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GMail Notifier For Chrome?

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GMail Notifier For Chrome? Inquisitor911 12/15/08 11:10 AM
Is there a GMail Notifier extension available for Chrome? I love Chrome for its speed and usability, but one of the biggest things holding me back from switching to Chrome completely is its lack of a GMail Notifier.

If there is not a GMail Notifier extension available, could someone please link me to a desktop-based Notifier that will work running under 64-bit Vista?

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? ai9w 12/15/08 11:22 AM
Gmail Notifier
Mar 21, 2006 ... The Gmail Notifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you ... - 7k

I use this one.

Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? lissa.pinard 8/21/09 9:52 PM
If you have the Google Talk client installed, you will automatically receive new mail notifications from Google Talk and you do not need to install the Notifier. :)

Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? hobiefiend 9/17/09 5:21 PM
I have had the kind of notifier that drops down from a toolbar (available for firefox and ie) which let's me log in to about 15 different mailboxes. It accepts the addresses of each different mailbox and their password, and I don't have to worry about remembering it.
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? hobiefiend 9/17/09 5:22 PM
I forgot to add that I would have liked to see that kind of notifier in Chrome. That's why I posted the previous message.
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? Bapabooiee 9/17/09 5:42 PM
Yes, there is. Check-out the "Gmail Checker" Extension on this page:

You'll need to install the Dev version of Chrome to be able to use Extensions. You can obtain it here:

Also, hobiefiend, I know that isn't exactly what you're asking for - but I more-so answering the OP's question.
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? hobiefiend 9/17/09 5:47 PM
Hey, Bapabooiee, it's an answer, and I am grateful for whatever I can get. You know, after living with something (or someone) for a long time, it's hard to change the habits...I'll check it out, and let you know.

Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? Bapabooiee 9/17/09 5:55 PM
Heh, no problem mate. And just so you know, the term "I know this isn't exactly the answer you're looking for", and going out of my way to specifically acknowledge someone's circumstance is somewhat of a personal disclaimer for myself.

Not to toot my own horn, but having the "Top Contributor" label seems to make people think that you're obligated to help people - and that if you offer an answer that doesn't completely satisfy someone, or that it looks like you don't totally understand what they're asking they seem to think they can tread on you, saying you're useless and whatnot; like they don't understand that you're taking your own time to help them.

Anyway, guess I'm just venting or something like that. But it's nice to see reasonable guys like you around here :]
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? Zealotry.of.AH 5/21/10 12:52 PM
OMG! It is so simple! Just make Google Chrome your default browser and it will appear in the list for you to select it in the gmail notifier options..
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? Zealotry.of.AH 5/21/10 12:53 PM
Don't install any crap that people tell you to, do not change any registry or that kind of stuff... listen to me... just reinstalled windows and did what I have said in the previous post - it will work!
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? akop38 2/2/11 2:44 PM
I'm using this one -
Quite fast delivery + notification system. Looks pretty good.
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? toxiconetoo 4/16/11 12:53 PM

Even after making Chrome my default browser, it doesn't show up in Default Programs under email client.  Sorry, everything on this page is still too technical for something Chrome should be doing automatically.

I'm not going to reinstall my Windows Vista just on the chance that Gmail will show up
Re: GMail Notifier For Chrome? JackyH 9/22/11 8:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

As this thread is originally from 2008 and the original poster's question has been answered, I am going to close this thread. If you have questions related to Gmail notification, please start a new thread.