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Bookmarks button in Chrome

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Bookmarks button in Chrome zxcvbob 1/18/10 8:17 AM
I'm not sure if this belongs in the "How to...?" forum or the "suggestions" forum.  I want a bookmarks button on the navigation bar, so I can access my bookmarks without having to open the bookmarks toolbar.  The bookmarks bar takes up way too much vertical real estate, especially on a netbook.  I can't find anything about it in the options setup or the online "extensions" help.  Thanks.

(It could also be implemented as a twistie in the address pane, the way you currently have a little right-arrow for "Go", or a right-click in the address)
Re: Bookmarks button in Chrome QQFarmer 1/18/10 8:24 AM
Read this thread:; BTW, the correct switch is --bookmark-menu.
Re: Bookmarks button in Chrome zxcvbob 1/19/10 8:15 AM
That's exactly what I needed.  Thanks!   (this really should be a checkbox on the Options menu)
Re: Bookmarks button in Chrome zxcvbob 1/19/10 7:19 PM
OK, any idea how to do the same thing for Linux?  I can't find where to add the switch.  (using Ubuntu with gnome desktop)
Re: Bookmarks button in Chrome Mike987654 2/8/10 10:30 AM
The only problem with this is that you have to make sure you add it to EVERY instance of chrome. I thought it just didn't work...until I added it to: desktop shortcut/quick launch/start menu.  THEN it should appear.

However, in my opinion, there is a much better solution:

This extension is BY FAR the most convenient of all the bookmark options I can find.  It allows for you to search your Google bookmarks by KEYBOARD SHORTCUT!  ...of course this also requires that you have a) Google Chrome Beta, b) Google Bookmarks (as opposed to bookmarks stored only in your browser)