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Google Places in a park

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Google Places in a park Adam Brauch 12/27/12 4:48 PM

Business name (as it is in your account):
Kayak Bothell
Business location: Street address, City, State/Province, Country 
11101 NE 174th St.
Bothell, WA  98011
Business telephone (as it is in your account): 
Business category (e.g. hospital, etc.):
kayak rental

What's the issue you're experiencing? 
Google Places is sending me a post card verification PIN to my business location, however, my business location is a city park and there is no mailbox so how will I ever receive the address card?  I can't send it to my business mailing address because the location I'm setting needs to be the park.   A potential renter searches google for "kayak rental Bothell" and my website is at the top.  They also need to see where it is on a map which is the city park, not my house.  Short of waiting for the mail carrier every day for two weeks to intercept the postcard, how do I tell Google to verify one address (my business location) but send to another (my house)?

Google Places in a park MBlumenthal 12/27/12 7:17 PM
There is no way to get google to send the post card to some address other than the one where the listing is located.

If your business qualifies you can however ask for help via this form:

You will need a permanent structure and presence at the park to qualify.

Re: Google Places in a park Flash (RER) 12/27/12 8:16 PM
According to your website, I can't just arrive unannounced, find you there, and rent a kayak; but instead I must pre-reserve a specific time when you will meet me there.  Such a business model does not qualify for a marker on the map.

You would qualify if you use your home address, set a service area and check the option to hide your address.
Re: Google Places in a park Adam Brauch 1/22/13 2:51 PM
When in season and I have my sign up, you absolutely can just show up.
That's beside the point ... this guy got his park address on Google Maps.  I need to find a way.
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Re: Google Places in a park jim.jaggers 1/22/13 3:03 PM
There are two possible ways to get a Places Page without being able to receive mail at an address.

1. Use the link Mike gave you to ask for a Manual review.  This may be a long shot in a park, but who knows.

2. Create enough listings for your business on the internet at that address that Google scrapes up a listing all on its own.  Leave that listing in place for a few months and try verifying to see if it gives you the option of phone verification; if not wait a few more months and repeat.  This method could take a while and runs some risk of being removed if the location is reviewed.

You can try reporting the other business as not being at that location if you want to see if Google will take it down.  This would give you some indication of how likely you are to be approved in the first method above and how likely you are to be removed if the second method works.

Local Search listings for seasonal businesses can be problematic as Google expects the business to be open pretty regularly and may remove it if it appears to be closed when they check over a short time window.   And it can take some weeks to update open hours when the seasons change.
Re: Google Places in a park Flash (RER) 1/22/13 3:13 PM
Also, the quality checkers for listings are not going to go to the park to see if they are going to rent from you unannounced.  They are going to look at your website and see that it says one cannot, and that will be enough for them.
Re: Google Places in a park Pete Chappars 2/24/13 11:18 AM
I'm not sure of this but you might be able to put a P.O. box on line 2 of the address listing. That's just from my reading.
Re: Google Places in a park Flash (RER) 2/24/13 8:30 PM
That is old information that needs to be removed from the guidelines.  PO boxes are not allowed in any manner.