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Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google

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Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Frank1021 8/8/09 3:11 PM
I am brand new this afternoon to Google Calendar. A friend of mine told me I should be able to import my existing detailed calendar into Google but it appears that Outlook, Yahoo and Apple are supported. Is there any way someone can help me?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Odurih 8/13/09 11:00 AM
The way to import your Palm Desktop into Google Calendar is in 3 steps.  First move it from Palm Desktop into Yahoo! Calendar, export that to Outlook (you don’t actually need to have Outlook, but you will create a CSV file that Outlook could read), and then import that CSV file into Google.  The first two steps are described at and the last two at  Here’s how to do it:

1)  From Palm Desktop to Yahoo! Calendar:
Open your Yahoo account, choose the Calendar tab, and then under Options (near the top on the right) choose Import/Export (middle of Management).

At the “Import from Palm Desktop” option you’ll see a link on the right that you might need if you don’t have an appropriate .dba file to import (“    How do I create a Date Book Archive to import into Yahoo! Calendar?”—basically you just go to File/Export in your Palm Desktop and save your desktop calendar somewhere convenient, such as on your computer desktop.)

2)  From Yahoo! Calendar to Outlook:
On the same page you used to Import your Date Book Archive (.dba) file, you instead choose to Export to outlook and save the Yahoo.csv file to a convenient location (e.g. computer desktop). For this step Google recommends the following: When your calendar contains more than one year's worth of data, manually divide the file into multiple, one-year segments and import them separately; otherwise, you may encounter errors.

3) Import of CSV into Google Calendar:
(the following is from Google) In Google Calendar, ensure that you've created the calendar that you'd like to migrate events to. Then, at the bottom of the calendar list on the left, click the Add down-arrow button and select Import Calendar.  Click Browse and select the appropriate file, then select Open.  From the drop-down menu, select the calendar to which you'd like to import events.  Click Import to complete the import.

This worked well for me, and I didn't bother with manually dividing the file into 1-year segments.  Good luck!

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google jlsaeb 8/23/09 4:22 PM
I found this solution as I have the same issue.  I have 10 years of records on Palm Desktop and a new iPhone.  I want to ultimately use google calendar on my desktop and sync with my iPhone.   I was able to use Yahoo to import the .dba file, but it only imported repeating events, which amounts to about 10% of my calendar.  And many of these calendar items it has listed multiple times on the wrong dates.  I made sure yahoo calendar was set to my local time zone before importing too.  Any thoughts?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Odurih 8/23/09 8:23 PM
Since I didn't experience that problem, I'm not sure what went awry, but it might be that when you archived your database, you didn't select everything to archive.  The archiving is done by selecting "file/export", whereupon you select "all" and it should work for you as it did for me, including non-repeating events.  In other words, you might check your .dba file to make sure it has everything.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google xdaddy75 9/7/09 10:02 AM
The best way i think is syncing with goosync ;-)
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google xeniagaze 9/8/09 6:31 AM
I experienced the same problem as jlsaeb. In fact, the only events imported into the Yahoo calendar were repeating events that had already ended. The gcal import crapped out entirely.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google lookatitright 9/28/09 10:03 AM
Same issue.  Nothing will import into the Yahoo calendar.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Jazzwhistle 10/2/09 2:29 PM
Dba2Csv ( will convert Palm Desktop 4 .dba files to .csv for import to Google Calendars, and will transfer Palm Desktop 6 .dba files directly into Google Calendars.

If you are using Palm Desktop 4 you should probably upgrade to version 6 first so you can copy your calendar straight into Google instead of converting to .csv because that way you keep the repeat events as genuine repeat events - if you convert to .csv first then all your repeat events become multiple single events.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Odurih 10/2/09 5:01 PM
It seems a little expensive for something that otherwise can be done for free.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Jazzwhistle 10/4/09 2:52 AM
@ Odurih
And how many Palm Calendars have you success fully imported to Google like this for free?

jlsaeb: "I was able to use Yahoo to import the .dba file, but it only imported repeating events, which amounts to about 10% of my calendar.  And many of these calendar items it has listed multiple times on the wrong dates"

xeniagaze : "I experienced the same problem as jlsaeb. In fact, the only events imported into the Yahoo calendar were repeating events that had already ended. The gcal import crapped out entirely."

lookatitright: "Same issue.  Nothing will import into the Yahoo calendar."

Including myself that makes 4 out of 6 people posting here for whom your method didn't work - did you not read their posts?

Most people who want to move their data from Palm Desktop to Google (or Outlook, Sunbird etc) do not have the time to mess around for hours trying to find out why your trick doesn't work for them, or why they can't sync their Palm to Outlook, or why Google chokes on a .csv file, or how to keep their categories in Google etc.  I would add that a large percentage of those who think the Yahoo route did work have not thoroughly checked whether all their calendar entries were imported on the right dates/times, and that all the repeats are correct. In this case, "free" comes with a price.

If I can help people get their data out of Palm Desktop for free then I do so - the bottom line, however, is that sometimes you just have to pay to get things done fast and accurately with the help of a professional.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google drklassen 10/25/09 4:36 AM
The exporting/converting didn't work for me---none of my repeating events seems to be working correctly, some events moved to the wrong dates, and in general it was cumbersome.  Switching to Palm Desktop 6 is simply not an option as it is horribly crippled relative to Palm Desktop 4.

Come on Google, Palm Desktop has been around for years, how long does it take to get a sync?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google mel furdman 11/5/09 8:10 AM
The technique worked fine for me with repeating events.  I wasn't planning to post, but since someone is trying to make money selling a product that probably isn't needed by most people, I think it is important to set the record straight.  The free technique probably works for most people. But drklassen has it right.  Google should step in.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google drklassen 11/5/09 8:40 AM
Since I needed to do this from a Mac (OS X 10.4), my solution was to just stop using Palm Desktop and switch to iCal.  Using iSync, and making sure to NEVER make changes in iCal directly, only on my Palm, it seems to go OK---all events transfer with no screw ups of days/times or repeats.  The downside is that all the categories are lost---that is, all events, no matter what category they are on my Palm, end up in one category in iCal but the syncing does NOT destroy category info on my Palm.  I can use CalGoo (a free utility) to sync iCal and Google calendar---again, no more categories, but since this is really just to share with my wife (i.e. she only needs to know "Dave's busy at these times") and not really keep me informed, I'll live with it for now.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Jazzwhistle 11/11/09 2:06 PM

"probably isn't needed by most people, I think it is important to set the record straight..."

I'm not sure what evidence you base your "probably on"... after helping a few thousand customers escape Palm Desktop 4 and 6 with their data intact, I'm reasonably qualified to talk about this subject: for example, you forget to mention that by using the CSV format to move from Yahoo to Google you lose the repeat rules for all recurring events, and you can say goodbye to your categories too. For many users those two problems alone mean that the above solution is not acceptable.

So to really set the record straight - please don't tell everyone here that the free method works perfectly (ok, you said "fine"...): it doesn't!

As for Google "stepping in"; Google is setting a great example with their "Data Liberation" initiative, and I suspect they are far too busy making sure your Google data is visible elsewhere to waste time and resources building a tool for Palm users that Palm should have provided in the first place. Don't blame Google, complain to Palm.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google tranz 11/21/09 11:51 AM
enough bickering!
Thanks for posting your experience and knowledge about transferring and converting your data.  I have been on the Palm platform since I had my 1st Handspring, and have a lot of info to save or lose.  I definitely appreciate finding out about methods others have used and ANY changes or losses encountered.

I never heard of goosync before and am glad to have found out about its existance.  I may try it, and blame no one if it doesn't work well for me.

I've always used Palm Desktop, but have wondered about using MS Outlook, if only as part of a chain of steps to get my data in a form useable in an Android or iPhone.  It seems Palm made some very bad decisions over the last few years, so I'm not willing to tie my data to them so tightly anymore.

Anyone have any insights about what would happen to my Calendar if I migrated or sync'd my Palm (Treo) to Outlook, and then Google?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google awcomeon 11/28/09 1:13 AM
OK, some more useful info, and the best I've found yet for calendar migration:

click on the wiki tab, and study the whole page and his whole site.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google xeniagaze 11/28/09 8:54 AM
This sounds very promising. Thank you very much to you and to the developer. Unfortunately I do not have a card reader... does anyone have a workaround suggestion for me before I go buy one?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google awcomeon 12/5/09 3:53 AM
There are many issues in migrating calendar events from PalmOS devices to the google/gmail or iCal format without losing or changing that data. Observe these carefully in any import / export or conversion you do.
- the google "target" app only has open-ended repetitions when events are entered
- "        "          "        "   doesn't do individually selected days of the week only for weekly repetition patterns
- "        "          "        "   uses separate calendars as opposed to the PalmOS use of categories for individual events
- the conversion process may not support notes as large as some of your PalmOS events have attached
- Time zones may incorrectly be set, or have been set on a PalmOS device, a Palm Desktop or Hotsync'd device, or a computer or server, including your gmail settings, and a shift may occur.

The version(s) of Palm Desktop you've used are definitely an issue. 


If your Treo worked fine with Palm Desktop 4.1, you should NOT "upgrade" to PD6.  Your data will be changed and some will be deleted.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google awcomeon 12/8/09 8:22 PM
I have had complete success moving ALL my calendar data from my Palm Treo 700 and 755 to a new (separate) gmail calendar, and having access to it on my Motorola A855 "DROID".  I cost me only my time and effort, and can find no mis-placed or mis-translated events!!!

is the place to go.

The only caveats are, you may need to install a file manager onto your old Palm device, and all your events will be put into a single calendar, with no indication of whatever "category" they may have been on your Palm.  Richard may well update the program to automatically create new separate calendars for each category in the near future (early 2010?).

Contacts however don't seem to be quite as easy.  I'm presently using my contacts that I converted to the vCard format, in separate groups, for each contact "category".  Since this google support thread is specifically about calendar, I'll not go into it any more than that.  For more info on this topic go to:

and other threads / groups / forums on that website.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google justclickhere 1/4/10 11:21 AM
After a bit of "Google"-ing I found a great solution. offers a free 14-day trial of their CompanionLink software that worked perfectly to import all my Palm data (calendar, contacts, tasks, and a form of Memos) to Google, from which I am able to access it with my new phone, an HTC Droid Eris. This program works with many platforms, desktop applications, and web services.
By the way, I have no connection to this company and I'm not trying to sell anything.  Just wanted to share what worked for me.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google dumbprof 1/5/10 2:19 PM
I tried CompanionLink, and only the repeating events were transferred into Google calendar. (ugh).  not sure how to overcome this problem
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google dixon.woodbury 1/6/10 12:58 PM
I have a Palm Z22 and had the same problem, wanting to transfer my calendar (.dba format) to my Droid Eris.  I spent hours using free downloads that created a partial .csv formatted version of my calendar and then I tried to adjust this file to upload properly to Google, but with only moderate success.  Finally I found a simple way to get this to go.  I learned that the Palm sync program (that I use to sync my Palm handheld to the Palm desktop application) also has an option to sync to Outlook (should be on the original disk, but for me was just an option that could be selected).  I did this and behold, my outlook calendar filled up with my Palm calendar (it took several minutes for the 5000+ entries in on my calendar for the past 7 years).  Then I used the Google tool to sync Outlook with Google calendar  (  It was then a long wait (10s of minutes) for my Google calendar to fill with the Outlook entries.  After another wait, all of the entries appeared on my Droid.  I selected the 2-way sync for the Google tool, since I want to use Outlook on my desk top, but still read and enter changes on my Droid.  I find that accessing entries on my Droid is a bit slow, perhaps I should not have transferred all 5000+ entries (there was an option to select a range of dates to transfer, I did the whole range).  Otherwise, I am happy with the process.  Both repeated and single entries seem to have been imported correctly.  Hope this works for you. 
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Imran-UK 1/24/10 8:39 AM
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google mpersona 1/26/10 5:09 AM
I can sync my Palm (Desktop 4) and Google using as a bridge.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Lightfoot007 1/26/10 8:47 PM

dixon.woodbury's suggestion to use Palm sync program to sync to Outlook worked partially. 

My outlook calendar filled up with my Palm calendar up and till Jan 2010. I couldn’t get anything over from Jan 2010 and forward. I then used the Google tool to sync Outlook with Google calendar.

Why wouldn’t my calendar entries from Jan 2010 and onward carry be over?

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google lamiags 1/30/10 6:45 AM
You all are geniuses and I relly appreciate all of your expertise and input.  I was able to successfully transfer all my data from palm to google but the tasks went into calendar (even the thousands of completed ones!) and the memos went into contacts.  any suggestions on how i can keep these things separate and also delete them from where they are now?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google jmcrsb 1/30/10 4:40 PM
pdbconverter, as above ( ) worked perfectly for my calendar, not so hot for my contacts

but from palm desktop v6.2.1 exporting all the contacts as Vcard format allowed nearly perfect import into gmail contacts. Woohoo!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google kmoser 1/31/10 7:22 PM
Here's a free site that will convert your Palm calendar/datebook to CSV format:

It's free, there's nothing to download or install, and it only takes a few seconds to run.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google philly phill 2/1/10 10:52 PM didnt convert my .dba file.  Error message popped up.  I used Palm Desktop 6.2.2.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google keithmw 2/4/10 9:59 AM
Palm2Google worked great!  Took 10minutes to get everything to Google Calendar.   I had to pay for it, but it's worth it to not spend a lot of time screwing around with a lot of steps
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google shoshke 2/4/10 6:51 PM
I am another Palm user with 10 years of calendar data (and yes  please do not ask why but I do need to keep all of it). Here is how I seem to be finally getting my data onto Google. I'm just doing it now, so I haven't yet tested it 100%, but so far so good. Here are the steps I took:
1) Bought PocketCopy software from Chapura (well worth it in my opinion - no problems here for sure - excellant tech support)  -- and used that to copy all my Palm data onto Outlook.
2) Exported Outlook calendar data into CSV files. Yes, did it year by year because I keep a lot of data here each year and Google has a daily upload quota aparently of about 5,000 events per day. In my case, that's one or two years.
3) I have now imported several years into Google and so far it looks okay. It seems I will have to re-set my recurring events to continue recurring in Google Calendar -- but that's not a big deal.
Such a shame that Palm stopped  supporting Palm software. They really let down all their loyal customers. So far, Google seems to be the best and only really viable alternative. I'm so relieved to have found something.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google rdcnj 2/13/10 7:11 AM
I have 11 years of Palm data and am now using a Centro.  After trying to fix my continously crashing palm desktop calendar (6.2.2), (did the clean uninstall, etc.), I gave up and decided to migrate to Google Calendars.  (btw, Palm live chat was very helpful, but it didn't fix the problem).  After reading this thread, I decided that I just didn't have the time to do a multistep convert with potential extensive data cleanup,  I used the trial dba2csv software and found that it worked well on 1/4 of my data, so I purchased the full version.  At $45, it's pricey, but my calendar came over intact in about 1 minute of configuring and 1 hour of loading (9600 events).  Repeating events repeated and carried over the correct end date, etc.  The notes carried over into the google calendar description field.   The only glitch I found was with repeating all day events (birthdays & anniversaries) in that sometimes I had difficulty editing them.  Not a big deal, since there weren't that many, they were easy to locate in the display and I recreated them in about 15 minutes.  (had it taken longer, I would have contacted dba2csv for help.)    I had about 20 records that were rejected.  Interestingly enough, several of them don't appear in Palm Desktop. They were real events that may have been moved or deleted.   The palm corrupt data repair function never found them...

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with my contact information, memos and to dos...and then decide betweeen a Pre and a Droid...

The search function in google calendars is flaky (can't view all the results from a search and doesn't seem to have a wildcard) which is extremely disappointing.  Those without 11 years of calendar data won't mind this, but I find it very helpful to search to see when the last eye dr. appt was, etc.   However, I like having the old color coding back that I used to have in Palm Desktop.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google dionna17 2/16/10 11:24 AM
@kmoser, your solution was the only one that worked for me! Thank you! I was finally able to convert Palm Tungsten E calendar, import to Google, export to Outlook, then to my boss's Crackberry. Yes, too many steps but I didn't need to pay for a program that I will only use once. Now Outlook and Blackberry work wonderfully!

BTW, I have Palm Desktop 6.2 and the conversion worked beautifully on XP.

Thanks again!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google HappyHoney 3/2/10 10:06 AM
I love my Palm Calendar, but I decided to try the Google calendar because Palm is not offering their calendar on their new Palm Pre Plus. I called Palm support and then they walked me through on how to transfer my calendar into Outlook. From there, I used Google's suggestions on how to get my Outlook calendar into Google calendar. It did work, but it is a real hassle and did take time to call for support and then to do the transfer. Learning the new calendar has not been fun. I love Google for most everything! But the only reason I am trying the Google calendar is because the Palm company is not offering their calendar in the Palm Pre Plus. I called the Palm company and they gave me the information on how to contact their developers. All Palm users who desire the Palm calendar should send in the suggestion. Here is the link.   Also, there is a page on Facebook for palm users. Just go to Facebook and search Palm. I hope this helps!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google pjh42 3/7/10 10:58 AM
People who post solutions should kindly post the version of Palm Desktop that their solution works with.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google bawa52 3/11/10 11:18 AM
If you're starting from Palm Desktop on Windows, here is a solution that worked well for the Calendar, no messes that need to be fixed later. I have many years of entries, some that are recurring.
(BTW the process is easier when transferring Contacts from the Palm to Google. Just Export to a Vcard  file from Palm Desktop in Windows. Google Calendar will read that file directly.)

1. Sync your Palm phone so it's up to date with the Desktop Calendar.
2. Download Palm Desktop on an Apple machine running an earlier OS than Snow Leopard (Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager are currently not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard).
3. Sync your Palm phone with Palm Desktop on Apple. (Unfortunately, Desktop on the Apple does not recognize the .dba file exported from Windows Desktop. That's why I had to sync my phone to get the records into Apple Desktop).
Choose File open – Backup- Calendar
File – Export –Choose name and location then choose
- Module : Date Book

- Items: All Date book items

- Format: Vcal

6. Open Ical application
- Choose File – Import – Import Vcal file

7. Once Calendar is open in Ical

- Choose file – export – choose a name and a place to export
8. Import that file
(.ics) into Google Calendar

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google pjh42 3/11/10 4:16 PM

Where do I get an Apple for free? And then how do I delete my calendar items from my "friend's" Apple?

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google quahog 3/20/10 6:27 AM
I have 10 years of Palm Tungsten E & Desktop 4 data, trying to convert calendar, tasks & memos to Google today. (Have already done Contacts with vcard a few months back.)  Thinking of trying the dba2csv option for the calendar.  A few questions...
Does the free kmoser option keep all categories, etc straight?
Best transfer for Tasks and Memos, including keeping categories?
If any of these attempts doesn't work, does Google have an "undo?"
Many thanks to all who have posted here! You're all more helpful than Palm!  I cannot believe they deserted their loyal installed base of customers.  CNN has an item that their stock is headed to $0.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google quahog 3/22/10 6:46 PM
I'm back, and happy to say my calendar is done. I bought the software Keith recommended above on 2/4/10 (see 10/4/09 also) from, and I'm glad I did.  I had a decade of almost 13,000 events with many recurring events in several categories.  All are in Google now, each category in a separate Google calendar, color-coded, etc. 
The bizarre thing is that I did do the recommended upgrade from Palm Desktop 4.1.4 to 6.2, and 6.2 looked like garbage in the Desktop - couldn't see any categories at all.  In Google, the categories are back!
Now on to figure something out for tasks & memos...  Thanks again to all who posted!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Savy77 4/4/10 9:02 PM
Everyone listen up. Go to It's easy to use's FREE!!! I was informed by Palm Support and it worked perfectly for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the link:
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google susan3733 4/22/10 1:24 PM
THANK YOU !!!  The Companionlink solution worked perfectly - I synced my Palm desktop to Google and it looks like all the calendar entries for the last year (which is what I specified) and all contacts went through.  Super simple and free!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Savy77 4/28/10 8:28 PM
You're very welcome i'm glad i could help. It took me 1 week of a lot of frustration and stress before I found that software. But at the end it worked and i'm super happy. Spread the word!!!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google pjh42 4/29/10 10:08 AM
Savvy: CompanionLink is trialware, not free. And it did not work for me. It asks for NET Framework 2.0 and I have 4.0. It then says it cannot find my Google calendar!!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Medgbear 5/13/10 7:03 AM
Wait - On the Companionlink site it say's that it is only free for 14 days and then you have to buy it? Has anyone seen if you can go on without purchasing? If not then you can't say it is free. I do not want to buy another program just to sync to my Palm. (I wish Google and Palm could just get along. :0)
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google susan3733 5/13/10 7:20 AM
Yes, I misspoke by saying CompanionLink is "free".  It was free for me because I only needed to use it once, and now that my Palm data has been synced to Google, I'm set because I got rid of my Palm Centro and bought an HTC Incredible and will now use Google contacts and calendar exclusively. For others who need an ongoing sync solution, they would have to buy CompanionLink (or find other solutions).  For me, I was able to do what I needed within the 14-day trial period for free.  Best of luck!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google dhtchk 5/20/10 3:45 PM
Hi. Trying to move Palm Desktop Calendar 4.1 to Google for use on new Palm Pre Plus.  For Companionlink, what "product" do I select?
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google wantaski 5/27/10 4:09 PM
Just followed (Ithought) Odurih's tips for converting Palm calendar into Yahoo.  Not only did Yahoo not come up with the data in its calendar, I lost ALL my data from the desk top except recurring events.
Humm... from the warnings I thought the risk was that only the recurring would get transfered, NOT that I'd lose almost everything from the computer desk top.
[I assume I can "recreate" the desk top calendar data by hot synch with heldheld prevailing over desk top.  Screams to follow if this is not the case...]
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Savy77 5/27/10 4:19 PM is the answer folks. I'm no whiz but did figure it out. Download the free trial software and all your prayers will be answered! I was able to transfer approx 2K contacts and 3 yrs of calendar appts.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google bugguy 6/6/10 3:41 AM = good stuff.  very easy to sync treo 755P with Gmail.  Wish i I would've looked at the last post rather than try all the useless programs and steps earlier.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google jlv1634 6/7/10 9:31 AM
After reading all the posts on this forum, I tried Companionlink yesterday. It worked great for all my calendar info, although it took a little while, about 40 mins for 10 yrs of data. The to-do list was imported to the calendar, all on one day, June 6. It was a mess. I deleted each task one by one. I plan to get a free droid app for tasks. As far as my memos from the Palm Desktop, they all went to the contact list, right at the beginning. They are all there, but not organized and of no use in that format. Again, I will delete them and plan to use a free droid app, I believe it's called 3banana. I had previously imported my contacts from the Palm desktop, by exporting to the file in the .vcf format. Google imported all the info correctly, even with the photos associated with my contacts. I love my Sprint HTC Evo. I have to get used to typing on the virtual keyboard. Hope this helps. Good luck to all.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google EclecticActor 6/21/10 10:44 PM
The free shredzone solution worked perfectly for me.

Sadly, I'd already upgraded from Palm 4 to Palm 6 which horked up a whole lot of my repeat events and messed with the time zone of most others.

But the import of my current Palm Desktop calendar went off without a hitch.

So, per the advice of others, I reiterate:
DON'T update to Palm 6 if your current Palm 4 is working fine in an effort to get an iCal export- it doesn't exist and Palm 6 is awful.
DO use the shredzone site to convert from the Palm file to iCal and import to Google. (You will need to get FileZ (also free) and the link on the shredzone page is out of date. You can get the file from their homepage

Happy converting/importing.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google daffy11377 6/28/10 10:18 AM
FREE AND WORKS - Thanks KMoser
APP: palm2csv

This worked perfect and was so so simple. I donated to her since clearly her program works seemless

Palm Desktop 4.1.4
Must export using Datebook Archive format

I got 11 years of palm datebook date over to my google calendar in a matter of 10 minutes.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google stopmenu 7/1/10 5:42 AM
Companionlink IS the way to go, especially if you're trying to export from Palm Desktop 6.2. Even the Data Transfer Assistant from Palm for the Pre didn't work correctly (put some events into the wrong dates), but Companionlink seems to have worked flawlessly. I still need to skim through the calendar and compare them, but so far it looks like everything in Google is now exactly the same as it was in Palm Desktop. Thanks so much for the suggestion, justclickhere!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Antana 7/8/10 7:47 PM
dba2ics Freeware

Can convert .dba/.dat/.mdb directly to .ics file - filtering by category is possible
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google VInadaMD 7/9/10 5:26 AM
I was able to get (more or less) my Palm calendar entries into my Google calendar by exporting to a vCal file, importing the vCal into my Mac iCal application, exporting from iCal, then importing into Google calendar.  I got a few extra repeating events, but for the most part it seems intact.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google sunny29 7/11/10 3:35 PM
THANK YOU Savy77, The CompanionLink solution worked perfectly, was quick and easy.  I was able to sync my Palm desktop to Google and it was free!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google shaharico 7/13/10 10:00 PM
I would like to thank kmoser here (2/1/2010) whose website gives a free, immeiate accurate solution for convering Palm Desktop 4.1.4 inco '.csv' files that can be accecpted by newer calendars.  For those of you with foreign languages, it also works well.  I initially had a problem and after emailing Kim I got excelent rapid help. I highly recommend it.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Harry_Slaughter 7/14/10 1:24 PM as mentioned above seems to be the best route for salvaging data from the palm pilot.

i was married to Palm for 14 years. they died in about 2002, and i didn't realize it :)

using the pdbconverter, i exported all my memos, cal and todos successfully.

i'd previously very easily exported contacts using Palm's native vcal export function which lets you bulk export as vcal which you can then directly import into google contacts.

the other data has to be extracted from the native/proprietary format first, which is where pdbconverter comes in.

you need to install the 'filez' app on your palm in order to get the .pdb format files. and pdbconverter is a java app that you can run from the website using that stupid 'java web quick start' crap.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google bjn710 7/25/10 3:36 PM

Thanks Savy77...I just moved my 5 years of calendar from my Palm Desktop to my Google calendar and now I can access it from my new phone!!  Very easy to use and didn't take too much time.  I have tried several other suggestions that appear on this site, but this one worked.  Now on to my Contacts!!
Thanks again.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google bjn710 7/25/10 4:56 PM contacts appeared in my @gmail list.
Good luck with this.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google MCinLA 8/6/10 9:06 PM
Thanks to all those who suggested using Companionlink.  I am switching from Palm to iPhone, and use Windows.  It worked perfectly in transferring my all my contacts and calendar (10 years of data) from my Palm Centro (Palm Desktop 6.2) to my iPhone 4.  I am no techie.  This is really easy.  It took me a little under 1 hour, but mostly because I transferred thousands of events on my calendar, and about a thousand contacts.  I do not have Outlook, so I did the transfer in two steps: first from Palm to Google, and then Google to iPhone.

1) I downloaded  CompanionLink Pro to my PC.  This is free for the first 14 days.  I have no need for this program after the transfer, so I will let the free trial expire.  Using CompanionLink, I transferred my Palm contacts and calendar to my Google account.  Be sure to change the date range under advanced  settings if you want more than a few months from your calendar.  This transferred beautifully.  Even notes attached to calendar events, and information in the custom fields of contacts transferred flawlessly.  The only glitch were my tasks which were all deposited in the calendar under today's date.

2) Next, I transferred the contacts and calendar from Google to my iPhone.  I sync’d my iPhone using iTunes.  In iTunes, I selected syncing contacts with my Google account.  All my contacts transferred beautifully to the iPhone.  Then, I sync'd the Google calendar over the air using Exchange on the iPhone.  Follow these instructions:  If you want to sync many years from your calendar be sure to go to the settings button on your iPhone, select mail contacts calendar, and select sync all events.

This worked great for me after the apple store genius could not figure out how to transfer my Palm contacts and calendar to the iPhone.  Hope it  works for you.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google disneyfun 8/10/10 10:56 AM
Companionlink worked for me to import my Palm desktop 4.1 to my Incredible via google calender.  I clicked on companionlink pro and it downloaded to my desktop.  I needed to tell it which version of palm I was using.  And then you need to tell it your google address.  I clicked on each on the setup squares.  I told it not to sync contacts because I had already done that.  It put all my tasks on today (oh, well).  The calender seems to have been brought over perfect from what I can tell on a quick look.  It only took a few minutes for about 10 yrs of calender in palm but you can't search the calender in google the way you could in the palm so having the data there is not as useful.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google MCinLA 8/10/10 9:14 PM

I seem to be able to search (my old Palm calendar) using Google calendar.  Remember to go to search options and change the date range if you want to search far back.  Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to figure out how to search far back on my iPhone.  When I search my calendar on the iPhone, it only searches back a few months.  I can't seem to be able to find the setting to change this.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google onyxwolf13 8/13/10 3:44 PM
I used Companion Link with Palm 4 and it worked great. There are a couple of things that aren't in the right category, but it wasn't a huge deal.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google 8100AV 8/23/10 4:28 AM
mpersona has it. took 3 minutes and cost nothing.  THANKS!!!!  7 years of stuff all where it should be.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google bogun 8/29/10 3:20 PM

This was the most painful ways to spend an entire Sunday…I never thought exporting my calendar from a Palm LifeDrive or Deskto to use with Google Calendar would be so difficult.

-       Tried exporting the calendar from palm desktop into Outlook (used to use Outlook on my personal PC 5+ years ago, haven’t since) and it didn’t work.  Info of some type did appear, but only showed up as highlighted blocks on the day…no details given unless you clicked on that event.  Shouldn’t have mattered since I was going to export the calendar out of Outlook as a .csv file for use with Google, but Outlook has become 1000% more cluttered since I last used it, and I could not find that functionality.  Since I’m doing this on my work laptop and these are my personal calendar entries, I aborted that mission.  I deleted the Outlook Personal Folder or something like that to wipe away all that data (at least I think it’s all gone) since our work leases these laptops and I really don’t want my info in somebody else’s hands when the lease is up later this year.

-       Downloaded some iCal4.0 trial from a German looking website, it didn’t work because it needed to open Outlook…well in step 1 above I deleted some Outlook Personal Folder and screwed up Outlook.

-       Downloaded the CompanionLink trial mentioned in this thread.  It sucked.  Constantly told me there was a server time out or something like that.

-       I reluctantly opened the website crossing my fingers that I would not get the Blue Screen of Death, and followed the instructions.  First attempt failed as I exported the wrong .dba file out of Palm Desktop.  It cannot be the Calendar Archive…it must be the Date Book Archive…but both have a .dba extention.  Figures…let’s make it as complicated as flipping possible.  Second attempt worked, I uploaded my .dba file and the site downloaded a .csv file within 1 minute (almost 6 years of data, about 2400 line entries).  It shows everything from what I can tell, individual events, repeating events like mulit-day meetings and yearly birthday reminders.  All the times show up in 24 hour format, so I had to find a morning meeting on a given day on the .csv file to match it up with that same meeting while using my Palm LifeDrive.  It was off by 2 hours, so I went back to the kmoser website and selected the option for -2 hours.  The site downloaded another .csv file and this time the entries matched up with my time zone.

-       I’m using a 3 year old Dell PC, running windows XP Professional 2002, Palm Desktop v 4.1.4, and a Palm Life Drive device.  It had been a royal p.i.t.a. to export the contacts, calendar, voice memos, note pad doodles, and memos from this thing…but as of today I think my divorce with Palm is finally complete!!!

-       HIGHLY recommend using the website for this task.  It works, it’s free, I didn’t have to download another “trial” program and go through all that hassle.

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google sachster 9/3/10 1:09 PM
This post is simply to say that I am a very satisfied customer of for correctly moving ALL my Calendar data from Palm Desktop to Google Calendar.

I first tried CompanionLink.  My free-trial attempt having failed, I actually paid for their non-trial version in hopes of getting start-to-finish help.  When their software and support didn't work for me, then they said it was Palm and/or Google's fault and that I should call them up...  This happened with multiple representatives and although their claim is very much plausible it still left me with no solution to my problem.

The developer behind DID solve my problem by providing his software and great service regardless of who was initially responsible for my problems.  He held my hand by email through about a dozen different attempts until we got it right. It seemed that his focus on and experience with calendar migration makes him very knowledgeable about all the intricacies which make the difference (even he admits to still being mystified by some bugs).

I have no personal interest in promoting beyond rewarding someone who provided me with great service.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google VWinAR 9/13/10 8:15 PM
Thanks to MCinLA who was closest to my situation.  Palm Centro, Palm Desktop 6.2.2 on Windows XP PC, changing to iPhone.  I was unhappy with the calendar until I found an iPhone app called CalenGoo ($6.99) which syncs with Google.  I downloaded Companionlink for Google to my PC which works with Palm Desktop 6.2.2.  I synced 3 years of calendar, tasks, and my contacts at one time.  You have to set the number of days that you want to bring over to Google.  You need to set up a different calendar for each category that you have on your Palm calendar before you sync it.  My contacts and tasks went across on correct dates into the correct calendars.  However, my recurring tasks did not have their repeats set up for future dates anymore.  However, that is easily fixed in CalenGoo on my iPhone.
My contacts went across to Google with their categories, entire notes, photos, and the rest of my contact information.  To transfer the data to my iPhone, I used my iPhone settings in Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  You tap Add Account, Select Microsoft Exchange, Enter your full Google email address in email field and in Username, leave the Domain field blank, enter you Google password, then tap Next.  Enter in the Server field and press Next.  Select Google services to sync.  I chose contacts and mail only since I already was able to sync my calendar.  If you already have contacts on your iPhone that you don't want to delete, select Keep on my iPhone.  My contacts came across intact although I lost anniversary dates.  I have manually added a few anniversary dates to my contacts on my iPhone, but it looks like only birthdays NOT anniversaries are linked to the calendar.  My categories are included in the note section so I can't sort my contacts by category or group anymore on my iPhone.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Grateful Diver 9/19/10 8:53 PM
CompanionLink worked great for migrating 11 years of Palm Desktop calendar entries to Google Calendar and my new Droid X. I cannot recommend it enough! One word of warning: you need to have the version 2.0 of Microsoft Dot Net Framework. If you have version 3.5 or 4.0, you will need to uninstall these and install version 2.0 (if you don't have it). This is an issue with Microsoft, not CompanionLink. CompanionLink also migrated my tasks to the calendar in a workable, if not graceful, fashion.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google jrmt 9/20/10 5:40 PM
The Companionlink program worked GREAT for me -- I used it to sync my old (tired) Palm calendar info with Google calendar, then CalDAV calendar sync ( to sync with my new iPhone. To-dos and calendar info came across fine. For me it was free, as I only needed to use it once.
Thank you so much!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google blicha 10/10/10 11:27 PM
You guys are THE BEST!!!!!! I am completely techno-illiterate so needless to say, I was terrified about how to move my calendar and contacts from Palm (which I've been on for about 12 years) over to google so that I can access it all from my new Droid. I read alot of the responses here and followed the advice to use the free 14 day trial of CompanionLink to use as the transfer program for my data. I don't know anything about csv or vcal and am intimidated by all of that. I just know how to enter data and retrieve it from the PDA and desktop. I went to CompanionLink, followed the very simple instructions and in less than an hour, all my calendar entries and contacts were accessible by my Droid. I am so thankful! You guys ROCK!!!!!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google justsayin' 10/24/10 8:52 PM
I've never posted on any forum...ever... but I just had to say thanks (along with many others) to those who encouraged the use of CompanionLink.  I have been burned many, MANY times using Palm desktop.  Lost everything more than once.  So saying that I was fearful of this process ending in more tears and mournful wailing is an understatement.  Happily, the process was SO simple.  The software guides you through the process and the help menus are there if things aren't clear enough (they pretty much are).  I was using Palm desktop 6.2.2 from my Palm Centro and sync'd all of my contacts and calendar information to GMail/Google Calendar in about 20 minutes without a hitch.  I plan to use GMail on my new HTC Incredible and, therefore, will use the free 14 day trial of CompanionLink product only once.  For me this was the perfect solution.  Thanks again!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google fweddie 11/1/10 10:17 PM

Excellent, free solution.  Thank you for the reference
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google happymama 12/11/10 8:39 AM
kmoser's solution at worked perfectly (using Palm Desktop 4.1.4).  Thanks so much!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google denversusan2 12/16/10 7:29 PM
Thanks to you all - Companionlink worked flawlessly!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google drmaengel 12/25/10 3:40 PM
I had a palm 750p treo with palm desktop 4.2 leftover from my Palm Tungsten days (maybe one upgrade in there) had data back to 2001. had alltel got sold to verizon but my store divested to at&t. anyway had to get new equipment so went to verizon and got a droidx. the guy at the store "transferred my contacts" but that didn't transfer addresses at all and many others were messed up.  I was most worried about transferring my calendar/reminders to google. read this thread. tried COMPANIONLINK first. I have a 4 yr old desktop with windows xp. it worked like a charm even my contacts which I didn't expect including my linked photos of my contacts (which the verizon guy wanted to charge me extra for). As I had linked my gmail account in the droid everything transferred perfectly/updated perfectly. then I realized I only had my calendar data back to sept (3 months) realized I didn't click on the advanced button on the companionlink setup/sync screen.  the default was only upload/sync previous to 90 days. so I changed it to 1100 days ~3 yrs (I decided 3 yrs was plenty of previous history but I may do more) and it resynced in no time. Checked in google and everything present and accounted for. Now I feel guilty. I may send companion link some money since their software saved my life and enormous amounts of time without headache.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google ashleemcc 12/26/10 5:25 PM
After tons of research, I used Companionlink to transfer from Palm Desktop6 to my Droid Pro. I was so nervous b/c of the mixed reviews but I figured I'd give it a try. The first time I got a server error but the second time I tried It worked great! I did a lot of work in the settings like the previous poster -- changed mine to sync 3 years of calendar. The first time I synced, it put all of the calendar categories into one on Google calendar, so I purged the Google calendar and created a calendar in google for each of my calendar categories in Palm -- all of the information transferred appropriately into each calendar. Now I have what is really close to the color coding I ADORED with palm (I went from a Tungsten E to a Centro).  Thanks for the advice!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google WHMoll 12/28/10 3:04 PM
I used the method suggested before.  I exported a dba file from Palm Desktop 3.0.1 and transferred the file to my test computer.  Then I downloaded Palm Desktop 4.0.1 from HP/Palm onto the test computer and installed it.  Then I imported the dba file.  My next download was from CompanionLink for the Palm Desktop 4.  My only confusion was what selections to make for the synch system.  I chose the "no telephone-to Google" option.  I installed CompanionLink and did minor setup and told it my Google calendar info (my Google calendar was empty at the time).  I set it to synch 3650 days and went off for a bit.  After a fairly short time, it finished and I checked my Google calendar.  It appears that all 9+ years came through okay with the repeats included correctly.  I then synched the Google calendar with CalenGoo on my iphone for a successful complete synch.
I did not use Pal Desktop for contacts, so I don't know how that would work.  My Handspring Visor Deluxe was never connected during the process.  I am going to let the CompanionLink lapse, but they seem to have software that works.  HP/Palm should provide the capability directly, IMHO.  Yahoo dropped the import of dba files in their new calendar version, so that simple way is no longer available.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google twbrooklyn 2/17/11 6:32 PM
PdbConverter worked perfect for me.  I was able to extract the calendardb.pdb file from my Palm 755p and import into Google Calendar using the java converter.  Great program, glad I found it!

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google djvardell 2/22/11 6:07 PM
I read every post in this link; very helpful to see the different experiences. I wanted to transfer 10 years of calendar and contacts from my Treo755p through Palm Desktop 6.2.2 on a Windows 7 laptop, to Google calendar and contacts. I read the PdbConverter instructions, and couldn't understand the technicalities. So I downloaded CompanionLink's free trial, and it appears to have worked great. The only surprise was amount of time: about 4 hours to transfer some 4,500 contacts, and maybe three hours to transfer 10 years of calendar information. While it is transferring the first 100 records, it shows a green progress bar going across the screen. I thought 100 would mean complete, i.e., 100%, but it kept counting up to 4,500, while the green bar just sat there. That was a little confusing.   Anyway, I have checked various contacts and calendar records to make sure they are complete, with the full notes attached, and everything appears to be in order. I'm having a little difficulty learning how to use the search function on Google Calendar, and find it annoying that in order to tell the calendar to go to a specific date, I have to search for that date.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google djvardell 2/22/11 11:59 PM
Oh, a few more clarifying comments:
- I had first tried exporting my Palm Desktop Address book as vCards, then importing those files into Gmail contacts. The businesses whose names were in the Palm "Company" field imported into Gmail as "Unnamed." I was going through one by one and copying the name of the business from the Company field into the Last Name field until I tried CompanionLink. CompanionLink transferred the remaining businesses over into Gmail contacts with no problem.
-I felt concerned when I read the CompanionLink summary of what data it would transfer. For Calendar it says it transfers repeating events--It does not mention that it will also transfer non-repeating events. But it did transfer everything.
-That leads me to say that the CompanionLink website has very minimal information. Both merciful and frustrating that they tell you as little as necessary. For example, I found "Category Manager" to be a mystery, and the first time I tried using it, it messed up my previous settings and I had to start over and just ignore it. I went back to their website for help, and found their "Setup Guides" webpage to have only one video that was barely related, "Sync Outlook with Google." That video (not the written portion underneath) answered some of my questions, but not all.
- I solved my complaint about finding a specific date in the Google Calendar by using an option under the Calendar Settings: Lab page, called "Jump to Date." It seems to work well, except that sometimes while the date I want is loading I get a message, "Stop Running This Script? A script is running that is causing your computer to run slowly..."
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Astro13 3/1/11 1:09 PM
There is only one sure way to convert a Palm Desktop (v4.1.4) Calendar to Google Calendar.
He has a conversion program which is free:
What's more, he's one of the most helpful folks on the Net.
My issue was that my PC was functioning in quite a different time zone (other than US), and he modified his program to take care of it. One cannot ask for better service.
This is not trivial as Palm structures its time in seconds past the Unix Epoch - hence dates of "whole day events" do not translate correctly. Kim added that capability to help me out.

PS: Don't try Yahoo -- it doesn't work any more. 
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google LeeTramp 3/3/11 6:53 PM
I just signed up with and it works great. I started with the free version, which worked for calendar nearby calendar events, then switched to the Premium version (20 euros = ~$28) so I could transfer all my contacts and calendar events for a full year back and forward.

I also bought the Premium version because I'm transitioning between my Treo and Google, and goosync will automatically update changes on either platform, so I don't need to worry about which calendar I'm changing on. I figure within a year I'll probably be on just Google calendar, so then I can let my subscription lapse.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google ksd52 4/28/11 9:50 AM
I ended up using software from "Palm2Google".

In my case I had data from 2001 to now I wanted to convert properly including repeating entries. The software is pricey : 30 GBP or $50 . However, it flawlessly uploaded the data in a very simple process. I had to use .dba export from my Palm Desktop as my palm is dead.

Upon uploading I was finally able to see & search my data better then in Palm Desktop. I found that many of my old entries were OFF by 3 hours! But this was also the case in Palm Desktop.. so not the fault of the conversion. Neil from Dba2csv was helpful.. and ready to do more, but I ended up using another tool.

I used MDA Viewer to find the records. Apparently, all entries before a trip to Boston (+3hr eastern time zone) from CA (PST) were up by +3 hours. In MDA I used the following SQL to fix them all, then re-upload into Google using Palm2Google.

SET  [Start time] = (CLng([Start time])- 3*60*60)
WHERE CLng([Start time]) <= 1092358800

Why Palm stores time as string and not integers is a mystery to me, but it took me several hours (a few mornings) to work around it.

Happy converting everyone.. I hope this trail helps someone else. I love my new calendar & android.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google roddaut 5/18/11 10:05 AM
Just for some background my Palm desktop software has crapped out on me over and over again over the last few years.  I have an automatic backup that keeps multiple copies of my files so I was always able to restore it.  Finally, something weird happened in which repeat events that I had deleted years ago came back and I lost a lot of appointments but didn't realize it until I missed them.  This was not acceptable so I decided I needed to get away from Palm.
I wanted to update my Palm Z23 one last time while I worked on trying to convert everything to another format and it would hang up my computer and destry all the data on my Palm desktop software.  I tried using another computer that has the Palm desktop software and it had the same problem of hanging up except without destrying the data.
I would love to have tried synching to my Outlook but I can't because the synch feature is not working at all.  And when I tried Outlook just in case it might work, it also hung up.
So I tried a few of the free solutions people have offered to convert the .dba files and none of them appeared to work for me.  So I just decided that I would use the websit that one of the users on this board promoted. It's called Palm2Google
I can't guaranteethat this solution will work for everyone but it did work for me.  I've synched everything to my Google calendar and now I can export my google calendar to CSV and always keep it backed up.
If you are like me and getting frustrated and hate wasting time, it might be worth looking into this software program especially if time is more important to you than money and you can afford it.
In case you are wondering, I don't know the owner of the website and don't get paid for letting you know about his website.  I'm only writing this because I hope somebody else who was getting disheartened and frustrated like I was can find a solution.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google dmdoublewide 6/22/11 2:54 PM
Buy Companionlink. With Companionlink I migrated 9 years of calendar from Palm desktop to Google Calendar. You have to run it several times to migrate that much data. The buffers must be too small to do it all at one sync.
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google NoTechSavy 9/11/11 6:51 PM
After reading this entire site, I was sure exporting my 7 years of Palm desktop calendar data to Google would require profession help as I am not very tech savy. I have been putting it off since June after reading about all the problems that people have encountered.   I took the advice of a several on this site to use Kim Moser, a professional consultant and long-time Palm user, who has a step by step instructional website which included a You-Tube tutorial to convert your Palm calendar to Google in one step.  I had no problems at all and was able to export my entire calendar from Palm, intact and perfect.  The only thing I missed was that you have to unzip the palm.dba file for it to be imported into Google calendar.  Go to for all the instructions you'll need.  If you have a problem, you can e-mail Kim.  When I got stuck on the zip file, I e-mailed and didn't expect a response until Monday but he followed through today and my Google calendar is up and running.  Thanks Kim Moser!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google K-monster 9/21/11 10:11 AM
I wanted to say that I tried a LOT of the ways suggested here - Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook Sync (which worked, but it was an offline, personal version - not transferable), and finally...  success.

THIS LINK WORKED.  God bless the creators - after hours and hours of frustration, this got my calendar from my Palm Centro to my Google Calendar in about 3 minutes.  Here's how...

Go to this link:
Under  "Features", click on Online Tool (don't download - this way is just too easy).
When the converter pops open, use the Browse button to find your calendar (you should find it under "Palm OS Desktop", your calendar's user name - I had only one user, me - and in the Datebook).
Mouse over the files in the Datebook, until you find the one that shows "Type:  MDB File".
Click on that file.
Pick your timezone, type the message in the box, and click start conversion.
The converter will then ask if you want to open it - don't.  You want to save file.
The program will finish, and to find the location of your calendar, go to the Start menu, look under recent documents, and when you find the one that says something like:  CalendarDB, RIGHT click then left click on properties.  This will tell you where your file is.

FINALLY:  go to your Google calendar.  On the far left, bottom corner it says ADD - click on that, and choose Import Calendar.  When it asks, find that CalendarDB file, and open that.  POOF!  Like magic, all my files were there.

WARNING - make SURE you sync your Palm one last time before doing this.  I didn't, then did this process twice (in 10 minutes - unbelievable!), and ended up with tons of duplicates.  Not a big deal, since their easy to delete, but save yourself the hassle - sync once more before you start.

Hope this helps - and God bless the makers of the PdBConverter.  This was a true blessing for me after the frustration of all these other crazy ideas.  It sounds like a lot because I did step by step, but it's really simple.  GOOD LUCK!
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google RSP2011 12/6/11 10:35 PM
Just posting in case this helps someone. After 10+ years of using the Palm desktop, I have now successfully migrated to the Google platform. 

Contacts : Very simple. Just export your contacts as vcards and import them into Google contacts. Straight-forward & fast. 

DateBook : This is where most Palm users are stuck. Years of datebook entries and stuff that you simply cannot afford to lose. I installed PocketCopy (from Chapura) and synced by Palm Datebook with Outlook 2007. Then, I used the official Google Sync tool to import my Outlook 2007 datebook into Google Calendar. Worked like a charm!!! All ~8000 entries with repeat events successfully imported. 

Tasks & Memo : Honestly don't know. I didn't have too many tasks and whichever I did, I just manually copied them to GTasks. 

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google lware14 12/10/11 2:58 PM
Ok I've been following this thread for almost two years dreading the conversion of palm desktop calendar (6.2.2) data to some format where I could import it into google calendar.  I almost bought the chapura product, but instead decided to try the free option first palm2csv.  Wow, it took maybe 20 minutes (because I spent 16 minutes watching the video of how to do it first on youtube).  I had data going back 11 years and over 5000 records.  I got it all in on the first try.  I made sure to go back and donate to Kim Moser for the great product.  This is the only solution I tried and it worked. 
Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google stevec360 1/3/12 11:35 AM
@Rush2011 et al
For tasks and memos go to Toodledo also is a great substitute for these functions.

I too liked for a free calendar conversion. It's clear and simple, and I suggest a small donation of thanks and support

Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google kmoser 5/8/12 10:56 AM
lware14, thanks for your comments. I have been continuously improving Palm2CSV ever since I first created it several years ago. At this point it should be able to read and convert any Datebook (calendar) or To Do (tasks) into any format: CSV, iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. (People seem to be converting more to iCal format these days, and that is fully supported as well so it really should be called Palm2iCal!) There are a ton of options for how the output should be formatted; if you need something that is not available, just ask and I'll see if I can add that feature. And as always, I am happy to provide free advice/support via email.
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Re: Can I import my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google kmoser 8/20/12 8:22 PM
CJ Mark,

When you say "I tried to download to iCal but it changes the format of the calendars", does "it" refer to Palm Desktop which is changing the calendar when you export from Palm Desktop into iCal format?

I don't have a Mac so I don't know much about the Mac Palm Datebook format but from the one example that I have seen it does not contain repeating event info, which is consistent with your observation as well. However, this may be dependent on the version of Palm Desktop you're using, as well as the method you use to export your calendar (e.g. the target file format you specify).

What options for target file format(s) does your Palm Desktop give you when exporting your datebook? Is there an option to export directly to iCal format?

Feel free to contact me directly; see the Palm2CSV website for my contact information.

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