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Launched: A new offers interface

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Launched: A new offers interface vanessagene 5/20/12 6:54 PM
Hey all,

Wanted to make sure you saw: We've given the offers interface in the Google Places for business dashboard a new look! Log in to your Places account, click the "Offers" tab at the top, and check it out. 

Note: Offers are available in the U.S. only.

Some resources for you: 

Google Offers for business site:

Some of the questions we've been seeing in the forum:

Where do offers appear?
On mobile devies, via Google Maps for Android, and the Wallet and Offers apps. To see if your offer is live, you'll need to search for it on an Android device.

Where are offers available?
See my note about: Offers are only available in the U.S.

Can I upload an offer to my bulk listings?
No, just the listings you claim individually via postcard or phone.

Let me know if you have questions or feedback. Please keep this thread on-topic to offers feedback and questions.

Re: Launched: A new offers interface Linda Buquet ~ 5/9/12 12:58 PM
Exciting week with all these new product launches and upgrades. Cool stuff!

I just finished blogging about the Android update and thought business owners here might be interested in the consumer facing announcement too, to get a better feel for what potential customers will see and how consumers can use these new features.

Read about all the new mobile features including Offers and 360 degree business photos here:

Re: Launched: A new offers interface Yogi76 5/16/12 7:32 AM
The "Other restrictions" field has been shortened to just 100 characters, which is simply too short. The old offers allowed, I believe, 200 characters which was more reasonable.
Re: Launched: A new offers interface vanessagene 5/16/12 9:05 AM
@Yogi - Hmm didn't realize that myself. Not sure the reasoning behind it, but I'll pass that feedback along to the offers team. Thanks!