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Categories not showing on local Google+ pages?

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Categories not showing on local Google+ pages? Jade W. 9/27/12 10:42 AM
It seems that categories are not appearing on some local Google+ pages. (Or, relatedly, some categories are showing, and some are not.)

First, visit the local Google+ page for your business and click on the categories. The additional categories may appear. We only display 2 categories on the page, and users must click to see additional categories.

Uncommon categories are not displaying anymore. Try to make at least one of your categories one of the ones that auto-populates in Google Places for Business.

If you're using common categories, and clicking on them doesn't make them appear, try troubleshooting as you would any other data issue:
- Edit in the Google Places for Business dashboard and wait a few days or about a week to see if the edit goes live.
- Report a data inaccuracy by clicking on Edit business details on the right side of the page.

You can also try using MapMaker:
- Find your location on 
- Edit -> Select a Place, then click where your business is located
- Edit -> Edit this place
- add your desired category if it's not already there, Submit
Please note -- MapMaker edits need to go through review (just like all other edits) before going live.