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Google chrome and Active X controls

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Google chrome and Active X controls fobos3_1 1/22/10 8:07 AM
I'm interested in installing Google chrome. I developed some applications using VBA for Excel. In these small applications I use Active X controls that are usually checked by Internet explorer before loading then into Excel.

Internet explorer 7 o higher doesn’t allow Excel to load these controls. This is the reason I still use I.E. 6.

I want to install Google chrome, but I’m really concerned about the problems this may cause with my Excel applications and its Active X control.

I would appreciate any information you could provide regarding this topic.

Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar): None yet
Operating System: Windows XP, sp 2
URLs (if applicable): None
Error Message: None
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls Bapabooiee 1/22/10 9:24 AM
ActiveX is a proprietary Microsoft technology. Don't expect to see it in Chrome. Ever.

But this is the risk you take when you develop with proprietary tech - you get "locked-in" with how it can be used. And in this instance, you can only use it with Internet Explorer (6). Which, of course, sucks.

I'm also going to have to say that I think you should rethink what you're doing, too. I don't think there's really a valid reason to use Internet Explorer 6 anymore.
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls segfault 1/22/10 9:38 AM
fobos, don't worry that installing chrome will break your app.  I don't get exactly whats going on here (why does excel need IE??? i don't grock this).  Just don't uninstall IE6 and don't set chrome as default browser and it won't cause any problems, i promise.
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls Bapabooiee 1/22/10 9:50 AM
Responding the email you sent me, fobos, yes, Internet Explorer should work fine if you uninstalled it Chrome.

After uninstalling Chrome, you can go to [Start > Program Access and Defaults], and set whatever you possibly can back to Internet Explorer, then hit 'Ok' or 'Apply'.

Everything should be as it was before you installed Chrome.
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls criskross 8/28/10 2:17 PM
I stayed with IE6 because I use Musicmatch Jukebox and it will not open if I install IE7 or above. I don't know why but it is old software so I live with it. I am also going to switch to Chrome because I don't like safari and I haven't tried Mozilla/Firefox. Chrome seams like a natural choice.
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls mark7 3/3/11 11:59 AM
I had to disreguard google chrome because it was no longer esponding due to pages that were improperly closed. And so now that I am trying to reloa it the app states that I cant due to the "Activex"clashing with security on the comp.
Re: Google chrome and Active X controls fracting 6/2/11 11:20 AM
Hi all,
This third party extension support ActiveX on Chrome/Chromium for Win :
ActiveX for Chrome:

It is open source, the code is available at .
Feel free to report a bug to the author Qiu Chuan if the extension not work for your ActiveX Control .

If you work on Linux, then ActiveX for Chrome + Chrome for Win + Wine will be a choice, however, this two wine bug should be fixed or worked around :
Bug 21232 - Chrome can't load any webpage unless --no-sandbox is
Bug 27248 - cannot unpack *.crx (extensions or themes) in Chrome

Feel free to vote on the bug if you need to get ActiveX working on Linux.

see for more information.

Good Luck!