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Suspended for Abuse

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Suspended for Abuse lpeterson23 6/11/09 10:00 AM
I recently switched to Google Apps for all of my business's email needs and have been placing all of my clients on it as well. After 2 weeks, my main account, lee at rustydogcreative dot com, was suspended for abuse, but no reasons have been given.

I'm using Apple Mail to retrieve my email. Is that an issue? An hour before this happened, I forwarded a zipped file of a print-ready PDF to my client for review. Could this be why?

I've posted this in another thread, but no attention was given to it by any member of Google. My business email has been down for 2 days now. I need the email within that account. It's hard to fathom the amount of important emails I'm missing right now.

All recommended fixes have been tried. MX records, Captcha, changing password, requesting password change at next login, etc etc.

Can this get some attention ASAP??  Anyone???
Re: Suspended for Abuse LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/11/09 11:29 AM
 I'll flag this for an Advisor to look at.  This guarantees that they will view the thread but does not guarantee a response.

Re: Suspended for Abuse LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/11/09 11:30 AM

 Also i need your domain also.
Re: Suspended for Abuse lpeterson23 6/11/09 11:34 AM
Domain is

How do I prevent this from happening to my clients I've set up with Google Apps? If it does happen to them, how can I ensure an expedited fix? Is there a more reliable way to call attention to these matters, a phone number to call, or someone I can email?

Thank you very much, LMckin51.
Re: Suspended for Abuse LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/11/09 11:35 AM

 I don`t have any idea  was you sending any large amount mails?
Re: Suspended for Abuse LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/11/09 11:37 AM

 there is no expedited fix  only if you had the premier edition.
Re: Suspended for Abuse lpeterson23 6/11/09 11:38 AM
No. Not at all. I use Campaign Monitor for email marketing. I rarely send large attachments and opt to upload them to a client area via FTP. My host is Media Temple. I'm very cautious with email and am not one to abuse the privilege.
Re: Suspended for Abuse LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/11/09 11:40 AM
ok  i don`t have any other suggestions.
Re: Suspended for Abuse ScienceMan 6/11/09 11:57 AM
You do not have SPF records set for your domain.  This might cause some of the larger ISP's, or any receiving mail service that checks the SPF records, to reject your mail.  This in turn might cause your acount to get flagged for abuse.

Start by setting the SPF records as below.  To unlock your account, try changing its password as an administrator, or using the captcha method if you can get to it.  If it is your only administrative account that is locked, try asking for its password to be reset using the link for this purpose on the control panel login page.
Re: Suspended for Abuse lpeterson23 6/12/09 9:47 AM
Sadly, I'm back with more issues. Angela fixed my account successfully. I just sent my FIRST email from Gmail online, and received this notice:

I clicked Send and that message popped up. The explanation is here:

Now, what reason do I have to stay with Google Apps? Why should I set up my clients with this or even recommend it to friends, family or co-workers? This issue is a deal-breaker, Google. I thought signing up for Premiere would fix this, or at least give me support when issues arose, but I see no reason now.

Here I am, trying to send a new client an estimate for a $12K website redevelopment project. My email will not reach it's destination today. Should I explain to him that my company's choice of email services, Google, is not allowing me to send emails and flagging my account for abuse after I try to send the first email since my account was supposedly "fixed"??

This is a complete mess, Google. You're losing us one at a time.
Re: Suspended for Abuse Advisor Angela 6/14/09 10:07 PM
Hi there lpeterson23,
I'm sorry to hear about your experiences! I checked the lee account and couldn't find any limit breaches or anything like that. Are you able to reproduce this on another web browser?
Re: Suspended for Abuse daredevil33 3/28/10 4:15 PM
I am having same issues! We can't use Google Apps on our forums for sending out activation emails. What is the use for google apps if you guys are not allowing to use our email for our legal needs. Did we sended any bad stuff? NO. Did we abuse anything NO.

Why to deactivate accounts for no reason?