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How Can I turn off auto suggestion

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How Can I turn off auto suggestion fwedthefwuppe 11/18/08 8:35 AM
I have found the settings for turning of the auto suggestions in the search engine but I cannot find a way of stopping the drop down suggestion box when I am typing in a url.

It is really distracting and putting me off using Chrome - So is there any way to stop this happening?
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion fwedthefwuppe 11/18/08 8:41 AM
I have followed all the stops in the help section ie tools options manage and have unticked the suggestions box but when I start typing a url for example I type www.f and immediately a list including facebook appeared underneath the address bar which I simply DO NOT WANT
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion shaxxn 1/17/09 2:55 PM
hey there, did you end up figuring how to do it, because i had the same exact problem you have, if you figured it could you please give me some suggestions
thank you
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion jumblebuckler 1/23/09 12:27 PM
I followed all the steps outlined here

But nothing changes - I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome 4 times but it makes not difference - I have opted for NO SUGGESTION but each time I start to type a url a HUGE box of suggestions appears - I am beginning to think Chrome is not worth bothering with
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion karlanka 5/6/09 2:57 PM
I have the exact same problem! All I wan't is tab completion to my bookmarks. Just like in firefox. Lissen google guys.. I wan't to visit and afterwards.. I dont want i to suggest when my friend is using my computer and wants to visit Do you understand? Why doesn't unchecking the checkbox work? I'm going back to firefox immediately...
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion GCS 6/29/09 11:43 AM
Well, guess what the auto-suggest box does? Whatever you type in there, even if you don't press enter, could end up going to Google's server, and Google stores lots of information on what users type in. This is a great reason to leave Chrome, your privacy isn't cared about a little tiny bit. I've heard you can stop this by going Incognito, but I'm not 100% sure, and I'm not sure if Incognito turns off auto-suggest.
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion bw123 10/18/09 7:24 PM
You can not turn off Chrome's auto suggest feature. I eliminated an entire Google / gmail etc. account in order to try to achieve this, but to no avail. Web history can only be eliminated by permanently destroying your Google account (including your Picasa albums, years in the making, etc), but automatic suggestions from the address bar can NOT be stopped. So if you surfed to a particular web page 6 months or a year ago, something personal like a lawyer or an info hotline, it will come up every time you or your family members or roommates enter a couple of letters in the Chrome address bar, forever. My suggestion: don't use Chrome until Google learns to respect privacy on the web. And I assure you, with their business model and means of profit making, that will never happen. Sorry to be so adamant, and hope this doesn't make you sad! Back to Firefox, the resource hog!
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion bw123 10/19/09 5:49 PM
Incognito does not affect the behavior of the address bar. Your past web history will still be used to "suggest" that you navigate to websites that you have navigated to in the past.The question I have for this forum is, where is this history stored? Deleting all files in the caches, temp directories, eliminating your web history from your Google account, changing to a new Google user i.d., NONE of these will stop Chrome from "suggesting" websites you navigated to a year ago if you enter a letter or two in the address bar. It is a big, fat mystery, and I would LOVE to know if anyone other than the developers who hid this record in the registry of your computer know how to stop the behavior.
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion Trent12345 3/4/10 4:54 AM
1 - Use incognito. It doesn't store what you've searched for or where you've been.
2 - Go to Tools - Options - Personal Stuff - then click on Clear browsing data.
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion firedl 4/3/10 9:55 PM
I can't disable the suggestion too. I also followed the procedure from ""  .   Clearing browse history only work as soon as after it.. Then chrome keeps doing the same STUPID thing again...(means storing what I typed it in and suggesting..) It just restart the whole thing...
Chrome is a joke.. It over took control from me.. Firefox memory leak... what are my choice...?? IE????
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion lavantster 6/1/10 11:48 PM
Yes, this NEEDS to be fixed. It seriously sucks. Why has this not been addressed as of yet? It seems like a relatively simple fix - just provide an option that STOPS suggestions from appearing at all. I know there is a check box for this. But it is worse than useless, because it does NOT do anything (but makes you waste time again and again testing it).
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion stafa 11/20/10 11:29 PM
I am really tired of the lack of options in the options menu in Chrome. and why the hell can I not turn the suggestions off? this is amateur stuff. uninstalling and going back to firefox.
Re: How Can I turn off auto suggestion John Bendiksen 12/6/10 9:41 AM
This is just another example of Google's arrogance towards its customers.  They really don't believe that you are smart enough to actually know what you want... Another recent example was the 'epic fail' re-design of the Google News Page, in which literally thousands of customers posted that they hated the new design.  Google's response? Stolid indifference.

I will be abandoning Chrome and reverting to IE, just like I was forced to abandon Google News.  How did this company so thoroughly lose its mojo?  Sad, really.

John Bendiksen