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Business moving locations? Here's what to do.

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Business moving locations? Here's what to do. Jade W. 2/19/13 2:45 PM
Hi business owners,

Just clarifying our policy for businesses moving addresses. For verified business owners:
  • If your business is moving addresses, you should edit your address in your Google Places for Business dashboard or in the Google+ page admin area.
  • In some cases, changing your address will simply edit the address on the existing page. In other cases, it will create a new page for the new address. This will happen automatically and is totally normal; don't worry! It might take a week or two after editing your address for a change to show up. 
  • Please note you may need to verify the new page.
  • If a new page is created for your business, you may want to mark the old page (with the old location) as closed. Do so by visiting the page, clicking on Report a problem, and select "Place is permanently closed. Then, in the box that appears, paste the URL for the new page (with the new location), so we can establish a link between the two pages.
Please contact our support team (here or here, click Contact Us) or start a new thread if you have questions or specific cases you would like assistance with. You can find more instructions on closing a location here:


(same information available here)