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Repeating Tasks msequeira28 9/7/10 10:31 AM
I have noticed that a number of people have asked for this feature.  I know that I have a number of tasks that repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly basis - I need to be able to check off that I have completed the task - not have it show up as an event.  I need to remember to do it and remember that I have done it - an event doesn't allow for that.

Any chance we are going to see this feature soon?  What about making it a lab feature so people who don't want repeating tasks don't have to use it?

Please Google - this is the biggest feature I miss in switching from a Palm calendar and to-do list to Google!

Re: Repeating Tasks HollyGES 11/23/10 9:40 AM
I would LOVE to have this feature as well.  Right now there just isn't a good way to do this!  I have items that I need to complete on a certain day every week, on a certain day every month, etc.  It would make my Google Calendar so much more useful if I could set up repeating tasks!
Re: Repeating Tasks Adrienne121 1/31/11 11:42 AM
Hi All,

Thanks for voicing your feature request! We do hear this one a lot and we actually ran a poll a few months ago for Tasks feature requests and this was at the top of the list. We recently did a blog post with some of the results from the poll, I'd recommend reading it if you have a few minutes:

Re: Repeating Tasks willdrewry 4/14/11 10:54 AM
Dear google. Gcal saves my life every day. Integrated with google tasks makes my homework load not only manageable, but easy to plan around. Repeat tasks would make it even easier, instead of creating a weekly event for every day of the semester. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Re: Repeating Tasks msequeira28 7/8/11 9:07 AM
Any update as to when we might have recurring tasks?  It was great to get the news in January that this was in the works.  How much longer?
Re: Repeating Tasks Christian Mörsch 7/19/11 6:41 AM
+msequeira28 Yes what about those features you are working on! Please enhance Gtasks! And publish an android app too! I just fell out of love with Astrid!!! Thanks! Chris
Re: Repeating Tasks KSHarton 8/12/11 8:18 AM
Another enthusiastic vote for recurring tasks!!!! 
Re: Repeating Tasks matthewlhudson 9/15/11 6:43 PM
Still waiting for Repeating teased us with it in JANUARY. Any progress?? Just a beggar here, hoping to get to use tasks some day. As it stands, I rely on other sites simply because I have so many repeating tasks (that don't fit a time or date, but occur weekly). Looking forward to the solution!! :)
Re: Repeating Tasks ctn830 1/5/12 11:54 AM
Any app out there that has recurring tasks that can sync with Gtasks on calendar?
Re: Repeating Tasks ctn830 1/5/12 12:08 PM
Try Gqueues. It looks like it may have solved the problem.
Re: Repeating Tasks james.362 1/23/12 6:26 AM
I see that this idea was posted by google as in-the-works a year ago.  Any updates?  Repeating tasks would be such a lifesaver - and having them would make google calendar much more useful and relevant to daily life.  Please tell me this hasn't been scrapped and is coming soon!  Thanks.
Re: Repeating Tasks MohamadKarbi 12/16/12 3:03 AM
me too, I'm waiting for the this feature. any updates?