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Sevice Area Business with recent "do not support this location" message?

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Sevice Area Business with recent "do not support this location" message? Jade W. 12/5/12 10:24 AM
Edit, December 2012 -- By now, most listings in #4 described below should be revived.

Here's the state of these listings now (October 8):

Sevice-area businesses who are experiencing the "We currently do not support this location" message should --

1.) Check to make sure you comply with the quality guidelines, particularly hiding your address, if appropriate.
2.) Once you're sure you comply, contact the support team (select the last option).
3.) If possible, the team will reinstate listings that are OK.
4.) Sometimes, the support team cannot reinstate a listing, even if it's OK. These listings cannot be brought back because of an issue that we're still working on fixing. The support team will send an email back saying the listing is down due to a technical glitch. When we have an update, we will follow up with all of the people who got the message about the technical glitch.

What's the status of listings in #4?
For listings in #4, there isn't much course of action other than waiting. Please know that our team's doing everything we can to get them reinstated when possible.

Hey guys,

Good news -- we’ve been able to bring back some of the listings that incorrectly had the “We currently do not support this location” error. Many previously deleted service area businesses that had their addresses correctly hidden a few weeks ago are back.

If your listing’s not back yet, please know that we are still working on it. In the meantime, please review the quality guidelines and this article on service area businesses. Make sure your listing complies.