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Google + Local Showing Home Address

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Google + Local Showing Home Address Forest Residential 12/17/12 12:47 PM

I had, until recently, a Google Places listing which was linked to Google + page. I run an estate agent from my home so I previously had my address hidden and the places map just showed the area that I serve.

My Google Places listing now seems to have gone and instead of one, I now have two links to my Google + page sitting under my Google search listing.

The issue is, my home address is now displaying for all to see at the top of my Google+ page and is written underneath my Google search listing which also has a map with a big arrow pointing to my house and directions to get there.

I have tried changing my profile to hide the address but everything is set to public and it wont allow me to change it. I have even tried deleting the address completely but it just changes back again

my Google+ page is here or you can try Googling Forest Residential and you'll set what i mean:

Any advice on how I can solve this?

Re: Google + Local Showing Home Address `Keenan 12/17/12 1:01 PM
I think the best thing to do is to delete your +Page.  Currently, businesses with a hidden address are not supported in G+ and should not be merged/verified.

Once you delete the +Page you should be able to continue to manage or re-claim your Places listing via the Google Account you used to claim it.
Re: Google + Local Showing Home Address Forest Residential 12/17/12 3:40 PM
I have had a Google+ business page with a hidden address for 6 months so what has changed?
Re: Google + Local Showing Home Address Flash (RER) 12/17/12 3:47 PM
Nothing has changed, they have never been supported and thus results may vary.
Re: Google + Local Showing Home Address SQLPerformance 12/17/12 3:49 PM
Have you recently merged a +Local Business page with a Google+ page? NO

If so this may not have worked and over-written the Places hide an address. OR something has changed in the code recently.

I merged a service area Places entry by mistake and the address is hidden still for me.

The merge is not officially supported for service area Places entries so there is no guarantee it would work for you.

I would follow Keenans advice.
Re: Google + Local Showing Home Address Forest Residential 12/18/12 2:28 AM
Page deleted and all back to normal now. Thanks for the help