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What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome?

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What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? gsmi837 5/25/09 10:31 PM
Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? nakro 5/25/09 11:43 PM
google is the company who owns (which is the search engine which most ppl associate with google)
and it also owns chrome (which is a web browser developed by google)

by the way, a web browser is a program which lets you see the internet, much like Internet Explorer or Fire fox
Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? bbw 5/25/09 11:51 PM
Well, this questions has already been answered, but maybe I can give you a simple answer.

Google is a company that makes a search engine that is referred to as Google. A search engine is a website that allows to find other webpages by typing as keyword.

Google Chrome is a web browser made by Google. A Web Browser is a tool that lets you view other webpages, including the Google search engine.

Think of it like this.

A web browser is like a car: it lets you get to all the different places.
A search engine is like a map: it helps you find different places without knowing th address. 

The "map" (search engine) has to be viewed in the "car" (web browser).

You can get to the map by typing, which is the address of the map.

You can also have the "map" open when you open Chrome, which is probably what used to happen.
1. Click the wrench menu, then Options.
2. Click the basics tab.
3. Under Home Page, click Open this Page and in the box next to it, type

Hope this is what you wanted.

For more help:

Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? KSarasota 7/20/10 8:28 PM
It helped a lot. I had no idea of the difference between Google and Google Chrome. Now I see that Google is a search engine and
Google Chrome is a combination web browser and search engine. I was confused because the applications I was used to with Google
are not all available with Google Chrome. But the trade off is that Google Chrome is faster and supposedly safer. So when I want to view I will use Google Chrome but when I want to print I will use Google.
Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? virginiacottrell 11/11/10 3:18 AM
so can anyone explain why my google places for appears on google but not on google crome? when I go to chrome the basics are the there for my map but all the main catergory fields and description are missing, so I fill them in and then I have to verify again which takes me to a screen to get sent the postcard but then I see there are duplicate listings for my places -

Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? tgho2 5/14/11 7:14 PM
Google Chrome is a web browser like internet explorer.
Google is a search engine on the internet.

Google Chrome is safer,faster and more organized way to use the internet.
With the Google Chrome if you spell something wrong it will tell you.

you can also a map with the chrome.

the chrome is built for stability,security and a faster internet.

I use the Chrome

Other Info:

Chrome is fast to launch from your desktop
Chrome loads web pages and applications quickly
Search the internet directly from Chrome's address bar
There is also a Save password option

There is also downloads from the Chrome.

I want to have a Voice Search!
I need to go to the Chrome Web Store.
Search that
When you find it cilck install
(Mostly everything is FREE)

With normal Google you cant do that
i use the chrome

Download the Google Chrome on the link below!
Re: What's the difference between Google & Google Chrome? SafeSki 5/17/11 10:44 PM
i  am  wondering  then ,    if  Google  made  this car ( Browser ) Google Chrome  ...
   to  read  the  Map....
                                   does it  veer  at  the  sign posts along side the road upon every  request to view the map  , First  , .... as a matter of Protocol,.... so that the rest of the passengers  "Gets"  who is in charge of the  car ?  
  because the  passenger  who requested to find the nearest facilities  ..... is  not  in command  as  is evidenced by  the  lack of  control on the car  floor and many of the other passengers who would like to ask  are Astonished at the  vehicle taking a decided turn off tract  every time a request is made  .....