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import calendar from windows live mail

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import calendar from windows live mail Cyndy Stanford 3/13/09 3:03 PM
How do I import into Gmail calendar all my entries in my Windows Live hotmail account calendar?
Re: import calendar from windows live mail tpuiatti 3/13/09 5:43 PM
Windows Live Calendar doesn't seem to have a simple export ics file option. Nonetheless you can still get the data across by temporarily using the ICS feed it's just a little more long winded. I suggest the following steps:-

1. In Windows Live calendar select "Share" and select your calendar then mark "Share this calendar" and tick "Make your calendar public" (temporarily)
2. You will see option to get the ICS link that says "ICS:Import into another calendar application" - click that and copy the feed URL that begins "webcal://cid-...."
3. In Google Calendar click "Add by URL" from the "Add" on the left hand side, paste in the URL you copied in step 3 and make sure you tick "Make the calendar publicly accessible?" You now have now have the calendar fed into Gcal but not yet imported.
4. Go into the fed Calendar's settings under Settings>Calendars (click on calendar name) and click on the green ICAL button and open the link in your browser and copy all the all the ics code/text you see and paste into a text editor like notepad and save as an ics e.g. mycal.ics
5. Go to Import Calendars in Gcal (Settings>Calendars>Import Calendars) and import the new file you just made to your preferred calendar most likely your primary and all being well your import is complete.
6. Unsubscribe the fed calendar in Gcal and return to Windows Live and uncheck your calendar as Public to complete the process.

Tried to cut out steps 3 and 4 but I can't directly open the webcal feed in the browser. This should be fine - let me know if you have any trouble.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail matt.stjacques 4/9/09 12:59 PM
I have a similar problem.  I was subscribing to two windows live calendars in google, and suddenly one of them stopped updating.  I removed it and when I try to subscribe to it again everything loads for a few seconds until it says "we could not parse the calendar at the url requested" and it's gone.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail DickQ 11/16/09 7:04 AM
Can I export my Google calendar to Windows Live Mail ? Need advice....thanks.

Dick Quinn
Re: import calendar from windows live mail matt.stjacques 11/16/09 7:57 AM
Yes, you should be able to I believe.  I successfully imported my Google calendar a while back when I was fooling around with it.  Go into the settings on your google calendar and click the "Calendars" tab.  Then click the calendar it is that you want to import.  The next screen should say "Your calendar name details".  At the bottom there is a box for your Calendar Address and Private Address.  In each box, there are three buttons for XML, ICAL, and HTML.  They are orange, green, and blue respectively.  You want to click the green ICAL button under "Calendar Address".  Copy the link that pops up. 

Next, go into your Windows Live Calendar and click on Subscribe.  There are two options you can have clicked; make sure you choose "Subscribe to a public calendar".  Then paste the Google ICAL link into the "Calendar URL" box.  Give your imported Google calendar a display name for Windows live, pick a color, and you're on your way!  Hope that helps!
Re: import calendar from windows live mail schnoodle 3/12/10 11:35 AM
Thanks for these steps, they helped!
Re: import calendar from windows live mail RhubarbK 6/25/10 11:15 AM
I had to do a bit of searching to find out how to access the Live settings to do this. They are only available if you open your Live mail account on the internet, rather than using the reader. Once I found the settings, the rest was a matter of following the steps. In XP, I saved the calendar to my desktop. Although it showed in the browse window as an "all files" type, it was actually an ICS file and imported to Gmail with no problem.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail robbriskman 11/13/10 8:13 PM
Got the ICS and handled the import no problem......thanks...that was very nice. However I do have a question with steps 4 and 5. I am trying to sync several calenders for my three companies onto my google to get a complete snapshot of my day to day but I must schedule the separate companies on their own calender to keep my associates sane. Is this possible without an outlook account and following your advice did I jsut complete that snyc or will I have to go through this process every day to stay up to date?

Thanks again.

Re: import calendar from windows live mail johncscott 2/19/11 12:02 PM
this looks brilliant and exactly what I need - except now when I click the ICAL button on step 4 I get a message saying

WARNING: Public access to this calendar has not been enabled. You should change your sharing settings before sharing this address with other users.

I've looked for what this could mean but I can't work it out
If I click the link provided I get a message that says

"Feed processing error" from Google Calendar

any ideas what I need to change to make that work?

Re: import calendar from windows live mail mishmash75 6/12/11 2:26 PM
Note that following the procedure in the "Best answer", you make your calendar permanently public, and cannot make it private again.

It will be indexed by Google and can, in principle, be seen by anyone. So make sure you don't have anything on it you that you want to keep private.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail arjunsatyapal 11/30/11 10:20 AM
If you have a a public Windows live calendar say webcal://<foo>/bar.ics, then you can modify it to http://<foo>/bar.ics, and then use Google's add calendar by URL function to add these to your calendar.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail yellowdance2 5/2/12 9:36 AM
I couldn't get past step 4. When I clicked the ICAL button, either the file was saved as HTML (not in iCal format), or the browser would open the .ics file and display a "feed error".

arjunsatyapal suggested that in the webcal address replace, "webcal" with "http". But if you use "Add to URL" you are still subscribing to the calendar, not adding the events to your Google calendar. So, instead I clicked Import calendar and pasted the URL, using http instead of webcal. Gcal saved the .ics to my local drive and then immediately imported the events into my calendar. I could tell they were imported because the event colors matched one of my Google calendars and when I clicked on an event, I could edit it.

To import Windows Live calendar events into Google calendar:

1. In Windows Live, click on the Calendar link, then click on the specific calendar you want to import into Gcal.
2. Click Edit Sharing.
3. Click Make your calendar public and Get your calendar links. Click OK when prompted.
4. Click Import into another calendar application and copy the URL.
5. In Gcal, from the Other calendars menu, select Import calendar.
6. In the File box, paste the URL of the calendar. Replace the "webcal" or "webcals" portion with "http". (http://cid...calendar.ics).
7. In Windows Live, open the calendar and uncheck Make your calendar public.
Note: When importing one of my Windows Live calendars, I got an error message that I didn't have the necessary permissions on the server. Yet, most of the events were imported; not all my reoccurring events were imported. I tried importing again to a different Gcal and saw no issues.
Re: import calendar from windows live mail Poyraz Özer 5/28/12 5:51 AM
I did all the steps but when i pasted the .ics link from the windosw calendar and clicked OK it's says, sorry it's not suitable for this. It's not adding it to the google calendar.