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How do I find the "favorites?"

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How do I find the "favorites?" Little Rhody 11/12/08 7:20 PM
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Simon D. Internets 11/13/08 10:51 AM
Hi Little Rhody,

My guess if you're referring to the 'bookmarks' feature of Google Chrome. The easiest way to see your bookmarks is pressing Ctrl + B which will bring up the bookmarks bar directly under your address bar. There are a couple of other ways to find your bookmarks though so I've included a link below to a Help Center article on finding your bookmarks.

Re: How do I find the "favorites?" iangurteen 2/16/09 5:39 AM
thanks - not having them on the screen was a pain!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" cpashto70 3/18/09 6:34 AM
Control and "B". Excellent.'s quick, it's slick, and totally minimalistic. Just gotta get used to knowing what's where and you're laughin'.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" btrmike 4/18/09 12:18 PM
I still cant figure it out. And I make computers.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" †Tommy G.† 4/18/09 12:40 PM
btrmike, you made me laugh.  If you are like me, I hate the keyboard, I prefer the mouse.  Just right click the toolbar and select Always Show Bookmarks Bar.  
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Frankly Speakin.. 6/13/09 5:06 PM
Maggie link led no where, sorry to say......trl + B worked fine.....but not enough.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" OKmark 9/21/09 3:34 PM
Go to the icon "Customize and control Google Chrome." In drop down menu select "Import bookmarks and settings." Select "Favorites/Bookmarks" from the IE list. Click "Import." Favorites list will appear in the "Other bookmarks" folder.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" tomhancock 1/2/10 7:50 PM
It's very, very difficult to understand.  I HATE Microsoft.  I BEG Google to give me something I can use instead of Explorer.  But, alas, this is my second time trying Chrome... and it's very, very lacking.  The Google people assume we're all like Dragontatt, who laughs at us because we don't want to take the time and effort to try every little combination of buttons; holding down Alt while the wind is from the east and whistling Dixie simultaneously whilst typing "the quick brown fox..." exactly 732 times in a 3:35 window.
The Google employee Simon D. Internets (Maggie) does have the best answer here, but fails to further explain how to add (by clicking the star in front of the web address/search box).  OKmark helps in the sense of importing your favorites IF and ONLY IF you can find the mystery button he refers to (Customize and control Google Chrome) ???????????  I guess you have to have your Favorites ... or B O O K M A R K S as Google insists, before you can find that button.
No disrespect to Google Chrome lovers, but I gots news for you... IT   A  I  N  ' T   EASY !!!!! And, unfortunately, I have a LOT of people who agree with me.  Look at ALL of the tech/support-question-websites.  For Google problems,   T  H  I  S    I  S    T  H  E    N  U  M  B  E  R    O  N  E    Q  U  E  S  T  I  O  N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER... What's wrong Google?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" ghirmayj 6/6/10 11:46 PM
The most idiotic thing Google did, was to  not show the FAVORITE or bookmark tool in CHROME. Well they did have it but they tried to be smart about it!  Why do I have to go through all that.  I guess it is the time  to abandon it CHROME.   Ghirmayj
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" pogoed 6/7/10 4:18 PM
sorry I do not want to import my bookmarks from my other browsers I want to create NEW bookmarks & keep my old ones separate from my new ones.

I still can't find a bookmark tab on Chrome's browser but thank you who posted in another thread how to use ctrl+B because I did not know how to do that & wasn't born w/ a computer in my mom's lap like some of the kids today are.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" fixitgirl 6/14/10 12:52 PM
I'm with 'tomhancock', this isn't easy ! and 'pogoed'.Just when I was getting used to the old way. I said to myself " here we go again". I'm trying to find my old favorites too. I'll try these suggestions.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" mariamd1984 6/19/10 9:43 AM
There isn't any Bookmark tab. When you click ctrl+B it brings up the Bookmark toolbar, which I don't want, I just want a "Favorites/Bookmarks" button in which I click and a drop down menu with all my saved bookmarks/pages appear I make my selection and the menu closes just like in Firefox and Windows.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" rivercyan 7/6/10 8:05 AM
Uhmm, I may be out numbered here, but I LOVE the bookmark system on CHROME now.  I came here cuz I didnt know how to use it, but now that I do...For those of you who are as slow as I am, FIRST, I went to the little WRENCH, and then to BOOKMARK MANAGER.  Then I imported my FAVORITES from IE.  They ended up in a folder which I didnt like, so I moved them to "OTHER BOOKMARKS" and deleted the IE folder.  Then the pages I am on all the time, I move to BOOKMARK BAR and selected "Always show Bookmark Bar"---all the other BOOKMARKS are on the rightside in the "Other bookmarks" Folder.  I wanted to rename the folder, but it wont let me.  Soooo when you click on the Other Bookmark folder, you get your dropdown list, but you also have the option that I like and have the most used directly on the toolbar.....
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Erik Andrade 9/12/10 3:11 AM
Crtl + Shift + B
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Warlockd1 9/27/10 6:59 AM
Like Erik said, Ctrl + Shift + B.  Don't get me wrong, I like the bookmark manager, but it took looking for an faq to realize the "show always in browser" was under the tools tab.

Seriously, put that option in the MAIN list.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" pcrepeau 9/28/10 3:08 AM
     When I click on "Customize and control Google Chrome" (the wrench), I do not see, in the drop-down menu, "Import bookmarks and settings."

     However, that did show me how to delete a bookmark, which I had a question in to the "Incredible Start Page" about.

     To find your bookmark tab:

         Click on the wrench.
         Put the cursor on "tools".
         The drop-down menu will show "always show bookmarks bar".
         Click on that, so that it has a check next to it.

      After that, you might need to re-boot.
      But then you should have a whole bookmarks bar.

      However, you might prefer to have your bookmarks all listed on the right-hand side of the
           "Incredible Start Page", an extension, in a new tab.

      I don't know what will happen when I select more bookmarks than will fit in that space,

fixitgirl, when you get an answer, please let me know. I will be watching this space.

                  I hope you all found these comments helpful,
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" pcrepeau 9/28/10 3:10 AM
This is not answered.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" jo bloggs 9/28/10 8:25 AM
just put a "button for BOOKMARKS"
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" LizardKing 12/1/10 8:16 AM
FOR THOSE OF US WHO AREN'T GENIUSES AND CAN'T READ MINDS: Control B does nothing, just as right clicking the toolbar.

To see the favorites bar, click the Tool Icon at the top right (the so called "Customize and control Google Chrome" below the closing button) and select Tools. Clic the first option: Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Done.

As with many other ITcentric apps, Chrome is extremelly unfriendly. Google should make an effort to make it simpler or to write an understandable manual for users. Minimalistic and safe does not mean optionless! Let people choose how minimalistic they want to be. I particularly, want Menu and Status Bars!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Little Rhody 12/1/10 2:09 PM
My thanks to LizardKing.  Really simple . . . if you know how!  I agree.  Google needs to supply an understandable manual for users.  Little Rhody
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" nadronet 12/2/10 12:42 PM
Apparently it's not Ctrl-B but


It may have been Ctrl-B at one time but apparently it isn't now.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" nandebisu 12/2/10 6:45 PM
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" wdurham 12/2/10 8:33 PM
Little Rhody -

Have you ever thought of clicking HELP when you want to know something about Chrome? 

If you had done so, you'd know that Google DOES supply an understandable "manual" for users, which deals with all the basics, and links to more detailed instructions.  It's called "New to Google Chrome?" and it's here:

This, plus a whole bunch of Help Articles on all aspects of using Chrome, can be found if you click HELP under the Wrench. 
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" The Wes Man 12/4/10 11:37 AM
Here's how you do it:  
Click on "Customize and Control Google Chrome" (which is the wrench icon next to the add bookmark star in the upper right corner).
Select "Tools"
Select "Always Show Bookmarks Bar"
That should do it.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" slipdipidis 12/21/10 9:38 AM

How does a person find the equivalent to the FAVORITES that IE has. Bookmarks are the equivalent to LINKS in IE. Love IE or hate IE... they got it right by having a dropdown in which you could find a page you stored away for later use... links are pages or sites you visit regularly and want a quick, always visible button to launch that page... Favorites on the other hand are placemarks for pages you may want to visit later on but don't need it filling up your very limited Links space... so the question is...

Re: How do I find the "favorites?" wdurham 12/21/10 9:54 AM
Chrome doesn't have a Favourites drop down.

It uses Bookmarks instead - which are identical in their function to Favourites in spite of your assertion that they aren't.

You want Favourites? Please use Internet Explorer. 
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Blair (Googler) 1/31/11 3:27 PM
Hey guys,

To hide and show the bookmarks bar, hit Ctrl + Shift + B on Windows or Cmd + Shift + B on a Mac.

Sometimes when you import bookmarks, they won't show on your bookmarks bar, but instead will be in the "Other bookmarks" menu at the end of the bookmarks bar. You can drag bookmarks out of here to the bar, or adjust everything in Wrench > Bookmark manager.

If you prefer to view your bookmarks in a menu, you can also try the following Chrome extension. Just be aware that it was not developed by Google:

Finally, to add bookmarks, you can hit Ctrl + D, click on the star icon in the far right of the address bar, or drag URLs directly to the bookmarks bar.

Thanks for the feedback,
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Jonathan Nesbitt 4/20/11 7:07 AM
To open bookmark manager, try this:

Alt+F, then B
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Luminous765 6/7/11 8:10 PM
Importing bookmarks from Firefox did not work. I have over 100 bookmarks. This is a deal-breaker. Also, I hit ctrl-B and all the other key combo's and nothing will put Bookmarks on the top of the Chrome browser. I am uninstalling immediately. Failure to support Bookmakrs is a deal-breaker. Chrome needs to at least be as good as Internet Explorer 6 before anyone with any sense will use it. What a piece of garbage.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" tomaatti 7/1/11 12:48 AM
Hi, after 2 days of testing chrome on ubuntu I find this somewhat neat and somewhat clumsy. This bookmark-gate was just enough and the thing that common menu can't cleverly autohide under top of the screen (in unity) like Firefox does. So back to the Firefox 5.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" tomaatti 7/1/11 12:52 AM
+ had to mention that the url textfield doesn't accept one single click selecting. No, I don't like use keyboard for the reasons of tunnel carpal syndrome and so forth (read = ergonomy, overall), the workload of hands don't get even with that style. And there are many styles, I prefer the one that chrome is apparently not interested. This is just lousy planning from the user point of view.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Atomheart13 7/7/11 4:17 AM
I want to like Chrome's Bookmarks Manager  but IE Favourites is much better.  Just want a simple dropdown menu that's all
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" The-Professor 7/9/11 10:39 AM
I have no answer but will say this is the major reason I will NOT use Chrome.  Google obviously wants people to use their website site and search for items rather than use an easy bookmark system.  Come on, Chrome, change the Star icon (Add bookmark) into something like IE's star icon (favorites).  You should have copied the concept rather than just the icon.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" pricantody 7/25/11 6:18 AM
what a bag of crap. I've been a google fan, but erasing my favorites overnight, and with no option of keeping them in view has soured me. control-shift-B does nothing on my laptop. no options. I loved it, now i hate it. think i'll look at foxfire.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" R...B... 7/26/11 7:36 AM
pricantody, I am pretty sure that CTRL+Shift+B does something (show or not show favorite bar) but if you are looking for your Bookmark Manager, then the answer was given above by Jonathan Nesbitt: Alt+F then B
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Toni (Googler) 8/4/11 7:08 PM
Hi everyone, 

We know that some of you are still having trouble locating your bookmarks, so we've implemented some changes to help alleviate this. In our latest Stable release (Chrome 13), we have:

Vertical bookmarks list & bookmarks options are now "bundled" under the wrench (Wrench > Bookmarks)

--Note that the vertical bookmarks list doesn't replace the horizontal bookmarks bar, but you can toggle the latter on / off using  Ctrl+Shift+B (Windows / Chrome OS) and ⌘-Shift-B (Mac) if you prefer to see your bookmarks arranged horizontally.
--Under Wrench > Bookmarks, you'll see that other bookmarks-related options such as Bookmark manager and Import Bookmarks and Settings are accessible here as well

If you need more help using bookmarks, please see our help article listed in my references below. 

Re: How do I find the "favorites?" carnasaur15 8/8/11 8:52 AM
Best way in my opinion.  Wrench-> Bookmarks manager.  Under "Bookmarks Bar" create a new folder and call it whatever you want (Bookmarks, Favorites, etc...) then drag all of the bookmarks you don't use as frequently into that new folder.  This gives you quick access to them anytime you want.  I needed this because my bookmarks bar got too full and now I can tier the sites I don't use as frequently.  Go Chrome!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" chrisp9au 8/24/11 12:10 PM
This must be my 10th attempt at using Google Chrome, I really do want to use it!
But one feature, or lack thereof, sends me back to Firefox every time, bookmarks.
The lack of a Bookmarks button on the toolbar with a drop down menu is a fatal flaw.
I know how to display the Bookmark toolbar, I know how to add bookmarks.
I've read all the forums etc. I've tried the ' --bookmarks-menu' switch.
It seems my frustration with Chrome is shared by so many others.
I cannot understand why Chrome developers are not listening!
I don't want my screen taken up with additional tool bars.
I just want a button that provides a drop down menu.
If Firefox can do it, why not Chrome?
Thanks, and goodbye again!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Kingerz 9/4/11 10:41 PM
I uninstalled Chrome within a few minutes and might look again in a few years, maybe.  The marketing for this browser is good but the thing itself is frustrating in that crucial time when a new user is trying to use it.   Really bad.   Look at this: pages of people trying to explain something that should be really obvious.

Rather than do all this stuff, I'll use Firefox where it's easy.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" alvinhochun 9/20/11 9:17 AM
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" MarkKenney888 10/7/11 8:42 AM
I created an account for the sole purpose of posting on this issue. I like so many others am trying Chrome for the 100th time and I like so many others are simply annoyed that in all of  it's wonderful and majestic technology, Google cant simply put a single button where a drop down menu of favorites/bookmarks/previous saved links/whatever you want to call it can be accessed in one click.  Key coeds, passwords, DNA samples and the like should not be needed if Google is truly serious about creating a superior browser.  If Google would simply do that, I would most likely delete other browsers entirely.. but because they don't, I only use it to access Gmail and that's about it.
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Kenbobb 10/12/11 9:12 AM
Just another vote from someone who really likes Google, and Chrome, but finds Google's method of handling bookmarks really asinine.

The ONLY acceptable solution is Blair's, which involves using a non-Google extension. This one appears to work very well, but third-party solutions to core issues are always problematic.

Like many users, I prefer to minimize the number of bars on my browser. Particularly Bookmarks, which are most poorly served using the bar format. Everyone I deal with (BTW, I am a self-employed computer technician) has far more bookmarks than could ever fit on a bar.

The bar just wastes screen space without adding a smidgeon of functionality. The Bookmark Star added by the extension is far superior, and can quickly display many more bookmarks effectively, without wasting windows space.

As noted above, expecting users to remember 3-Key hotkey combination to show or hide a Bookmarks bar (which serves poorly in any case) is simply awful interface design.

It is, in fact, positively Microsoftian. I can't imagine how Google screwed up this simple, yet extremely important bit of interface design so badly.

Give us a star, instead of a bar, and build it into the browser! Then I won't be writing you these lengthy notes!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" John Freeman 5/20/12 10:15 AM
You made this comment back in 2009 and little has changed since then.  I have tried Chrome several times and always become frustrated and give it up again.  Just simple things.  Like closing the last tab shuts down Chrome completely.  I simply want a new tab to open my homepage.  And if you want access to your bookmarks (imagine that!), you must have a Bookmarks bar draped across the top of your screen under the address bar, and that is not only unsightly, it's inconvenient.  Who wants to have to hit the keyboard three times to gain access to this bookmarks bar?  And another three strokes to hide it.

I have seen these particular items requested frequently on the net literally for years.  How much a threat is it to Chrome to merely give users these simple OPTIONS?  The answer has become clear over time:  they are too must to ask for.

Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Aley Kat 7/4/13 10:33 PM
I had a lot of favorites in my Chrome file on the top of my google or g-mail page and they just vanished.  All my things are gone.. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" caver_tim 7/5/13 12:38 AM
are they still there if you click on menu > bookmarks ?
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" Jim Spalding 7/31/13 2:02 PM
anyone know how to  restore your google favorites i had to reinstall google because of that  screwed up hangouts thing  and still don't work but my favorites some of the folders  the sites are mising
Re: How do I find the "favorites?" vicki hughes 8/16/13 7:48 PM
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