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New Advisor Advisor Casper 3/2/11 4:53 PM
Hey Peeps,

Casper here and I'm going to be one of the new advisors that will be hoping in on the Help Forum. 

I'm usually found in the kitchen or in the vicinity of food, if you haven't guessed already I'm a food enthusiast. I'll try almost any cuisine. Although, I can't cook very well :( but I do try! I like art, like to sketch on my free time (free time, what is this? I know), paint, draw, colored pencil drawing is my specialty. Looking forward to enhancing my skills in snowboarding, ping-pong, tactical paintballing, paper-trash basketball. Yeah, my bucket list is pretty full!

We'll, I sure am looking forward to helping you guys out. If you have questions or issues, don't post them in this thread as I won't be monitoring this.

Thanks! :)

- Casper
Re: New Advisor Advisor Jolly 3/2/11 7:44 PM
Welcome Casper!
Re: New Advisor LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 3/3/11 5:47 AM

  Welcome Casper