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Reply to group mails OliverM 1/9/09 12:25 AM
I have a problem with the new group feature in Google Apps. I set up a new group with some email addresses outside our domain. If I send an email to this group, it is forwarded to all the addresses on the list. So far so good.

The problem now is that an answer to this mail is always send to the original sender, but I want to have a different behaviour. Any reply to a group mail should be send to the group mail address, so that every member of this group receives the answer.

What can I do to get this feature working?
Re: Reply to group mails Steegle 1/9/09 8:23 AM
What you need to do is add the group e-mail address as a another account you can send from, so ideally you need to do it before you add any members:
1.  Make the group
2.  Add just yourself as a member
3.  Add a custom from address to your mail account - see
4.  Verify you can receive that mail and then you can send as
5.  Once you've done this you can then edit the name associated with it and add others to the group
The reason you need to do it before adding members is they will see the verification code.  There's nothing to stop anyone doing this once the group is made, but it means that all recipients will see the verification code.
Re: Reply to group mails ScienceMan 1/12/09 7:59 AM
This is a good workaround (for those prescient enough to read and apply it before having created their groups) -- but Google really needs to add this as an option to the groups control panel for each group.
Re: Reply to group mails Torben 1/29/09 5:40 AM
I must be missing something, this is not working for me.
I managed lists on exchange servers and other hosted solutions, I know this is possible but I can't figure it out.

where did i go wrong?

1. created list@domain
2. created testuser@domain and added it as a member
3. changed testuser@domain FROM address to list@domain
4. tested sending, works.
5. not sure what name i have to edit but I added member1@domain and member2@yahoo to the group.

if member1@domain sends a message to list@domain and member2@yahoo replies, it goes back to member1@domain.
The steps above do not seem to force a reply-to: list@domain into all messages send to the group.

Please point out where i went wrong.

Re: Reply to group mails Steegle 1/29/09 9:15 AM
Have you specified a different reply-to address? (see item 7 in Reference [1])

Have you made sure you have set to reply with the from address? (Reference [2])
Re: Reply to group mails Torben 1/29/09 10:08 AM
"Have you specified a different reply-to address?"
Yes, the user TESTUSER@DOMAIN now has a From address of LIST@DOMAIN.

"Have you made sure you have set to reply with the from address? (Reference [2]"

Maybe I had different expectations from this fix. This will work if testuser@domain is the only person to ever send a message.
I need all members to send a message AND reply back to the group, regardless of their email account settings. Otherwise a group is no more than a shared contact list.

In other words, the reply-to field needs to be the list/group email address no matter what.
Re: Reply to group mails ol 2/9/09 5:08 AM
Yes, we need this option. (just like in kerio mail) reply to always goes to list address name (not sender address)
Re: Reply to group mails Auburn Guard 4/21/09 3:44 PM
Please give Groups the option to have the group email address appear in the reply-to header by default.
Re: Reply to group mails LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 4/21/09 7:05 PM
Re: Reply to group mails spangaroo 7/14/09 1:48 AM
@LMckin51, I looked but didn't see this topic listed in that link.  

If they really want to make the Apps collaborative, then I completely with Auburn Guard: we need the capability to have people "REPLY-TO" to everyone in the group, not the original sender.
Re: Reply to group mails jepwi 7/23/09 7:23 PM
This is also my problem. Have been trying to figure out how to make the default reply-to address as the distribution list itself
i.e., when members click 'reply', the reply-to address would be list@domain

Unfortunately I can't find any option that specifically highlights this feature.

One more thing: I don't receive a copy of the e-mail sent by me from the distribution list. Is this normal?
Re: Reply to group mails JoaoPSF 8/7/09 7:33 AM
This (changing the reply-to to the group address) is the default behavior in the stand-alone Google Groups. I see no reason for this not to be included in Apps' Groups as well.
Re: Reply to group mails Danilo BA 8/19/09 10:02 AM
Hi, sorry about my inglish.
I would like Google to add this feature too.
The answer Steegle propose not resolve the problem.
I would like Groups from my domain to function like all Google Groups, where I can set a prefix for the subject, and I can set the option replies messeges to all the group.
Re: Reply to group mails Matej Ramuta 9/15/09 5:17 AM
I use Google Aps for my domain (Standard Edition) and I noticed the same problem with Groups: when a group member X sends an email to the Group, and group member Y recieves that email and press the reply button, it doesn't reply to the Group's address - it replies to the member X's e-mail address.

I see that the problem was first addressed on January 9th and STILL haven't been solved. Google Team, what are you doing? Can you at least post a reply what's up with that?
Re: Reply to group mails st.dumitru 9/17/09 4:19 AM
while this feature would be very useful, I presume some of the above users are still using the free version of google apps. I have to remind them this is still a FREE service and a BETA version, if I'm not wrong.

So keep your head down and thank to google for the free stuff that they're providing to the masses.

For those who actually pay for this service, they should be entitled to ask for this modification and feel free to switch to another provider. If you quickly compare the options you'll be very much disappointed.

Otherwise, a very useful feature that I miss a lot myself.
Re: Reply to group mails thomasleow 9/30/09 7:30 PM
My company is going to move an Exchange server from Linux. The combination of Linux email server and Thunderbird auto reply-to group accounts only after users do many manual configuration lifting. It will be good if Google group account behaving this way without involving end users.
Re: Reply to group mails CK Worton 11/3/09 12:29 AM
Absolutely we are in need of the "reply-to" address being the group address when members reply to group emails.
We are trying to use the group as a technical support email distribution for the team.
Without this it is very difficult.

Otherwise we are a very happy premier paying customer.

Please please add this feature.

Christian Worton
Re: Reply to group mails borfast 11/3/09 8:51 AM
I have the same problem.

I'd like to be able to configure the reply-to field for each group, just as I do with any Google Group out of Apps.

More specifically, I'd like to have the same options as we have in Groups:

Replies to messages:
Replies are sent to the whole group.
Replies are sent to the author of the message.
Replies are sent to the owners of the group.

I sincerely hope that this feature gets implemented, because it would seriously improve the already great Google Apps.


Re: Reply to group mails zevimetal 11/8/09 7:46 AM
PLEASE GOOGLE!! It's driving me nuts everytime I answer a group e-mail! Deafult setting on reply as reply-to-group and not t sender please. I'd like the options borfast stated but teh default, please to-group.
Re: Reply to group mails leeanson 11/9/09 6:12 AM
Re: Reply to group mails dave.k 11/19/09 1:16 PM
hello guys,

i experienced the same problem with my organization's recent migration to apps.
currently we're redirecting the mailing lists from apps to google groups as it allows reply-to address control.
anyway as this can only be a temporary solution i filled in a support request and this is what google answered me:


Thanks for your message. What you described is currently expected behavior. However, we do have an update on the roadmap which will allow this functionality for Google Apps groups. The push is scheduled for the end of this year. In the mean time, directing to Google groups as you have is likely the best solution for your organization.

Enterprise Support


so it seems like that it doesn't appear as known issue because they're taking care of it.
let's hope that it happens by the end of the year :)

hope it helps,
Re: Reply to group mails lowfuel 1/31/10 7:04 PM
dave.k - The end of the year has come and gone, can you reply to Rhea for a status update? :)
Re: Reply to group mails dave.k 2/9/10 3:43 PM
hello everyone,

google solved this problem for apps enterprise and education editions.

a new service called "user-managed groups" has been added and, once activated,
it turns current "apps groups", which are just simple mailing lists, into a full
fledged "Google Groups" (like, just like as "apps mail" service
is a personalized "Gmail" service.

this service is turned on from apps dashboard clicking on "add more services",
and once activated all the mailing lists' settings become identical to the
"Google Groups" mailing list settings, therefore it is also possible to control
the, oh-we-ve-been-waiting-for-so-long, reply-to address, making us happy :)

for more informations about this you can follow this official link:

unfortunately it seems like this service is not active yet for the standard edition,
nor i know if it will ever be. it would be nice if somebody who has more information
for standard edition would write something about.

Re: Reply to group mails LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 2/9/10 4:15 PM

The Google Group feature for Google Apps is only available to the Premier and Education editions.
Re: Reply to group mails aoguz 2/9/10 11:33 PM
I'm using standart edition and I can confirm to not available on std. edition. :(
Re: Reply to group mails dave.k 2/11/10 7:07 PM
yes, i saw it too,

there is also this official f.a.q. from google concerning this topic:

it is stated pretty clearly:
"...If you're using Standard Edition and want to take advantage of the new user-managed groups service, you can upgrade to Premier Edition."

so it seems like that they're using this feature to create diversification for premier edition, which is kinda sad move :(


in the end of the same f.a.q. is written:

What happens to my groups if I downgrade to Standard Edition?

If you downgrade your Google Apps domain to Standard Edition, all your groups remain active. However, if your groups exceed the group and membership limits for Standard Edition, you can't add new groups or members until you bring your groups below those limits. Also, if the user-managed groups service is enabled before you downgrade, your groups won't have any of the advanced features available with that service.

so maybe if you have a standard you could do the free upgrade to premier edit. -> create user-managed groups -> go back standard edit. keeping them(?).
Re: Reply to group mails lowfuel 2/23/10 3:03 PM
Let's make sure we're talking about the same thing here.  This is not a "group" in the same sense as Google Groups (, this is just the group option under "users and groups" in google apps, which is basically just a simple list of users (ie. a mailing list).  Google Groups is a different beast entirely, and is not what this topic concerns.

All I'm looking for is the reply-to field to be set to the mailing list when emailing a mailing list.
Re: Reply to group mails Steegle 2/23/10 3:06 PM
In Google Apps Premier Edition Google Groups has replaced the Users and Groups groups, in which you can set the reply-to field you want to set.
Re: Reply to group mails lowfuel 2/23/10 3:11 PM
Thanks for the clarification.  Is the official Google stance then that if you want reply-to set, you have to upgrade to Premier?
Re: Reply to group mails Steegle 2/23/10 3:21 PM
Well I have no idea on an official stance but since they offer it as a paid-for feature I don't imagine they're going to release it for free any time soon.
Re: Reply to group mails lowfuel 2/23/10 3:48 PM
Understood.  It seems to me that the paid-for feature is really the very robust Google Groups capabilities, which is fine.  But I still think its a valid request that they add the simple reply-to header to mailing lists in standard edition.  It's a pretty basic piece of functionality.  Just my .02.
Re: Reply to group mails Steegle 2/23/10 4:08 PM
I agree, but they're not going to do it when you can get it by paying for it
Re: Reply to group mails Blake55 3/25/10 9:30 PM
We're hacing a similar issue where somebody emails the group "staff" and then the reply goes direct to the sender.  We're using google apps edu edition.  And this is not user-managed groups (its a group that's in sync to our AD Server).  Is there a way to set the group "staff" to reply to that group by default?

please let me know

Re: Reply to group mails Pom Pom Tom Tom 4/23/10 9:32 PM
The two behaviours you describe are contradictory.  Some of us want some, and some of us want the other.

The solution, oh Googlers in the sky, is to ALLOW USERS TO PICK WHICH SETTING THEY WANT.

Half of you in the twelve threads on this topic say: "E-Mail lists should support adding a Reply-to: header so that a click on the reply button sends an email back to the (listserv-like) discussion group and not the sender of the first mail."

The other half say: "Return Google Apps "Email List" functionality!  Groups are adding their own Reply-to field, deleting existing Reply-to fields (if present), adding a 'You received this message because' line, and otherwise molesting and changing emails in a way that is undesired by those who were using the "Email Lists" feature to sort incoming email from the public (or websites) and want to continue using the same functionality."
Re: Reply to group mails tipp.ex.rapid 9/9/10 6:47 AM
After all, if we can't get the "reply-to" setting in Google Apps Standard, why not get the email header "List-Post" so at least Thunderbird 3 activates the "reply to list" button (see "" and search for "List-Post")

"List-ID" and "List-Help" are already there so Google please, pretty please, add at least "List-Post" for Google Apps Standard.

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