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Other people can add events to public calendars

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Other people can add events to public calendars recover 9/10/12 2:56 AM

I am the author of a week number calendar (and it's very popular). As you can see in the screenshot I've made the blue circles with the week numbers. As you can also see, someone else has somehow managed to invite the calendar to an event (the normal event). This should not be possible. I have had other instances where events have popped up from other users. It appears that somehow, there is a way for other people to add events to my calendar, and EVERYONE subscribed to it will see the events. I consider this a big flaw in sharing calendars and I'm surprised this issue is still around since it has existed for some time.

I have disabled invitations by checking the radiobox in the settings "Do not show invitations."

This is a real issue and I want a google engineer to take a look at it. I have talked with the person who accidentally did this, and according to him the issue began when he was using an Android app. Previous instances of this problem also seems to have been accidental, as seemingly normal events such as "Lunch at XYZ" have also popped up.

You can find my week number calendar at:

Thank you!
Re: Other people can add events to public calendars KatherineG 9/10/12 5:00 PM
Hey there!  Looking into this and will let you know when I have some further info for you.  

Re: Other people can add events to public calendars recover 9/13/12 1:31 PM
Hello again. I have talked to Katherine and she has talked with another Google engineer about this problem. Here is a summary of what were discussed. I'm posting it here for the record, hope it will be useful for others. Based on this discussion, I believe that I will continue to remove these events as they come up, as I have done so far.

Thanks for the patience here.  The team got back to me and I have some news for you.  So it turns out that it's not unheard of for this to happen: when you subscribe/add a friend - people can add events to that calendar.  To get around this, it needs to be available by import vs. subscription: a URL compatible with 'Add by URL'

If a feed, you can't invite it but rather subscribe by importing.  This would prevent users from being able to add to it, intentionally or unintentionally. 

In terms of your current setup, I'm guessing this happens rarely and is manageable to get around? So you can leave it as is and ensure you have notification emails sent to you when a user creates an event and always choose to deny- which you've been doing. It should be few/far between that this occurs.  I say this only because I can understand it might not be desired to change the current setup. With regard to the situation you saw with Vasil's accidental adding, we've not seen other reports of that, and it's hard to say how/why that could have happened.  If it's possible that he uses some other sort of syncing service (like BusyCal) it's possible this somehow occurred through the API.
From what I gathered from the engineer who let me know this news, it's not seen as good vs. bad, as it seems like those two different formats are designed to serve two groups.  One where we'd obviously want users to collaborate on a shared calendar they subscribe to and one where they should only be importing an established calendar. 

Now, trust me I certainly do appreciate your point of view on this - and understand exactly where you're coming from.  I'll continue to advocate for your use case! 

Thanks to Katherine for her effort!