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Merge Request Barry Schwartz 9/11/12 4:44 AM
Jade, can I request a merge?

The West Nyack address is where we moved to a few months ago.  I changed the address at Google Places a month or so ago but the Suffern address is still listed.

I'd love for the Suffern address to be merged into the West Nyack address if possible.

Address information can be confirmed on

Re: Merge Request jim.jaggers 9/12/12 12:38 PM
Google will only merge two listings that should be the same.  In this case, since they are separate physical locations, Google will consider them two listings.  Find and Edit Details link on the old listing and flag it as closed, this will stop the listing from showing up in categorical searches.
Re: Merge Request Barry Schwartz 9/12/12 12:41 PM

That listing, the 2 Exec was the one I edited in my Google Places.  Now there are two listings. I don't know why.

I rather migrate the reviews and pictures and stuff from the 2 Exec to the 250 West Nyack.

Does that make sense?
Re: Merge Request jim.jaggers 9/12/12 2:33 PM
It makes sense, it just isn't an option available to you.  Reviews are matched to local listings in a process that likely uses the business Name, Address, and Phone number as signals.  Sometimes when a business moves, the reviews will move with it...eventually; but often they do not.
Re: Merge Request Barry Schwartz 9/12/12 2:56 PM
Not going to mark is as closed, I will leave it.

I'll wait for the move feature or maybe Jade can do an old timer a favor. :)
Re: Merge Request Jade W. 9/12/12 3:54 PM
@Barry -- wish I could offer a better solution, but right now, the way Places handles businesses that have moved is the way Jim describes. Mark the old one as closed, make a new page for the new location. I've heard the feedback loud and clear that this is not ideal, and we're hoping to have an improved system in the future.