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Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates??

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Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? j.dryden 8/30/09 9:47 AM
How can I make all my calendars act like my primary calendar in iCal? That is, make them stay under my header (called JDRYDEN>ME) and not appear under "DELEGATES". This is really pissing me off for some reason. If this issue isn't fixed I'm considering going with Yahoo! or sticking with MobileMe (I've just signed up for a free trial and I'm enjoying it already! No Delegates!

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? katbend 8/30/09 10:48 AM
Um, yes, I think I agree with James.
And somebody please just make the iCal to Google G1 phone easier! Jebus! :)
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? conalho 9/15/09 11:01 AM
Ditto! I'd like what James is asking. In addition, why does my secondary calendar appear twice under delegates?

For example:
My "main" calendar is called "MA". Then my other calendar is called "MD". When I turn on delegates to access "MD", "MD" shows up twice in iCal's sidebar.

As far as I'm concerned, all these calendars are my main calendars. I don't consider one secondary to the other.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Simone Nobile 9/22/09 7:30 PM
Same here. I have 3 custom calendars, and they all show up in the "Delegates" tab under three different 'groups' of calendar.

It's annoying, and it's preventing me from actually use Google Sync.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Whitechino 9/23/09 10:25 AM
Hey Guys, I came across this post which is really helpful, I was able to set up my ical so all of my google calendars show up. It even works on my iphone!! So here you go!!

Basically, this is what you need to do to make sure your calendars show up on iCal:

1. Open iCal, go to Preference, then to Account, finally to Delegation. Unmark all of your delegates.
2. Open the app TexEdit and copy and paste this account url on your TextEdit worksheet:
3. Now log into your google calendar. Once you are logged in, go to "My Calendar" on the left hand side and click on "settings"
4. You then will see all the calendars on displayed. Choose one of the delegates which will take you to Calendar Details tab.
5. Scroll down to Calendar Address and fine the "Calendar ID" on the right hand side. Copy the Calendar ID.
6. Go back to TextEdit and replace part of the account URL, so it goes from  to ID/user (mind you that Calendar ID has a "" suffix, so an example of the final account url may look like
7. Copy the altered account URL
8. Go back to iCal, Preference, then Account.
9. Add a new account, if you are using 10.6, under Account Type, select Caldav, and Paste the altered account URL in the Server Address box. If you are using 10.5, once you click Add an account, expand the Server Options, and Paste in the altered account URL in the Account URL box.
10. Finally enter your google username and password. Click Add.
11. You're done for one of your delegate accounts. Repeat the process till all of your accounts are added in this way. You will see all your calendars showing up under the Account panel in your iCal preference. Then you're done.

Okay, hopefully this is clear enough. Good luck everyone. It works almost the same way for your iphone or iPod Touch. If you can't figure it out, let me know!

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? sliinkee 9/23/09 11:10 PM
Your detailed instructions work great in regards to syncing what used to be a delegate and turning it into a primary calender in iCal. Now when I make changes within iCal or google calender both of my calenders sync up automatically. However, the first primary calender that I created, is automatically synced with my iphone. But when I create the next primary calender with your instruction my iphone doesn't recognize it. I am having trouble syncing up the next primary calender with my iphone. Is anyone else having a problem with this? How can I get all my calenders to sync with iCal, iPhone and google calenders?
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? dmcinnc 9/26/09 7:26 AM
Whitechino - thanks for the instructions.  I was able to synch 1 of my delegate calendars to my iphone, but now I don't understand how to sych the other two I have on my Google Calendars (to either my iphone or iCal on my laptop).  All other calendars have disappeared under 'delegates' in iCal.

Additionally, this error showed up:
Calendar could not be found.
(note that I put MYGROUPCALENDARID in place of the real group calendar ID I pasted into the address --- I did check, and what I pasted is consistent with your instructions)

I only half understand what I'm doing here (okay, half is being generous), so apologies ahead of time if I've missed something obvious.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Cymro29 9/26/09 12:25 PM
Dear Whitechino,  Thanks very much for this very helpful post - it really did the trick to the extent that now my desired Google Calendar syncs to my iCal on my Mac and vice versa.  Perfect.  However, like other people above I find that the Google Calendar entries so synced do not sync over the air to my iPhone like my other calendars do.  These were created directly in iCal, and I subscribe to MobileMe.  

I can sync the Google Calendar entries when I plug my iPhone to my iMac (taking care the uncheck the other calendars in Sync Settings in iTunes to avoid duplication of entries in other calendars).  This is fine as a workaround, but it would be nice to get the Google Calendar in iCal to sync over the air like all my other calendars.  

Does anyone have any idea of how to do this?  Like dmcinnc, I only half understand what I am doing!

Thanks again, 

Cymro 29
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Bravado 9/26/09 7:19 PM
I can only mildly complain about the look of iCal after Whitechino's little fix. At least its better than a crazy Delegates tab, thanks!
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Javiaven 9/27/09 4:59 AM
Yeah, cool workaround, but it's still a workaround. As I MAINLY use my calendars on my iPhone while working in the hospital, it's actually quite useless, though... I need to be able to keep my different calendars (surgeries, patient visits, research...) up to date on my iPhone. As it stands now, I cannot update or enter anything new in those calendars from my iPhone now, which is where I really want to do it, since it is the device I have on me all the time while I see my patients. Anyone knows if Google or Apple are planning on fixing this issue?
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Cymro29 9/27/09 12:20 PM
Dear Whitechino et al,

Thanks again for this really helpful post.  I am still having some problems.

I followed your instructions to the letter, in particular:
-  Instruction 6:  I pasted in just the string of characters for the calendar from "server path" in "Accounts" under iCal Preferences, i.e. not the "" bit in the box above (I hope this was the right thing to do);
-  Instruction 7:  I typed in my Google email address;
-  Instruction 10:  everything was in the boxes as instructed, but when I clicked "Next" I got a message saying "Cannot connect using SSL.  Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?"  and when I click "continue" it says "CalDAV account verification failed".

Am I missing something obvious?  
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Whitechino 9/27/09 6:39 PM
Dear friends,

Thanks for your posts! I am so glad my post has helped somewhat. I spent a few hours working this out.

As regards to syncing your iphone with Google calendar and iCal here it is!!

You've probably learned from Google on setting up an Exchanged account on your iPhone or iTouch, but this will only solve half of the problem. Just in case you don't know how to set up an Exchange account, this is what you need to do (And please make sure you have set up your primary google calendar account through Exchange first; it's so cool if you have iPhone 3.0):

Remember, you've only set up your primary calendars, your so called delegates or secondary calendars will not show up on your iphone yet. So you need to set up additional accounts on your iPhone through CalDAV, so:

first thing first, you are going to need your altered account URL on your iPhone. But the URL is really long, and I don't want to risk typing in the wrong URL, so this is what I did: (for those who don't know how to create your altered account URL please refer to my earlier post above)

1.Go to iCal's preference menu then click on one of your secondary calendars you've set up. click on Server Settings, then Copy the "altered account URL" in the Server Path box.
2.Paste the altered account URL in an email message and send it to yourself
3.Then go to your mailbox in your iPhone and find the email you just sent yourself. 
4.Then Copy the altered account URL on your iPhone, exit Mail by pressing the home button and proceed to the following: (and please learn how to copy and paste on your iphone, it will save you lots of time!)

setting up additional calendar accounts through CalDAV:

1.Tap settings on your iphone
2.Tap mail, Contacts, Calendars
3.Under accounts, tap add account
4.Tap other
5.Under Calendars tap add CalDAV account
6.Under Server, type in
7.Type in your google account name
8.Type in your google account password
9.Type in a name of your choice for your secondary calendar in the description box.
10.Tap next. your iPhone will then verify the account info. It might say "Cannot connect using SSL". then tap Continue.
11.You will now see at Advanced Settings at the bottom. Tap advanced settings.
12.Change  Use SSL to On
13.In the Account URL box, paste in the altered account URL you've just copied.

And you just set up another one of your calendars which will now show up on your iPhone and sync with Google. Repeat this process for all other secondary calendars.

The great thing is, I don't even need to sync my iPhone calendar through iTunes now, because I can add or edit an event on my iPhone, iCa, or Google Calendar, and all three places will sync up at once provided that you have internet access. I currently have 1 primary calendar, and 2 secondary calendars. And all three calendar sync up in all three locations just fine. Good Luck to you all!

the Whitechino (I am a musician, come hear my stuff :-)
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Whitechino 9/27/09 6:43 PM

Thanks for bringing up your problem. I indeed have posted some incorrect information. I apologize for that. I just reposted the correct instruction (correction made at step 6 and on). It should work now. Sorry for putting you through the wrong steps! 

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? ΓΜ ND 9/30/09 7:15 PM
I also came across the same solution Whitechino posted above (I found it on

Yes, it cleans up the mess of the 'double-listings' under the Delegates heading (aka secondary Google Calendars) in the source pane, but it still creates separate headings for each additional calendar, so in effect still looks ugly because the source pane becomes cluttered... just not as ugly.

Short of using a third-party app like Spanning Sync or BusySync (which seem to do the job very well), it seems there is no free way of getting all your Google Calendars under one heading in the source pane... at least not at the moment.  In my opinion, the Delegates heading should be reserved for one's 'Other Calendars' in Google Calendar and not include the additional calendars (i.e. non-primary) that appear under 'My Calendars' (i.e. viewable/modifiable) in Google Calendar.  I figure this is Google's bug to fix since it's Google's CalDAV system that's making the extra/additional 'My Calendars' show up under 'Delegates' in iCal, versus all under one heading like everyone wants.  I hope this gets fixed.

I was still using Tiger a week ago with subscribed Google calendars... so I only had it syncing one way but it didn't look messy like it does now.

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? scott.siler 10/1/09 10:28 AM
to Whitechno

I have followed your instructions, but the delegate calendars in my google calendar are listed with the address group.v.calendar, not group.calendar.  while the delegates do show up in on the left of ical, their data does not show up in the ical calendar proper.  does this have something to do with the different address format?  I have tried using busysync as well and cannot properly subscribe to the delegate address.  any help would be appreciated
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Cymro29 10/3/09 1:21 PM
Dear Whitechino,

Belated thanks for your updated post with the correction.  Everything seems to work fine for me now.  It is really helpful having my Google Calendar, iCal on my iMac and my iPhone all sync together.  This happens whether I make the entry (or delete an entry) in any of these three calendars.  It also works when other people, with whom I share my Google Caldendar, make entries.  Just what I needed.  Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing these tips.

Best wishes,

Cymro 29
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Jazz Khan 10/7/09 3:11 PM
Set up on one the secondary calenders as mentioned by Whitechino then use the link to activate the others
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? tnfisk 10/9/09 2:54 PM
I have tried this multiple times without success, retracing my steps searching for any of my errors.  I can't find what I'm doing wrong.  The sync works perfect on all of my calenders between Google Calendar and iCal.  I can also view all of my events on my iphone as well.  However, when I tried setting up the CalDAV as WhiteChino suggests it only works for my primary google calender and not the delegates.  When I tried setting up secondary calender it sets up, but when I go into the calender app on the iphone and post a new event to the secondary calender it shows up only on the primary calender.  I have SEVERAL secondary calenders can someone please help me out?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Hashem 10/18/09 11:35 PM
You can sync multiple calendars on the iphone using Exchange. All you need to do is open Safari, go to, click the more tab on the top of the page, click the even more option. find the sync icon and tap it. you may need to sign in. once you sign in it will show you a list of devices. click on the name that corresponds to the device you're using. It'll give you a list of calendars you can sync. once you check them and save, the calendar app should automatically start syncing them. this works much better than individually adding all the calendars, and i believe google added support for up to 25 from the original 5 calendar limit.

I just recently purchased a macbook pro and have been looking for a solution to the 'delegation' tab. I believe i have tried syncing google calendars on a mac before and it worked seamlessly. Im wondering if this is an issue with snow leopard. Google's automated method of adding calendars using a program called calaboration was pulled from the website.

Any thoughts?
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Badawiq 2/13/10 2:45 PM
To Whitechino,

Thanks for the trick, i almost thought this can't be solved with getting some $ out of the pocket.

thanks alot
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? kidbrax 3/2/10 7:35 PM
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? ncburkes 3/4/10 1:51 PM
This has all been very helpful, and I now have wireless sync working on my iPod Touch via Exchange/CalDAV to my google calendar and iCal.

However, I do have one issue remaining:  When I view iPod calendar, I see duplicate entries for all calendar events.  I assume this is due to existing wired iTunes calendar sync in addition to new wireless CalDAV sync.  I have disabled iTunes calendar sync, but still have the

Any suggestions for removing or hiding the existing duplicate calendars/entries on my iPod Touch w/o disrupting the CalDAV sync to gooCal and iCal?

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? ncburkes 3/5/10 9:15 AM
OK, I did a bit more searching, and found a great article describing the precise situation I am experiencing with duplicate calendar entries on my iPod Touch, along with a clear explanation and a solution.

In an nutshell, wireless and wired (iTunes) syncing of calendars is resulting in duplication of calendars.  This can be corrected by creating a new calendar in iCal with nothing in it (name it 'Empty Calendar' or something similarly descriptive).  Then go into iTunes and select calendar syncing to the selected calendar 'Empty Calendar' only.  Sync.  Done.  No more double entries. 
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? k_the_s 3/24/10 7:01 AM
iPhone users, the following method works very well for me. I do not sync calendars through iTunes, everything is on google, and iCal on my mac and the calendar on the iPhone sync with google and not each other.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? boomerhead 3/30/10 10:57 PM
k_the_s:  Thanks for pointing out that support article...hadn't seen that before so must be a recent addition? Hopefully we can get something like that for CalDAV sync with iCal soon. Not complaining too hard since this is all free...but it would be nice!
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? pagaille 5/26/10 5:18 AM
After having musing one hour or two around to find the right answer, I found the easiest and most beautiful solution as the following :

1. follow google's instructions to setup your main account using Exchange (heck !) protocol.
2. ON YOUR IPHONE, launch Safari and go to - don't forget to choose ENGLISH (US) language, it doesn't work in other languages (at least french doesn't work)
3. Authenticate and the select the delegates you want to add to your iphone's calendar.
4. Keep in mind that the calendar's color will be choosed automatically in the following order : red, orange, blue, green, purple. Add them one at a time if you want to choose the color order.

Have fun

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Solenoid 6/10/10 8:40 AM
That was hard, but so worth it. Now my iPhone, iCal and Google Calendar are all in sync (multiple calendars) and work both ways (have to pass trough Google though). This also makes it possible to expand it later to other computers/phones.

Now in case I lose both my iPhone and MacBook I know I have all my stuff at Google's.

For some reason iTunes won't sync calendars over USB anymore, but they're synced over the air so that's not a problem. I can see a problem if it did sync over USB: let's say I make a new event in my iPhone, it will be synced to my GCal and iCal before I connect my iPhone to my computer, now once I connect the iPhone (if iTunes did sync calendars) iTunes would see a different timestamp in iCal and on my iPhone (not sure here), which would make it update the entry in the iPhone (since the entry in iCal was made after - downloaded later - the one in my iPhone). That would lead to an infinite loop, but a very slow one and since it doesn't work... well, that's good!

Also the same thing for data: check out Dropbox:
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Solenoid 6/10/10 11:23 AM
I wrote longer, more descriptive, instructions for iPhone/iCal/Google calendar syncing:
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? hellohaley 6/10/10 3:34 PM
I need help!

I followed your instructions to the letter.
After I de-selected all of my delegates through the iCal>Preferences>Accounts>Delegates panel,
I tried creating a new account. After entering my gmail account information and pasting the Calendar ID as instructed,
I was given an error message. Here is a screen shot:
<img src="">

Here is a screen shot of what my millions of delegates looked like (before they were all de-selected)
<img src="">

Basically I want my iCal and google calendar to be exactly the same, but I am unsure what will work or how I can do this. At this point, I'm ready to just completely erase one and import it totally into the other, but I am still stuck on this.

I could really use the help, as I use these calendars to keep track of my freelance work schedule with different clients, but having to check between these two calendars (and my black berry calendar) is getting way too confusing! I would really appreciate if you could either email me directly or find some way to help me get this figured out step by step, if you have the time.

I really really appreciate all the help. Thank you so much.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Rosemarie.Hobbs 7/3/10 9:51 AM
Does anyone know how to combine the calendars of multiple delegates? For example, I want to see my daughter's calendars (which I have access to see, but not write to) but through her account she has a calendar for school, work, sports, etc. Each of these shows up as a different calendar under a distinct delegate in ical so I have

Is it possible to do something like

So I can turn on and off all the subcalendars at once?
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? rr2box42 8/26/10 10:32 AM
Thanks Whitechino. Instructions appear to work perfectly to add my four different google calendars to ical, each as its own calendar and not just a delegate.

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? coolpeopledave 9/2/10 3:44 AM
To all, I just right clicked on a calendar in delegates and clicked again on delete.
Is that to simple?
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Jef Leys 9/28/10 10:27 AM
How to get secundary google agenda's on your Iphone is easy!!!

You must already have set up your google account.
Sync the google (primary) agenda with your Iphone using calDAV.

Go to your google account.  Make sure you're logged on.

You can select the agendas you want on your iphone.

They will automatically load on your phone.

That's it.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? shelbing 9/29/10 12:11 PM
Both iCal and Google Calendar have changed since this post was made. I can't get past where you are supposed to choose "delegate" in the google calendar settings. Has anyone set this up more recently? I am on Snow Leopard.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? thetheaterimp 10/19/10 8:07 PM

Here you go!

By default only your primary calendar will be synced to your device. You can sync additional calendars by visiting the following page from any web browser:

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Scott Stephens 65 12/31/10 11:14 AM
WHITECHINO.......You're a Genius!!!   Thanks so much.  ALL of your instructions solved my problems.  It's people like you that make the internet work as a useful resource.  Thanks again.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? 4Geist 1/28/11 5:39 PM
Go to ical do all the steps mentioned above by users, stand on your head, jump on a unicycle and juggling 5 chainsaws while balancing a teacup on a pencil thats on the tip of your nose, BLIND FOLDED! BAM! now you can sync ical with google cal. Easy fix! Come on guys it's not rocket science...
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? jordyspruijt 2/1/11 3:39 PM
Syncing iCal/Google Cal/iPod works, no problem. Tnx for descriptions above!
But there's no answer above about getting rid of the 'delegates' and grouped Calendars.
This looks so messed up in my iCal...plz
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? localhost8080 2/15/11 10:14 AM
I wrote about this at my site:

"This post will tell you what a delegate is, how to get rid of it if you need to, and how to get your ical and iphone to be properly in sync with multiple top level calendars"
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? pcorbs 3/7/11 10:53 PM
So, i have fixed the delegate problem, however, I have a blackberry and I'm trying to synch that to my new macbook pro ical and google cal. Got lots of repeats and can't seem to get the new delegate calendar on my phone as a choice.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? khuuuu 5/11/11 2:21 AM
Thanks a lot!!! this is working good. 
Finally, under iCal preferences > Accounts > Accounts Information you can change "Description" to the desired calendar name and that looks better on the left iCal panel.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? dreamer077 6/7/11 10:33 AM
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Marcionunesrj 6/15/11 9:50 PM
Thanks Whitechino. It's just perfect!!!

Only one tip, when I tried to configure the secondary calendar on the iPhone using your instructions it did not work at first (running iOS 4.3.2). When I coppied the iCal server path as you suggest it did not include the "" before the "/calendar/dav/...". So the right URL on the iPhone must look something like this:

as you specified on your first instruction for the iCal. And for you people that will try this, don;t forget that the "lbuhjrlgkfoi1oqs56710vkn8zh"  part of the URL changes for each user.


Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? ithomson87 7/20/11 12:43 PM
I've been trying to figure this out for like 4 months...FINALLY
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? DMHagwood 7/31/11 12:10 AM
@Whitechino Good post!  It works great!
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? carlocas 10/1/11 12:42 AM
When will Google fix this &@!@§ calendar ical integration !

Its been years now !

Yahoo's CALDAV calendars work perfectly...

Is it so hard to have all the users calendars appear under one label in iCal and not JUST the main one ? It does not make any sense to have a users secondary calendars show as delegates...

They managed to make it work when you use exchange on an iPhone or iPad... can't they spare half an engineer's time to fix this ???

Maybe if we collectively start screaming our despair they will start doing something...
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? deperefriar 10/11/11 1:12 PM
After many attempts at fixing a problem with google calendar and Ical, I found a the solution.  I was having trouble with importing other calendars (like I had with my google calendar) when I began using ical.  The additional calendars would block me from making any updates to my own ical calendar...very frustrating.  What I finally did was to import my google calendar as an "account".  Then all those calendars that I wanted to reference I added as a "subscription".  This immediately allowed me to view all the calendars at one time and STILL be able to update my own calendar.  Hope this helps someone out there.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Minh Marie 10/12/11 9:12 PM
What Whitechino says works in some cases but not all.

It didn't work in my case, but I figured out the problem and I have some fix-its.

Most things worked according to what Whitechino said except for where he/she got the calendar ID to paste into the Server Address.

I wasn't able to use the Calendar ID found in my google calendar settings--I don't know why it didn't work but I'm guessing that it was because it said that particular Calendar ID would only work for calendars set to public view. As my calendars are private, it was a no go. And the ical link for the private calendar was not in the right format.

What I ended up doing was going into iCal and rightclicking on the delegate calendar, then clicking Get Info. In there I found the appropriate calendar ID to paste into the Server Address, embedded in

Besides this one problem, everything else worked the same way.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? rufulo 11/18/11 7:21 AM
Some of you are asking how to view delegate calendars on your iPhone. There's an easier way: all you have to do is go to, log in to your account, and select the delegate calendars you want to see in your iPhone's calendar.

I used BusySync for years which got rid of that stupid nested delegate structure. However, I recently switches to BusyCal because I still have a PPC G5 w/OS10.5 (still runs great!), and Apple 'broke' sync services for iCal on non-Intel machines. BusyCal made my Mac feel new again.
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Pasq 12/5/11 5:47 AM
Rufulo - I did that and it still won't show up on my iPhone. I deleted the account and re-added it. Any additional suggestions?

Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? RyanRayLA 1/7/12 12:29 PM
I don't have a free solution but there's a great program called "BusySync" that will take care of all your Google calendar/iCal sync problems. It retrieves your Google calendar information and stores it in a local folder so it appears to be on of the calendars in the "On My Mac" folder. This should solve Outlook syncing problems too. It's $39.99 but you can try it free for 30 days.. works great for me and the sync is very fast.


(unknown) 7/1/12 11:38 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Zbz14 10/15/12 4:23 PM
Re: Google Calendar sync with iCal - Delegates?? Marc Dewalle 11/20/12 7:09 PM
Hey Whitechino,

Thanks so much for figuring this out and posting it.  Three years later it helped me fix my iCal sync to my Blackberry!  Your instructions were very detailed.  I am amazed though that in 2012 there are still so many user steps required to sync a Google calendar to a smartphone.  Thanks!

- marc
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