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Cannot enter data in calendar - read only.

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Cannot enter data in calendar - read only. gmallard1 1/11/11 7:19 AM
My operating system is Windows7 and I access calendar with Internet Explorer 8 and through the Google website.My email client is Outlook 2007 and it seems to sync with cal. using Google Calendar Sync. I do get a warning that Google Cal. Sync is not working, but sync does seem to take place. I also use this cal. on my Droid2 and that also seems to sync.
My prblem is that I tried to access my cal. this morning from the Google toolbar in Internet Explorer 8 and when it displayed, it was "read-only". I could not make any entries on the cal. I then accessed cal. from and it too was "read-only". When trying to make an entry there by double clicking the day on the cal., it dimed out,  as did several days around it, but that's all it did. I could do nothing with the calendar.
I use this as my main cal. and I am handicapped and have many doctors appts. which I put on the cal.  I am desperate to have my cal. work properly. Someone please help....
Re: Cannot enter data in calendar - read only. mario_disneyland2000 3/29/11 6:12 PM
i can not enter entries...the time slot lights up then it wont enter any data...and the arrow to swap between months wont work also..????
Re: Cannot enter data in calendar - read only. cpharmd 9/13/11 8:11 AM
I have the same problem...anyone helping?
Re: Cannot enter data in calendar - read only. toodlerue 9/13/11 10:29 AM
I have been haveing this same problem for weeks. Today I think I may have figured it out!
Click on the day the event is to be on.
When the "Event/Task" box pops up, click on the "Create Event" - this will put a (No title) box in your calendar.
Click on the clock & that should take you to the place where you can edit the event.
Put in your info & click save.
I hope this works for people, I have been so frustraed by this problem, I have been reading on here that people have been having this problem for a couple of years.
Please let me know if it works for you1