache BlissC 8/21/09 7:40 AM
As far as I know (though I may be wrong on this) most browsers don't automatically clear everything on exit - usually you can select to clear cache, web history, cookies, etc. on an individual basis, but I'm not aware that you can completely wipe everything on most browsers without some sort of add-in. When I'm working from home, our IT dept issued me with an ActiveX component for IE (unfortunately I'm forced to use IE for work - yuck!) that completely wipes my browsing data as a security measure as I work in local govt where they're very keen on security stuff if you're working outside the office connecting into their systems. As Chrome's open source any developer can inspect the code and build add-ins if they wish, so I'm sure something will come along - I'm sure it'd be something a lot of people would be interested in.
Re: Clearing cache Flcaptain 9/18/09 6:12 AM
IE under advanced internet options gives you the choice to delete browsing history on exit.there is also a check box to delete temp internet files on exit. This keeps history but empties the cache.  A good feature that saves many gigs of drive space.  I routinely find as much as six gigs of temp files on our machines.  Philosophical question: If they are called temporary files why do we save them?  A cal to developers: please write a little utility to do this for chrome.  on't mind the browsing history, just the tep file bloat....
Re: Clearing cache 3biz 9/23/09 4:56 PM
i need this feature. also, cache is not cookies. cookies can be on my computer.
my problem is that i'm using chrome to access sensible data. clear cache on exit would be lovely!
Re: Clearing cache BlissC 9/24/09 1:51 AM
"there is also a check box to delete temp internet files on exit. This keeps history but empties the cache.  A good feature that saves many gigs of drive space.  I routinely find as much as six gigs of temp files on our machines.  Philosophical question: If they are called temporary files why do we save them?"

IE calls the cache "temporary internet files", and the cache (temporary files) is used to speed up the rendering of web pages on subsequent visits to a site (or even viewing other pages within the same site within the same visit in some instances). Because the relevant files are already saved (cached) on your computer, it doesn't take pages as long to render because the instruction to fetch page X from the server doesn't have to go off to the server and then wait for all the components to be downloaded from the server to your computer before the page loads. Caching reduces the load on busy servers, and the amount of time you're hanging around waiting for a page to load. You may have noticed that after you've cleared the cache, some pages, and particularly images on pages, can take longer to load the first time you visit a particular page, particularly on older, slower computers. 

For web developers, the main use of clearing the cache is after making changes to ensure that they're not seeing an "old" version of a page, and that any changes they've made have taken effect properly. Web developers can also affect whether a browser will cache a page by altering a page's meta tags to instruct browsers either not to cache a page at all, or to only cache a page for a certain length of time. It's usually used for time sensitive information where a page's content may change rapidly, and if a page was cached the user could be viewing "old" information if it was cached.

@Flcaptain - Most browsers (unfortunately not Chrome quite just yet though) give you an option of specifying how much space on a machine should be used for the cache, so you can specify how much space you want to use for temporary files. IIRC IE recommends setting it at between 50 and 250MB. Also with IE you can specify how often you want IE to check for a new version of a page, and set it to "never" if you don't want the browser to cache anything, but that will slow down your browsing experience, because each time your computer sends a request to a server for a page, every element of that page will have to be downloaded from the server again.

If you want a utility that'll clear cache on exit, check out the various forums for GC supporters that have sprung up. There's at least two I know of that have developers' areas where those working on add-ins for Chrome update on their progress and other forum members make requests for apps they'd like to see.
Re: Clearing cache Bapabooiee 9/24/09 2:13 AM
Oh! Here's something you might really like. There's an Extension for Chrome out there that can literally add a one-click private data cleaner to it. It's called "Click & Clean".

You can find it on this page:

This should be a good a solution. It may not clear your data on exist, but I'm sure clicking a single button before exiting Chrome wouldn't be too much of a hassle :]
Re: Clearing cache BlissC 9/24/09 2:30 AM
Ooooh! Nice find Bapabooiee! 

One word of warning though, I notice it uses CCleaner to do the cleaning. Be VERY careful when setting up what you want CCleaner to clean. I've happily used CCleaner for a number of years, but a few months ago I got over-enthusiastic with my cleaning and seriously messed up my registry using its registry cleaner. CCleaner is great, but make sure you know the function of everything you're asking it to get rid of, and I'd suggest giving it's registry cleaning capabilities a miss unless you're sure you know what it's proposing to clear from the registry. Last time I did it, I made a stupid error and clicked the wrong button before I'd fully read the list of issues it had found. Fortunately it was fairly easy to fix the registry in my case, but messing up your registry can be a serious headache and can prevent your computer from even starting up at all.
Re: Clearing cache Bapabooiee 9/24/09 2:33 AM
Luckily, when using the one-click thing, it doesn't automatically touch your registry. CCleaner has a "clean" mode, and a "registry clean" mode - so I'm fairly sure it won't mess with that.

But if you configure CCleaner in just the right way, I'd imagine this working-out very well. Still always a good idea to be careful, though :]
Re: Clearing cache miterb 10/3/09 11:35 AM
I really need a cache size option.  I have to manually clean 2-3 times a day as I am a very heavy user of the Internet.  And, by the way, a quick way to access the "Clear Browsing Data" function is to press down CTRS, Shift and Delete at the same time.  If you already have the options set for what you want cleared, then just hit the 'ENTER' Key.  Very fast - probably less than a second to do.
Re: Clearing cache dvsnrjnvs 1/28/10 12:36 PM
I don't have clearing cache option in google chrome beta
Re: Clearing cache evalynnh 1/28/10 1:49 PM
It's in the wrench options in clear browsing data --
Re: Clearing cache 5stars 1/28/10 2:43 PM
Click&Clean v3.6.5.0 new features include:

 - Clear browsing history when Chrome closes
 - Close all tabs/windows before clearing
 - Remove Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs)
 - Clearing browsing history should not clear localStorage for extensions (fixed Chromium issue 30226)
 - Delete client-side Web SQL Databases (HTML5 Web Databases)
works on Chrome 4+ for Windows
Re: Clearing cache Bapabooiee 1/28/10 2:55 PM
Also, to avoid any confusion, "Clear browsing data..." has been moved out of the Wrench menu and into Options.

You can now find a button for it in [Options > Personal Stuff]
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Re: Clearing cache miterb 2/3/10 3:11 PM
Ctl+Shift+Del still brings up the "Clear Browsing Data" window but the "Clear Data" button in not made current any longer so you can't just hit the Enter Key to do the clear.  You have to move the mouse over the "Clear Data" Button and click on it.  Slows me up a bit but better than nothing.
Re: Clearing cache Blair (Googler) 3/22/10 10:53 AM
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that it's now possible to set Google Chrome to automatically clear your cookies and other site data on exit.  Simply go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Cookies and select Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser.


Re: Clearing cache BlissC 3/22/10 11:10 AM
That's useful to know - thanks for sharing :)
Re: Clearing cache evalynnh 3/22/10 11:26 AM
What "other site data" is that? I don't want my browsing history cleared each time I close -- does it only close what is checked on the clearing data box?

Thanks, Evalynn
Re: Clearing cache Blair (Googler) 3/22/10 11:34 AM
Nope, your browsing history is untouched.

Re: Clearing cache miterb 3/22/10 6:38 PM
This is NOT what I wanted.  It clears out all the information on my home page.  I've got to go and find all my widgets or whatever you call them and reconstruct everything.  What did this?  Clearing the Cookies??
Re: Clearing cache miterb 3/22/10 6:45 PM
Well, I just found out how to get my home page back.  I apologize.  However, how can we select 'Clear Browsing Data' and maybe even the 'History' and nothing else on closing the window?

By the way, I found you do not have to use the mouse at all for my earlier solution.  Ctl+Shift+Del still brings up the "Clear Browsing Data" window but the "Clear Data" button in not made current any longer so JUST HIT THE TAB key once and hit the enter Key.

Did you guys make the cache bigger?  It seems to hold a lot more.

Re: Clearing cache ttianna 4/7/10 12:21 PM
The Click and Clean is a little more than I need. It signs me out of everything, too. I would like something like Firefox's one click cache clear (it looks like a little broom). Is there something like that for Chrome?
Re: Clearing cache BlissC 4/8/10 3:11 AM
The "clear browsing data" already built into Chrome will allow you to clear either everything (with all the options ticked), or selectively choose which components you want to clear. If you want to empty the cache only (if click and clean's signing you out of everything as well as clearing the cache, it sounds as though it's clearing cookies as well as browsing data). If it's only the browsing data (e.g. history and download history) and not cookies that you want to clear, you'd be better using the inbuilt options. 

I've just had a look at the 'Click and Clean' extension, and in the list of what it does, it reads " Clear cookies and Empty cache", which sounds to me as though it does both together, and from the screenshots it shows, it doesn't seem to give an option to selectively clear/not clear cookies independently of other things.

The info Blair gave above on clearing data on clearing site data when closing the browser does include cookies, and it's the clearing of the cookies that'll be signing you out of everything. It doesn't look as though there is a way to clear the cache automatically yet without also clearing cookies. Of course it's always possible to do it manually through the settings, and still retain cookies though, but that requires some extra clicks, and of course has to be done manually.
Re: Clearing cache sankdafide 4/13/10 2:16 PM
click the wrench in the top right corner >> options >> under the hood tab >> "Clear browsing data.." >> select what you want to be deleted >> click "Clear browsing data"
Re: Clearing cache paul b. 4/27/10 6:52 AM
@Blair - if I clear cookies, I lose my logged-in status to frequently visited sites, right? If so, I'd like to clear only the cache on exit and leave the cookies alone. Or somehow distinguish between desired cookies and expendable ones.
Re: Clearing cache paul b. 4/27/10 7:04 AM
I think I found my solution. I'm going to turn off the computer daily using CCleaner with its shutdown switch.
Re: Clearing cache BlissC 4/27/10 12:09 PM
CCleaner's very good, but just be careful what settings your using, particularly if you've set it to clear anything from the registry. I badly messed up my registry a few months ago and it took me ages to sort it out. Just double-check that you're not deleting anything vital. ;-)
Re: Clearing cache nelulazar 4/28/10 12:50 PM
CTRL + F5 refresh seems to fix "Waiting for cache..." error. It basically has to do with Chrome's incapacity to reuse some cached files like CSS or JavaScript (my assumption), therefore the browser would need to receive new copies from the website's server.
Re: Clearing cache BenSarZ 5/18/10 2:45 PM
I just want to add this for Mac users...
Open System Preferences, then select Keyboard Shortcuts and add an application shortcut.
I am using command+D to launch the clear browsing data menu.
Re: Clearing cache Das Licht 5/24/10 10:42 AM
I am a developer as well. Is there now a way to disable the cache ?
Re: Clearing cache paul b. 6/3/10 8:56 PM
@daslicht: There is a command line switch that limits the cache size, so effectively, yes.
Re: Clearing cache Aaron Nel 8/13/10 2:12 AM
Options (wrench / spanner) > New Incognito Window

Every thing works as it should while browsing, but cache, cookie and history are removed once your finished.
No private data is stored by the browser at the end of your session. It is automatically deleted. Very use full.

ctrl+shift+del will also work do delete all currently stored private data.
Re: Clearing cache fishindad25 2/21/11 11:36 PM
Google Chrome does not automatically clear the cache it's self.

But if you follow these steps below you can clear it on your own!

Step 1 ~ Click on the little wrench to the top right of your screen.

Step 2 ~ Scroll down to Options & click on that.

Step 3 ~ Click on the tab at the top that says " Under The Hood "

Step 4 ~ Click on the " Clear Browsing Data... Icon "

Step 5 ~ Choose what you want it to delete. Such as browsing history, download history, cache, cookies, saved passwords, & saved Autofill form data.

Step 6 ~ Click on the clear data period tab & choose how many days, weeks, hour, or everything option.

Step 7 ~ Finally click on " Clear Browsing Tab " & wait for it to completely delete what you want it too.

Hope this helps! It worked for me :)....
Re: Clearing cache Impeccable. 5/15/11 10:37 AM
There IS a way to automatically clear cache on exit!

1) download and install click&clean extension from chrome webstore.(
2) after installation, click the icon at top right hand corner to bring up options
3) at the sidebar, you can see a session called 'clear private data when browser closes', from there you can tweak the settings on how it clears your cache.
4) enjoy :D
Re: Clearing cache kwonghou 5/21/11 9:36 AM
If you are on Windows, you can clear only the cache without touching the cookies or saved passwords with a .cmd or .bat script containing the following line:

del /q "C:\Documents and Settings\[user ID]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\*.*"

Then you can use one of the myriad ways to automate this script in whichever way you prefer.
Re: Clearing cache super56 6/19/11 9:30 AM
Press Ctrl+alt+delete
Re: Clearing cache cerpher 8/9/11 1:35 PM

this does not clear on exit.....i have still had Google info not changed upon exit...
biggest problem is in Google Plus when doing post and delete post

FOR NON-windoz OS
clearing cache for Mac and LINUX
click on Chrome -> under Preferences -> under the hood -- content settings
Re: Clearing cache musziQ 9/10/11 11:01 PM
The auto clear function is cool but I don't want it to clear my cookies. I only want it to clear just my cache just like I used to do in FF.
Re: Clearing cache 3946874 9/19/11 2:20 PM
 a  simple fix for your  situation is  to   download & install a  utility  called  CCleaner  by .piriform   (  and yes .. it's  free)  which is  an  internet cache &   junk  file cleaner as well as a registry cleaner   ( it erases  all cookies  & junk that  gets stored in your internet  cache folders  and   a regular   cpu registry  cleaner  It is fully customizable  and so    can set it up to save ( not   delete ) certain  cookies when you run it.
Re: Clearing cache stephen davis 11/27/11 12:12 AM
I reed resently tryeded to purchase something in line after several attempts I gave up and contacted the company they suggested I clear my cache and refresh the page its weird because I"ve been able to to do other purchaes ect so Im trying to figure out how to clear the cache ve only just starter useing chrome  so it a mine field
Re: Clearing cache miterb 11/27/11 5:15 AM
Click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the web page. Move the cursor over to Tools, then over to "Clear Browsing Data' and click on it.  I check the first 3 option boxes  and then the "Clear Browsing Data' button.  That ought to do it.
Re: Clearing cache life036 1/28/12 7:27 PM
This doesn't work for history. . . So, it's kind of pointless.

For such a brilliant group of programmers, Google sure does a lot of stupid shit.
Re: Clearing cache FreezeComputer 2/5/12 1:32 PM
Just keeping this post alive.  Google Chrome still, as of latest version 16.0.912.77, is constantly showing the "Waiting for cache" message.  I see this message as I browse new web pages (that aren't already cached).  However, this message appears a lot for pages I know I've recently visited.  Unfortunately, even at Chrome version 16, the handling of cached objects has not improved.  Also unfortunate, as user "embrya" has rightfully pointed out, there is no way to clear cache on exit without clearing cookies too.  I would like Google Chrome to clear cache on browser close, but maintain all my cookies.  Hopefully it's not just me experiencing this extreme slowness in loading web pages using Google Chrome.  These days, Firefox Nightly and IE9 are as fast as Chrome!!
Re: Clearing cache busted_draw 3/5/12 5:56 AM
hi.i dont open new thread cause this one fits i guess.
What do i earn if i clear my cookies?space?more fast pc?
if i click to delete only the cookies and not the saved passwords will i lose the passwords?
Re: Clearing cache Joti 7/25/12 11:13 AM
USr the "incognito" feature under the wrench icon
No, Chrome is incapable of clearing browsing history. I know it SAYS it does clear  cache and history and cookies, but it is lying. Once you restart the browser, all those cookies are still there, safe and sound and still tracking you. Isn't that nice?

Go clear all the cookies, re-start Chrome, go look at those cookies, all of them still there.


liar. Does NOT WORK.

Re: Clearing cache kbeuning 9/8/12 2:59 PM
The waiting for cache thing freezes chrome and everything else i am doing. I wait so long I end up doing a hard reset and sometimes it corrupts stuff and have to scan disk. Years of this problem and no fix? It's fine to say clear the cache but not when it is frozen!!! i cant do anything in firefox either, everything is frozen. sorry for typos, stupid ipad keyboard!
Re: Clearing cache afternoonhandyman 11/23/12 1:43 AM
This does not clear the DNS Cache, only cookies - including the ones needed for sites to remember you.
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