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stop pop-ups?

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stop pop-ups? InTheKnow 2/26/10 1:51 PM
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I recently (1 month) got a new laptop and installed Chrome and use it as my primary browser.  Recently (this week) I started receiving pop-ups that are by-passing Google Chrome's system.  How can I add these to the list of pop-ups to block.  I have not disabled pop-up blocking.  Other answers to a similar question would take a programmer to understand and follow.  Please explain in lamen's terms.

OS - MS Windows XP Pro
GC V8:
URL pop-up: - Windows Internet Explorer (please note that IE was not open at the time and the pop-up window has the GC logo at the beginning of the URL string)
Don't know what an "Extention" is so I'm not sure which (if any) are installed.
Re: stop pop-ups? Stefan vd 2/26/10 2:20 PM
Re: stop pop-ups? InTheKnow 2/26/10 5:07 PM
Stefan, thanks for answering but I need more help.

Unfortunately, the pop-ups I'm getting are not being detected by GC.  The enemy have found a way around Google's defenses!  The URL I listed in my original question is just one of many that are getting through.  Is there a way for me to manually add and open window to the list of blocked pop-ups?  Again, I am not a programmer and need a fairly straight forward process.

BTW, it would be great if there was a way to notify Google directly about this problem.  This forum seem to be the only option I could find on getting help.
Re: stop pop-ups? dwight.stegall 2/26/10 6:17 PM
there are some popups that no browser can stop. webmasters are very addept at getting aroun popup blockers. chrome blocks the ones it can by default. the others are not real popups. they are slideins and drop downs which accomplish what there owners want and like i said there is no way to stop them. if you turn off javascript then half of the good things on sites will no longer load or function.
Re: stop pop-ups? dwight.stegall 2/26/10 6:18 PM
it's just one of those things we ALL have to put up with.
Re: stop pop-ups? InTheKnow 2/27/10 2:04 PM
The pop-ups that I'm getting are new.  I had GC on my new laptop and used it with no pop-ups for the first month.  Something changed in the past week that is allowing this.  I still run GC on my old laptop that I kept as a back up and I am not getting these on it.  Currently have both up & running GC and this laptop gets pop-ups and my other doesn't.  

I'm running Symantec Endpoint Protection (my corp provided security suite) and it isn't detecting any malware.  I don't file swap or perform any high-risk activity with this lap-top.  I believe this is something new that I'd like to make sure that Google is aware of.  Is there a way to notify them directly?
Re: stop pop-ups? franciem53 9/22/11 3:33 AM
I've just recently begun to use Google Chrome as my browser.  Whenever I go to the Chicago Suntimes website a popup occurs.  I have pop ups blocked, but the ones from the Suntimes still get through.  How can I stop this?  I'm using Windows 7 Pro as my OS.

I never had this problem with IE9.