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sync with outlook without administrator privilege

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sync with outlook without administrator privilege brianvogt 5/26/11 7:22 AM
Operating system (e.g. WinXP): WinXP
Program and version you use to access Google Calendar (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or Outlook 2003):  Outlook 2010 and Firefox
Any Sync software you're using or have used (e.g. Google Calendar Sync): Google calendar sync

I've been combing the forums for a solution to my problem of syncing my work outlook calendar with Google calendar.  Like many other people, my employer doesn't allow me to install programs on my computer.  I'm looking for a work around. 

Based on instructions from others that have this problem, I've been able to install google calendar sync in a non "program file" folder.  The problem is that every time I try to sync, I get error 1008 which indicates that the google calendar sync add-in for MS Outlook could not be initialized. 

So, I'm stuck at this point.  I checked the outlook add-ins and there's no google calendar sync add-in, in there.  Is there some way to manually go in and install the add-in?  If so, where I can get the actual add-in file from? 

If there is no way to do this, has anyone found another adequate work around.  I've scoured the web for an alternative google calendar sync program that can operate without admin privileges on the desktop machine but haven't been able to find one. 

Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege GVaz151 6/19/11 4:16 AM
I would like to know precisely the same... Anybody knows a work around?
Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege apezam 6/27/11 12:48 PM
How did you manage to install into non Program Files directory? Please share instructions.
Thank you in advance.
Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege brianvogt 6/30/11 3:34 AM
When I did the install, the installer program gave me the option of installing it in a different location.  The default was the program files directory, but it allowed me to change the directory. 
Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege YLANG 7/7/11 7:35 AM
Same problem with me:  I installed the google calendar sync tool in a non "program files" folder. It starts, and I can see the options page. But when I click on "sync", it complains and says that "You seem to have outdated time zone information. Please run Microsoft Windows Update or manually restore missing time zone definitions".
Note: my admin is rather paranoiac, and I can actually not even adjust time/date (I can not double click the clock in the systray), and I think this is where my issue is.
My actualy objective is to be able to automatically sync my calendar with my mobile phone, but - as I don't have any privileges on my work PC - I thought syncing with google (and then optionally with my private PC was the best option.
I have tried to install a lot of different apps, but they all require privilieges.
Please if someone has the same issue as me (that is, need to synchronise with a mobile phone a calendar from a PC with no admin rights) tell me what to do.
NB: I am ready to change my mobile, but currently have a Nokia E66
Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege Chuck Wagon 8/12/11 12:49 PM
The google calendar sync requires that a dll be registered in order to run. In order to register a dll, you need elevated rights on a machine. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Unless someone re-writes the application, elevated rights are reuqired to install the google calandar sync.
Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege sc12345 6/11/12 2:37 AM
The older version of Google Sync (0.9.4) allows an install without Admin rights.  I just installed it on my locked-down work computer after not being able to install the newest version.

Here's a link to the page where you can download it.

Re: sync with outlook without administrator privilege sc12345 11/7/12 1:30 PM
Not sure.  I've got windows XP on a work computer & it worked fine for me.