voice plugin install problems

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voice plugin install problems madriscoll1947 8/30/10 8:24 PM
Tried installing GoogleChat nad voice plugin on both Win7 and XPpro systems.  In the Call window, both after install/reboot, show the yellow box "Please download the voice plugin to make a call."  Plugin has repeatedly been downloaded/installed.  Any ideas what give?  ...and what the $0.10 in the upper right hand of Call window?
Re: voice plugin install problems Cody W. 8/30/10 8:41 PM
Hi madriscoll1947,

Sorry to hear you're encountering difficulty. Can you tell me what browser this is happening in and whether it happens if you try a different browser? In addition, it'd be great to know the number of the Google voice and video chat plug-in you are running. You can find that in Gmail under Settings > Chat > Voice and video chat.

Thanks in advance for your info and for hanging in there!
Re: voice plugin install problems lotusasdfasdfasdf 11/7/10 2:17 PM
settings > chat > voice and video chat > learn more  ----- this let me reinstall the plugin.  Thanks :)