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Delay with receiving mail in outlook 2010

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Delay with receiving mail in outlook 2010 Dutch_Fella 11/4/10 11:26 AM
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Edition: premium
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Issue Description:

I have recently updated from free google apps to premium.
I have used free for the last 3/4 of a year with IMAP and outlook 2010 (back then beta) since the release the stable outlook 2010 32bits because of calendar sync.
Now I have upgraded to premium app and I experience a weird problem that is driving me nuts...

I have push mail on my phone.
Every time I get a new email, I receive it almost instantly in my webmail and on my phone, but it takes about 1 minute more for it to appear in my outlook.
The funny thing about this is, that with imap both where virtually instant.
Mind you: I am comparing to the time the message is received in my apps webmail.

Now the weird thing that I saw is the following: both outlook and webmail (google apps webmail) have the same time stamp.
But for some reason, in outlook it appears 1 minute later.
And the software: outlook sync; also syncs like 1 minute after the mail has been received.
It's like it takes that long for the software to see that a new email has arrived.
I taught this software worked on a push basis and not pull?

Could this be a problem with my firewall?
Mind you: I'm using this for personal email, not for any business what so ever.
So I'm not behind a corporate firewall or anything. Just a NAT from my router and for the time being Windows Firewall in Windows 7 with an active WSE suite.

Steps to Reproduce (if applicable):
Not sure if somebody could reproduce this, but ask someone (anyone) to send you and email.
Watch your phone (if setup though pushmail) to see if it arrives sooner then in your outlook 2010.
Also look at the software icon, to see when it starts to sync the email
Re: Delay with receiving mail in outlook 2010 wtliao 11/4/10 1:31 PM
This is by design.

Data synchronization occurs on the following schedule:

     Email: Every minute

     Calendar: Immediately after you create or receive a meeting invitation, or every 10 minutes

     Contacts: Every 20 minutes

     Global address list: Every 24 hours

Please see:
Re: Delay with receiving mail in outlook 2010 Dutch_Fella 11/4/10 2:15 PM
Ahh I completely overlooked that.
How could that have happened ....

Ok thank you for your answer!
It made a lot of things clearer!