Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar?

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Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Ivgeni 8/24/09 12:25 PM
Not manually, but from a prepared file or something.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Paxsimius 8/25/09 6:26 AM
Under your calendar listings on the left you'll find a box marked "Other calendars".  Click "Add", then "Browse Interesting Calendars". Then you'll see a whole slew of international calendars, including Jewish Holidays.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? essentialb 9/24/09 5:14 PM
in theory, yes, it's great that you have a jewish calendar. but hello, jews have been around for a pretty long time--i should not have to search this hard just to discover that it's an inaccurate and deeply flawed piece of work. Your jewish calendar kind of sucks. you have YOM KIPPUR as "DAY OF ATONEMENT", which it is, but we jews call it Yom Kippur! and Rosh Hashanah is called something i've never heard of--it's the goddamn New Year! And Sukkot (spelled different ways) is called "Booth." I love google but this calendar is abysmal and should be completely redone. I think it's way unacceptable what you guys have done here. you should be ashamed of your incompetence. It's like you didn't really consult with the jews on how to do this and you just made shit up. Kind of weird and inexcusable. Where are your standards, respect and common decency? And where are the jews at google?
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? wmflars 11/4/09 11:36 AM
While I wish essenialb had not been quite so hostile, I too was very disappointed with the Jewish Calendar.  I find the archaic English translations of the holiday names is grating, and I could not bear the thought of seeing them on a regular basis.  Typically, the English names are used by American Christians.  How about putting together a Jewish version of the Jewish Calendar.  Transliterations of the Hebrew holiday names can be readily found using Google.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? cld221 11/19/09 2:49 AM
The Google Jewish holiday calendar is more than disappointing. The Christianized/Americanized versions of the Jewish holiday names demonstrate an ethnocentric viewpoint that has no place in our society. I can't bear to even look at your sorry version of a Jewish calendar. Shame on you, Google! I have found a good alternative - Hebcal has a customizable Jewish calendar that can easily be imported to the Google calendar:

Here is how to add customized holiday calendars to Google Calendar.

1.       Go to

2.       Fill out the form with your preferences (be sure to choose “entire year” in the Jewish Holidays for “month” and “year” under the heading Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar).and click the "Get Calendar" button.

3.       Click on the "Export calendar to Outlook, Apple iCal, Google, Palm, etc." link

4.       Look for an image like this in the "Export calendar" section of your customized calendar results:

5.       When Google Calendar asks "Would you like to add calendar: Jewish Holidays?" click "Yes, add this calendar"

6.       Click on “Settings” in the “Other Calendars” box on the Google calendar page (lower left corner)

7.       Click on the link for the calendar

8.       Click save

9.       Click “back to calendar

Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Noni47 11/29/09 10:41 PM
When I tried to follow these instructions, I got a message that said "Oops.  A calendar already exists for [Noni]."  Why won't it just overlay my existing calendar the way Google's Jewish Holidays calendar does?
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? cld221 11/30/09 1:53 AM
It worked fine for me. The Hebcal Jewish calendar overlays my Google calendar. I was sure I listed the instructions correctly, but in case I made an error that I missed, maybe you should start from scratch with the Hebcal website and follow their instructions.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Noni47 11/30/09 8:00 PM
The instructions ARE listed correctly, I get the same result when I start at the Hebcal website and follow their instructions.  If anybody has a suggestion on why this happens to me, I would really appreciate it.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Yeshurun President 1/3/10 4:01 AM
This was a very helpful answer Alan.  Thank you.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? aimee_y 1/3/10 9:52 AM
I agree that the tone of the previous poster was inappropriate, but the fact is, the "official" Jewish calendar now provided by Google leaves much to be desired.  As others have said, it uses archaic English names for the holidays, instead of the Hebrew names that most American Jews use.  That is, I don't think most of us mind "Passover" instead of "Pesach," but "Feast of Weeks" instead of "Shavuot" and "Festival of Lots" instead of "Purim" (etc) are all quite grating.

Additionally, it doesn't include information about which day is which on the multi-day holidays -- I actually do want to know whether it's, say, the 1st day of Sukkot (when I can't schedule work) or the 4th (when I can).

Additionally additionally, it doesn't include information about the differences in observance between Israel and the Diaspora.  I am a member of a Reform shul, which follows the Israeli calendar (7 days of Pesach/Sukkot, 1 day of Shavuot).

I used to use a public Google Calendar for Jewish holidays and the weekly parsha, but it seems to have vanished with the new "you can't search publicly-accessible calendars" feature "improvement," so I'm feeling doubly forced into using this piece of <Yiddish word deleted>.

Hebcal looks nice, but what I really liked about the previous calendar I was using was that someone who knew what they were talking about was entering the dates live, instead of my having to manually create a new calendar and import it each year.

Overall, this feels very strongly like something a Christian person wrote by looking up information on Wikipedia, and I think it's hard for people who aren't Jewish to understand just how rude that comes across as.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? br88613 5/9/10 7:56 AM
Essentialab was over-the-top, although rude is a bit strong. My feeling is that the creator of the Jewish calendar was naively trying to be "helpful" by making the calendar universally "comprehensible" without knowing anything about the Jewish holidays or even where to find moderately acceptable translations into English (please don't look).

To the creator of the calendar let me say: Your target audience, Jewish people, will understand the Hebrew names and expect to see only those names. Someone of another religious or a non-religious persuasion should learn the "real" names. If I, for instance, were seeking Moslem holidays, I would want to see Ramadan, not a translation. If I want to know more about the holiday, I can Google it.

Also, let this be a lesson to Google: When dealing with specialized subject matter, check with the specialists. In this particular case, I can't believe that the calendar creator couldn't have found the correct way to specify the Jewish holidays by simply turning to someone in a nearby cubicle or sending an email requesting help. Surely, there is at a least one Jewish person working at Google.

In addition, Google people, before you develop a feature, create a "persona," which is a description of the user you are writing for, including what they already know and what they need to know. That way, you will know what kind of information you need to provide.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? meslgh 5/19/10 6:57 PM
cld221, thanks for the information about hebcal (like so many others, I find Google's Jewish calendar annoying).  I wonder if you will be able to help me; I followed your directions, and I've got hebcal now listed as one of my calendars, but nothing actually shows up on my calendar.  Any ideas what I should do next? 
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? femayefim 6/10/10 1:24 AM
I was not aware of this discussion string, so I went ahead and created a Jewish version of google's jewish calendar.  The effort was unnecisserally tedious but the results were more pleasing to my eyes.  My questioon is this,  with all the previous comments, why is this version still up?  Is anyone at google even reading this????
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Avi J. 6/27/10 4:49 PM
try selecting "show only this calendar" under the arrow by the Hebcal 2010.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? cld221 6/27/10 8:16 PM
meslgh, try this:

1. Go into your calendar

2. Click on Settings in the upper right hand corner, then Calendar Settings

3. Click on Calendars on the left in the orange area (it’s orange on my computer)

4. Scroll down to Other Calendars

5. Under Show in List, if the box for Hebcal is not checked, that is probably why Hebcal does not show up on your calendar. Just check the box and that should solve your problem.


Hope that solves your problem.

Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? sticks97687 8/19/10 12:32 PM
As a new "convert" to Google from Blackberry, I am just now beginning to experience the annoyance that is Google.  For a company this large and pervasive to refuse the establishment of live customer support is indicative of their attitude.  Blackberry may be missing some of the bells and whistles but at least, when there is an issue, there is a person to speak to who will try to help.  If the Google model is the future then I will happily live in the (recent) past.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Mike20878 9/5/10 9:52 AM
I created a 2010 calendar and imported it but I'm not seeing anything.  I tried the steps above and my calendar is checked off.  I'll try over again with and see what happens.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Mike20878 9/5/10 9:53 AM
Strange...  I switched to month view and all of a sudden they were there.  And now my weekly view shows them as well.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? DJ567 9/17/10 10:30 AM
A variation for Google Apps for Domains?
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? aherstein 2/15/11 9:26 AM
This worked for me. After clicking "Preview Calendar", click on "Apple iCal (Mac OS X)". Right click on "download Jewish Calendar 2011.ics" and copy the source url, then import that url into Gogole Calendar.
Re: Can I add jewish holidays to the calendar? Mel K 10/11/11 10:31 AM
The problem with Google's own Jewish calendar has been fixed, and the labels are now appropriate.
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