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AdWords Express ad not Running? Find Out Why!

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AdWords Express ad not Running? Find Out Why! Express Pro.Neetu 6/28/12 2:49 AM
Hello Everyone,

I’m a Specialist with the AdWords Express team. Having worked with and resolved queries of advertisers, I have seen a lot of questions around ‘Ad Unseen’. So, today, I will be talking about the various reasons why your AdWords Express ad may not be running with us or why you are unable to locate your AdWords Express ad.

1. AdWords Express ad Status:

For AdWords Express ad status, remember DU'DE' -- Disapproved, Under review, Deactivated.

  • Disapproved - When the ad or the website you promote violates our advertising policies, the ad is disapproved. In such cases, you will be notified regarding the same via an email. So, please go through the email to find which ad was disapproved, why and then make the necessary changes to your ad/website to get it re-reviewed and approved. Here is a list of disapproval reasons and steps on how to fix it.

  • Under Review - This means that your ad is still being reviewed and it will not be eligible to run with us until we review and approve it. Please keep in mind that every time you submit new ads or make changes to existing ads, they're automatically submitted for review to ensure that they adhere to all of our advertising policies. If this is the scenario and its been more than 2-3 business days since you created a new ad or made changes to it, then please contact our support team via this form and we will be more than happy to get your ad reviewed on priority.

  • DEactivated - In such instances, it is likely that you have deactivated your AdWords Express ad and to cross check this, please sign into your AdWords Express account at and choose the business you have created your AdWords Express ad for. If your ad for the chosen Business is deactivated, then you will receive a pop up message that reads - "You currently have no active ads associated with this business".

    We just wish you resume running your AdWords Express ad again -- if so, you can by following these relevant steps.

2. Budget Issues

This is easy to figure out but advertisers tend to miss often, so here’s the best way to remember -- ‘MP’

  • Monthly Budget - It is possible that your ad is not running with us because of your monthly budget that has exhausted and in such instances, our system will automatically ‘pause’ your AdWords Express ad or end your AdWords Express ad to ensure that you do not accrue costs more than your monthly budget. So, you may want to cross check your AdWords Express account to see if your monthly budget has already been met. Additionally, please also note that your monthly budget will be spread across the month to ensure that you have enough funds to show your ad through out the month. And, it is possible that your ad may stop running with us when the budget per day has been met.

  • Pro-rated budget in AdWords Express - Please also note that the monthly budget for an AdWords Express ad is pro-rated which means that if the campaign is active for only half the calendar month, then only half the monthly budget will be available. So, for instance - if you activated your AdWords Express ad on 15th May and your monthly budget was set to $100, then only half the monthly budget will be available for the rest of May which is $50 and if this $50 gets exhausted by, say, May 26, your AdWords Express ad will stop running with us for the rest of the month (May 26 - May 31). But, however please be assured that our system will automatically resume your ad serving next month with your whole monthly budget of $100 ( in this example).  So, you may want to cross check your account and do the calculations to see if this was the issue that impacted your ad serving!

3. Prepaid Balance exhausted (if on Manual Payments)

If you are on Manual Payments, check the ‘
Re: AdWords Express ad not Running? Find Out Why! jonahewell 8/7/12 4:46 PM
Hi, thank you for posting this information. I recently received a disapproval notice due to trademark. I have a few different ads up under the same account, and as far as I can tell there is no way to tell which ad was disapproved. There is no clue in the email and no clue when I sign in to Adwords Express. 

However when I sign in I can tell from memory that one ad is missing, should I assume that is the one that was disapproved? Also there is no clue as to what particular phrase was thought to be infringing of trademark, so I don't know how to modify my ad. That would be helpful to know, not only so that I can change my ad, but also so that I can see if the trademark complaint was legitimate. 

Thank you in advance for any help you can give. 


Re: AdWords Express ad not Running? Find Out Why! `Keenan 8/7/12 8:39 PM
why not just call  Adwords Express and ask? 
Re: AdWords Express ad not Running? Find Out Why! Express Pro.Neetu 8/7/12 11:42 PM
Hi Jonah, 

Sorry to know that you face issues with your AdWords Express ads. Jonah, I need to access your account to see what is going on. So, I would strongly recommend you to write to our support team via this form who will be able to review your account and also give you specifics regarding the exact ad(s) that are disapproved and the steps you need to take to get them approved.

I hope this helps!


Neetu K
AdWords Express Pro