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Hindi Font Problem

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Hindi Font Problem kailash.sharma35 2/28/09 1:32 AM
I am using Google Chrome. I am facing problem in using Hindi News. which shows bullets instead of proper hindi text. Pl. solve my problem in showing the proper text.
Re: Hindi Font Problem tommygator 2/28/09 7:18 AM
go to the tools (wrench) click options, then minor tweaks.
change font and language selection.
then languages tab on the next pop-up
add HINDI from the list.
ok! not go to the page you want to view. it may still have the problem.
on the page, right click and view page source
then using the 'find in page' search look for font or FONT-FAMILY and read what fonts the webpage is using.
you may have to search the internet for a<fontname>.TTF file where <fontname> is the font the webpage is using.
once the font is in windows FONT folder you should be ok
let me know if that helps. or post the website you can't view
EXample. uses the bhaskar font and you can get that font here:
Re: Hindi Font Problem adityabluff 4/28/09 9:58 PM
dear tommygator i have ame problem with pls help me, so that i can read all articals and menu bar
Re: Hindi Font Problem ajit.bansode 9/10/10 2:08 AM
I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 32bit and have Google Chrome and Firefox.
Following sites look perfect on Firefox but not with Google chrome.
Please help.
Re: Hindi Font Problem praveenvatsa 10/29/10 2:41 AM
I am using Google Chrome version 7.0.517.41 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx.  Hindi font looks perfect on  but letter like ai , au, o are shifted toward  left side (once space).
Re: Hindi Font Problem akshay.dce 11/30/10 9:45 AM
I am also facing the same problem in Ubuntu 10.04..
Hindi fonts works fine in Mozilla Firefox, but when I open the same page in chrome, it does not display it properly(some shifted letters by one or two spaces)..
I think this might be the issue with Google chrome. Only some specific letters are shifted to one place, rest all is fine
If Google can resolve the issue, we all would be very thankful.
Some sample Hindi web links:-
Akshay Jangid
Re: Hindi Font Problem salty_rat 12/28/10 6:25 PM
Same issue here. All the accents and vowels are shifted to the left by one character in Chrome. Very annoying when reading.

Im using Chrome 8.0.552 and Windows 7.
Re: Hindi Font Problem Missy jo 12/30/10 8:31 AM
The same problem in Ubuntu 10.04..
Hindi fonts works fine in Mozilla Firefox, but in chrome, it does not display it properly (some of them are shifted letters by one or two spaces specially Matras)..
If any one have the solution pls mail to me:-
Re: Hindi Font Problem akshay.dce 4/15/11 12:06 AM
Hi All,

Please report this problem to Google developers to fix it on Ubuntu 10.10 platform.
Go to Setting --> Tools --> Report an Issue.
Then write the description of this bug. Clearly specify your operating system and other relevant details.
I have already reported it, but if more number of people are reporting it, Google will fix it on
hight priority.

Warm Regards,
Akshay Jangid