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Google Task sync?

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Google Task sync? hazymat 2/10/09 6:36 AM
Does anyone know if there is a plan to integrate Outlook Task synchronisation into the Google Calendar Sync app?

In so many ways, my life would be complete. I already access my calendar and contacts across various devices (iPhone, laptop, desktop, on the web) and this would complete the circle!

1 Year on and I have long since ditched Outlook in pursuit of the multiple device sync OTA dream ( and you should too! Outlook sync is only one piece in this puzzle. We should therefore throw our support behind asking Google to open up their API. That's a big thing, but there is nonreason why not, and it would lead very quickly to many people's needs being addressed.
Re: Google Task sync? marklstevensihug 2/17/09 8:56 PM
I agree. The more people that ask for it the more likely Google will put it on the development list
Re: Google Task sync? tpuiatti 2/18/09 4:05 AM
The iCal specifications includes a VTODO component which is exactly that so this a logical extension of the existing application.
Re: Google Task sync? poserman 3/4/09 9:00 AM
yeah i use my iphone with my gmail account, and i sync my corporate email with google calender sync so i can view everything on my iphone. this would be a great feature.
Re: Google Task sync? kevinp2 3/9/09 3:14 PM
I would love to have this feature as well.  I use Outlook for the Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.  The first three have a direct Google counterpart and there should be a sync for all three.
Re: Google Task sync? 3/11/09 1:34 PM
Yep when you can sync with Outlook tasks, it will be complete.
Re: Google Task sync? raajoshri 4/2/09 10:24 PM
I also agree. I want to sync my iphone and my linux & windows computer all together. Google has helped out a lot with this. I have already achieved that with calendar, email, and contacts. The only thing that's left is task.
Re: Google Task sync? Richard Korinek 4/27/09 12:20 PM
Yes please I would also love to have it synced with Outlook!!!
Re: Google Task sync? virtualpal 4/29/09 7:06 PM
Google Tasks with synching to Outlook and an offline client for iPhone will make so many people happy.  Google calendar sync works very well - wish they can just add Tasks sync to that too.

An additional feature for Google tasks that allows "label" functionality to group tasks by project or category would be icing on the cake :-)
Re: Google Task sync? Evald 5/13/09 11:57 AM
me-too :) 

I would very much like to sync iCal To-dos with Google Calendar.
Re: Google Task sync? XC Fan 5/13/09 1:12 PM
I know this doesn't answer the question, but since they now have tasks integrated into Google Calendar, it seems like it would be a logical step....
Re: Google Task sync? RONAK 5/13/09 1:30 PM
That will be fantastic! Please add this ..
Re: Google Task sync? lissavyoung 5/15/09 12:14 PM
please oh please integrate tasks with the wireless sync function!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? noordam 5/17/09 11:49 PM
Yes, pls add
Re: Google Task sync? robbiejnr 5/18/09 3:58 AM
Please integrate!!!
Re: Google Task sync? optimusdag 5/18/09 12:03 PM
I also agree... I use google calendar and sync with my windows mobile phone, the only thing missing is tasks...
Re: Google Task sync? tedtliu 5/18/09 5:40 PM
Google task sync would be immensely useful.  Is this the best place to indicate our interest in this feature?
Re: Google Task sync? apark5 5/19/09 11:13 AM
I really hope they add a sync for tasks. I mainly use Outlook for the tasks to keep track of recurring items. Without this the sharing doesn't really help me that much.
Re: Google Task sync? lukr 5/19/09 4:10 PM
I'll add my vote to this list. I know we can't demand anything, especially since all of Google's apps are already fantastic and free. But, we can ask veeeeeery nicely! It really would make Google Calendar that much better again!
Re: Google Task sync? adamg.pehr 5/19/09 5:40 PM
sync sync sync it up. yes please.
Re: Google Task sync? darford 5/19/09 7:25 PM
Yes, this is a great idea.
Re: Google Task sync? SHH 5/20/09 5:37 AM
Task sync for Blackberry, please.
Re: Google Task sync? mkny13 5/20/09 8:57 AM
Re: Google Task sync? usa4dima 5/20/09 11:01 AM
Task sync for Windows Mobile, please!!
Re: Google Task sync? choppe3 5/20/09 11:54 AM
There is a google calendar sync to outlook, and it works great.  the only issue is the task section isn't as advanced as in outlook.
Re: Google Task sync? Blackhawk55 5/20/09 12:02 PM
+1...calendar tasks with due dates without ability to sync to phone calendar leaves it unusable
Re: Google Task sync? Mhamed 5/21/09 5:42 AM
Re: Google Task sync? NiraliShah15 5/21/09 7:52 AM
I agree with everyone, I definitely need my dated tasks to be sync-ed onto my Blackberry, just like how the events are, this would be so helpful for deadlines! (Especially when someone works from home on the weekends!)
Re: Google Task sync? danbarnett813 5/22/09 12:21 PM
Please update the Outlook sync app to include Google Tasks syncing.
Re: Google Task sync? Weber 5/22/09 9:48 PM
Re: Google Task sync? zeeshandotca 5/25/09 1:03 PM
Re: Google Task sync? pattern86 5/25/09 2:46 PM
+1 for iCal
Re: Google Task sync? stevejoiner 5/25/09 5:43 PM
Task syncing for multiple task files would be ideal!
Re: Google Task sync? drpersonal 5/26/09 2:24 AM
I would definitely appreciate that from France !
Please Google team... Let's develop this.
Re: Google Task sync? iroQuai 5/26/09 2:47 PM
here another vote!
Re: Google Task sync? udratherbme 5/26/09 8:47 PM
I would like to add my vote as well, I just discovered the task manager about a year ago and now i don't think i can live w/o it.  It is very helpful when i can't complete a task or i don't have time to complete it, I can assign it to someone else and get their inputs
Re: Google Task sync? Wai-lun Hong 5/27/09 5:00 AM
Yes, +1 , task sync with iPhone!!
Re: Google Task sync? dmtoddma 5/27/09 7:27 AM
I would also find task sync extremely useful.
Re: Google Task sync? acoldone 5/27/09 1:11 PM
+1 sync tasks with my beloved Blackberry
Re: Google Task sync? emrldctygirl 5/28/09 4:31 PM
I would love to be able to sync phone, work computer, and home computer. I would also like to share the to do list with my hubby!! :)

Re: Google Task sync? erisraven 5/29/09 4:45 AM
This would solve so many problems for me, and should be easy for Google to integrate. Please, sync tasks!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? y____ 5/29/09 9:36 AM
I would love to see task sync for Outlook
Re: Google Task sync? Johny007 5/31/09 10:46 AM
I pray for this feature!
Re: Google Task sync? sich1132 6/2/09 9:52 PM
Please add a sync option for ALL Outlook features. Calendar works great. How about Contacts, Tasks & Notes? Thanks
Re: Google Task sync? Nick_A 6/4/09 6:31 PM
It would be great to get it to sync to thunderbird too.
Re: Google Task sync? Joseph Eggleston 6/6/09 7:44 AM
Yes please.  +1 for iCal and iPhone wireless sync to-do list.  
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Re: Google Task sync? seamusberkeley 6/9/09 3:22 PM
I want to sync iCal tasks with Google Calendar tasks and vice versa. Also want to add time to add in calendars. Are these items possible yet?
Re: Google Task sync? bEn_rIcE 6/10/09 7:23 AM
Keep improving the Tasks and Get the sync to Outlook!
Re: Google Task sync? ashkan21 6/10/09 1:07 PM
+1 Need Tasks sync with Outlook.
Re: Google Task sync? redica 6/10/09 10:34 PM
+1 Need tasks sync with outlook and smartphone.
Re: Google Task sync? harty83 6/12/09 9:37 AM
+1 here as well
Re: Google Task sync? srjh 6/12/09 9:42 AM
+1 to syncing all Outlook features, esp NOTES!

I have no idea why Google would not include all the same features outlook has if they want to get the Outlook users to switch over.
Re: Google Task sync? srjh 6/12/09 9:57 AM
Google has not fully realized yet that making their features available on MOBILE PHONES is what consumers are wanting these days.
Re: Google Task sync? Sisyphus 6/13/09 9:16 AM
This certainly needs to happen soon.  It would also be very welcome if Google could communicate a bit more with its end users.  Lack of communication sends out the message that users are being ignored. 
Re: Google Task sync? shamindra74 6/13/09 4:00 PM
Hi Google Development team! Task feature in Calendar is great. Sync of the task will be absolutely awesome - icing (may be more) on the cake :) I personally will look forward to syncing the Google Calendar Task with:
(i) Lightning (in Thunderbird)
(ii) Windows mobile
Re: Google Task sync? Arboretum 6/15/09 2:34 PM
Please let google tasks sync with gcal.
 I really need this option to help me funtion in the fastlane life
VPClub Gal
Re: Google Task sync? SharathKammari 6/16/09 9:09 AM
Please add tasks sync to Windows Mobile & Outlook
Re: Google Task sync? ughaus 6/16/09 9:51 AM
Another one for the wish list .... please add the sync so my life falls in perfect order where ever and what ever I use.
Tasks on Chrome or Tasks on my Blackberry or Tasks in my Outlook
now thats life in SYNC
Re: Google Task sync? shapeless 6/17/09 2:44 PM
Task Sync - 1 vote here!!   Just like the Google Calendar Sync, integrate it into the same program...
Re: Google Task sync? harrir 6/18/09 9:48 AM
Task sync or at least an API so others can develop a client would be great!
Re: Google Task sync? cedriclee24 6/18/09 2:25 PM
Absolutely! task sync with Outlook would be helpful, I took it for granted that this was developed when they released google tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? RoyalKnight 6/18/09 4:09 PM
I decided to give Sync a try, and it seems incredibly straightforward, lightweight, and simple. Alas, I use Tasks more than any other feature. Just a little bit more, and Google will have gotten it made.
Re: Google Task sync? tconstantine 6/22/09 11:55 PM
My husband and I would both love Google to sync tasks with Outlook, I use calendar and tasks, he owns 3 businesses and only uses tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? playtruly 6/24/09 1:03 PM
YES YES PLEASE.  Syncing Google Tasks with my iPhone is essential to managing my work when I'm not at my laptop.   Even if Tasks could just be synced to the offline Google Tasks function, so we can see our tasks when we don't have access to a wireless network.  That would get us part-way there.  But until it's available on a mobile phone, I can't really rely on Tasks to manage deadlines without backing up Tasks with a "paper system".  Not very efficient.  Google: we'll be your best friends if you add Tasks Sync to your list of improvements :)
Re: Google Task sync? Getgoing 6/25/09 5:48 AM
Yes, please.  That will definitely make Google my preferred app. to manage all my various lives in a central place.
Re: Google Task sync? ches1234 6/27/09 9:19 PM
Yes, please!
Re: Google Task sync? wildeben 6/28/09 2:05 PM
yes please add sync funtion to google calendar! would be fantastic
Re: Google Task sync? mahela007 6/30/09 3:16 AM
yeah... Please add a sync function to the tasks
Re: Google Task sync? Berendt 6/30/09 8:32 AM
Yes please.
And keep up the amazing work!
Re: Google Task sync? IztokS 7/7/09 1:17 PM
Will you add a sync function to the tasks?
Re: Google Task sync? gyro_nyc 7/9/09 10:26 AM
dudes, these good folk should not have to beg for this application.... well maybe begging helps so PLEEEEEAAASE make it happen that tasks synch along with calender events ? Kind of defeats the purpose to have one and not the other. Thank you, thank you....thanks

Re: Google Task sync? samba D 7/12/09 1:17 AM
1) If outlook 2007 can read iCal tasks, then this is the best solution. since outlook 2007 reads iCal and shows it side by side
2) If not, google calendar sync should sync tasks as well. the problem is that outlook doesn't support tasks indentation, and the hierarchy can be lost!
3) I think the reason most people want Google -> Outlook sync (even read only) is that most cell phones (if not all) sync with outlook!
so the ACTUAL required feature is to synch your phone to google, just the way you sync with outlook!
this means:
It should work offline (e.g. no need to connect the phone to the web, the phone will connect to the PC using Bluetooth or Cable, as in outlook syncs)
It should work on all phones syncing to outlook
No one really wants to use outlook that much, but everyone wants to see their tasks list while they are out, doing their tasks! :)
and not everyone wants to browse to and wait, pay extra for the traffic, login, etc.
since all phones have tasks modules, and most of them sync with outlook using a cable or bluetooth connection
Google must do the same, if they want to win this task ;)
Re: Google Task sync? gp.hornsby 7/17/09 6:24 AM
 1 more vote for google/outlook task sync
Re: Google Task sync? Apollo_st 7/17/09 6:54 AM
Re: Google Task sync? meeef 7/17/09 9:37 AM
Re: Google Task sync? egorananev 7/20/09 8:38 PM
Yes, please, give us the sync!
Re: Google Task sync? Mindwolf 7/21/09 4:19 AM
Agreed please sync tasks and notes.
Re: Google Task sync? Political Season 7/21/09 9:19 AM
I'll put in my vote.  I have a Palm Pre, which syncs with Google Calendar out of the box.  I would use tasks if it synced as well.  I don't use them, because they don't sync to my device, and can only be used from a computer.  Need sync to device.  Google, please make this functionality happen.
Re: Google Task sync? rsesslerii 7/21/09 9:34 AM
One vote from me, too.  I synchronize calendars between my home Mac, my work PC, and my Palm Centro.  Google Calendar is an integral part of my being able to do that.  Adding this functionality to Tasks would be a very welcome complement to my system.
Re: Google Task sync? S Hudgens. 7/21/09 11:59 AM
The fact that I'm here means that I was searching and ended up here. 

Seaching for a solution to sync up Outlook Task and Google Task.

Please Googlians 

Please add this functionality to the ToyBox.
Re: Google Task sync? chandelierical 7/22/09 10:25 AM
For the life of me, I don't understand how technology could have lost what palm pilots were able to do 10 years ago -- sync up a simple task lists.  This isn't just Google -- Apple still doesn't provide the simple syncing of tasks as they do contacts.  Surely there are no insurmountable technical issues to getting my to do list from my phone to either Google Tasks or directly to my computer.  This a confounding issue for me.  So now let me get off of my soapbox and add my name to the list of people wanting Google to allow syncing to their task list (and, perhaps, GTD functionality, or is that asking too much?).
Re: Google Task sync? hazymat 7/22/09 11:22 AM
Aha, the Palm Pilot "it's not like it used to be" brigade!

As an ex Palm Pilot owner, I can categorically say that ten years ago it was not possible to synchronise email, contacts, calendar on one's mobile device with 'the cloud' for free, let alone do so 'over the air' (i.e. whilst you are on the bus or out for dinner), let alone three or four-way sync capabilities with any number of platforms and devices. If you were lucky enough to have a Palm with some kind of wireless network access you couldn't browse the internet (the closest we had was the amusingly titled "Avant Go" which was capable of bringing you news, hot off the press, at least three days old if you happened to have remembered to place your device in its dock!) and you certainly couldn't get "push email" unless you worked for a corporation that implemented some horribly customised front end to Microsoft Exchange and some horribly unsupported Palm application. So it kind of undermines the argument a bit, at least for me.

I'm not confounded that Gmail doesn't support task sync; although there's a healthy number of people on this thread showing their enthusiasm for it, perhaps it's not top of the Google priority list.

But yes indeed, it would be great. And I wholeheartedly agree that Google Tasks would seriously benefit from GTD functionality. But then, as you pointed out, the iPhone doesn't have integrated GTD, so maybe it's not that useful...
Re: Google Task sync? debs316us 7/22/09 11:37 AM
one more for task sync ability. 
Re: Google Task sync? nometa 7/24/09 4:04 AM
I *nth the suggestion. Help me be free of M$!
Re: Google Task sync? gferreroferri 7/27/09 9:19 AM
CalDAV access to tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? jonathanconway 7/27/09 9:29 PM
Yes please make it so we can sync the task list to Outlook!
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Re: Google Task sync? LD Backues 7/28/09 7:54 PM
I too would really like to see the ability for Outlook and Google Tasks to sync.
Re: Google Task sync? hchong1 7/29/09 7:52 AM
Google, PLEASE add a feature to enable me to see my Tasks (from Outlook) on an Android phone. Thank you.
Re: Google Task sync? SharathKammari 7/29/09 1:16 PM
Please add Google Tasks sync feature to iPhone.
Re: Google Task sync? cheester 7/29/09 1:48 PM
Would love offline tasks for iPhone!  Txs so much!
Re: Google Task sync? Wadd 7/29/09 2:27 PM
I have used Outlook tasks and calendar for several years now.  Its helped this ADD adult stay organized. I didn't realize how seperate the two components of MS Outlook were until I got an iphone.  I've been scrambling ever since that purchase to get my worklife in order. Don't get me wrong, I love my iphone. For iphone users, it appears to be an issue to take up with Google to get pressure them to work with Apple to find a nice app that works.  I'm sure a by-product of that would be that all gmail users would get Outlook tasks integrated into their Gmail calendar.  I know its possible being a former  windows pocket pc, user.
Re: Google Task sync? hazymat 7/29/09 2:40 PM
Wadd: have you tried using a third party iPhone app, and ditching Outlook altogether?

I finally succumbed to this option in the end. Of course I would prefer to have an app that syncs with Outlook or Gmail or something like that, but actually, neither Outlook nor Gmail support the GTD method (google this if you haven't heard of it), and there's a super app I now use called "Things". It has won an Apple design award and it's easy to see why - honestly using this app has changed the way I do tasks now. I really recommend it.

Until Gmail have proper support for GTD in their tasks app, and until this can sync with either Outlook or my iPhone, I'm very happy using that.
Re: Google Task sync? gios 7/29/09 11:16 PM
I too would really like to see the ability for Outlook and Google Tasks to sync both ways.
Re: Google Task sync? NickUnique 7/30/09 8:51 AM
Re: Google Task sync? raymond0711 7/30/09 11:39 PM
I also hope Google will develop a task sync with google task.
Re: Google Task sync? dominowebdesign 8/1/09 10:09 PM
Google hurry up !!! Sync tasks and notes with Outlook. You will double the amount of your clients converting from Exchange.
Re: Google Task sync? jcbanon 8/2/09 2:02 PM
yes.  This would be wonderful to have the basics.
Re: Google Task sync? kanejo 8/3/09 3:53 AM
This tread has gone for six months.  and has many people asking for a task sync....and there is still nothing????
Re: Google Task sync? paracicy 8/3/09 7:45 AM
task sync for gcal and outlook 2007 pls!
Re: Google Task sync? loudestnoise 8/4/09 12:16 PM
Re: Google Task sync? toomanybarts 8/5/09 11:58 AM
yes please for task sync - how hard can it be?
Re: Google Task sync? jeremyelliot 8/5/09 6:19 PM
Yes please, I would like to be able to synchronise my tasks between gmail and outlook.

Re: Google Task sync? borman_ua 8/5/09 11:06 PM
Re: Google Task sync? JKFP 8/8/09 12:09 PM
And how many people want this but haven't thought to look here to put in their two cents?  Ugh.  This has been the bain of trying to transition from MS to Google (WinMo to G1).  It really sucks, and RTM doesn't cut the mustard, either.  ToodleDo might, but the one Gphone app that syncs with ToodleDo doesn't work.  C'mon, guys, and girls, you've got my voice print, can i have my task list?
Re: Google Task sync? Manolis Papadakis 8/9/09 5:51 AM
Just storing the tasks (on Google's servers) in the same iCal file as the main calendar will solve the problem I think. Then all mail apps already syncing their calendar with that file (e.g. through CalDAV) will have instant tasks sync!
Re: Google Task sync? horusofoz 8/9/09 9:26 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Chris J S 8/10/09 2:45 PM
Re: Google Task sync? jresnick 8/10/09 7:03 PM
Please keep me posted as I too am very interested in having tasks sync the above a suggestion of what the programmers could do to resolve this? or a suggestion to users on how to remedy this defect?  thanks!
Re: Google Task sync? donnguyen 8/11/09 11:22 AM
seconded, thirded, etc.

i'd also like outloook category sync.  that would make my iPhone/Google calendar immensely useful and intuitive.
Re: Google Task sync? Curiousmind 8/11/09 1:23 PM
Tasks sync between good calendar and Android, please!  Not being able to sync a google task list on a google calender and the google phone sees weird. 
Re: Google Task sync? pirouetteproducts 8/14/09 2:49 PM
Another vote for allowing google calender tasks to be visible/editable/addable on the iphone/ipod touch.  Calenders look/work great -- but I can see or do nothing with all of my tasks.  Please help!
Re: Google Task sync? FrozenOkie 8/14/09 3:28 PM
Honestly, this feature is what is keeping my new phone from being what I want- enough that I'm considering returning it for a horrible windows mobile device. 

Google dev team I've got work arounds in place for only being able to use one gmail account from the gmail app- but please, please, please add in task syncing.  It's the place the work arounds don't really seem to cut it.
Re: Google Task sync? Chael 8/15/09 7:52 AM
+1 on Task sync between Google and iCal!
Re: Google Task sync? nattyw 8/15/09 1:38 PM
yes please - add full three way sync from google tasks and outlook and iphone. Google will have the ideal service when easy 3 way sync exists for all with main stream smart phones and either pc with MS outlook or Mac with standard apple apps. Please please please do this and do it soon.
Re: Google Task sync? JohannElis 8/16/09 5:26 AM
Re: Google Task sync? tboehrer 8/18/09 7:12 AM
Sheesh.  All I want is a complete solution from a single vendor.  Even more frustrating given Google is so close but won't finish.  At the very least, it would be nice to be able to disable Tasks in GMail, and use a third party solution (Remember the Milk, Toodledo, etc...).
Re: Google Task sync? rcs2prsctr 8/18/09 4:00 PM
Re: Google Task sync? dipinder 8/19/09 9:42 AM
Re: Google Task sync? netmpowers 8/19/09 9:52 AM
Yes, I would love Tasks and Notes to sync with iPhone!
Re: Google Task sync? jlangeteig 8/21/09 5:06 PM
Re: Google Task sync? bassoon 8/22/09 3:50 PM
Another vote for full synchronization with Outlook, particularly Tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? Jeroen 8/23/09 1:19 AM
Ah google come on! Please do something about this!
Re: Google Task sync? WarrenAlpert 8/27/09 7:22 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Cteno 8/29/09 1:39 PM
Yes, will be a great idea Goggle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on !!!
Re: Google Task sync? pigletbunny 8/29/09 9:31 PM, and keep your Outlook Calendar syncing with Google Calendar :-)  Best solution right now, I think :-)

(Palm Pre users; Chapura says that they'll be adding Tasks and Notes soon as a free update :-)  I just disable the Calendar Sync in the Chapura program in my Pre, so that my Pre syncs with my Google Calendar.  Outlook Calendar syncs with that, so I've got it that way :-)   )
Re: Google Task sync? ADP 8/31/09 7:25 AM
I need task synchronization with Google Calendars....please!!!
Re: Google Task sync? ilroberto 8/31/09 2:41 PM
Google... You will significantly improve the quality of my life by adding a task list synchronisation and thereby restore my faith in god.

Thanks in advance
Re: Google Task sync? Delta Design 9/1/09 12:12 PM
Being able to sync Outlook tasks would allow me to stop looking for an alternative solution and move on to using the webmail more. I am surprised it does not already exist.
Re: Google Task sync? abdutoit 9/4/09 11:04 PM
We REALLY need this feature. It is so obvious! Please google, are you listening?
Re: Google Task sync? pamelalibrarian 9/6/09 12:15 PM
Yes, please! I left Outlook for Google Calendar & TASKS is the only thing that I'm missing. Please sych w/Blackberry Tasks!

Re: Google Task sync? RDCollins 9/7/09 10:23 AM
STRONGLY agree! Task tracking is extremely important to those of us who use Outlook and/or Google Calendar to organize our lives. Synchronization of tasks on the two programs is a no-brainer, IMHO, and I was very surprised to discover that it was not part of Google Calendar wonderful sync option.
Re: Google Task sync? dmaranan 9/7/09 3:28 PM
Yes, please. Make the task calendar syncable.
Re: Google Task sync? AngElaqueate 9/7/09 5:57 PM
+1 for task-syncing with iCal
Re: Google Task sync? Romancho 9/9/09 3:09 AM
+1, the faster the better!!!
Re: Google Task sync? RachelBaker 9/9/09 5:17 AM
PLEASE DO THIS GOOGLE. Would be sooo helpful to have Contacts and Tasks (and maybe notes) sync!
Re: Google Task sync? Walter Flapper 9/9/09 8:16 AM
For our small company it would be great to share and delegate tasks. Its the only thing I'm missing with Google Tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? needtask 9/10/09 11:42 AM
I just need to be able to sync google task and lightning task. Why hasn't it been done yet? How long should I expect to wait. Is there any way we can talk to google and get it done?
Re: Google Task sync? ontiveros 9/10/09 11:00 PM
I'm trying to create a new OSX + Google centric workflow. I'm using iCal & Bento on the  desktop. Bento has a great interface for working with iCal tasks.  I was disappointed to see that gCalendar doesn't support task syncing.  


Please update soon!!  I guess I'll continue using dedicated Task Managers in the meantime. Or maybe I'll switch to MobileMe. ;-)   
Re: Google Task sync? fozzieb 9/12/09 2:04 AM
yip it needs task syncing with outlook to make it complete
Re: Google Task sync? newcreation 9/12/09 7:49 PM
Re: Google Task sync? sublimevelo 9/13/09 6:58 AM
+1. Might as well add nested tasks to the list, and easier access to task lists. And maybe labels for tasks...
Re: Google Task sync? mikeymikeymike 9/14/09 6:29 AM
My, oh, my.  Why is this still not synced up?
Re: Google Task sync? Alan E Pierson 9/14/09 6:40 AM
Yeah, I'm really wishing for this too!
Re: Google Task sync? Kjøttleif 9/14/09 1:15 PM
Re: Google Task sync? williscool 9/15/09 9:42 PM
I vote for it!!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? tomfbh 9/16/09 3:37 AM
+1 for google tasks sync with s60 mobiles.. this would complete my organisation!
Re: Google Task sync? gasparo 9/16/09 8:33 AM
More one VOTE!! PLEASE!
Re: Google Task sync? pmorddny 9/17/09 7:34 AM
Please google! Give us task sync. Then I can ditch outlook and sync with my s60 phone.
Re: Google Task sync? julienrl 9/17/09 7:56 AM
right now the only way to do this is to use "remeber the milk" website. It allows you to connect their task list with google calendar and gmail as well as syncing to your task manager in android, WM and Iphone and BB; problem is that it costs 25$ a year. If anyone came out with contact, calendar and task syncing for free, I would drop google in an instant (in fact, calendar and contact management and syncing is what brought me to use my google account at all which i had in a pretty stagnant state for about 2 years prior to this, moreover this was initally through nuveasync).
Re: Google Task sync? Tintin19 9/17/09 7:12 PM
Just adding my name to the list. We use a CRM product that uses outlook tasks heavily, however, we also use a terminal server for remote access to the CRM and outlook. Everything else syncs effortlessly between google and outlook so that we can see them either locally or through the TS, but not tasks.

Very limiting for us.
Re: Google Task sync? critch 9/18/09 5:23 AM
I agree. I just got an android phone so it uses google calendar.  My work outlook calendar syncs partially but I need tasks to sync as well.  Otherwise all this modern technology is making my life go backwards.  My old palm III could do it.
Re: Google Task sync? mikeymikeymike 9/21/09 5:13 AM
Or at least with Sunbird.  This is ridiculous.
Re: Google Task sync? Jeang13 9/21/09 8:03 AM
+ 1

It would be so great to be able to sync iCal/Mail with Google Task. Come on guys !
Re: Google Task sync? sirhaplo 9/21/09 8:40 AM
+1 for the Task Sync
I use a Windows Mobile device synced with Outlook. I would abandon Outlook for using only google.
With contacs and calendar I'm Ok.
I need tasks.

And sync with imported calendars without do "add to my calendar"

Re: Google Task sync? jmrusso 9/21/09 1:12 PM
I use google calendar/contacts and gmail.  I sync with outlook and my symbian S60 Nokia E71.  It would complete the usefullness of the calendar as an organizational tool if I was able to sync the task list as well.
Re: Google Task sync? nealmcalister 9/21/09 1:57 PM
+1 for Tasks in iCal
and a big +1 for Tasks in Google Notifier
Re: Google Task sync? stdebruin 9/22/09 12:53 AM
Yep - i've been kinda waiting for Google to implement this task-sync option. However, they can't seem to get their hands around it as this a basic requirement in any kind of PIM (that's why Google put it there in the first place).
Re: Google Task sync? hughleef 9/22/09 10:40 AM
So many people have asked for a syncing option with Outlook tasks, I'm surprised that Google hasn't acted on it yet. Is there some proprietary/technical obstacle to implementig this feature?
Re: Google Task sync? JimboJoe 9/22/09 12:22 PM
Now that google sync synchronizes mails, tasks sync is the only missing feature to a complete professional sync solution...
Please... maybe for Xmas?
Re: Google Task sync? JayG. 9/22/09 12:38 PM
Would like to see this feature added also since it is so heavily used with outlook calendar....
Re: Google Task sync? EdSe 9/23/09 5:27 AM
I would like to have to-do sync with iCal as well... Thanks.
Re: Google Task sync? canpoling 9/23/09 5:57 PM
This would be a great asset since the Task and Calendar functions are so closely related.  My husband and I love the calendar but really, really, really need the task sync also!
Re: Google Task sync? gferreroferri 9/24/09 12:53 AM
Outlook sync plus CalDAV access for iCal would be the best
Re: Google Task sync? knowmad 9/24/09 10:33 PM
Yes, this would be a very welcome addition to the ical feed.
Re: Google Task sync? whiteagle 9/25/09 4:39 AM
Yes, I definitely vote for it!
Re: Google Task sync? willmike 9/28/09 12:30 PM
Another vote for task sync with outlook!!
Re: Google Task sync? masalhamo 9/28/09 6:59 PM
please sync tasks with Thunderbird..
Re: Google Task sync? warau kaeru 9/29/09 12:05 AM
If this is becoming a petition let me add my +1. This feature would actually make google tasks into a feature I use. Outlook integration could effectively enable OneNote integration, which would be uber sexy.
Re: Google Task sync? marcsanz 9/29/09 9:38 AM
Task syncing will be great! google is just awesome...please keep it up!
Re: Google Task sync? marcsanz 9/29/09 9:40 AM
Re: Google Task sync? dhigbee 9/29/09 6:54 PM
We need task sync with iCal and iPhone.  gCal won't be fully featured till that happens.  Thanks.
Re: Google Task sync? sjsweettooth 9/30/09 2:02 PM
yes, PLEASE remedy this problem!  we so need the ability to sync our tasks with google - both on computer and mobile phone.  thank you!!
Re: Google Task sync? yeggi 10/1/09 3:01 AM
yes sync tasks please ...
Re: Google Task sync? sam-i-am 10/1/09 10:11 AM
iCal VTODO sync please!
Re: Google Task sync? faisalrizwan 10/1/09 10:22 AM
Also we need to sync note , tasks 
Re: Google Task sync? luis.a.rivera 10/1/09 10:41 AM
Outlook sync plus CalDAV access for iCal and Mozilla Thunderbird would be the best. Please Google team, add this feature. To Do list sync.
Re: Google Task sync? Pkid 10/1/09 11:57 AM
I would love this feature too!
Re: Google Task sync? ken56 10/2/09 7:35 AM
Please sync tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? mkopps 10/2/09 12:35 PM
+1 - this would complete the picture for me.
Re: Google Task sync? consciousnessbliss 10/3/09 1:47 PM
And let's not forget Notes as well as Tasks.  Mac Mail has a nifty Notes feature that (unfortunately) is neither supported on Gmail or the iPhone.  One thing that keeps me from migrating from Mac Mail to Gmail is the lack of existing features that I can use on Mac Mail.  I've scoured the web looking for a decent iPhone app that could at least function as a workaround, bypassing Gmail Tasks, but there's really nothing that covers all the bases.  
Re: Google Task sync? igm 10/3/09 2:28 PM
1 more vote for sync task! :) Thank you
Re: Google Task sync? sbarash 10/3/09 9:15 PM
You guys got to do this, or I'll have to return my Android before my 30 days is up. Please enable outlook task sync!
Re: Google Task sync? CaptainSprit 10/5/09 2:19 AM
Yes Please
Re: Google Task sync? teecee72 10/6/09 8:09 AM
+1 vote for this feature.
Re: Google Task sync? Petr Gasparik 10/6/09 8:49 AM
+1 vote
Re: Google Task sync? whimsical7 10/6/09 9:11 AM
+1 vote
Re: Google Task sync? jbabos 10/7/09 5:21 AM

Re: Google Task sync? rooneyp 10/7/09 7:34 AM
+1 please add this vital functionality

Re: Google Task sync? shadowvice 10/8/09 8:21 AM
+1 on syncing with Tasks....Such a needed add on...
Re: Google Task sync? Peutch 10/9/09 4:57 AM
+1 on Tasks syncing, especially with Thunderbird/Lightning... But anything in the clouds is better.
Re: Google Task sync? BrentBoston 10/10/09 6:44 PM
+1 Task Sync

I would love Google tasks added to the Google Sync app.  I love contacts and calendar sync for my blackberry and syncing this as well would help a lot.

Especially if they made google tasks more GTD friendly.
Re: Google Task sync? martymankins 10/12/09 1:51 PM
+1 for syncing todo items with iCal.

The Google Calendar sync to iCal works great (via CalDEV).  Seems extremely short-sighted to not have built a todo API to work along side syncing.

A todo list is such a natural thing.  Makes me wonder why these developers and people coming up with these technologies to not realize this.  What are they using to keep their daily tasks organized and synced up between their phone and desktop?
Re: Google Task sync? Zufbar 10/14/09 7:04 AM
+! for sync Tasks with Thunderbird and Win Mobile. Get Android working too. I hate windows. Pile of sh!te.
Re: Google Task sync? eskene 10/14/09 7:30 AM
Fingers crossed for syncing tasks to iCal soon.......
Re: Google Task sync? loskot 10/14/09 3:11 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Calculator 10/15/09 3:25 AM
Re: Google Task sync? TeleCaster 10/15/09 3:37 AM
+1 need i say more?
Re: Google Task sync? avocade 10/15/09 6:37 AM
+2 because I'm a schizo.
Re: Google Task sync? JKFP 10/15/09 12:55 PM
I'm not so sure this is 1. at the top of Google's list of ToDo's, 2. As easy to do as it might seem.  If the apps had some sort of standard for task format it might be more straightforward, but RTM, ToodleDo, Outlook, iCal, and about 100 others are all entirely different, and Google, more different than all of the rest,uses a calendar format, which really throws a monkey wrench in to things.

All I want is to create a Task with an email in a couple of clicks and have my phone beep at me when I'm supposed to do it.  I tried switching to an Android phone, but OTA/cloud sync and the Android apps aren't cutting for me like the old MS/WinMo I tried to get away from becuase of stability issues.  Maybe Microsoft isn't reliable, but at least it does it ost of the time.
Re: Google Task sync? sammygarf 10/15/09 1:49 PM
snow leopard support with tasks thank you
Re: Google Task sync? scicalim 10/15/09 2:13 PM
I'm on board
Re: Google Task sync? banksnld 10/16/09 5:16 PM
Another vote for this feature.
Re: Google Task sync? e hershey 10/19/09 11:08 AM
I'd also love this
Re: Google Task sync? rob_polding 10/21/09 1:38 AM
Definitively an absolute essential - would make all the Google elements come together in Outlook and it a viable alternative to Exchange
Re: Google Task sync? point93 10/22/09 3:27 PM
This would be MOST helpful!  Does anyone know if this is in the works or close to being an option?  Sooner than later would truly be helpful.
Re: Google Task sync? ShermanH4 10/23/09 6:14 AM
The want Google Apps to compete for the Enterprise market? Then, they must make it able to replace Exchange. It's close, but without Task support in Outlook, the lack of functionality is a deal breaker for my organization. I got excited when I saw they graduated Tasks from beta, but they still don't have that key element.
Re: Google Task sync? muffadalq 10/23/09 8:49 AM
+1 for Google Tasks sync. We will all be able to sync events through google calendar and things to do through google tasks :)
Re: Google Task sync? Pranay pandya 10/24/09 10:57 AM
one more for google tasks sync with outlook tasks
Re: Google Task sync? pontinsprincess 10/24/09 4:16 PM
Yes another person who wants to be able to see her Google Tasks on her HTC Hero phone's Google calendar!!!
Re: Google Task sync? wannagoweeee 10/24/09 10:52 PM
+1 Seriously lets get tasks synced up
Re: Google Task sync? wannagoweeee 10/24/09 11:10 PM
Re: Google Task sync? theresalbaker 10/28/09 12:36 PM
Are they even working on adding TASKS to Activesync?  They MUST do this.  :(
Re: Google Task sync? vvilliv 10/28/09 7:04 PM
+1 Where's The Missing Sync for Google? My iCal currently displays two sets of calendars with duplicate names: one for Google's server that has all my events and one for my local iCal that has all my ToDo's.  Sort of silly.
Re: Google Task sync? dremits 10/29/09 4:32 AM
+1 For Mail for exchange sync
Re: Google Task sync? theComplex 10/29/09 1:12 PM
This absolutely needs to be done and I'm a little surprised it wasn't including upon accouncement of the feature. The Task List is pretty useless if I cannot Import/Export/Sync with my Outlook and Blackberry task lists.
Re: Google Task sync? feelx86 10/29/09 2:51 PM
+1 I also think a tool for syncing google tasks with outlook is much in demand.
Re: Google Task sync? Hugh Birkenhead 10/30/09 4:42 AM
+1. Please include tasks in Mail for Exchange Sync (for Nokia Symbian phones) as soon as possible! I'd love to be able to use the Tasks feature of Google Calendar, but because it won't sync with my Nokia 5800 along with Calendar events and Contacts, it might as well not be there at all. It's useless at the moment.
Re: Google Task sync? ghbob 10/30/09 9:03 AM
Re: Google Task sync? ashutoshgupta 10/30/09 1:37 PM
Task sync between google tasks & outlook or Mac mail would be veeeeerrrrry veeeerrrry helpful...
Re: Google Task sync? MO1776 10/31/09 11:32 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Timoleon 11/1/09 12:57 PM
Just got my iPhone and switched from Palm Desktop and Palm Tungsten to Outlook 2007 and Google Calendar.  I'm flabbergasted that I can't get my tasks to show up on the iPhone --- I thought it was a no-brainer that an Outlook/Google Calendar sync would accomplish that!
Re: Google Task sync? robsonpeixoto 11/3/09 2:04 AM
one more for google tasks syncml
Re: Google Task sync? blueroadking 11/3/09 6:47 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Moo 11/3/09 7:25 PM
i agree!  task sync to iphone would be awesome!
Re: Google Task sync? robynwitt 11/5/09 2:34 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Stevee B 11/6/09 2:07 PM
Offline task sync to iPhone PLEASE!
Re: Google Task sync? jnewm 11/6/09 3:59 PM
Re: Google Task sync? ptlars 11/7/09 7:30 AM
I am also looking for a way to sync ical tasks to google task, google please HELP!
Re: Google Task sync? TheOtherOne 11/8/09 10:59 AM
I really hope google makes this happen. I figured task sync would also be part of the calendar sync tool, but no luck. Getting this sync feature would basically complete my transition to the could, yet still let me retain a copy of everything at home to use with a quality application on my home desktop.
Is there any other programmer that has hacked something together to do task sync with outlook?
Re: Google Task sync? brianbarkett 11/9/09 12:59 PM
Add my name to the list of those waiting to be able to sync tasks as well as calendars.
Re: Google Task sync? danca 11/10/09 2:13 AM
Add my name to this request list
Re: Google Task sync? ryansheaffer 11/10/09 5:42 AM
Sounds like an easy thing for google to do... Please get it done google!!
Re: Google Task sync? ottolini 11/11/09 9:38 AM
+1 vote for this feature to be included in Calendar Sync
Re: Google Task sync? aaront 11/11/09 12:38 PM
Do it, Google.  Do it.
Re: Google Task sync? floeee 11/11/09 3:51 PM
+1 please also sync tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? Nickaly 11/12/09 3:16 AM
please please please (and hurry up!)
Re: Google Task sync? soy.mua 11/12/09 5:27 AM
por favor.
Re: Google Task sync? GJPerera 11/13/09 6:59 AM
This would be a great feature to add and would definitely help users transition to Google's Office Suite
Re: Google Task sync? privman 11/14/09 12:42 AM
This is the only reason I don't use Google Calendar. I have my schedule and my tasks on my phone, and I used to manage both from MS Outlook. I really wanted to transition to using the Google Calendar which allows me to send and receive invitations directly from my schedule (instead of having to copy the invitations manually), but without the tasks it's just not good value to me.
Re: Google Task sync? blindowl79 11/15/09 1:54 PM
one more vote.
Re: Google Task sync? nish81 11/15/09 1:55 PM
task sync vote!
Re: Google Task sync? migueltato 11/16/09 8:26 AM
I would love to have this feature!
Re: Google Task sync? kpalm 11/16/09 10:31 AM
Yep - I cannot believe Google calendar doesn't somehow incorporate this into their sync.  Without being "on" a computer, what good is it if you cannot sync it with your phone.  Seems like a no-brainer here, especially for a huge entity such as Google. 
Re: Google Task sync? fuzzyb3 11/16/09 4:30 PM
Task sync PLEASE!
Re: Google Task sync? Tailor Made 11/16/09 5:23 PM
Re: Google Task sync? stealthguitar 11/16/09 7:36 PM
Re: Google Task sync? johnzlax 11/16/09 11:43 PM
Besides task sync, please also integrate notes in Google Calendar and the ability to sync with Outlook.
Re: Google Task sync? James Ward 11/17/09 6:31 AM
+1 for task sync
Re: Google Task sync? FLBuckeye 11/17/09 6:34 AM
+1_task sync
Re: Google Task sync? MarioPaladini 11/17/09 7:58 AM
+1_task sync
Re: Google Task sync? bmcfiv 11/18/09 1:20 PM
dear google god, give me task sync o' generous one

Re: Google Task sync? Koen Betsens 11/19/09 4:36 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Calculator 11/19/09 9:32 AM
Re: Google Task sync? JohannElis 11/19/09 4:34 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Sumod Hajela 11/19/09 10:05 PM
+1 Tasks completes the sync cycle - need it on my S60 device
Re: Google Task sync? garooch 11/21/09 12:06 PM
No, I don't want to make my life easier by syncing my Outlook task manager with Google's calendar.  I want things to remain clugy, so I can continue to complain.  And besides, this is a great excuse for not purchasing a Droid, when a Blackberry can sync easliy.  And I don't want google to make it easy to sync my Outlook contacts either.  I just love exporting and importing when when Blackberry takes all the fun out of it with a simple sync function.  Who needs efficiency anyway.
Re: Google Task sync? verdeluz 11/21/09 1:57 PM
ok, someone, somewhere has got to get the point....THIS IS URGENT!!! PLEEEEEASE SYNC GOOGLE TASKS WITH OTHER TASK SOFTWARE!!!!

Please sync with Lightning!!!  It would be revolutionary!!!  we would finally have all our time management efforts in the cloud, anywhere.   Isn't this the ultimate goal for this generation???

Re: Google Task sync? mjmason 11/22/09 5:02 PM
I can't imagine we've been posting on this for a year and Google hasn't taken there's probably some reason they're holding this back. Not a good one, mind you, but a reason.  C'mon, Google, either give us Tasks awareness in Google Sync, or give us a better alternative!  This one's a total no-brainer.
Re: Google Task sync? sam.shanbj 11/22/09 7:58 PM
Strongly agree,  todo list sync will be very useful!!
Re: Google Task sync? jamesfwang 11/23/09 1:21 AM
+1 on syncing google tasks with my blackberry
Re: Google Task sync? not always impressed 11/23/09 8:23 AM
Notes would be my first syncing request, but Tasks would also be appreciated.  Please, Google!?
Also, I don't get why the search engine giant, Google, didn't make it so that the Droid phone with its Android (Google) operating system, can't search everything on it, natively.  Without having to find 3rd party apps like Aurora.
I think they must have been in such a hurry to release something that they didn't provide a complete package.  I hope now though that they will provide updates so we can sync everything that we previously could with Windows Media phones.
Re: Google Task sync? Trojanbear 11/23/09 11:38 AM
+1.....Do it for the Irish that were robbed by Thierry Henry (The Cheating Cu^t!!!)
Re: Google Task sync? Peace_Train 11/23/09 6:47 PM
there will be no peace until we can sync tasks also.

"Oh people of the world lay down your arms - and sync tasks with google ! The day for peace of mind and peace in the land has arrived...."

Are the words I look forward to hearing !
Re: Google Task sync? jonherrmann 11/25/09 1:37 PM
As a Google Apps and Salesforce user who is working to convince my staff to use the available functions, allowing Google Tasks to sync with any program will be greatly helpful, particularly with Salesforce. Currently we don't manage tasks with any software because they are not compatible. It also seems unfair that mobile tasks access is only available on Android. Please make "tasks" an account-based system like calendar, contacts, email, and enable sync! We use Salesforce as well, and it should sync with that too.
Re: Google Task sync? barbapabbi 11/26/09 5:06 AM
This is so needed, either to sync directly to the phone, or sync with a PC. Either option would be so excellent. But NEEEEEDED!
Re: Google Task sync? mosquito123 11/26/09 9:27 AM
Add my vote as well, would love this functionality.
Re: Google Task sync? gualtierod 11/26/09 11:01 AM
add my vote too
Re: Google Task sync? sciguy14 11/26/09 4:31 PM
please add task sync!!!
Re: Google Task sync? Koke 11/27/09 5:36 AM
please sync tasks with ical/iphone
Re: Google Task sync? jellocube 11/27/09 1:41 PM
agreed. syncing with tasks would be extremely useful
Re: Google Task sync? svbillabong 11/29/09 2:37 PM
Please add my vote.. is anyone reading this?
Re: Google Task sync? rwbowen 11/30/09 3:14 AM
One more vote for task synchronisation between Google Tasks and Outlook2003 please!
I wonder if there is a person in the development team who is right now jumping up and down and pointing to his screen and saying to his GoogleBoss: "See, I told you they would want it!", or perhaps they are all too busy trying to crush the Microsoft Corporation in an altogether different way :-)
Re: Google Task sync? raorkon 12/1/09 9:25 AM
need it to sync my outlook 2003 - palm pre - google tasks!!!
Re: Google Task sync? JDardon 12/1/09 4:24 PM
Yes please    sync Outlook Tasks with Google is the only way to fully forget about Microsoft while online.
Re: Google Task sync? Jonathan W 12/1/09 5:22 PM
It would be wonderful to have Active Sync on Windows mobile handle the task sync
Re: Google Task sync? GadgetGeek71 12/2/09 10:34 AM
YES! Please add this option. I use CompanionLink to sync my Laptop with my G1. The ability to sync the tasks would help greatly!!
Re: Google Task sync? chose 12/2/09 3:35 PM
Fine, I'll start my own Google so I can sync my tasks and notes.  (Or you can just do it and save me lots of time.)
Re: Google Task sync? Arctic Fire 12/2/09 8:31 PM
This would be a great feature. I'd be able to keep up with my tasks using my new WinMo phone.
Re: Google Task sync? keljoh 12/2/09 9:02 PM
Bump.  I like Push Gmail, but I can't afford to lose the ability to wirelessly sync my tasks in Windows Mobile via ActiveSync.  Having to use my web browser is not an option because there are more elegant solutions for quickly and easily displaying and editing my tasks on my home screen, such as within SPB Mobile Shell.  Therefore, I need my tasks to be locally synchronized on my phone.  I'm going to have to switch back to my hosted Exchange account until Google adds this functionality.  Once I can wirelessly sync contacts, email, calendar and tasks between Google and Windows Mobile via ActiveSync (or once Windows Mobile supports synchronization with more than one Exchange server), then I'll be able to fully migrate to Google.  Until then, it's back to IMAP Gmail on my phone and Outlook on my PC.  :(
Re: Google Task sync? Bill Callahan 12/3/09 6:20 AM
Please Google, add this feature! Oddly enough, if I use another service which syncs with Google and Outlook, I get this, but why do I need another service?
Re: Google Task sync? robbinsmk 12/4/09 10:42 AM
Please add this feature. I would love to have this.
Re: Google Task sync? roydm 12/4/09 10:52 AM
I couldn't agree more.  I would argue that the task list is more important than the calendar.   It is the to-do list that runs my day and syncing it across outlook and phone is key.
Re: Google Task sync? Trebacz 12/5/09 9:52 AM
+1 Outlook 2003 -or exchange 2003 task and note synchronization somehow with my Android 2.0 device.
Re: Google Task sync? cuibel 12/7/09 2:48 PM
Are we still waiting?
Re: Google Task sync? johndoe55 12/8/09 7:13 AM
I would also love to have this feature added to the synchronization. I can only use it at one computer now, and i would like to use it at my laptop and phone as well.

Re: Google Task sync? c_kearney 12/9/09 5:25 PM
Yes. Please make this happen!
Re: Google Task sync? slochewie 12/10/09 10:26 AM
+1  Love having my Calendars and Contacts syncing with the Google Sync app for Blackberry. Only thing missing now is the ability to sync my Tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? hadesto 12/12/09 9:48 AM
+1 too. task  - to do sync would be totally awesome :D
Mac - google - android
the ultimate combination ;D
Re: Google Task sync? kamitche 12/13/09 6:03 PM
I finally got into the smartphone market when Verizon released Droid.  I'm thrilled about the relationship with Google, so at the moment, accessing my TASK list would make this complete.
Re: Google Task sync? hosersteve 12/15/09 10:44 AM
What is taking this feature so long?
Re: Google Task sync? jipnelissen 12/16/09 3:57 AM
please do it. And it'll complete the logics. Jip
Re: Google Task sync? solo8788 12/17/09 10:40 AM
I would definately love if my droid would be able to sync my tasks just like it currently does with events in my calendar.

For all the android users you can vote/add star over at the android feature request:
Re: Google Task sync? ghbob 12/18/09 10:04 PM
"YES! Please add this option. I use CompanionLink to sync my Laptop with my G1. The ability to sync the tasks would help greatly!! "
Can't you synch Outlook tasks using CompanionLink?
Re: Google Task sync? JKFP 12/18/09 11:22 PM

If you're using, or can use Windows Mobile/Windows Phone and ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center along with Outlook, MilkSync will sync tasks from WinMo to RememberTheMilk, then you can sync RTM with Google Tasks.

I don't like the way Google handles tasks (my tasks fit in the empty space in my calendar depending on my mood, need, location at the moment, you can't cram that on a grid.... unless you count the day before a new moon, I'm totally useless and get out of my way), so I use Astrid on my G1, and MilkSync on my old x7501 that's always plugged into my PC.  It's a little convoluted, but it keeps things where I need them, keeps them out of where I don't, and does what I need it to.

I use CompanionLink for Calendar and Contact syncing, and I am extremely happy with it.  I'm contemplating using it for Notes, too, but I'm having a hard time figuring out cramming those into a calendar, too.
Re: Google Task sync? waynebo 12/21/09 10:42 AM
+1 please
Re: Google Task sync? slickloc 12/22/09 9:28 AM
Add me to the list. This would really make the Google sync complete. I was using Astrid, which is great, but it would be perfect if my task and calendar could be accessed from one place. It would be even better if the native calendar app on my myTouch was updated to include my outlook task. That would make my world complete! Yes google, we ask nicely, because you have already done so much for us, (ie. the google maps navigation...AWESOME!). Could you hook us up with task syncing too!
Re: Google Task sync? MichaelEggleston 12/22/09 12:51 PM
I have a Samsung Jack, a Windows Vista Sidebar, a Google email account, and things to do.  If I could get a program that could keep all of my things to do synced with all those things...I would finally achieve true happiness.  And MAYBE get things done for a change.

YES, I can access gmail tasks with WinMo IE, but the issue remains - IF I LOSE INTERNET/PHONE SIGNAL, I CAN'T ACCESS MY TO-DO LIST!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? hazaryildirim 12/23/09 3:57 PM
+1 for Task Syncing with İcal (or even better busycal) and outlook. Hope to see this happening soon.
Re: Google Task sync? cuibel 12/23/09 4:25 PM
All you get from commenting here is to be put on the email list of comments from this thread
Everyone makes the same request

Re: Google Task sync? SeanPN777 12/24/09 7:27 AM
I use iCal and Blackberry Storm2 with Google Sync... It's been so helpful! Adding Tasks to tsync with my Apple "ToDo's" wuld be great and I'd love to see the notes/memo thing too. 
Re: Google Task sync? rs18 12/27/09 3:04 PM
Yes, I need my tasks to sync as well. This is the only feature that is missing for my purposes. PLEASE synch tasks with the Blackberry.
Re: Google Task sync? brettlancaster7 12/27/09 6:16 PM
Desperate for an easy and reliable integration with my salesforce calender - need a two way synch with Google Calendar.
Re: Google Task sync? yfthurjoy 12/28/09 7:12 AM
Re: Google Task sync? sarahmclellan 12/29/09 4:28 AM
Yes yes yes please! Google tasks synced with outlook tasks would be a huge help. Please!
Re: Google Task sync? kylelewis.ohio 12/30/09 11:51 AM
Yes please ad me to the list of those wanting to see this feature.
Re: Google Task sync? elkfeva 12/30/09 4:32 PM
have you noticed this post is the most active?
i too am in line, i just started migrating our 100+ users from my rock solid Exchange setup to save some dough and create more time (in the long run) for us IT staff.. this issue is a major headache for us right now... please Google? also... you guys REALLY need phone support 24-7

Re: Google Task sync? svbillabong 12/31/09 6:38 AM

Sure phone support would be great but it requires even more personnel than a Help Group and there hasn't been a single Google response or update on this request/issue in over 10 months. Lack of support/feedback makes it hard to convince companies to "Go Google".
Re: Google Task sync? neucleon 1/2/10 3:51 AM
+1 for tasks sync
Re: Google Task sync? sorosmind 1/2/10 8:40 AM
I think google is too rich to accept our request.
Re: Google Task sync? BocaB 1/2/10 11:26 AM
I really don't get why TASKS are any more difficult than the Calendar to sync with Outlook.  My new iPhone easily syncs the Calendar, Contacts, and Notes of all things with Outlook-- but not TASKS!  Yes, I know there are some lame pay for subscriptions apps where you upload your tasks on a server or if I were with a company, maybe the free exchange app would work, and of course I could put all my tasks in the Calendar, because they do take time to do, but REALLY is it all that difficult just to sync the darn Outlook tasks.  
I turned to Google as a possible work-around so maybe I could at least edit and create the Tasks on the Google Web site through the iPhone knowing the updated Google Task would update Outlook for me, but nooooooo, again no task sync. 
Please Google, I know you'd love to take over the world -- but not syncing my TASKS is not going to get you there.
Re: Google Task sync? AWillett 1/2/10 9:34 PM
Another person frantically waving arms and saying "yes yes this please please do this next please."

Syncing tasks to iCal/BusyCal (and thereby to things like OmniFocus) would be such a godsend.
Re: Google Task sync? musattraction 1/3/10 3:34 PM
Yes, please sync outlook tasks with Google Tasks.  Thanks !
Re: Google Task sync? ThisChineseArtist 1/3/10 7:26 PM
I use Plaxo - it syncs for me over the web from Address book to calendars  or you can use Sync mate, they have a free version in that link - which syncs most devices and applications :D (
Re: Google Task sync? bonniefaust 1/4/10 10:05 AM
I cannot believe you cannot sync TASKS!!!! Any word when this obviously *complicated* 'task' might be available? Maybe its on their 'todo' list but never get to it because IT DOESN'T SYNC...
Re: Google Task sync? bonniefaust 1/4/10 10:17 AM
If it helps anyone...gtask will synch with the droid! still can't get it to synch with ical though...
Re: Google Task sync? karakaya 1/4/10 12:58 PM
Yes, please get the task list from google calendar to sync with the droid!
Re: Google Task sync? gfskyer 1/6/10 3:57 AM
When will Google support this function?
Re: Google Task sync? Starbrst 1/6/10 10:37 AM
Add me to the list that thinks leaving this out was dumb. Google will never be more than an add on until it syncs tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? balky4 1/7/10 1:18 PM
Re: Google Task sync? nathanandrewlong 1/8/10 7:48 AM
Task sync please! 
Re: Google Task sync? LUIDZEN 1/9/10 2:01 AM
Please google can you make it possible to add tasks sync with ical and outlook>?? thank you! Agenda works great! 
Re: Google Task sync? alricdrahl 1/10/10 8:29 PM

Well even you fail Google. I downgraded TB to 2.0 to get the calendar working, ended up losing the calendar data, no task syncing, and the sync did not work right in android. Eventually got the sync working in Outlook 2003, but now I am screwing around with trying to sync tasks now. You dropped the ball here Google, task lists are a crucial organization tool!

Google you have made so many daily tasks better; step up to the plate and set the standard. Make the Google cloud the One Sync To Rules Them All.

Ps: please add tabbed task lists while you’re at it.

Re: Google Task sync? kcchgs 1/11/10 7:21 AM
We need TASKS to SYNC!!!
Re: Google Task sync? hill8302 1/11/10 12:29 PM
I agree with all of the above.  I live and breathe by Outlook - Calendar, Contacts, Notes and esp. Tasks.  It only seems natural that you should be able to sync all of them.  As someone has already said - it would be icing on the cake.  I have an HTC Droid Eris and I'm considering going back to a Blackberry so that I can have all of my information syncing wirelessly.  Everything else about the phone is great.  I have access at my fingertips to everything but....  I need to have my tasks with me, while I'm....out doing them!  Pllllleaaase sync tasks and hopefully eventually notes.  I would be happy with just tasks though.  I put my vote in and hopefully someone at Google will listen to their customer's plees.
Re: Google Task sync? svbillabong 1/11/10 1:52 PM
Hey one more month and we'll be at one full year without a single comment or ounce of feedback from Google.

The sad thing is Calendar is part of the collection of Google aps designed for businesses. Your lack of feedback to 1000's of customers is negatively impacting your brand name. Just because it is free doesn't mean we deserve limited support and feedback.. There are lot's of companies that provide good products and service for free. I am currently shifting my business to them.

Re: Google Task sync? majitsu 1/11/10 3:17 PM
Re: Google Task sync? Wendysax 1/12/10 2:16 AM
I would also like this function to be availalbe somehow. I am migrating away from Microsoft but currently still need to run Outlook all the time for the tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? SyncTasks4Mobile 1/12/10 5:58 AM
I would also like to have the Tasks sink to my Blackberry along with my calendar.
Lets go Google, if you can do Google Latitude you can definitely do this. Seems like something one of your summer interns should be able to do.
Re: Google Task sync? tasksync 1/12/10 6:56 AM
Still waiting for this feature.  That's why I haven't bought a new Verizon Droid with Google.  I use my old palm with Windows mobile, so that I can sync everything.  I don't actively use my Google Calendar for this reason.  It seems like a no brainer with this much demand.
Re: Google Task sync? Cortex21 1/12/10 8:51 AM
Is anyone from Google reading this topic?  Please add this feature like you did with Outlook Calendar Sync.  Could you at least post something on here and let us know if you're even working on this?  Thanks.
Re: Google Task sync? Jo G 1/13/10 5:51 AM
I would like to sync the tasks on my nokia 5800 with the tasks in google. I currently sync my calendar to google. I did sync the contacts but had problems with doubling of contacts so still do that with outlook but that's anothe post. Would happily switch to just google if could get the tasks working!
Re: Google Task sync? hortmom 1/13/10 8:47 AM
Tasks import, please for Outlook! Can't start using Google Calendar until I can import my very long list of repeating tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? sbuck 1/13/10 9:48 AM
Another vote for syncing tasks! I couldn't believe this wasn't an option when everything else syncs ....
Re: Google Task sync? excessdb 1/13/10 12:21 PM
sync tasks and notes please
Re: Google Task sync? gmakowski 1/13/10 2:43 PM
How can the Verizon Motorola Android phone be called a PDA if it doesn't sync with outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and anything else from Outlook, without additional expense (one time, monthly or annual). 

The requirement of an annual fee of $50 for a Google Apps account was a very hidden fee for a basic functionality - contact sync.  Now I find out that I can only sync my phone calendar with the FIRST gmail account (hidden info), which excludes my Google Apps account which I just recently got for contact syncing - which mostly works.  I can change my first configured gmail account if I wipe the system to factory state and re-install everything.  THEN I found out I can only backup my apps (free and PAID) to one account, and I can't transfer paid apps from my free google account to my paid Google Apps account (hidden info). 

As a PDA, this is not a mature system with working basic functionality, in my opinion. 

Okay, I can change from USB to web sync - if it doesn't make things worse.

I was a heavy Palm Pilot user for 6 years, and I switched off to Windows Mobile for the next 6 years because Palm supported only 16 categories, and Windows Mobile supported as many as I wanted.   I have hundreds of categories, consistent over contacts, tasks, email and disk subdirectories (I can find things).  NO SUPPORT for categories or tags?   Even LinkedIn supports tags, gmail supports tags.  

Flame off.  I will try to be constructive.

< recommendations from a software Product Management perspective >

* improve the browser, so I could at least view and edit the google calendar, without any sync config changes.  I hope this would be a "low hanging fruit", with minimal technical changes, compared to later options.  Alternatively, provide a site, like other m.* websites, formatted for constraints of mobile browsers.  The mobile yahoo email site is a fine example.

* improve your sync and what content you sync, to be equivalent or a superset to MS ActiveSync.  Good PDA sync is at least 12+ year old technology, database replication and sync or Lotus Notes sync is not brand new.  How would customers feel with a phone that provided wireless web connectivity with a 300 baud wireless modem (i.e. 12+ year old technology)?  "Out-of-the-box" applications and configurations should be easy to setup sync, and have comparable functionality without extra charges.  Think "a whole product solution" for the common corporate consumer vs. an Xmas toy that requires 50% more expense to assemble to start common functionality ($50 / yr, for 2 years, for Google Apps account, compared to the $200 cost of the phone, after rebate).

* if you don't support tags or categories, at least allow the phone search to search on more than just names, such as the company, email or note section.  If I was motivated to manually enter my categories into 2700 contacts, it would be so I could search on something besides the name field.

* eventually, provide support for the same set of tags from gmail, contacts, tasks, docs, pictures (i.e. p/xmas, job/client2, ...) and to sync those tags.

* your music player seems to loose all "genre" from windows media player.  I can't choose books/non-fiction vs. jazz vs. books/fiction vs. xmas?  Another example of no tags or categories.  Thanks for reading the file formats without having to convert everything (better than iTunes).

* "nice to have" feature for later to "delight customers" --> allow voice search (i.e. while I am driving) to find contacts, so I can navigate to a location.  Consider a voice search on "favorite food" category near my GPS location. Display nearby choices, prefaced by A), B), C) and let me say "navigate to option A".   Please maximize DWIM (Do What I Mean) for the end user.  Voice search should be like context sensitive help - not a new technology either.

Yes, other things are very good on the Android platform.  I can imagine some great potential.  I have to decide if the bleeding is worth the edge.

I am considering returning it because of this issue (frustrating sync and no tags or category support).  Otherwise, should I continue to carry my Windows Mobile PDA, and explain all to those who ask why I am carrying two PDA's, these areas of android opportunities?  But then I am not allowed to have ActiveSync (to my Windows PocketPC) installed while I try and sync at least my contacts to Google and the android phone - arrrggggg.

Re: Google Task sync? svbillabong 1/14/10 8:14 AM
Wow I can't believe you need a Google Apps account for contact sync to work on an android AND have to pay $50/year.

Are you sure?

I know I use a free sync for my ipod touch (which Google licenses the patent from Microsoft!?!). Everything just works (with the exception of Google Task.. hence this thread).

I would be very surprised if Google didn't provide identical functionality for free with their own phone, but then again if seen some pretty strange things!!
Re: Google Task sync? TMthijs 1/14/10 8:39 AM
Yes, this is the only thing I'm missing on my HTC Hero...  So here's my vote!
Re: Google Task sync? danhoff 1/14/10 10:24 AM
This would be fantastic
Re: Google Task sync? cfurchner 1/14/10 5:09 PM
+1 Another vote for syncing Outlook tasks with google calendar - please please please?
Re: Google Task sync? Cheraj 1/16/10 5:26 AM
another vote for syncing tasks with iphone. I also would like to see calender come up as the first or second option on the list when you sign into IGoogle.
Re: Google Task sync? cdwhite13 1/16/10 1:04 PM
Dear Google,
Is a COMPLETE (calendar, contacts, tasks, notes) solution for syncing my Android phone with Outlook available yet?  If not, this is just ridiculous.  We all buy smart phones for them to actually be smart.  Palm had this syncing thing down 10 years ago.
Re: Google Task sync? zooms 1/18/10 6:36 AM
Another vote for the ability to synch Google Tasks with Outlook or SOMEthing on Windows Mobile based smart phones
Re: Google Task sync? Fernandoa 1/18/10 9:04 AM
Sync tasks and notes please, This is the only reason I did not yet leave that thing called activesync. How I miss my Palm...
Re: Google Task sync? johnnycox74 1/19/10 11:01 AM
mac ipod touch user google apps user need tasks
Re: Google Task sync? kdsummers 1/19/10 7:23 PM
I think a full round of calendar, contacts, mail, tasks and notes synch'ed with Outlook would be lovely.  It would ensure that my teenage children were kept up-to-date.  Now if we could just get Apple to include Tasks in the iTunes interface we would be Golden!
Re: Google Task sync? Mortik 1/20/10 1:04 AM
another vote for task.....
Re: Google Task sync? marc25 1/20/10 3:00 AM
Oh yes, please do include this, I really like the gogle tasks panel in gmail, it is so useful, but being able to have it also on outlook and on my cell would be marvellous.

Re: Google Task sync? iconz113 1/21/10 4:29 PM
that's the only thing stopping me from adopting google sync alltogether on my mac and iphone, my omnificus tasks sync with ical calenders and not the Google calenders in ical, but the biggest thing is when I create tasks in Google calendar they wont transfer over to ical, for that reason alone I use mobileme still
Re: Google Task sync? johnnyj 1/24/10 4:24 AM
Yes!  It would really help if I could sync tasks as well. 
Re: Google Task sync? bopp 1/24/10 10:45 AM
Yess, i would really like to sync Tasks with Google Calander (from iCal)!!
Re: Google Task sync? BriCochr 1/27/10 2:20 PM
I agree. My boss communicates with me most through his iphone. We use google calendar with my outlook, so it would be ideal if I could sync our tasks as well. Does anyone know if there is a program that does to-do lists (and has an iphone app) that can sync with outlook?
Re: Google Task sync? RoySprowl 1/27/10 6:05 PM
Task sync is very important to me. This is an opportunity to leapfrog Outlook with a "Getting Things Done" style of task-management.
Re: Google Task sync? verdeluz 1/28/10 12:08 AM
Is this the beginning of the end of Google?  When they began to NOT listen to us, their users?  Come on, guys! SYNC OUR *%*ing TASKS!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? enectrixx 1/28/10 3:36 PM
Re: Google Task sync? RBuzz 1/29/10 3:59 AM
That would be perfect. ++++++
Re: Google Task sync? samuel02 1/29/10 1:38 PM
That would be awesome!
Re: Google Task sync? merm 1/29/10 2:11 PM
Re: Google Task sync? j.choi 1/30/10 1:14 AM
Re: Google Task sync? j.choi 1/30/10 1:14 AM
c'mon google!
Re: Google Task sync? CJJ2002 2/1/10 2:46 PM
Google!  Come on lets get tasks working so you can sync them!
Re: Google Task sync? yayyy 2/2/10 1:24 AM
I agree also. If I could use tasks with Ical.. I'd be super happy.
Re: Google Task sync? nesting 2/2/10 3:13 AM
Task syncing is the missing feature we need to switch from Exchange...
Re: Google Task sync? gybalint 2/2/10 3:22 AM
If I made a calendar sync application, I dont know how could I skip the Task-Sync funkciton! Taskwriting is a totally basic funcionality of any calendars.
Re: Google Task sync? SSzretter 2/3/10 4:50 AM

I use mindjet <-> outlook <-> google calendar sync
but I also need    mindjet <-> outlook <-> google tasks sync  !!
Re: Google Task sync? Pradorn 2/4/10 6:50 AM
Re: Google Task sync? rzandi 2/4/10 7:55 AM
Re: Google Task sync? owenwalz 2/5/10 10:00 AM
Ditto here. That would help a lot, particularly since other programs sync with iCal tasks as well.
Re: Google Task sync? MaddieO 2/5/10 10:18 AM
Would also LOVE this!
Re: Google Task sync? aberryjr 2/5/10 12:37 PM
I vote for Task sync also it would be great to have.
Re: Google Task sync? Bernhard005 2/7/10 4:18 AM
Would be very useful to have your tasks on your PC and your phone, e.g. windows phone.
Re: Google Task sync? Matrus 2/8/10 7:07 AM
I will add my voice: Please add task syncing to Calendar. It's the only thing keeping me from moving my local iCal calendars to Google Calendar.
Re: Google Task sync? PWK 2/8/10 9:23 AM
This is a key essential piece for me.  I rely  heavily on task to orginize my life.  Please sync task with Outlook!!! 
Re: Google Task sync? Mormolyke 2/8/10 7:40 PM
I just started using Gmail Tasks, and I can already tell it's going to be incredibly useful ... but I also need access to them offline. It would be wonderful if you were to develop an Outlook sync.
Re: Google Task sync? BigB 2/9/10 12:48 AM
Please sync tasks
Re: Google Task sync? sandknitz 2/9/10 10:34 AM
Add votes here. I would use Task sync as well as multiple(secondary) calendar sync
Re: Google Task sync? newruler 2/9/10 2:25 PM
I have a few customers that would love this functionality to be added.
Re: Google Task sync? mcheema 2/9/10 2:54 PM
Like many others, I am slave to Exchange and would be happy to kick it to the curb.  Only if I could get Google tasks to sync.
Re: Google Task sync? KurtRonaldMueller 2/9/10 5:28 PM
I would love to be able to sync tasks from iCal with Google Calendar's tasks.  Then I could access my calendars and tasks no matter where I am.  Please do this Google!
Re: Google Task sync? ados2007 2/10/10 6:44 AM
Why not?
Re: Google Task sync? obricko 2/10/10 7:29 AM
Please add sync tasks! It would be very helpful!
Re: Google Task sync? Jacko1304 2/10/10 11:41 AM
Count me to, I neeeeeed it so much!!!
Re: Google Task sync? Raisen 2/10/10 3:24 PM
So. Over one. No synchronization yet??
Re: Google Task sync? hayze 2/11/10 6:19 PM
It would be one more simplification of my life.
Re: Google Task sync? SlyK 2/13/10 7:17 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Badawiq 2/13/10 3:36 PM
Worked on getting everything in sync with google products, this is the only thing left, you got to help us :)
Re: Google Task sync? bennyp613 2/15/10 1:00 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Pompa 2/15/10 5:32 AM
So much for Google's fast development cycle.  It has been a year now since this simple request was posted to this forum and no signs from adding this basic yet useful functionality.
Re: Google Task sync? svbillabong 2/15/10 7:58 AM
Pompa or basic/simple feedback from Google as to "yes we have read your enhancement request and are considering it for release in <insert rough date here>"

10 pages of comments/feedback, 389 entries, 2107 people in over a year.. yet still nothing.. that is disgusting!!
Re: Google Task sync? sbfried 2/15/10 11:47 AM
More than "synch - ing" I want a way to share the Task List with another Gmail user!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? CarlosFS 2/15/10 8:16 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TASK SYNC since your 1 year old maybe you can come out and let us use you or something you sneaky little thing
Re: Google Task sync? Pavel Gubarev 2/16/10 4:14 PM
I also really need this. Please!
Re: Google Task sync? mehcarey 2/16/10 5:12 PM
please add....  I am supporting your email as of today. I use with my blackberry. i dont want to switch back just to get tasks to sync.
thank you.
Re: Google Task sync? PWK 2/16/10 5:16 PM
Google are you listening… hello?  I guess there more concerned about stuff like “buzz”(trampling on privacy by setting up the default to wide open...coveniently for you) then attracting long term customer with their Google apps products.  Google apps are far from an exchange replacement like they advertise. I'm quickly losing hope there will be an task sync any time soon. The Task app is Gmail is a POS and they have done very little to improve it.  Looks to me Google’s not listen.  I think it time to switch back to a hosted exchange
Re: Google Task sync? Jovimom 2/17/10 4:36 AM
PLEASE do add a Task syc to Outlook This would be wonderful!
Re: Google Task sync? evan.kimia 2/17/10 8:53 PM
Re: Google Task sync? wba072 2/20/10 5:23 AM
Re: Google Task sync? kindian 2/21/10 5:01 PM
Re: Google Task sync? nazarov 2/23/10 7:20 AM
Please add service sync task with Outlook!
Re: Google Task sync? nonenonerson 2/25/10 11:29 AM
Please add ability to sync tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? asfdas 2/25/10 2:40 PM
Task list needs to be greatly improved
Re: Google Task sync? m.mannes 2/26/10 5:41 AM
Please, it will be awesome!
Re: Google Task sync? kpgel 2/27/10 11:11 AM
This would really make life simpler for a lot of people.  Could someone from Google please just give us some indication if this feature is in the works or even a remote possibility.  If it's not, we could all just move on and look for a different solution to synchronizing Outlook tasks with Google tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? palomnik 2/28/10 10:24 PM
For 15 years I was a palm user and everything was simple: Calendar, Contacts, Notes and ToDos synced with no problem.  Now I am using an iPod touch, and I can sync to outlook (including todos, thanks to Appigo sync), but it ought to be a no-brainer to sync all 4 basic productivity functions to the cloud, and Google looks like the most likely candidate.  I was using Toodledo, but it did nasty things to my data.

Google - we want to sync Notes and Todos in addition to Calendar and Contacts - please make it so!

Re: Google Task sync? gfskyer 3/8/10 7:04 AM
Re: Google Task sync? jfmb 3/8/10 7:56 AM
Re: Google Task sync? vebo31 3/8/10 12:06 PM
 POR favor google integracion con outlook es mas que nesesario
Re: Google Task sync? TomasHedstrom 3/10/10 2:52 AM
Re: Google Task sync? aand 3/10/10 3:54 AM
Can't believe Outlook/Google task sync is not supported already, as it's a vital component in ensuring proper synchronization across platforms. Please do add this!
Re: Google Task sync? bball2city 3/10/10 9:32 AM
I'd also love to know how I could sync up google tasks to ical / outlook
Re: Google Task sync? michal.fleis 3/13/10 12:21 AM
I would also very need it to SYNC tasks between Google Tasks whitch I use all the time in my work together with Gmail, GCalendar, GWebsites, GDocs, etc., but when I'm offline I cant see my Tasks on my iPhone and Mac write some tasks in my Calendar isn't the write way.

I'm also sorry, that Google tasks has no PRIORITYs.

Help us Google, we love you :o))
Re: Google Task sync? PeePeePee 3/13/10 2:25 AM
Yes please!
Re: Google Task sync? Daniel Wiser 3/13/10 11:44 PM
Can we Sync to Tomboy Notes please?
Just open up Tasks with some WebDAV
Re: Google Task sync? JcVai 3/14/10 11:20 PM
Yes, the task sync - the only one thing that stopping me to buy premium apps. Still waiting for and use exchange hosting yet.
Re: Google Task sync? AATRAILER 3/16/10 9:40 AM
Mobile calender sync with Google is great but we need tasks sync as well! 
Re: Google Task sync? oliverv 3/17/10 7:29 AM
+1, and counting...
Re: Google Task sync? JesseWV 3/22/10 2:03 AM
+1 for task sync!
Re: Google Task sync? jfburr 3/22/10 4:20 AM
+1 for task sync too!
Re: Google Task sync? alessandro.previti 3/22/10 11:57 AM
+1 for task sync (+2 :D my girlfriends wants too!!!)
Re: Google Task sync? ernest_cloudtrigger 3/22/10 12:20 PM
+2 for task sync (myself and GF)!
Re: Google Task sync? angmiller 3/23/10 6:37 AM
Please! Please! Please add this feature. It seems like there are many people that would benefit from adding this simple request.
Re: Google Task sync? Aschlueter 3/23/10 3:36 PM
Yes, please add a task sync... My company is just too hooked in outlook to switch to gmail :)
Re: Google Task sync? Aschlueter 3/23/10 3:37 PM
Re: Google Task sync? sergsy.sayansk 3/24/10 11:29 PM
I join! It is necessary for task synchronization syncml
Re: Google Task sync? rcayca 3/25/10 1:02 PM
This definitely needs to be done before the 2nd half of 2010! C'mon Google!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? TysonDude 3/26/10 5:41 AM
I sign the petition for task sync.   YOU CAN DO IT GOOGLE!  (if not, you can hire me to do it)
Re: Google Task sync? Rincewind99 3/26/10 2:08 PM
Re: Google Task sync? srjh 3/27/10 2:28 AM
I'm convinced that they are ignoring us.  It can't be that difficult to develop sync with tasks and notes.  Instead they are developing things like Google Wave and Buzz that nobody cares about.
Re: Google Task sync? London Lad 3/27/10 6:45 AM
Please. Pretty please ?
Re: Google Task sync? jwalder 3/29/10 6:26 PM
+1 for task sync
Re: Google Task sync? Draco Fusco 3/30/10 5:06 PM

This works perfectly for me! I love it!
Re: Google Task sync? JcVai 3/30/10 10:05 PM
Draco, I have toodledo, but it's only crutch that add toodledo tasks to google calendar or use additional tools to sync tasks with computers and mobile devices. It may be timed solution when we know that we'll get a real working system from google in time: native tasks sync with iphone, winmobile, outlook etc, fully functional of activesync. We dont need pack of tools and services to sync mail, calendars and tasks diferently, we want google apps support this functions for native build in mobile systems services aka exchange/activesync...
Additional tools and services aka nokia ovi, soocial, microsoft phone and others can add sync functionality based at syncml, but
what for to us then google apps? I like google apps for the all-in-one solution and much device types support, but tasks is absent in it.
I just waiting for tasks sync to return to the google apps. 50 USD for user per year from google is better than 5-10 usd for user per month at microsoft exchange hosters and google services and stability looks better... We have not enough contacts, calendar and mail when can use tasks additionally to them and haven't native solution for it.
Re: Google Task sync? Liliana23 3/31/10 3:35 AM
please add tasks sync to google calendar, this would help working on and offline.
Re: Google Task sync? Greg Davis 3/31/10 10:46 AM
Re: Google Task sync? igorch 4/1/10 6:11 AM
Google the best, but task sync should be added for sure :)
Re: Google Task sync? GeorgeCarvill 4/2/10 3:51 AM
Definately. does it, so why can't Google?
Re: Google Task sync? majidh 4/3/10 6:11 PM
Hi Google Techs, PLEASE add tasks sync to your Exchange Server so I can sync my google tasks with my Windows Mobile 6 device or Outlook!
Re: Google Task sync? chioromonte 4/3/10 8:02 PM
I also would like to add my two cents. I have been using Google calendar, gmail ect for a long time now. I was very excited when Google included tasks but i was very disappointed to find there was no sync ability between outlook tasks and Google. I also recently upgraded my blackberry to a HTC Hero which i am starting to regret since i can not even plug it in and sync my tasks from outlook to the phone that way. The ability to sync my calendar wireless from outlook to Google to the hero is great but i do need tasks as well. my tasks are as important in both my professional and personal life as is my calendar, and i would hate to have to go and return my hero for a windows mobile device.
Re: Google Task sync? JcVai 4/4/10 6:38 AM
Just find application for iphone to work with google tasks wrotten by russian programmer:
app/id327744271   geetasks. Sync tasks with google and works both offline and online.
Re: Google Task sync? PWK 4/5/10 7:49 AM
What most are asking for on here is a "native" outlook google task sync and the ability to sync there task with there device of choose. We all know Google all about chose and openness...when it benefits them of course.

Google Apps is truly not enterprise ready, maybe down the road but not know.   I surprised with the lack of urgency on Google part.  They say there what enterprise customers but they refuse to add a suitable task management and syncing capabilities. 

Microsoft on-line is offering for $60.00 year per user (5 min users) hosted exchange with 25 gigs. The extra $10 dollars a year is worth the cost for flawless integration and a superior product.  Not only will you get task sync you get on number of added features that Google apps dose not have.  One of my favorites the ability to recall messages inside your domain..etc. 

Google I gave you a chance and you failed miserably.  Microsoft  I'm coming home!!   
Re: Google Task sync? rjmac29 4/9/10 6:39 AM
 I too am flabbergasted that I can't get my tasks to show up on the iPhone --- I thought it was a no-brainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!  VERY tempted to go back to the Blackberry and forget all this nonsense!!
Re: Google Task sync? morrobaychuck 4/9/10 9:54 AM
Come on Google, this is your calendar, your tasks, your docs, your phone - why can't you make them all seamless?  I switched from Blackberry because you totally ignored sync problems with that.  OK, they are a competitor.  But you are not a competitor, YOU ARE GOOGLE - fix this.
Re: Google Task sync? Seldon 4/11/10 1:19 PM
+1 on the comments above.  Its to Google's benefit to get calender, tasks, email, contacts to sync proper across all major platforms.  Doing so would divert people to put all their information into cloud storage with Google, which I'm sure they could use.

The first company that does this will get my business...hurry up Google!
Re: Google Task sync? zwok 4/13/10 8:27 AM
I too am using mail, calendar en contacts but it's a real mystery that tasks aren't supported yet. This would make the package complete.
Re: Google Task sync? geopuja 4/14/10 8:52 AM
i was able to sync google tasks with my blackberry using a 3rd party app called gmailtasksync.  for now, seems to work pretty well...
Re: Google Task sync? simonpbrandon 4/15/10 3:41 AM
I too want to sync tasks
Re: Google Task sync? rcayca 4/16/10 12:15 PM
C'mon Google, please make this feature soon.
Re: Google Task sync? XVedd 4/16/10 5:09 PM
Google, I cannot ignore so many requests. Please do it!
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 4/17/10 8:27 AM

Hi guys. I've made a synchronization tool for you! :-)

I'd been wanting this feature for a long time myself. Since I'm a programmer, I decided to try make one myself instead of waiting for Google. I started a couple of months ago and am just about finished now. I had to reverse engineer the Google Tasks API since it isn't documented or released publically, so it might be a bit brittle. Therefore I'd like to get some help from some of you to test the software for a couple of weeks before I publically release it.

I guess I'll be dissapointing you with saying that I will charge a license fee for the software, but it won't be much - probably $10. This is to motivate me to keep developing software in my spare time (I also have a full time job in a company).

Please go to to sign up for betatesting. Only a limited number of users will be allowed to test. The testers will receive a free copy of the final version.

Re: Google Task sync? petermaz 4/19/10 6:36 AM
Please Please - Tasks API sir!
Re: Google Task sync? petermaz 4/19/10 6:37 AM
Re: Google Task sync? petermaz 4/19/10 6:38 AM
Need tasks sync with ical!
Re: Google Task sync? petermaz 4/19/10 6:47 AM
task sync for ical please

Re: Google Task sync? petermaz 4/19/10 6:50 AM
I would pay subscription for tasks sync to ical
Re: Google Task sync? malcom.b 4/21/10 4:13 AM
needing this too...would be awesome

unfortunately the app is for Windows only :| 
Re: Google Task sync? SamWAus 4/22/10 5:09 AM
Re: Google Task sync? aftonam 4/22/10 1:08 PM
Syncing Google Calendar Tasks with iCal and iPhone would be sublime!
Re: Google Task sync? Tiago Sá 4/23/10 10:21 AM
Please add this feature!
Re: Google Task sync? hazaryildirim 4/30/10 3:21 AM
Can't believe there still is no task sync!!!
Re: Google Task sync? Justivius 5/2/10 7:05 PM
Re: Google Task sync? folksinging 5/2/10 7:06 PM
PLEASE MAKE API happen! To Dos....
Re: Google Task sync? klampo 5/3/10 5:10 AM
+1 for Task Sync
Re: Google Task sync? bigkolos 5/3/10 7:08 PM
yes please I agree please sync to do /notes/ taks. google rules.
Re: Google Task sync? letueurdarbres 5/8/10 12:43 PM
Go Google Go
Re: Google Task sync? TheJn 5/10/10 4:30 AM
sync task _ urgently need!!!!!
Re: Google Task sync? Dean-K 5/10/10 10:30 PM
Another vote for Task Sync, would be very appreciated
Re: Google Task sync? aratpack 5/12/10 1:02 AM
I opened an android issue, please star it!
Re: Google Task sync? sergsy.sayansk 5/16/10 2:40 AM

I have 1,5 years old seeking a solution!
Re: Google Task sync? consciousnessbliss 5/18/10 1:26 PM
It would be great if Google would release the Tasks API/support syncing with iCal, allow priorities for tasks, and add the ability to have repeating tasks.  Until then, I'm stuck in iCal land.  
Re: Google Task sync? richsidney 5/19/10 2:44 PM

I keep my smartphone, outlook and google calendar sync'd. Why not tasks, too? Then we can add notes, and the PIM will be complete.
Re: Google Task sync? rossperk 5/21/10 12:20 PM
Adding my vote--task sync to mobile devices (like my Windows Mobile device, the iPhone, and their own Android phones) would complete their cloud.

I wonder if getting tasks to sync is on their to-do list? :P
Re: Google Task sync? qwiksilverx 5/22/10 4:08 PM
What use is tasks if it doesn't make it onto my iphone?  No use at all.  I just created a calendar labeled "tasks" and use that instead.  How long has Google Tasks been in existence and it still does not sync?  Something tells me it never will.
Re: Google Task sync? paulwstny 5/24/10 6:57 AM
Sync tasks as well definately has my vote.  Also, does anyone have an issue with all day events not being synced?
Re: Google Task sync? scheerbrian 5/24/10 2:48 PM
Please sync tasks with the iphone!  It would be wonderful to have everything in one place!
Re: Google Task sync? Gigazelle 5/24/10 3:46 PM
This feature would be AWESOME. I am in utter shock that Google has taken this long for a simple request as this.
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 5/27/10 3:58 AM
GogTasks v1.0 is now released: (I'm the guy behind it). It synchronizes Outlook tasks with Google tasks. Combine it with the Google Calendar sync app, and you have a pretty good setup.

Note 1: It's not supported nor endorsed by Google. Use at own risk.
Note 2: I do charge $9 for a full version (took me a lot of coding. Synchronization is harder than it sounds - especially when the two databases have differing entities!)

Consider it a second best from an official tool from Google :-)
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 5/27/10 4:00 AM
Oh and one more thing - there is a Windows Mobile version of the tool as well that I give away for free.
Re: Google Task sync? London Lad 5/27/10 5:14 AM
Gog tasks is great, does exactly what it says on the tin!!
Re: Google Task sync? AZ Service Tech 5/29/10 1:50 AM
I too have been waiting for a syncing  google  task appfor window mobile. hope it comes soon. !!!
Re: Google Task sync? sparxva 5/29/10 6:48 PM
Google would really need to put more thought and effort into the Tasks feature before it would be that helpful.  At the moment, the task editing capabilities on the web site are pretty pathetic.  

I find the Google tasks implementation on iPhone is actually more straightforward to use than the one built into gmail, where you have to muck about with the tasks in the little window or on calendar where all the tasks are squeezed into the panel on the side of the window.  At least on the iPhone portal to Google tasks you get to use the whole screen.

Syncing tasks is only marginally useful until they put more effort into editing and organizing tasks, like allowing templates (reuse the same grocery list for staple items), autocompletion, recurring tasks and some hierarchical organization.

Re: Google Task sync? tgoins 5/31/10 5:36 PM
Is there an app to download Mircosoft Task list to droid, like there is for calendar and  email?  I need this badly.
Re: Google Task sync? willydumaz 6/3/10 12:09 PM
yes please google!
Re: Google Task sync? manuel99a 6/5/10 10:44 AM
Please add Sync of task. 
Plus how about allowing to drag and drop emails into the task folder.  The reason for this request is: when someone wants me todo something for them, I have them email me their request with the subject of "todo".   This way I have all emails with subject "todo" filtered to a todo folder I have.  However, if gmail would allow me to filter this types of emails into my task folder, life would be much better.
Re: Google Task sync? mikedminor 6/6/10 12:19 AM
Does this help anyone?

If you have tried it out, please post your experience here! 

Thx and Viva La Android!
Re: Google Task sync? azeeland 6/8/10 6:13 AM
I would also find task sync extremely useful.
Re: Google Task sync? NancyHan77 6/10/10 8:24 AM
Please, it would be so beneficial to have all of my tasks on Google sync with my backflip phone :)  Thank you.
Re: Google Task sync? dumas.david 6/11/10 12:28 AM
I would also apprieciate being able to export tasks in google (i.e. like for normal calendars have a ICAL-like link to the tasks to be able to import them to other applications)
Re: Google Task sync? mr.f.maker 6/11/10 8:35 PM
+1000 for me!
Re: Google Task sync? Jorge Valente 6/12/10 8:37 AM
+1 for me!

I would also like to have Google open the task API so everyone can sync to whatever they like.
Re: Google Task sync? palomnik 6/16/10 12:36 AM
I have given up on Google tasks which is too primitive. I have given up on Outlook which is a bloatware beast (it does many different things, but none of them well).  I now sync my ipod touch to google calendar and google contacts directly, and I sync to Toodledo for tasks using appigo Todo on the ipod.  I sync notes with notebooks for iphone which is much better than the primitive notes application by apple that syncs with outlook (and Google notebooks will be EOLed). I regularly export data from Google and Toodledo for backups. This system is working well so far - I can sync anywhere I have a connection, and can do desktop edits from any computer. I'm satisfied with this for now.

The next big think I want to see is ubiquitous syncing between mobile devices and OpenERP, which wouldn't be hard, but could be very powerful. Complex supply chain management and business intelligence fully managed from a chair on the beach - thats all I ask ;-).

Google should give up on their tasks applicaiton and just buy Toodledo if they really want one.
I'm afraid the current task app may well go the way of Google Notebooks.
Re: Google Task sync? jean.druck 6/18/10 4:41 AM
Please sync task for Blackberry. Would be an asset.
Re: Google Task sync? lior tamir 6/27/10 2:41 PM
Tasks should have the same format as a calendar meeting.
They have the same attributes, except that the end date is the same as the start date (or can be treated as due date) and that the view is a list view.
The change sums up in GUI, the way it is displayed. Google can use the end date as the "completed" boolean.

I do understand the amount of investment involved, but given the fact that iphone lacks a good tasks support (although my Nokia E55 syncs calendar, tasks & contacts perfectly from Exchange server into my macbook) and that there is no standard I think google should hop on this. Now my E55 is used as the sync bridge :(

I guess Apple's reason for lacking a built-in task support in iphone was creating a business all around it with the push notification (which operators love) but I don't understand what is google's strategy on that.

Hi google, 
I have Nokia E55 and iPhone. iPhone's lacking of tasks application that syncs directly with my PC and the fact that it has to use push for reminder makes me want to replace it with another large-screen smartphone :)

Do you have any idea what alternative I can use ? :)
Re: Google Task sync? marmehlad 6/28/10 1:14 AM
Yes I agree, to all of you. 
I also want to sync tasks. 
Much easier to sell Google Apps if I could sync tasks in iCal, iPhone, Outlook. 
Re: Google Task sync? j450h1 7/8/10 9:31 AM
This is only thing missing from google!!!
Re: Google Task sync? emilykilpatrick 7/9/10 2:46 PM
I would also like to sync tasks. Right now, we're syncing the ToDo iPhone app tasks to Toodle Do to iCal to Google Calendar. But of course, it shows up as an event and not a task. Thanks for all you guys are doing, Google!
Re: Google Task sync? amoore99 7/15/10 1:28 PM
I hate Outlook.  If tasks would sync I could eliminate Outlook out of my life.
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 7/16/10 2:48 AM
amoore99: Uhm... You know this thread is about outlook-to-google tasks synchronization, right? If you eliminate Outlook of that equation, you eliminate the need for sync.
Re: Google Task sync? Allen0 7/16/10 4:25 AM
yes, we need the task sync from outlook to Google , that would be perfect
Re: Google Task sync? dgbrowsing 7/17/10 6:35 PM
I would love to be able to sync tasks between google and ical.
Re: Google Task sync? avklingler 7/23/10 2:33 PM
Strongly agree. This application is almost perfect. We need to sync Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks & we need control over the printing of tasks, appointments, events, etc. Exactly what fields print & how the document is laid out. This would, of course, include the printing of at least a daily schedule also.
Re: Google Task sync? zenithbrno 7/25/10 8:03 AM
please sync tasks !!!
Re: Google Task sync? crproctor1 7/25/10 10:13 PM

Being able to sync Tasks would be a huge advantage.

Right now, I sync to Yahoo! using the BlackBerry Desktop, but that yields a poor result because Yahoo! severely truncates the description and omits other useful information. It serves as a clue and is better than nothing. Being able to sync to Google Tasks would be great.

Re: Google Task sync? benexclaimed 7/26/10 1:34 PM
Re: Google Task sync? MMSchiff 7/28/10 7:24 PM
I would also like to have a google sync for Tasks and Contacts.  My Droid Incredible does a terrible job of syncing with Outlook, so I use Google to sync with Outlook and then to my phone.  Add Tasks and Contacts and I'm in a perfect world!
Re: Google Task sync? gabe17 7/29/10 7:27 PM
Re: Google Task sync? avklingler 7/29/10 8:26 PM
Okay, anyone looking to replace Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks, & therefore replace Outlook completely, can do so in this manner. Open Google Tasks in your computer, open Outlook Tasks there also & drag each task from Outlook to Google & drop them. Then refresh Google Tasks. You can select them as a group, Google handles that well. You will need to "organize" each task within it's new Google Task, however that's straightforward & easy. You will now have all of your tasks in Google & can bid Outlook goodbye. There is still no sync option, however, if eliminating Outlook is your purpose, this will accomplish it. As Google improves it's Tasks app, you'll gain more functionality. Syncing with Outlook will probably take a while as we know how Outlook doesn't like to play nicely with others.
Re: Google Task sync? avklingler 7/29/10 9:19 PM
An important consideration is the fact that with the new generation of cell phones, people are looking for support in the Cloud. Free support. Google not only leads the way in this area, but is miles ahead of anyone else. Microsoft's Hotmail & Spaces do not nearly accomplish this. The only way is via expensive apps &/or subscriptions. Even Apple's iPhone iCloud app is pricey, although there's rumor that will become a free service in the near future, as it should be. Googles apps are built on Open Office. A tad light on bells & whistles as compared to Microsoft Office, but forever free & constantly improving. Microsoft appears to be planning it's new OS as Cloud-based. A good idea, but once again pricey. Spending is fine for large corporate, but the normal person & small businessman needs to watch expenses, especially in this economy. So it seems to me that moving to Google's cloud & away from Microsoft's hand in your wallet is the smart move. We are, after all, on the verge of change.
Re: Google Task sync? vincentertainment 8/1/10 2:25 PM
Yes, please add this.
Also, the ability to send delegated tasks to other users would be great.
Re: Google Task sync? Andy-Marf 8/3/10 3:02 AM
yep please add outlook support,
I want to sync my Google tasks with my tasks at work,
and they are on outlook!
Re: Google Task sync? MrZ_Ger 8/3/10 8:08 AM
I would find a tool for syncing notes, tasks and contacts very helpful.
Re: Google Task sync? mpanania 8/6/10 6:57 AM
any update on this?
Re: Google Task sync? sheilamsuarez 8/13/10 7:06 AM
This would make my world complete. I access google calendar from any internet location and add tasks for easy access.
I sync eveything into OUtlook when I get home and a task sync would be icing on the cake.
Please google, make this happen.
Re: Google Task sync? RicheeThree 8/13/10 9:40 AM
Personally, I would like to be able to create a task in Mac Mail and have it created in my Google Task list.  Even more cool would be if Apple added a Tasks app to the iOS.  Then, I could create a task on my iPod Touch, and it would be avaialable in Mac Mail when I'm working at home!
Re: Google Task sync? tt1977 8/21/10 10:54 AM
Same here, I would love to be able to sync tasks between google calendar, ical and my motorola droid. Go Google, go! 
Re: Google Task sync? realkasa 8/23/10 3:14 PM
Pls integrate tasks with Google Sync... It's the only thing missing and then the app wuold be finally complete...
Re: Google Task sync? RBernier 9/13/10 6:11 PM
Need to be able to sync tasks through the GBES server.  This would make Google Apps complete for me.
Re: Google Task sync? grahamiao 9/15/10 1:48 AM
So many ppl have the same requirement!

I really expect the synchronization between iCal on Mac and Google Tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? fraser1978 9/15/10 4:48 PM
Yes please :)
Re: Google Task sync? tmv915 9/15/10 9:03 PM
Either support development by releasing the API, or implement task sync with Sunbird/outlook etc... It seems like a company like google could easily implement something so simple like this. I'd also like to see a Week View of just my tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? jg71ga 9/17/10 11:10 AM
Would love to be able to sync Outlook tasks to Google.  Would also love a task widget on my Android phone so I can quickly see upcoming tasks without having to open the browser. 
Re: Google Task sync? consciousnessbliss 9/17/10 5:08 PM
For anyone that wants Google Task sync, please go to the following URL and star the issue:  

Hopefully, Google will notice.  
Re: Google Task sync? ConEd 9/26/10 3:34 AM
We use gSyncit for Outlook / Google sync - It handles Calendars, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks. Great developer... extremely responsive. (

We are still looking for a Google Task to Thunderbird sync solution. Very frustrating that this doesn't seem to exist.
Re: Google Task sync? garf666 9/30/10 9:11 AM
I would so need that (google task sync), that i would not even mind paying couple of bucks to get it from a third party. It's the only missing link.
Re: Google Task sync? 7Bit 10/1/10 1:18 AM
Google, please make Google Tasks available via API for easy sync with Android, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc, etc!
Re: Google Task sync? Artiz 10/4/10 8:24 AM
+1 comment on peut faire un service pour le téléphone mobile qui ne marche pas pour un ordinateur fixe ?
Re: Google Task sync? vewatson 10/4/10 9:59 PM
Another request for task sync. Also, Google tasks need ability to have reminder
Re: Google Task sync? jmatias 10/8/10 10:59 AM
+1  Really need this.
Re: Google Task sync? ma1465 10/10/10 12:56 PM
Yes! Sync tasks, to do's would make everything complete.
Re: Google Task sync? pavel6 10/11/10 4:31 AM
Yes! Yesterday was late :-) I need this to sync my personal and business live :-)

And also sharing of the TASKs with other user as the calendar would be so nice.
Re: Google Task sync? London Lad 10/11/10 4:37 AM
We have all been asking for this for a year and a half now. I rather get the impression that Google aren't going to do it don't you ?
Re: Google Task sync? Jeff T 10/11/10 7:03 PM
+1 Another Vote for Task API and Sync. This is a critical component !!!
Re: Google Task sync? Bzarrx 10/12/10 10:27 AM
+1 Really need this before I switch to Google fully
Re: Google Task sync? Bryan.Brookessmith 10/12/10 12:03 PM
+ 1
Just this and the ability to properly upload the content of .pst files to gmail would complete everything I want to do with my gmail account!
Re: Google Task sync? neonthoughts 10/12/10 5:25 PM
Another +1
This would make my life so much easier.
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 10/13/10 4:21 AM

^Does the job. Price: $9. Yes I made it and yes i'm promoting it. Still I think it might be a good solution for a lot of you guys as long as Google doesn't seem to make a free competitor to my tool ;-)

Somehow I have a feeling that a hundred or thousand more "+1" won't make any difference. My experience with Google support and customer handling is below par. For you guys, I hope it does though.
Re: Google Task sync? alx-sxs 10/17/10 4:44 AM
I appreciate the promotion; I've been googling for a potential solution and Gogtasks indeed does the job. I registered it even though the free version which syncs just one list could suffice for my needs. I hope that other developers will follow suit and provide such 'missing bits' and interfaces between Google services and popular applications. By the way, my quest continues for a similar solution for Linux.

Re: Google Task sync? Dan8859 10/18/10 4:46 AM
And another. Would be incredibly useful. Possibly with Google Apps Sync, and an app for Android phones too. Tasks are just as useful as calendars and contacts for me...
Re: Google Task sync? muesli 10/18/10 5:22 AM
For android this works well for me:
Re: Google Task sync? Adrienne121 10/21/10 11:19 AM
Hey Tasks Users!

Thanks for continuing to let us know which tasks features you'd like us to improve, we really appreciate your feedback. We'd also really appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes and vote on the Tasks ideas in this poll (or add new ones):

We're always working on bettering the experience with our products, so your feedback is very valuable in this process.

I'll be leaving the Poll up until Friday, November 19th. It'll become inactive in the early evening.

Thanks again for your time,

Re: Google Task sync? suavi 10/22/10 1:44 AM
Thank you!

At this time, I am seeing that Google is interested more seriously about tasks. 
While I was voting, I saw an idea. I think he says all things about what should you do in tasks.  

DB, UK  
"Google should buy remember the milk, it is nearly task nirvana but integration with google is left wanting. You should plan around the GTD philosophy with easy and ubiquitous capture being vital." [/quote]
Re: Google Task sync? RoeyG 11/30/10 7:59 AM
Any updates? November 19th was over...
Re: Google Task sync? alassio 11/30/10 11:28 PM
Re: Google Task sync? scottwng 12/1/10 8:41 PM
"remember the milk" is charging fee on similar function, how could it let google make it for free
Re: Google Task sync? PWK 12/2/10 7:10 PM
Here's a solution (at least in the coming months)  I'm using the beta and it's far better than the Google apps.  Exchange 2010 (with seamless task intergration and the web outlook app is awesome, now supporting Firefox, Safari and Chrome), Sharepoint, Office web apps, and Lync. Lync messager is nice because you can IM people who use AOL, Yahoo,Hotmail live, and Google conferencing, etc. It's not much more that Google Apps and you'll get a better product and support (when it comes out to the masses in 2011).  
Maybe Google will bring task to Google Outlook Sync in 2011 if your lucky. 
RIP: Google apps. 
Re: Google Task sync? Boss41 12/9/10 4:47 PM
That's why I am here, to find out if google and outlook can sync tasks. I would pay money for that option.
Re: Google Task sync? muesli 12/10/10 2:24 AM
If you are willing to pay, you can use gsyncit, I use it, I like it.
Re: Google Task sync? marts_57 12/12/10 6:24 PM
My wife, my daughter and I would all like to be able to sync Outlook Tasks with Google's Calendar. The idea being to be able to sync Outlook on multiple computers with each other. We can do that now with Google Calendar Sync but we can't sync tasks which is the major feature.

Re: Google Task sync? hanumanque 12/15/10 11:16 AM
yes, please add this feature
Re: Google Task sync? lacombino 12/23/10 10:26 PM
Hello everybody,

I have just discovered Google Clendar Sync ! Wow it's great ! But not completely since there is no task synchronization :-((

Please Google, add task synchronizations ! :-))
Re: Google Task sync? bradcad 1/6/11 12:09 PM
Yes please add task sync'ing please.
Re: Google Task sync? wantstasks 1/13/11 12:42 AM
Please allow syncing of tasks in ical and iphone cal. Also, please let me assign tasks, share lists, and maybe consider redesigning the tasks web display. The mobile one is ok, although it tends to freeze/not load/reload at awkward times, but the web one is very awkward! Can you also make it so I can assign a task to a date and calendar and have it show up on calendar? 

I use tasks a ton but would love to see it expanded!

Re: Google Task sync? dhigbee 1/14/11 9:48 AM
I still need to be able to sync Google tasks with iPhone 4 and iCal.  Very important, please add.
Re: Google Task sync? Alejandro84 1/19/11 9:16 AM
please add, its a very important feature!!
Re: Google Task sync? cbarrow 1/23/11 1:21 PM
Another vote for Google Task sync. 
Re: Google Task sync? aleclee 1/25/11 11:13 AM
I'll jump on the bandwagon.  I just realized that I can't get tasks to show up on the calendar of any of my iOS devices.

I don't care so much about task sync since I discovered GoTasks but it's frustrating to not have time-sensitive tasks in my calendar app.
Re: Google Task sync? jimjams59 1/27/11 5:50 AM
Re: Google Task sync? Adrienne121 1/31/11 2:21 PM
Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Tasks feature request poll a few months ago! We were overwhelmed by the number of responses we received and are so excited to have everyone involved in the process.

We published a blog post last week with some of our results, I'd recommend checking that out if you have time:

Thanks again for participating and providing your feedback, we're looking forward to an exciting 2011!

Re: Google Task sync? lilange366 2/12/11 8:47 AM
Someone call NCIS! McGee (McHacker) could figure it out! I was pretty sad when I put together a calendar for work, For my boss to have access to our construction schedule in the field. I can redo it as events, but it's not what I was looking for. Going to be a pain.  PLEASE FIX THIS GOOGLE!!!
Re: Google Task sync? theycallmeapu 2/15/11 2:37 PM
Re: Google Task sync? saller.flo 2/20/11 3:32 PM
Yes, please include the Tasks and Notes sync also in the CalendarSync!
I would be good also to have the Contacts synced, though I have already a solution that works for me (GoContactSync Mod works fine, but having everything integrated in one tool that even comes and is maintained by Google would be marvellous!)
Maybe you could even publish your resulting sources by OpenSource? By that the variety of developers and good features would increase!
Re: Google Task sync? patrlord 2/22/11 11:28 PM
Yes please, it's a fundamental feature that would solve my multi-device task syncing problems ...
Re: Google Task sync? philmair 4/5/11 7:46 AM
I'm with Palomnik - Google to Sync Tasks and Notes please !

I was I Palm user for many years - ditch Palm when they went WM! - Now I need Google Sync to do Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks between Outlook and Blackberry ... I would gladly pay !!!!!

Please don't make me go to Microsoft Exchange to get this functionality :-(

Re: Google Task sync? charlesdd 4/5/11 7:14 PM
can't figure out why google would go through the trouble of synchronizing calendar, email, and contacts and leave out tasks.  maybe this is why people switch to apple and more people are becoming mac users.
Re: Google Task sync? askwhy22 4/25/11 8:24 AM
So does this mean there is no way to sync Google Tasks with Outlook Tasks?
Re: Google Task sync? Nilzor 4/26/11 9:15 AM
There's a commercial product that will do the job:
Re: Google Task sync? SuperYeti 5/23/11 12:31 AM
I have built an outlook 2007 addin that does just this.  It works for multiple users on the machine, and also for multiple outlook profiles.  I tried the demo of gogtasks and it was missing this, and kept deleting all my tasks :(.
Re: Google Task sync? apanteleev 5/30/11 12:07 AM
 If you have an Exchange server, with this app you will be able to synchronize your Outlook and Google Tasks:
Re: Google Task sync? camorimjr 6/15/11 1:39 PM
I cant believe google didnt solve it. It should be easy for Google to integrate and good for me. Please, sync tasks!
Re: Google Task sync? garne2t 7/13/11 9:58 PM
Google provide ability to sync tasks to Outlook 2010 and integrate it into Calendar sync please!
Overall rating
Re: Google Task sync? milasch 8/12/11 5:30 AM
Don't let this thread die! Make google tasks useful in a corporate environment by providing this feature!!!
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 8/12/11 7:27 AM
My org hasn't switched because of this. I'd be happy to use a 3rd party tool but I'm looking for an unbiased recommendation. A lot of the tools listed in this thread appear to do a lot more than plugging the task sync hole and I'm concerned about clashes with the Google Apps Outlook Plugin.

Syncing tasks isn't that complex really, the clever bit is getting the todo lists to work. This means all those mail items that you click on for "follow up". In Outlook you can even put reminders on contact items. I use the TODO features far more extensively than a plain old task list.

This means that you can't simply sync tasks with the google task list because it doesn't have the relevant fields. I've been tinkering with an addin that syncs the information to hidden calendars on Google.

To be a feasible replacement for Exchange I need to have ALL data stored in the cloud and I need to be able to do a ground-up rebuild in outlook from that data. Information stored in my PST that is NOT replicated to the cloud is NOT very helpful thanks Google! For a start it's one machine only, so if I drop my laptop in the river it's gone. That's not very cloud.

Does anyone have any experience of a simple (just plugs the gap) 3rd party addin that does this right?
Re: Google Task sync? apanteleev 8/12/11 8:23 AM
@danielsinclair Our app may not sync all the fields that you require but it syncs through your Exchange server and not Outlook (w/ an option of delegating the sync to our cloud if your Exchange provides EWS remote access)  so if you drop the laptop in the river the data is not gone :).
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 8/12/11 8:27 AM
thanks, but we're trying to move away from Exchange server altogether. I want to use Outlook with Google Apps alone, just with something to plug the TODO list shortcomings.
Re: Google Task sync? apanteleev 8/12/11 8:40 AM
 @danielsinclair I see. I take it, you really like the Outlook tasks management panel.
I don't want to overload this thread with self advertisement, so please write to me at alexey at yoxel dot com, for more detailed discussion. But just wonder if it is at all possible you could move to another app for this. Our app picks up your flagged messages, does thread discovery for them and allows you to track the whole conversation (state, owners, due/commitment dates) and attach tasks to it, and more ... (all through IMAP)
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 8/12/11 9:14 AM
Nope. I don't even use the Outlook tasks management panel that much, but I right-click and add reminders to emails all the time.

The whole point of the exercise is to replace Exchange with GA *without* having to learn a new interface. If I was going to do that I'd simply use Google's interface. Google Apps Task Sync would make this transition seamless and incremental without being a brand new UI (if the TODO item stuff worked).
Re: Google Task sync? mczugala 9/7/11 1:23 PM
danielsinclair has pretty much summed up our hesitation to switch to google apps.  While it would be nice to say everyone can stop using outlook cold turkey and switch to google apps is not reality.  End-users need the ability to adjust and move at their own pace and without a full sync of exchange with google I don't see switching possible.  I think Google is losing potential customers (like us) who can instead switch to Office 365 and not miss any functionality.  
Re: Google Task sync? argyrou 10/27/11 4:38 AM
This is my single biggest issue with Android and or Gmail/conctacts/calendar. and its a major one. please fix asap 
Re: Google Task sync? mcnalc 11/23/11 1:15 PM
Re: Google Task sync? mcnalc 11/23/11 1:15 PM
Re: Google Task sync? JustSomeDude 11/29/11 1:41 PM
Re: Google Task sync? cemhurolseker 12/9/11 2:05 PM
+ 1
Re: Google Task sync? JustSomeDude 12/9/11 2:17 PM
I had to give up Gtasks... I signed up for Toodledo, and sync it in Pocket Informant.  Great daytimer/planning and organization.

Gmail just can't handle tasks for productivity.
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 12/9/11 2:38 PM
Welcome all +1s to the I-wanted-to-go-google-but-then-discovered-the-gaping-hole club. This could be resolved any day now (as has been the case for the past year or two).
Re: Google Task sync? fossilet 12/9/11 5:26 PM
I use GTasks app on my Android phone to sync tasks everyday. It works great. I no longer care if Google will add task sync support itself.
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 12/9/11 6:35 PM
Does it sync outlook email reminders (the todo list) or just what appears in the tasks folder? The latter is not a big deal IMHO, but syncing the todo list with the google cloud is what I think is missing in the Outlook support for Google Apps.
Re: Google Task sync? fossilet 12/9/11 7:08 PM
I do not use Outlook so I really do not understand what you mean. But it does sync Google Tasks todo lists and items, descriptions, due date, status, etc. Market page is here: .
Re: Google Task sync? danielsinclair 12/12/11 9:40 AM
Yep, so that's not terribly helpful on a thread that was started in respect of syncing to Outlook ;)
There's no end of 3rd party task sync tools, but it's the completeness of the Outlook support for Google Apps that's missing.
Re: Google Task sync? Nilsen Nettutvikling 12/27/11 6:42 AM
Just want to inform you that I've now released v5.0 of GogTasks which supports synchronizing of the todo-list (flagged emails) in Outlook to Google as tasks.

Go to to check it out.

Note that this is the first version, so it might not be perfect. Feedback from you guys is appreciated and will help improve the software. GogTasks discussion group :
Re: Google Task sync? Nilsen Nettutvikling 12/27/11 6:49 AM
..a clarification: It's the first version with support for flagged-mail-synchronization. It's the fifth version of GogTasks, of course :)
Also, I've written a short intro on how GogTasks treats these special "tasks" (mails): . Please read this and other intro documents at for a better understanding on how GogTasks works and why.
Re: Google Task sync? Claudio Abraham 1/4/12 5:33 PM
This feature must be TOP-PRIORITY!

I have a huge list of tasks from my Outlook 2007 to be exported to Google Tasks.

I changed from Symbian (Nokia, perfect syncing with outlook) to Android 2.2 (just only syncs Calendar from outlook).
I have managed to export manually my contacts to Google Contacts, but i really need sync with Tasks!
At least a tool to import/export tasks to Google Tasks!

I can't understand why Google is delaying such an important feature for Android...

Hoping to hear news soon...

Re: Google Task sync? baxcanna 1/5/12 10:53 PM
Lol. Great to see that it's 2012 and not a thing has been done about it.
Re: Google Task sync? edwardjoonkim 1/23/12 8:25 PM
It's been a full year since the blog post about updating tasks.  I use Outlook tasks everyday for work, and would love the ability to sync it to my android phone.  Please help!
Re: Google Task sync? Sharif Shajib Ahammed 1/29/12 6:42 AM
Badly need this features along with an iPhone App for the Tasks.
Re: Google Task sync? Dr_DelProg 2/18/12 12:14 PM
This free add-on, probably, helps you. But I can't start it correctly... May be you can :) (MyAsk Google Task Outlook Plugin)
It's have to start automaticly when outlook starts, and asks you for your Google account - but i have only new item in Plug-ins, "Not active" group at Outlook settings.
Re: Google Task sync? psychodeath 2/29/12 5:01 AM
I also installed it, and in fact it doesn't require any interaction other than authorizing the google account - however it seems to do only a unidirectional sync: the tasks from Google appear in Outlook, but not the other way around...

Any one else tried it?

Re: Google Task sync? garne2t 3/8/12 11:39 AM
Definitely need task sync with Outlook too!
(unknown) 4/29/12 3:02 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Task sync? namornik 4/29/12 3:04 PM
really need a proper iphone app OR a way to sync to iOS

Re: Google Task sync? Dr_DelProg 5/6/12 12:14 PM
Now I'm using app called Local Sync:
- the best I have found. Synchronises tasks, calendar, contacts. I'll recommended you to turn off your native sync program for preserve contact doubling.
Re: Google Task sync? d4n 60 5/22/12 8:50 PM
Why would Google and Android partnership create such a missing part? Everyone knows android has its own tasks app, but it won't get synced with Google calendar. Weird.
Re: Google Task sync? Jen M.. 9/26/12 7:05 PM
I, too, would LOVE to see Google Tasks synchronize with my android phone's tasks within the calendar.  I'm surprised that the Contacts and Events sync so nicely, but the Tasks are left hanging.  I really want to be able to enter tasks and see them integrated with my calendar.  When will this be available!?!  It seems like it should be fairly straightforward... please move it up on the priority list, Google!
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