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How can I back up my bookmarks?

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How can I back up my bookmarks? neptuno1 11/16/08 8:49 AM
Is there any way to back up my bookmarks in case I have to uninstall everything I don't have to go back and look up all my old sites and create all new folders etc...??

Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Misael Perez - PR 11/26/08 11:26 AM
For sure, just go to C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\     ...and copy the folder... just that... it will backup your profile (if you have it, if not just the default) and all the bookmarks and stuff....
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? 3xl4x 11/26/08 11:59 AM
Or you should have the new beta version by now, (Go to the spanner icon, about google chrome, it should be version, if not after a few seconds you will get the update button).

So now your up to date go to the spanner icon again and choose Bookmark manager, then at the top of the manager is a tools menu and an option to export your bookmarks, choose a place and filename to save them in a .html file.

The resulting file can be imported/exported to IE/Firefox/Chrome, and probably a few others.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Murray White 11/27/08 12:43 AM
Ok, now for another question and thanks for the answer, as I have been awaiting a means to export my bookmarks. I love Chrome!! Now, what would be great would be a means to R click on bookmarks and choose "sort by name". I know that one can open Manage and then do it one at a time but that is ridiculous. What I'm wondering is can one export the bookmarks back to IE and not end up with them being duplicated? Next one would need to be able to go into IE Favorites and "sort by name" and then re import. Will the re-import just leave one version of the Bookmarks in Chrome? I have over 5K of Favorites and sure don't want to mess things up.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? ThatcherM 5/22/09 8:35 AM
I agree. a Right click menu with option to "sort by name"   would be a start!!!   but i suspect that google Chrome team has something very exciting in store for us as far as a much more powerful bookmarks editor.   with FF and IE  i now heavily rely on  which is great for auto syncing bookmarks on multiple computers.  But what it does not have and this would be really cool. is to be able to share a single folder with a specific addition user of xMarks.  maybe Google will do that with Google bookmarks integration with Chrome.  but I can't wait any longer. Google When will it happen?
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Shankar Ganesh 6/1/09 11:27 PM
Well there are two ways you can backup your Google Chrome bookmarks:

1) Using the bookmark manager - Hit Ctrl + Shift + B and export bookmarks from the tools menu

2) Using thirdparty programs like Transmute and Google Chrome Backup

Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? jfaryar 8/7/09 3:45 PM
Under the Spanner icon, go to Bookmark Manager, In the Bookmark Manager under the Organise Menu, select Reorder by title.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? mistasparkaru 8/28/09 2:29 AM
You could also use something like just import your favorites then you have them where-ever you go, no need for a backup, let somebody else do the backup for you because you know one day you will forget.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? dwight.stegall 11/28/09 3:48 PM
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Z. 5/24/10 2:12 PM
1) Right-click on the bookmarks bar and select "Bookmark Manager"

2) Choose Tools>Export Bookmarks

3) Give the export file an easy name (like "bookmarks") and save it in a place you'll remember

4) That's it. Periodically do this and overwrite the old file to keep your updated bookmarks layout saved for emergencies.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? dclement09 8/3/10 4:53 PM
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH for these directions!!

I needed my computer re-imaged for work and they completely deleted all of my bookmarks for Chrome. Thanks to you guys I was able to restore them myself! I'm pretty proud!
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? altaid 8/27/10 7:30 PM
thank you - that was helpeful and it worked.

Control/Shift/B to export your favorite in Chrome
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Buttle 2/23/11 8:51 PM
Ok but what if my google Chrome is totally corrupt and won't start at all?
Is there any way to find the bookmarks in the file system and save them?

It looks like I will need to uninstall and resintall Chrome and I don't want to lose 1 year's worth of bookmarks.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Buttle 2/23/11 9:49 PM
Solved my own problem.

First, the short version of my solution:  You don't have to work too hard as long as your browsing data (history, bookmarks, etc) was not corrupted.  Here it is.
1.) Just go the search bar in the start menu (for Windows 7 and probably Vista... for XP I think you would have to go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs) and search "chrome" and you should see icons for starting Google Chrome AND you should see an "uninstall Google Chrome" icon.
2.) Left-click the "Uninstall Google Chrome" icon.
3.) Assuming you want to save your browsing data and reinstall chrome soon, then make sure the option to delete user data is NOT selected and click OK.  The uninstall process should only take a few seconds.
4.) Open up your Internet Explorer or whatever other browser you have, search for "google chrome", and click the download link.  All user data should be preserved.

Longer version:
Before I tried the above easy version I wanted to make absolutely sure I wouldn't lose my browser data.  This is how:
1.) Go to "C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data"
(obviously you replace [YourUserName] with your own user name)
2.) create a folder named whatever you want, like "Chrome Backup".
3.) COPY and PASTE all the other contents of the "User Data" folder into your backup folder.
4.) Create a new Windows user account (you can delete it later) for testing the data you backed up.
5.) Switch to that user account and install Google Chrome there.
6.) Copy your backup folder from your original user account to the same path in your new test account ( e.g. to "C:\Users\MyNewTestAccount\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data" )
7.) Still in the Windows test account, Delete the contents of the "User Data" folder (EXCEPT the backup folder you just moved there).
8.) Now move everything out of the backup folder and put it directly into the "User Data" folder.
9.) Start chrome in the test account and see if it looks exactly like your original copy did.  If so, you now have a perfect backup.  You can try restoring your original user account's Chrome using the easy method, and if somehow your user data gets lost in the process you can restore it by bringing it back from your Windows test account in just the same way as you copied it to the test account.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Blair (Googler) 3/18/11 2:02 PM
Hey everybody,

You can easily back up your bookmarks and more by syncing them to your Google account. To set up sync, go to Wrench > Options > Personal Stuff > Set up sync. To access your bookmarks on another computer, enable Google Chrome sync on that computer. You can learn more about sync in the article in my references.

As 3xl4x mentioned, you can also export your bookmarks by going to Wrench > Bookmark manager > Organize > Export bookmarks. You can import the resulting html into Chrome and other browsers when necessary.

Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? A.tamimi 9/22/11 1:18 AM
Open Bookmark Manager >>>
Click to open Organize menu >>>
Click on Export bookmarks to HTML file... >>>
Name the file and save it wherever you want.

Best Regards,
Aqeel Tamimi.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? dartsman58 9/26/11 5:42 PM
Thank You Tamimi such a short sweet answer...That Works !!!!
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? laylamayville 11/5/11 6:15 AM
Help. My other laptop died and it was sync with google for all my bookmarks. Now I am on a new laptop and want to recover all those bookmarks and put them onto this one. How do I do that?
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? alanpaterson8 11/7/11 4:00 PM
Good evening/morning citizens of Planet Chrome.

It seems I have to re-install Chrome because the GoogleUpdate.exe file isn't in my registry, and obviously I want to save my bookmarks. I've got the "Export to HTML file" bit done, but can anyone advise me what happens when you want to re-import? Does "Wrench > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager > Organize > Import bookmarks from HTML file" actually work? Also, what about apps and extensions?

When I tried something similar before I took a screenshot using Windows Paint, but I was an idiot then. Now I'm just a moron....

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? lapabc 1/5/12 7:43 AM
For simple maintenance tasks, the easiest & simplest method is the one described by A Tamimi  (the same as Blair's 2nd method)
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Tomas1968 1/5/12 3:52 PM
A follow-up question regarding Blair's answer; What if all or part of the synced bookmarks in your Google account gets deleted by mistake? Is there a way to make a roll-back and save them again?
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Sie_Deen 1/5/12 5:39 PM
@alanpaterson8, you have the correct steps for re-importing the bookmarks into the new Chrome installation. For the apps and extensions, if you had enabled sync in the past, you can re-enable it again in your new installation to get back your apps, extensions, theme, etc. from your Google Account. (wrench -> Options -> Personal stuff -> Sign in -> Sign in to Chrome)

@Tomas1968, if the synced bookmarks in the Google Account is deleted, there's no way to roll-back from the Google Account. But you can check your local profile on the computer to see if the bookmarks are still there in a backup format. The backup bookmark file (Bookmarks.bak) is typically in 
[Windows XP] %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
[Windows Vista/Windows 7] %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
You can open this file using a text editor (i.e. Textpad/Notepad) and see the bookmarks are still there. If you find them,  you can try the following:
- Rename the "Bookmarks" file to "Backup Bookmarks"
- Rename the "Bookmarks.bak" file to "Bookmarks"
- Restart Chrome
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? sutralu 2/22/12 11:22 PM
WRONG I synced my Google Account and all my bookmarks VANISHED. I don't know what to do now. I don't suppose Google would be kind enough to save them on the cloud for me. THEY KEEP TRACK OF EVERY OTHER FRIGGIN' THINK I DO. Here are a bunch of other people who ALSO lost ALL BOOKMARKS when the synced.
Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? Tomoya Kawasaki 10/9/12 3:47 PM
Hi everyone, 

You can sign in to Chrome and sync everything. You can sign in to your old computer first and then sign in again using the same Google Account in the new computer or after you've reinstalled everything. 

1. Go to the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (located next to the address bar). 
2. Select Sign in to Chrome
3. Enter your Google Account information. 
4. You'r done! 

As always, you can still export all your bookmarks into a html file as a back-up. Chrome menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager > Organize > Export bookmarks to HTML file.

Re: How can I back up my bookmarks? caver_tim 12/3/12 2:55 AM
no if  you export your bookmarks it should not then delete all your bookmarks
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