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kiosk mode mshillam 11/17/08 3:36 AM
Is there a startup switch or any way to run google chrome in kiosk mode?
Re: kiosk mode Alexander Kosenkov 3/2/09 5:19 AM
You might use --app startup parameter to slightly increase security, but it still does not allow "real full-screen" mode
Re: kiosk mode qak duk 6/12/09 2:37 PM
The browser really need a kiosk mode as powerful as that of Opera.
a permanent full screen feature is key to this.
Re: kiosk mode zkirill 7/4/09 2:52 PM
Has there been any progress with this? Is it possible to get anywhere close to that, possibly enforce full-screen at all times somehow?
Re: kiosk mode StevePaul 7/4/09 7:18 PM
I'm not sure if this is what you want ...

You can create an Application shortcut ...

From the  the Page Icon choose Create Applications shortcuts ...

This opens in Full screen mode ...
Re: kiosk mode zkirill 7/4/09 7:31 PM
StevePaul, I was actually looking for something that emulates pressing F11 at the same time or right after the browser launches.
Re: kiosk mode StevePaul 7/6/09 9:42 AM
You might want to go to the Chrome Plugins forum (

They've got a lot of bright kids there doing things with extensions ...

Ask the question, I'm sure someone there will help ;-)
Re: kiosk mode Mohamed Mansour 9/27/09 10:20 AM
Hi all, if you would like to have Kiosk mode in Chrome, please star the issue below (by clicking on the star) and please add suggestions on what you would like Kiosk mode to do.
A basic version of Kiosk mode is being implemented by doing "chrome.exe --kiosk"
Re: kiosk mode Aubrey Jaffer 7/21/10 1:16 PM
"chromium-browser --kiosk"
On Chromium 5.0.375.99 Ubuntu 10.04

Right clicking allows me to open a link in a new window; that window has all the regular toolbar and menus.

The right-click menu also contains "view source" and "inspect element", developer tools.

CTRL-H puts me in a history tab.

I think all of these functions should be disabled in kiosk-mode.
Re: kiosk mode persimoon 6/14/11 11:05 PM
function closew()