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Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade!

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Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! vanessagene 6/4/12 8:29 AM
Hey guys,

Wanted to give everyone in the forum a heads up: I'm transitioning to a new team today, working with the Google Earth Outreach folks. I'll be focusing on storytelling with Google Maps and Google Earth, helping media partners tell their latest news story with our amazing geo tools. 

I'm excited about my next challenge, but very sad to leave the great community we've built up here in the Google and Your Business forum. Don't worry, you'll be in good hands: Let me introduce you to Jade Wang (aka jadewang), my community colleague here on Local. She's been focusing on our community of reviewers, but is now adding business owners to her plate. You can find her on Google+ here — say hello! She'll also be taking over the weekly forum video wrapups (she co-hosted with me last week).

Again, it's been a real pleasure getting to know you all. I might pop back in from time to time to say hello (it's hard giving up such a big, fun part of my day!). 

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Linda Buquet ~ 6/4/12 9:08 AM
Vanessa, I wish you well, but can't even express how much I'll miss you!

I believe you are largely responsible for turning Google Places (Now AKA G+ Local) around. Greatly improved support, incredibly open communication about issues as they come up,
amazing dedication to the community and to the TCs. So many things have improved due to your efforts! 

I've often called you Wonder Woman and have to say you are one of the most dynamic people I've ever worked with! (Certainly the best juggler!)
Hope the Google Earth folks realize how lucky they are!

So I for one will really, really miss you, but I'm excited about all the changes and look forward to working with Jade.

All the best and keep in touch!

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Jade W. 6/4/12 9:39 AM
Hi guys,

We're sad to see Vanessa transition here on the Local team, but we're looking forward to hearing about her continuing adventures. Vanessa, we're keeping an eye out for your cameos in media stories using geo tools!
I'm excited to work more closely with the Google and Your Business community. I'll be right here in the forums, but you can also find me on Google+, if you prefer. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! ARKtech 6/4/12 10:12 AM
Glad to have seen you in the video. See you on G+
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! ARKtech 6/4/12 10:12 AM
Have a great time!
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! jliles29 6/4/12 10:30 AM
Vanessa - you have been straight awesome and I truly appreciate all the help that has came from you. Wish you the best.

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! localsearchguy 6/4/12 10:56 AM
Thanks for your contributions to the local space, you will be missed.  Have fun with the Google Earth team!
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Seitenmeister 6/4/12 11:05 AM
Bye Vanessa, have a lot of fun at your new mission. Do not forget to mention some of the projects in your stream, wait it's my stream. However.

Hi Jade, hope you enjoy your new task, especially the "millions" of questions about how to check out the status of these new G+local whatever.  ;-)

regards Seitenmeister

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! JoyHawkins 6/4/12 11:40 AM
I'm so sad you're leaving Vanessa!!!  I hope your new position is exciting and fun :)
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Linda Buquet ~ 6/4/12 11:40 AM
Welcome Jade, really look forward to working with you! 

With all these changes, as the Places TCs always say "This is going to be fun!" ;-)

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Raghav4Places 6/4/12 12:10 PM
Hey Vanessa,

This was a nice time to work for you.
I wish you all the best for your move to Google Earth. They are getting really a great partner with them. We will look to see you here even as a guest.
Hey Jade Wang, welcome to the G+ Local.
We will see to work together.

It will be a great pleasure to work with you.

Pankaj Kumar
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! earlpearl 6/4/12 12:40 PM
Vanessa:   Best of luck.   I've been involved   (sort of a pita...sometimes honestly helpful) in the places forums for probably over 5 years.  You were the best vocal responder.  You were the face of the big systemic improvements made last year.  You've done a great job.   I think its a tough place.   

Best of luck going forward.  I suspect you'll be great at your new function.

Jade:    Good luck.  Hope you are similarly successful.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! vanessagene 6/4/12 1:49 PM
Thanks, all! Appreciate your kind words!!
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Colan 6/4/12 1:50 PM
Thanks Vanessa!!! Good luck!
Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! abeen 6/4/12 2:11 PM
Thanks for your great help on google places, forums, google plus, always replied and helped. We will be asking more about kml then,  welcome jade, nice video wrap up on google + local last week.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! elSue 6/4/12 5:34 PM
Hi Vanessa,

I agree with everything Linda says, especially that you are like Wonder Woman!  I'm bummed to see you go!  You have been so supportive  to everyone and we always know that you will get the issues resolved. You have great people skills and technical skills!  I wish you well in your new position!

I look forward to working with Jade, but we won't forget Vanessagene!

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! jim.jaggers 6/5/12 1:43 PM
Until we meet again, fare well and meet life head on.    J
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Rick the AC guy 6/6/12 8:38 PM
Great to have you on board yoiu have big shoes to fill.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! DJLocal 6/7/12 10:17 AM
Vanessa, thanks for all your help and best wishes!
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Ball Plumbing 6/7/12 1:55 PM
Great working with you and thanks again.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! kumarappabn 6/14/12 8:06 AM
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! SOSme 7/2/12 2:50 PM
Hi Jade,
           I need your help PLEASE
I did everything what Google as me to when I create my listing. The asked for company email  when creating account and I did instead of a gmail. 
Now with google places and google plus together I cannot manage my google place on google plus with my company email.
I tried the verification process over again and its not allowing me to manage my listing on google plus. On Google places dashboard I see my listing. If I click on manage my listing its prompting me to verify my listing again and to do duplicate listing.

My company has been in business at the same location since 1973.



Contact me at my email or phone on google places
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! archicorti 7/9/12 4:52 AM
Hello Vanessa,
maybe you can help me:

who to ask this question?

Hello, I'm an architect who works in digital reconstructions. I proposed to a consortium to model in Google Earth a hundred buildings to make their business more visible. Prior to accepting my proposal, my clients would like to know some details: 1) how many visitors a month you registered in google maps / earth in "Franciacorta" (see image), if possible, how many visitors a month from italy and from Europe.
2) how many people are inscribed in Google Earth Sightseer Newsletter.
Thank you.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! scorpiontech 7/11/12 11:14 AM
Thanks Vanessa. I just watched a couple of those videos yesterday. Looks like I'm a week and a half behind but it appears there are some exciting changes happening. I look forward to getting my business places page back up and running and for an explaination of why it is "not supported" but show active in my dashboard. Best of luck with your new team.
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! scorpiontech 7/11/12 11:19 AM

I'm glad you are here to help. I have an issue that has been quite frustrating to deal with. Here is the long and short of it. What has happened is that my business listing disappeared from google places at least 2 weeks ago. This was proceeded by a verification call for our places listing by an individual who was very difficult to understand. After painstakingly verifying everything with him we thought we were good but our places listing is still "not supported" by google. In my dashboard I see the listing and it says active but it is obviously not. I have posted questions on the google business forum but am not getting help. Can you please look into this for me? Thank you for attention to this issue. Here is the address for the listing:

ScorpionTech Termite & Pest Control, Inc.
9639 E Parkway Norte
Mesa, AZ 85212
Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Workout at home 7/11/12 1:14 PM
Hiya jade, About 4 to 5 weeks ago, we submitted a number of listings for our business 'workoutathome personal training' in google places. We have received postcards for 5 of these locations and verified the listing. Three weeks later and my 5 listings are showing as 'active' but I cannot see a link to my listings. I read an article and then got very worried when I read this ' Active: If there is no link “See my listing on Google Maps” this most probably means that your account has been suspended and there is no actual way to return it back to life.

Is this true? Any advice would be much appreciated as I Feel meet the guidelines and have done nothing wrong that I know of.
Here are three of the listings:
Personal Trainer Bedford (Workout at home)
4 Furrzefield
MK41 9DF
United Kingdom
Personal Trainer Reading (Workout at home)
162 Maiden Place
Lower Earley
United Kingdom

Personal Trainer Leicester (Workout at home)
11 Renfrew Road
United Kingdom

Please help! Thanks. Jason

Re: Goodbye Vanessa, Meet Jade! Keenan! 7/17/12 10:30 PM
Hi Jade, welcome. 

If you have a question for Jade, please Post A Question instead of hijacking this thread.

Vanessa, you're awesome.
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