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Google Calender: Year view Anduril73 9/21/09 12:55 AM

in Google Labs is an new function for the calender: year view.

Great. But the starting day in the Calender View is Sunday.
In Germany the starting day is usually monday.

Can you add the possibility to make this setting "Starting day" in the year view?

Re: Google Calender: Year view coolnanobrain 9/21/09 7:19 AM
The current lab feature is not visible in Chrome. 
Re: Google Calender: Year view sgeorgii 10/7/09 10:04 PM
Year view does not work for me at all.
I enabled it, year control appeared on the calendar form, there is no visible way to get to the yearly view! Please help!
Re: Google Calender: Year view sgeorgii 10/7/09 10:04 PM
PS: Internet Explorer 8
Re: Google Calender: Year view radiorobot 10/9/09 10:41 AM
year view shows but no data in firefox
Re: Google Calender: Year view sgeorgii 10/9/09 11:26 AM
Same for me with Firefox - the year view gets shown but with no data in it. Useless.
Re: Google Calender: Year view jeroen007 10/10/09 6:07 AM
The year view is not visible in IE 7 only the containe with year view is visible no conent is displayed
Re: Google Calender: Year view mgmcguire1 10/10/09 11:37 AM
I like the yearly view, but the box to set the year takes up WAY too much screen real estate. Is there any way to integrate it as a tab next to the Day | Week | Month | Agenda tabs?
Re: Google Calender: Year view dalinda 10/11/09 2:32 AM
Can you add the possibility to make set "Starting day" in the year view?
In EU  mostly use monday, as first day of week.
Re: Google Calender: Year view FilB 11/20/09 6:05 AM
Like others, my preference is for week beginning on Monday.  Calendar settings already has "Week Starts on" setting, which controls how Week and Month views appear.  Year View should use same setting.
Re: Google Calender: Year view j.Cusano 11/20/09 1:03 PM
I find the Year view very useful, but would also much rather see it implemented as another tab with the existing calendar views (ex: Day | Week | Month | Year) and have it honor the "Week Starts on" setting in the General preferences panel. It would also be quite handy if clicking a day in the Year view displayed a pop-up listing of calendar entries for that day, similar in visual style to the Agenda tab, with a link/button at the top or bottom of the list that jumps to that day in the Day view.

Excellent idea, though; thanks for the work you've done so far on this feature, Dave M. :)
Re: Google Calender: Year view AMiguel 11/21/09 4:15 AM
If we want to PLAN, I think that the YEAR VIEW is the most important view, and it has to be complety integreted with the DAY, WEEK and MONTH views. Why? Because the YEAR view gives us the power to control and antecipate the facts/events, global vision, at least, for the next 12 months.
So, I would like to have the YEAR VIEW, and THE NEXT 12 MONTHS VIEW too: For me is important to know all my tasks/objectives/events/targets, already accepted for THE NEXT 12 MONTHS (at this moment it will be 2 month of 2009 and
But is fundamental that in both YEAR VIEW, and THE NEXT 12 MONTHS VIEW, we could see at least the resumes (AT LEAST ONE LINE FREE TO WRITE AND SEE) of our own tasks. And we should have the possibility to mark the holidays our countries.
I know there is a problem of space limit, so you could give the possibility for people thats want/need to write AND SEE more tasks in this both views (YEAR and 12 MOTHS), to see the 1/2 YEAR VIEW or THE NEXT 6 MONTH VIEW.
 Thats what TMI, Time Manager International (DK), has done with their "ANNUAL OVERVIEW": All the year, WITH ONE LINE AVAIABLE TO USE, FOR EACH DAY OF THE YEAR (format paper).
Thank you,
Alvaro Venancio  
Re: Google Calender: Year view Rock Bannon 11/22/09 10:51 AM
The year view defaults to the current year. So, for example, at today, November 22, the view defaults to 2009. When changed to 2010 for a look ahead, the 2010 calendar is displayed. But if the screen is refreshed or user logs off/on, the year reverts to 2009. It would be useful to me to have the option to display either the current year or a fixed year. However, I'd settle for what most have asked for in the way of a custom tab with a Year option or simply the addition of a Year tab as a default.
Re: Google Calender: Year view kenswift 12/11/09 8:02 AM
Besides people mentioning that in Europe the default first day of the week is Monday, this is also the case in the U.S. Military (and I suspect, by extension, the military and police forces of countries around the world).
Re: Google Calender: Year view momomomo 12/13/09 6:49 PM
From all the ideas suggested above, my favorite one is the "Next 6 monts" view (actually, the "Next 7 months" view, you'll see why when you read this...). I think being able to see/add/modify events is really important, no matter what view you choose.

Here is how I would settle the space limit problem. The example is given for the month of december 2009.

Imagine the "month" view. Change "Sunday" with the actual month (december 2009), "Monday" with "January 2010" and so on. Change the dates in the five horizontal bars with "Dec 1 to Dec 5", "Dec 6 to Dec 12", and so on (Five bars, five weeks).

This will allow us to see 4 events planned for each week. It would be especially useful to be able to drag events within a week in order to sort them by priority, as was suggested by user dtb2 on Sep 22 2009.
Re: Google Calender: Year view williams23 1/8/10 3:07 AM
Please add a button to print the year calendar in a nice way.
Re: Google Calender: Year view ebayda 1/10/10 5:17 AM
Great feature!

Some suggestions: 
Integrate the Year view deeply in the Calendar interface, in other words, make it one of the tabs like (Day view, Month view, etc)
Show it as wide and high as the screen size, not the fixed size.
Also, I'd like to see "Week starts on:" setting working in this view.

Re: Google Calender: Year view kevinmertens1990 3/17/10 6:09 AM
year view is not usefull yet.
some usefull ideas ;)

- Bold days that have appointements (maybe colored like the normal views, when you have different calendars)
- a tab instead of a button in the sidebar
- better use of the white space around it
* maybe there should be a frame there, where shows up a day view when clicking on a day
- weeknumbers
- print calendar year options maybe.
- when you click on a day go to that day, when you click on a weeknumber go to that week, when you click on a month go to that month.
- "weeks starts on" setting

guess the most of this ideas are already mentioned here above, but still :P

hope you guys will take a look at this list and implemented these ideas :)
Re: Google Calender: Year view 6/3/10 7:46 AM
I agree with @kevinmertens1990.  

Google Cal Year view would be helpful IF:

It was integrated into the Day Week Year Agenda tabs
It coloured the day (square) if there was an appointment in it (the point of year would be to see for quick reference any blocks of free space)
It was integrated into the embedding options so a year view could be framed into a website.
This was also integrated into the Google Apps side 

Re: Google Calender: Year view androchris 8/25/10 2:02 PM
Year VIEW.... NICE !

Also it would makes really sense when I could see where I have events!
For now its nice ... but not GREAT :)

...thanks for this start


Re: Google Calender: Year view rebeccapb 10/2/10 2:44 PM
I'd like a 4 week view starting TODAY - I don't need to see the days in the past in my calendar. Thanks for a great calendar
Re: Google Calender: Year view gerry_m 10/19/10 7:50 AM
Ah yes!!  A rolling 4 week view would be MOST helpful.   I was originally going to ask for a 5 week view.    MANY times I need to see more than 4 weeks, or just the NEXT week of the following month.   This is a major stumbling block to the way I use Google Calendar.    Either idea would be most helpful.
Re: Google Calender: Year view phreestyle 11/9/10 2:32 AM
I agree with most of what has been previously posted. 

A 'one year' view and a 'next 12 months' view would be awesome. I'd also like to see a quarter view, but realise that I may be pushing the limits. 

I like the calendar, so keep up the good work.
Re: Google Calender: Year view Vincent Keunen 12/1/10 5:26 AM
It would be useful to
- have the week start on monday (or a pref for that)
- display week numbers (and preferably also a pref to choose between US and ISO/EU numbering - see

Re: Google Calender: Year view TobiFromBavaria 1/4/11 6:45 AM
I cannot see my appointments in the year view.  I use Google Chrome.
Re: Google Calender: Year view bbstrikesagain 1/4/11 12:03 PM
As several have noted, need option for week to start on Monday, just like Month view, and better integration.  Another point would be to display week numbers, with ISO 8601 an option, as year view would be good for planning with week numbers.  For this week numbers should be built in and displayed alongside each week, not merely trying to display another calendar.  Then it would be great!
Re: Google Calender: Year view astrojoeuk 1/5/11 8:31 AM
I like the idea of the Year View, but it will be no use to me without seeing a summary of if certain days have events on them, if i am planning long term projects, or events that occur over a long period of time.
Re: Google Calender: Year view JoshuaTX 1/5/11 11:50 AM
I added the year view, but it doesn't show any of my events/appointments.  I'm assuming this is a bug because otherwise it's not really necessary.  I've tried it with Firefox on XP SP3, IE7 on Vista SP2, Chrome on Vista SP2. I tried both appointments and all-day events (tested in current month then switched to Year view).  It's a great idea, but only if it shows what days have events on them. 
Re: Google Calender: Year view laslas 6/14/11 2:19 PM
I added year view and agree it should be part of the way the regular calendar displays.
Additionally, it doesn't all display in one screen on my laptop (larger fonts) and there is no scroll bar.  So I have to select a month instead of day of the month for  the last 4 months.
It should display fully (that is reduce it to a font that fits a window so you get a real year view) with the option to enlarge the font.  This should keep those of us who are visually impaired happy, we can squint at the year view but enlarge (with scroll bar) to see clearly even if we can actually see a whole year at once.  Great idea and I think the calendar is a great product...keep up the good work.  Thanks
Re: Google Calender: Year view lninow 7/1/11 2:28 PM
Firefox 4, I have a smaller monitor, and I can't even see the whole year, the last row of months only displays about the top two weeks of them, and there is no scroll bar... please allow me to see whole year.
Re: Google Calender: Year view maxwell1858 11/26/11 7:05 AM
I've got the same problem with the last row of the months below disappeared.  It's quite annoying. 
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