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Suite # PinnyP 1/3/13 1:00 PM
If you need to specify a mail box or suite number within your physical location, please list your physical address in Address Line 1, and put your mail box or suite number in Address Line 2.

Is there a preferred entry method for suites?
Suite #100
Ste. 100
Suite #100

Thanks in advance
Re: Suite # treebles 1/3/13 1:33 PM
 I would use Suite 100.
I would avoid the use of the pound sign (#), although Local might abbreviated that way for display in the Local listing.

Re: Suite # PinnyP 1/3/13 1:36 PM
Thank you.
I appreciate your quick response.
Why would you prefer to avoid the use of the pound sign?
Re: Suite # `Keenan 1/3/13 3:02 PM
i agree with treebles
Re: Suite # Flash (RER) 1/3/13 10:18 PM
The field that the suite number belongs in within the Maps database is not set up to accept characters such as #.
Re: Suite # Blake Denman 1/5/13 6:29 PM
My experience has been that regardless of what you put in that field Google will crawl other databases and will automatically update your listing to what they believe to be best, so you may want to see what is out there for your particular address.  I have had to use Suite 100, Suite #100, and #100 in different circumstances for different clients. 
Re: Suite # Andrew Sawyer 1/6/13 6:13 AM
The "#" symbol is not a permitted symbol for the Address Line ( This shouldn't be added, nor should "Suite" be abbreviated as it is not the proper format.
Re: Suite # Blake Denman 1/6/13 10:39 AM
Here is a link to the Google+ Local address entry guidelines:
Suite or office numbers may be added after your street name and number. For example: “1450 Main St., Suite 120, New York, NY, 10044”.

In the Google+ Local guidelines there is no mention of not using the # sign to identify a Suite or office number.  

I attached a screenshot of a search I performed showing # being used, and used quite often.  Not trying to start a debate, just simply putting out there that Google will use what ever they feel is more relevant for that address. 

Re: Suite # Karen Cox 6/12/13 8:12 AM
Even though I put Suite,Google changes it to #  :(
Re: Suite # treebles 6/12/13 10:08 AM
Do not worry about that, Google would abbreviate the addresses for display in the Local listing.
In the USA at least the # sign is frequently used to denote the suite number in the Local listing.
Re: Suite # Karen Cox 6/13/13 1:00 PM
Thanks Treebles, however from what I understand especially from Google is consistency across the web is important - business websites and their directory listings should match. Strange that they promote consistency and then do this.

Plus clients get upset when they see the # sign in the Google Local / Places listing instead of Suite.
Re: Suite # Flash (RER) 6/13/13 9:46 PM
You'll need to explain to the owner that these are fields on Google's map, thus it goes by Google's rules.  There is a field to put in the unit number.. and it is just supposed to have a number or at the most # in it.  As a number is what is being asked for, extraneous information like suite, unit, shop, apartment, etc. is not to be added.

We don't use postal addresses on the map, so it doesn't matter how they normally present it for putting on an envelope; rather the addresses are all to follow a specific format if they are going to make sense to the system.  To address your statement about consistency; they are being consistent.  All listings on the map are to be consistent with each other.  Owner's choice would be inconsistent.
Re: Suite # Karen Cox 6/14/13 6:05 AM
Thank you Flash for you explanation. I appreciate it.

Regarding my statement about consistency I am referring to consistency across the web - the client's website, social media pages, (other) directory pages, etc. - that all show have the addresses in the same format. The contact information on a website can match its Google Places/Local/Plus listing/pages however with different formats being used in other places it is impossible to be consistent.

Thanks again!
Re: Suite # Flash (RER) 6/14/13 8:15 AM
I'm more the map expert, but the Local experts here have found that over the past year Google has gotten really good at recognizing the unit number in addresses even if it is expressed differently, and the evidence seems to be that they are looking for a match of the number rather than a match of the wording expressing it.