Recurring tasks.

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Recurring tasks. ScampMichael 5/13/09 5:18 AM
Love the new 'tasks feature'. Would like to be able to schedule recurring tasks in the same manner as recurring events. As it is now, most of my recurring events are actually reminders of recurring tasks. Great work folks!
Re: Recurring tasks. Kitness 5/13/09 7:44 AM
Would also like the recurring feature!
Re: Recurring tasks. Lhia 5/13/09 11:57 AM
I also love the tasks feature in Gcalendar!
I have two tasks lists, with several itens in each, why can I only see one list at a time? And why does not show all my tasks in the calendar? It only shows either one or the other. Is it a but or is it supposed to be like this?
It would be awsome if it was possible to view all tasks at any moments, independatly of what list we have open.
Thank you.
Re: Recurring tasks. wesykema 5/13/09 1:05 PM
+1 for recurring tasks! 
Re: Recurring tasks. paulymer 5/13/09 2:34 PM
I love having tasks in Calendar as well.  I look forward to more feature enhancements - recurring tasks is a good one, and viewing all tasks simultaneously, instead of one list at a time, are two that I would love to see.
Re: Recurring tasks. bramhubbell 5/13/09 2:40 PM
Yes, please make it possible to set up recurring tasks.  And SMS reminders would be great as well.
Re: Recurring tasks. EGittines 5/14/09 6:32 AM
Add me to the list of people who want the ability to enter recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. mkazzaz 5/20/09 12:07 PM
Recurring Tasks please!!

Great work! Keep it up.
Re: Recurring tasks. dtsadf 5/20/09 9:10 PM
Speaking for all members of a large family.  We definitely need recurring options for tasks. 
Re: Recurring tasks. ejeaglesct 5/21/09 12:01 PM
I agree!  Reoccuring events would be awesome!
Re: Recurring tasks. bdws1975 5/21/09 6:22 PM
oh yes!!!  please recurring tasks.  I'm in love with GMAIL and calendar, etc.  It's made my life so much easier!!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. mmlambie 5/23/09 4:15 PM
I just started using Tasks and immediately wanted to set up a recurring task.  No such luck...yet, I hope.  Recurring tasks PLEASE!!
Re: Recurring tasks. m2mayer 5/26/09 11:43 AM
Recurring tasks should be easy to implement, so I hope it's just a matter of time before they include it.
Re: Recurring tasks. shusterlady 5/26/09 11:47 AM
ditto on recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. CodeBangaa 5/28/09 12:32 PM
Another for recurring tasks. Also, would like to be able to change events into tasks and vice versa, or spawn a task from a recurring event. How about associating tasks with calendars?
Re: Recurring tasks. jeffowentn 5/29/09 9:04 AM
I agree:

Recurring tasks
Ability to see multiple task lists at the same time and on the calendar at the same time
Ability to create tasks from events or events from tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. Ed Harriott 5/31/09 11:50 PM
I talk up google calendar and gmail and blogger and on and on... all the time.  A few things I would wish for... 
1) recurring tasks. 
2) pre-scheduled emails.  I would love to pre-write an email and schedule a send for sometime next week, for example. This way I could take care of sending teams timely reminder messages without having to be near a computer when I want the message to go out.
3) SMS reminders of tasks due and/or auto-emailed to-do lists.

Thanks Google... You're awesome!
Re: Recurring tasks. rnielsen 6/6/09 2:31 PM
I agree wholeheartedly on the desire for recurring tasks.

Re: Recurring tasks. yukino2002 6/7/09 12:13 PM
I also agree on the recurring tasks. That would be awesome!
Re: Recurring tasks. ndaniell 6/8/09 10:59 AM
I want recurring task!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. warmbers 6/10/09 12:52 AM
Recurring tasks along with Birthdays from Contacts have be 2 obvious changes but make sure users can choose these options in settings. My Palm Pre will display the birthdays in calendar from contacts (which are sync'd and 'pushed' from my google contacts using the new fab EAS access) - make sure I don't end up with 2 Birthday details - or will this just be another win for Palm 'synergy'
Re: Recurring tasks. erangel 6/11/09 3:18 PM
Please I need recurring tasks!!! and would be great birthday from contacts.
Re: Recurring tasks. bamasunshine 6/14/09 2:17 PM
+1 for recurring tasks plz :)
Re: Recurring tasks. sajendra 6/16/09 8:40 AM
I would also love the recurring tasks feature! It would be great if I could plan out my fitness schedule in advance (i.e. shoulder workout daily, leg workout every other day), and have the satisfaction of clicking the check box when I've done it for one day, and also noticing which days I missed.
Re: Recurring tasks. Old Goat 6/20/09 10:18 PM
I also find that recurring tasks would be an imperative addition in order to make "Tasks" at all useful to me.

Tasks should be able to recur by the same options given for events, plus the option to recur annually by nth day of week in a particular month (e.g. 2nd Tuesday in March).

This additional recurrence option would be welcome for events, as well--not all annual events recur on a date (such as many holidays, change to or from DST, etc.).
Re: Recurring tasks. hochgurgler 7/7/09 5:27 PM
Recurring tasks would be beautiful.

Think of this: Every January 1st a recurring tasks starts going to get me to book with the florist a delivery of flowers for my wife for Valentine's day.

The task should send me an e-mail message every day all the while the task is not completed. (Or, better yet, include its nudge in a daily digest of outstanding tasks e-mailed to me every day.)

I will have quite a few days when I am just too busy all day, but if I keep getting the nudge every day, I will likely get it done in time.

 I am not a diary-oriented or task-organiser-oriented person, so I do not look at my diary or task-organiser every day. I do however look at my e-mail every day, pretty much without fail.

If I just get one reminder on January 1st, I might do it, but I might be too busy that day, and then forget about it.

I don't want to have to create a task for myself based upon a calendar reminder --- that is a trivial piece of work which the machine should do for me.
Re: Recurring tasks. curtcleancut 7/9/09 10:49 AM
Please Please add recurring tasks!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. PaulSchliep 7/9/09 3:38 PM
I will drop RTM the instant that Google Tasks can create a recurring task as easily as a recurring calendar item.
Re: Recurring tasks. sammyboy405 7/14/09 11:14 PM
Recurring Tasks is a Must have.  I have Daily things I Do, and If I can put that in as a recurring that sure would save me time from having to hand enter current tasks that are repetitive.
Re: Recurring tasks. BrookeBook 7/29/09 9:18 AM
I need this feature for Tasks to be the real replacement for other to-dos. 

Also, please allow users to set a time for a task to be due, similar to events. 
Re: Recurring tasks. Melissa92901 7/31/09 7:51 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. Jackson Berry 8/10/09 12:47 PM
I agree, please add a recurring task function.  
Re: Recurring tasks. ifieatturkey 8/18/09 12:27 PM
Recurring tasks woot!! Customizability always a plus!
(Well, up to a certain point...)
Re: Recurring tasks. xarophti 8/24/09 6:14 PM
recurring tasks is definately a must.  I like to set up a weekly reminder for a certain task that I like to "check off" so I'd really rather not make it an appointment.  Would be especially helpful for things like medication reminders, etc.
Re: Recurring tasks. chimerical 9/1/09 4:03 PM
+1 recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. nitaj 9/2/09 7:05 AM
+1 recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. scotglen 9/9/09 12:27 PM
Another vote for recurring tasks. :)
Re: Recurring tasks. jmadosky 9/9/09 7:03 PM
Another vote for recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. Belsevy 9/14/09 11:35 AM
Add my name to the petition for recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. luckymojo 9/14/09 5:29 PM
+1 recurring tasks
+1 tasks on daily emailed agenda
+1 all tasks from all lists visible
Re: Recurring tasks. hadasreich1 9/17/09 9:01 AM
Yes please recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. jdavidgiese 9/20/09 8:23 AM
I agree, it would be really, really useful to have recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. hwkns 9/25/09 9:25 PM
Recurring tasks would be great!  Also, mapping tasks to a specific time of day, not just an entire day - that would be wonderful.  I like to keep track of my school assignments and when they're due, and I can't really do that with the current features of Gcal.  Also, this does seem pretty easy to implement...  why has it been more than four months since this was suggested?
Re: Recurring tasks. enobayram 9/29/09 5:54 AM
Yes please
Re: Recurring tasks. S_R 10/1/09 3:40 AM
Yes PLEAAAASE  Recurring Tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. robfin 10/3/09 11:56 AM
Add me to those who would appreciate a recurring task feature.
Re: Recurring tasks. dabbo65 10/13/09 4:59 AM
Yes, recurring task and SMS reminder would be great.
Re: Recurring tasks. akchadwick 10/19/09 2:57 PM
Definitely need recurring tasks, and I'm glad to see that so many others want this feature as well.
Re: Recurring tasks. Jenn Ogle 10/20/09 7:49 AM
Add me to the list needing recurring events!   I made a separate calendar for all my weekly/monthly recurring tasks, but it doesn't allow me to check things off as they are done.   
Re: Recurring tasks. Acert93 10/26/09 7:53 PM
Like Jenn Ogle above me, recurring events is a must! I, too, need the ability to mark off tasks on my daily/weekly lists. Would be a great addition!
Re: Recurring tasks. jrummell 10/27/09 8:04 PM
+1 for recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. amandaw33 10/28/09 10:44 AM
recurring events - please - this has been requested over and over!
Re: Recurring tasks. rick wintomac 11/1/09 5:06 PM
recurring tasks is 'industry standard' . . . do it now.  :)
Re: Recurring tasks. ataferner 11/9/09 11:04 AM
Recurring Tasks is a must have feature!
Re: Recurring tasks. jenbeast1 11/20/09 3:34 AM
yes recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. Splatter 11/23/09 9:09 PM
Gotta agree with the above posters.  I really need recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. jonralph1 11/29/09 1:35 AM
Recurring tasks please
Re: Recurring tasks. leeep 11/29/09 3:49 AM
recurring tasks is a pretty HUGE oversight on the design team... this is a necessity if this app is meant for prime time.   please implement this asap.
Re: Recurring tasks. LadySlipper 12/5/09 5:06 AM
Please, please recurring tasks......
Re: Recurring tasks. Avlor 12/7/09 5:09 PM
Yes please recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. Suzeee 12/8/09 9:01 AM
Yet another vote for a recurring task :o)
Re: Recurring tasks. rvasquez 12/11/09 1:40 PM
YES!!!! Would also like the recurring feature!
Re: Recurring tasks. loribug26 12/15/09 9:45 AM
Need to be able to be set as recurring AND have a reminder option!!! Please????
Re: Recurring tasks. petevaughan 12/17/09 11:22 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. JorgeRocha 12/21/09 9:15 AM
me too.
Re: Recurring tasks. zz74uty 12/21/09 7:28 PM
Yes, please put in recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. neelsmalan 12/29/09 2:32 AM
What beats me is that there is no answer from anybody from Google on this issue. Do you read this, Google?
Re: Recurring tasks. bonniefaust 1/4/10 10:42 AM
i don't think google reads these threads...similar issues on the 'synch tasks' forum.
Re: Recurring tasks. Peednas 1/7/10 9:12 PM
Someone from Google please implement this very easy feature!!
Re: Recurring tasks. D-M-C 1/8/10 10:46 AM
Yet another request for the same feature.
Re: Recurring tasks. mysteryg45 1/9/10 1:27 PM
Me too
Re: Recurring tasks. bryns 1/10/10 7:43 AM
Me too ... I would also like this feature.
Re: Recurring tasks. Yodelaidan 1/12/10 8:30 AM
1+ Recurring tasks feature!
Re: Recurring tasks. jtbbb 1/14/10 9:49 AM
yep recurring tasks please
and a way to associate tasks to a calendar
Re: Recurring tasks. lubirdy 1/16/10 3:30 PM
Need recurring tasks!!!!  Using regular calendar for bills and tried to pay one twice. Sadly, not the first time it's happened. Please add them!!
Re: Recurring tasks. _Dutch 1/19/10 1:57 PM
Re: Recurring tasks. Codemonkey85 1/22/10 7:12 AM
I am also wanting a task due time, as well as recurrence options.
Re: Recurring tasks. flape 1/22/10 7:54 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. chimezien 1/22/10 8:01 AM
We need the Recurring Tasks feature and alter also
Re: Recurring tasks. Devin 1/22/10 9:36 AM
Yes, recurring tasks please.
Re: Recurring tasks. kylejwisniewski 1/26/10 1:40 PM
Yes, recurring tasks please.
Re: Recurring tasks. pama64 2/2/10 10:36 AM
Would like recurring tasks and to see more than one task list sync to calendar-to have one place for everything would be ideal
Re: Recurring tasks. bravozula 2/2/10 1:44 PM
Yes, yes, yes............please add "recurring" tasks as an option.
Re: Recurring tasks. bbfrog 2/5/10 7:41 AM
Please, dear Google, make my tasks recurring! I need all the help I can get!
Re: Recurring tasks. smolina 2/11/10 6:52 PM
I totally agree with this.
Re: Recurring tasks. BradJones 2/12/10 8:47 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. shiznitz345 2/14/10 12:06 PM
Would like recurring tasks and to see more than one task list sync to calendar-to have one place for everything would be ideal.That would be most helpful.
Re: Recurring tasks. blrose1228 2/22/10 2:31 PM
Add me in too. Would love to see recurring task! Does anyone have any knowledge of when this might happen? Is Google hearing us??????? The first post about recurring task was way back in May of 2009. Come on Google....I know you have bigger stuff on your plate but this is important to us!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. Futchy 2/25/10 6:26 AM
Please add this feature google. Would make a great product even better.
Re: Recurring tasks. Gremlin 2/27/10 9:15 PM
Me too please - recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. VioletGray 2/28/10 9:23 AM
It's been quite some time since this issue was posed. Sorry to see no reply.
I subscribe to a need for recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. ElleRust 3/1/10 7:45 AM
+1 Recurring Tasks
+1 all tasks from all lists option
+1 able to display multiple task lists at the same time
Would like to be able to prioritize by means other than date or order in the column (ideally two characters like A1, B3)
Would LOVE the ability to mark a task as "in progress" then change it to "done"
Re: Recurring tasks. denise.vajdak 3/6/10 6:22 AM
We NEED recurring tasks-it's not an option.  If we had Recurring tasks and alerts that we could set to go off at a specific time, then we wouldn't have to use external apps such as Remember the Milk.  These should not be that difficult to program.  It's the same as Calendar appointments except that they move forward if they are not completed.

Is anyone from Google out there?  An acknowledgement would be nice.
Re: Recurring tasks. bushveld 3/18/10 4:44 AM
One more vote for reocurring tasks !

Re: Recurring tasks. d.trapasso 3/18/10 11:39 AM
One more vote for recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. tml12 3/19/10 11:06 AM
PLEASE add me to the list of people requesting the following: 
+1 Recurring Tasks, with options similar to recurring events in calendar (this is a BIG ONE ... PLEASE ADD ASAP!!)
+1 Option to select which task lists (or all task lists) are displayed in calendar, ** with sync to phone **
+1 Option to view all items on task lists simultaneously
+1 Option to prioritize by means other than date or order in the column (by some nifty prioritization system)
+1 Option to mark a task as "in progress" then change it to "done"
It would be much appreciated if someone from Google could address the status of this request?  Are these ideas being considered or worked on?  If so, is there an estimated date for completion? 
The calendar & tasks applications are great, but would be so much more effective w/ these enhancements!!
Thanks so much!! 

Re: Recurring tasks. ThePimento 3/19/10 11:35 AM
Tasks needs to be made into Tasks as it's done in Outlook.

We need:
Recurring tasks
Show days instead of Tasks Lists:
     For instance, I have certain tasks to do on the 25th of the month, then the last day of the month, etc. Why not have a Task list view where it shows what's due Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc. so they all aren't grouped into one list. I'd like some separation so I know what day things need to be done. 

My company is looking at switching to Google Apps, but this is the biggest drawback so far. People need tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. windnwillows 3/28/10 6:14 AM
Yet another vote for recurring task feature.
Re: Recurring tasks. ellegitimate 4/4/10 5:48 PM
yes! recurring tasks! please!
Re: Recurring tasks. forgot2panic 4/7/10 10:06 PM
Please add recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. smolina 4/11/10 4:07 PM
Somebody of Google is reading this?
I also need recurring tasks. It's a must have feature.
There is another thread about the same thing:
Re: Recurring tasks. lifer 4/11/10 11:41 PM
It appears that all agree that recurring tasks is a must have.  The other must have is Tasks that rollover to the next day when they are not completed on the "due" date.
Re: Recurring tasks. Jtgates 4/27/10 9:30 AM
sign me up, this would be very helpful.
Re: Recurring tasks. Rt_Bower 4/30/10 10:54 AM
You would think that a useful calendar app would provide this without asking.  What really bothers me, this damn request has gone unanswered and unfulfilled for about a year now.  The same shit is happening with Google Docs feature requests.  Google seems to have abandoned "Google Apps".  Zoho doesn't provide this functionality either; but, at least they respond to requests with some answer and provide a road map with schedule for planned updates.  Get on the stick Google.  It can't be because you don't have enough money or staff!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. foneguy 4/30/10 2:25 PM
I'm a new GCal user. I just imported all my Outlook calendar items, went to lots of trouble re-creating all the recurring items, then discovered to my great disappointment that the recurring calendar items don't stick in a reminder list waiting to be checked off ("Dismissed" in Outlook).

A recurring tasks feature would fix this problem.  Or, implement a Reminder List like in Outlook that requires each item to be manually checked off.

Without this capability, GCal (IMHO) is useless.  Bummer I wasted so much time configuring it...
Re: Recurring tasks. forgot2panic 5/9/10 11:24 AM
I love cal, gmail, reader, docs and all the google apps.  I also love the simplicity of tasks.  BUT we need recurring tasks asap!  Please don't force me to use a third party solution.  I want the same integration.
Re: Recurring tasks. smervincle 5/20/10 8:08 PM
i cant believe it would be so complicated to create some a simple feature. this is a basic must have. wtf guys?
Re: Recurring tasks. weigelmom 5/27/10 7:09 PM
Google, I love your gmail, gcalander and gcontacts...I've told a ton of people about it and I've switched to all paperless because Google is so great...make it a little bit better and add recurring tasks that will appear on my calander on the due date...This way I can keep track of when my bills are due...From a busy mom with a full time job and an ill husband, I beg you, please do this!
Re: Recurring tasks. Quincifari 6/1/10 1:45 PM
Would like reoccurring tasks option/feature.  Would also be nice to have the option to print the tasks with the calendar :-)
Re: Recurring tasks. essentiae 6/9/10 6:01 AM
+1 for recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. gaidigt 6/10/10 2:36 PM
+1 for recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. Rayynn 6/21/10 1:49 PM
Would also like Reoccuring Tasks... and a comprehensive list view that shows ALL lists. It's nice to have in the calendar as well.. but I'd like to ONLY see tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. wakabra 6/28/10 12:30 PM
It would be sooooo nice to have recurring tasks!!!! 
Re: Recurring tasks. ScampMichael 6/28/10 12:40 PM
How do I unsubscribe from this post. I am currently receiving an email every time someone replies to this post and it is getting somewhat ridiculous.
I have tried clicking on '
Unsubscribe from answers to this question' from the individual emails and unchecking  'Email me when people reply' on the post. I've been doing this for months now and am still receiving the emails.
Anyone know how to get them to stop?
Re: Recurring tasks. EdFF 7/10/10 7:22 PM
Can't understand why it isn't there yet
Re: Recurring tasks. LGeorge 7/16/10 8:13 AM
I also need this feature!!!! Please make it happen!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. ric3bowl 7/26/10 9:00 AM
I use recurring tasks almost exclusively on my PIM. It's used for medication and they're usually the most important items that I need to check off (instead of set up recurring appointments, not a good work-around). I'd like recurring tasks as well, especially since it is these recurring tasks that I probably don't remember to do on the day they're due as compared to the tasks I set up either a few days in advance or even on the day of.
Re: Recurring tasks. a.brent.richards 7/29/10 10:49 AM
I'll add my request for recurring tasks to the pile.
Re: Recurring tasks. EvelynWenzel 7/30/10 7:52 PM
+1 on recurring tasks especially with the ability to recur at an interval after the previous was completed.
Daily e-mailed agenda sounds awesome too!
Re: Recurring tasks. leeep 8/5/10 1:49 PM
why is this feature not implemented yet?  this is a vital feature of any PIM software.
Re: Recurring tasks. foneguy 8/9/10 3:56 PM
To all those who have asked "Why isn't this feature implemented yet?" :

The reason is simple: Google has an established track record of developing new web applications with just enough features to get you to start using them. Then they redirect their developers onto other projects leaving most of their users begging for fine-tuning and "finishing" that would actually make their apps 100% usable. My guess on Google Calendar is that there are NO actual developers 100% working on it now.

Google is only interested in implementing the bare minimum to allow them to data mine your life and communications, all for the purpose of selling more targeted ad clicks via the apps you use that are linked in your master Google account. In effect Google has become a one trick pony, which their CEO has openly admitted last week.

They know once you invest your time to set things up and start using their apps, it will be much harder for you to switch to something else.  This is something they obviously count on since they feel they have no competition. Why jump through hoops if they don't have to?

I have personally witnessed this pattern with Google Voice, Google Calendar, and the Android apps for Gmail, etc. Until Google faces stiffer competition with their web apps, expect more of the same.  However, history does repeat itself and eventually I think Google will regret their "just enough" strategy.

Re: Recurring tasks. tr4shb4t 8/23/10 5:23 AM
"They know once you invest your time to set things up and start using their apps, it will be much harder for you to switch to something else.  This is something they obviously count on since they feel they have no competition. Why jump through hoops if they don't have to?"

How, foneguy, do you explain the Data Liberation Front, then?
Re: Recurring tasks. clarke.pauley 8/30/10 11:55 PM
+1 Recurring tasks. Is the task feature turned off on the calendar?
Re: Recurring tasks. Risket 9/2/10 9:35 PM
I would love to see this feature also! I use my calendar to keep track of bills I need to pay. It would be much easier to keep track of what I have paid by being able to check them off and once they are checked the next occurrence of that task is added to the end of the tasks list.

Example: Cell Phone Bill due on September 3rd. Once I pay the bill I check it off. Cell Phone Bill due on October 3rd now appears on the Tasks list.
Re: Recurring tasks. mejpark 9/16/10 4:14 AM
Love Google Tasks, love Google Calendar. This feature would be very useful. Thanks!
Re: Recurring tasks. skdfication 9/20/10 8:41 AM
+1 Recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. avb1005 9/20/10 11:56 AM
Please, please, please add recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. djvaresi 10/1/10 11:36 AM
+1 recurring tasks
+1 task reminders that operate exactly like the calendar reminders (or very similar, i.e. customizable reminder time, option of SMS, pop-up, or email).

Another suggestion that would be super-sweet to see would be some sort of "Task Priority/Importance" and variable reminder types based on that importance.  For example, you could "star" important tasks the way you star emails in Gmail, and those starred tasks get the special privilege of all three reminder types because I'm a busy man and need to be harassed sometimes.
Re: Recurring tasks. 091787 10/3/10 9:29 AM
Fully agree with foneguy..

We are where we are because people are simply addicted to "free".  Firefox is about to lose it's fabulous Xmarks service.. Why? No enough voluntary donations to keep it going!  If Xmarks were to require paid subscriptions you know what will happen? People will move to the next free competing add-on.  So people get what they deserve.. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR FREE!!??  If you pay for a service then you can complain of the delay in improvements.. With Gmail we DO pay with our data though..

I would pay for something that competes with Gmail in a heartbeat.. and I just may do that.. But then I hope the vendor has enough support or I may get left high and dry someday.
Re: Recurring tasks. 091787 10/3/10 9:50 AM
Also, every additional feature is more server load for Google..
Re: Recurring tasks. lowspeed 10/5/10 12:56 PM
This is a must feature!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. marketwizard74 10/12/10 4:02 PM
Recurring Tasks would be a dream come true!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. Aleria 10/14/10 6:02 PM
For those that are tired of waiting around for them to add the whole recurring tasks option I found a temporary work around that suits me just fine.

In the calendar settings under labs there is one called "Add any gadget by URL"

If you enable this feature you can now use another gadget called "todoist"

Just enter that as the url of the gadget you'd like to add and you can setup your todoist account with as many different to do lists and very customizable recurring tasks right there in a side bar just as the normal "tasks" bar would be.

I started using it a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it for managing my bill payment reminders. So much easier than going back through my bank account to try to remember what has been paid and what hasn't.
Re: Recurring tasks. mndt 10/15/10 5:35 AM
Yes, I would like to set up a task to regenerate 1 day/week/month/year after the task is completed.
Re: Recurring tasks. eliyak 10/20/10 6:37 AM
+1 for recurring tasks!
Re: Recurring tasks. Adrienne121 10/21/10 11:20 AM
Hey Tasks Users!

Thanks for continuing to let us know which tasks features you'd like us to improve, we really appreciate your feedback. We'd also really appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes and vote on the Tasks ideas in this poll (or add new ones):

We're always working on bettering the experience with our products, so your feedback is very valuable in this process.

I'll be leaving the Poll up until Friday, November 19th. It'll become inactive in the early evening.

Thanks again for your time,

Re: Recurring tasks. 10/31/10 8:21 AM
1,5 year left - and we not have this feature :(
Re: Recurring tasks. nsentz 11/3/10 12:38 PM
Yes, yes, yes for recurring tasks! Then I can give up Outlook.
Re: Recurring tasks. rustymaynard 11/19/10 5:58 AM
i concur with requests above and additionally i would find sending SMS texts to tasks very helpful
Re: Recurring tasks. SSwaroop 11/28/10 11:13 AM
Yes I do want recurring tasks, which work as reminders for credit card/utility payments which turn around every month. 
Re: Recurring tasks. wakabra 12/2/10 10:28 PM
Is google working a way to allow us to enter recurring tasks?  ;o)
Re: Recurring tasks. lnhanna 12/17/10 6:58 AM
Need the recurring task feature!!
Re: Recurring tasks. maltachemlabs 12/29/10 5:18 AM
Recurring Tasks with alert facility would be awesome. I think the facility for a Gantt Chart for tasks would also be great but I don't want to get greedy. :)
Re: Recurring tasks. lusciousluka 1/5/11 9:06 AM
Yes, tasks is one of the last missing features for me in the Google platform.
Re: Recurring tasks. brinlo 1/5/11 9:09 AM
+1 recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. leeep 1/13/11 6:11 PM
It appears voting for this item on the ProductIdeas site is disabled.  This feature really needs to be implemented already... it's been over a year now since the OP...
Re: Recurring tasks. srblush 1/14/11 12:32 AM
If we can't get a recurring task feature how about a check box on events? Right now I have to create an event like "Credit card due" and make it recurring. Then I have to make a Task for the same thing so I can check it off when it is paid.What a hassle.
Re: Recurring tasks. Adrienne121 1/31/11 2:19 PM
Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Tasks feature request poll a few months ago! We were overwhelmed by the number of responses we received and are so excited to have everyone involved in the process.

We published a blog post last week with some of our results, I'd recommend checking that out if you have time:

Thanks again for participating and providing your feedback, we're looking forward to an exciting 2011!

Re: Recurring tasks. ShabbyX 1/31/11 7:37 PM
Would also like recurring tasks

Re: Recurring tasks. dapneym 1/31/11 8:51 PM
I'm very glad that Google will be working on adding repeating/recurring tasks to Calendar.  I really love using Calendar (the interface is so clean and it's so easily accessed from anywhere), and repeating tasks will definitely make it significantly better.

+1 for repeating tasks :)
Re: Recurring tasks. christianguitarfreak 2/2/11 4:20 PM
Add another to the list for recurring tasks
Re: Recurring tasks. Guy W. 2/3/11 9:02 AM
Pretty pretty please can you work on creating recurring tasks ASAP?
Re: Recurring tasks. Quantum Faze 3/1/11 5:50 PM
+1 Recurring Tasks
+1 Reminder for Task
Re: Recurring tasks. JMartinSNL 3/24/11 8:40 AM
+1 Recurring Tasks
+1 Reminder for Task

Please get on this! Outlook is running circles around your (our) calendar and task features!!
Re: Recurring tasks. ManWithCamera 4/25/11 11:44 AM
I was just contemplating my needs for time management and I envisioned a tool for managing my time as a number of recurring tasks, which each recur on their own schedule.  As the tasks reach their scheduled reminder point they would change color from white to green, and eventually turn to red if they were ignored for too long.  This would allow me to balance all of my different priorities by reminding me of lower priority tasks which still need attention now and then.  If a higher priority task (like exercise, for instance) has been handled recently, I could read a chapter in one of the four different books I've started but never finished, or read some blogs, change the cat litter, cut the grass, etc.  If I know I have a device which will remind me of all the little things, eventually, I could more easily focus I what to do today, instead of being overwhelmed by EVERYTHING.
Re: Recurring tasks. sawthompson 6/17/11 1:32 PM
Recurring tasks please

Re: Recurring tasks. ozy1234 7/8/11 9:06 AM
Please add recurring tasks. 

- a system we can use to prioritise tasks - colours/numbering/reordering. 

- ability to click and postpone by a day or click and say bring all overdue to current. 
Re: Recurring tasks. Nao Nozawa 7/8/11 12:03 PM
Recurring tasks, please!
Re: Recurring tasks. WombatZ14 7/12/11 8:30 AM
The lack of recurring tasks is really the only reason I am still using something other than Google Tasks. I see two years of posts asking for this feature; hopefully Google will add it soon, and finally bring this app in line with the same level of capability and quality that we've all come to know.
Re: Recurring tasks. jvandenbroek 7/23/11 7:38 AM
Count me in, now I'm scheduling recurring events in Calendar, but would make much more sense to put them in Tasks! Now I'm not always sure if I've already done such task / event, which can be confusing.
Re: Recurring tasks. foneguy 8/3/11 4:58 PM
Remember The Milk ( is a very well-designed, well thought out recurring tasks tool that integrates nicely with Google Calendar.

IMHO, based on the kind of app design and inflexible "child-oriented" UI implementations I have seen out of Google lately, I highly doubt they will come even close to RTM.

If you want recurring tasks, use RTM.  I've been using it for several months and it really is a very well designed and production quality utility.
Re: Recurring tasks. dhaus111 8/12/11 9:43 AM
I would love to have recurring tasks.  I'm using google calendar as a scheduled maintenance organizer for the boat I work on.  Recurring tasks with as many options as possible (Such as "the first monday every six months") would be great.  Another option would be to recur on a fixed date or a more dynamic one like 3 months from the time of completion.  Also  possibly a setting to have "task" be the default type as opposed to "event".  Thanks google!
Re: Recurring tasks. robyngaylor 9/15/11 1:55 PM
I notice this post was from 2 years ago, and it looks like recurring tasks is a number one issue...can anyone tell me why it has not been resolved?  I would love the ability to create a task linked to a calendar entry as well.
Re: Recurring tasks. Spartanplantman 9/19/11 7:49 PM
Re: Recurring tasks. davidagee 9/21/11 4:16 PM
Is development dead on Google Tasks? This seems like something that should be fairly trivial, and it's been languishing for over two years? I can't find a single solution that allows me to manage a calendar and set up recurring to-dos. Outlook for OSX won't subscribe to my Google Calendar, and both iCal and Google Calendar lack recurring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. Michael.Fiedeldey 10/26/11 9:56 AM
I would also greatly appreciate the recurring tasks feature. In fact, I haven't found that I've had any use at all for the current implementation of tasks, but I would use recurring ones all the time. Currently, I just add the task as a calendar entry and delete individual ones as I finish them, but it would be much less cumbersome if the tasks just popped into the task list at the appropriate times.
Change oil every three months
Check furnace filter every 6 months
Flip/rotate mattress every 3 months
Clean leaves out of gutters every November 1st
Pay VISA bill on the 14th of each month
Re: Recurring tasks. Elizabeth.L.Baker 11/17/11 10:04 AM
Any hint anything is happening with this?  I'm still waiting for recurring tasks.  If they can have recurring events, how hard can it be to make recurring tasks?
Re: Recurring tasks. rwgtosu 11/29/11 8:52 AM
+1 recurring tasks

I agree, this needs to be implemented, otherwise I will be moving to another solution.  I am in desparate need to have a recurring weekly task automatically created and shared between myself and other employees that share the same calendar so that we can know when these tasks are completed.  Our current helpdesk software has a solution, but it isn't elegant enough for an end user to figure out.  I expected Google and their user friendly application would have had this simple solution already in place by this time.  Very disappointed it isn't.  Please make this possible!
Re: Recurring tasks. MaoMao 1/18/12 7:40 PM
I can set recurring tasks for my Google Calendar using the "Gtasks" App for my Andoid mobile phone. But still cant do it from within the Calandar.
Re: Recurring tasks. ochekurishvili 3/11/12 3:49 AM
Any updates on these improvements?

At least give us an approximate schedule when to expect these features implemented because it's been a whole year since this post and I can't see any of these listed tasks implemented.
Re: Recurring tasks. Mike Masi 3/30/12 5:45 PM
Hi MaoMao,
 I see that feature of gTasks but I don't see it showing up multiple times on my calendar like I'd like, so I think maybe it's just to remind you about the task at regular intervals.  I'd prefer to see separate, check-able items on my calendar.
Re: Recurring tasks. edkiefer 4/9/12 4:59 AM
This is a must for me also. Yes to reccuring tasks.
Re: Recurring tasks. ScampMichael 6/6/12 9:06 AM
Any updates?? 

Now, we’re preparing to tackle some of your top requests. In no specific order, here are the top five feature requests that emerged from the Tasks product ideas page:
  • Ability to create repeating tasks
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Sharable task lists
  • Tasks API and synchronization
  • Visual distinction for overdue tasks
So thanks for all the feedback and stay tuned for changes to Tasks throughout the year. In the meantime, we wish you a productive (and Tasks-filled) 2011!
Re: Recurring tasks. NickQP 6/8/12 9:48 AM
Hello! Micheal!! Hello!! In case you're still struggling with YOUR calender, it's actually 2012!!!!
Re: Recurring tasks. -=|MisterY|=- 7/20/12 5:14 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. Krille_R 8/1/12 5:45 AM
Re: Recurring tasks. Fabio Lourenço 10/4/12 11:16 AM
Just added an issue for this feature:
Maybe Google will implement it if enough people vote for it.
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