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Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02

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Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 HongZ 8/2/12 2:45 PM
Google Apps Customers,

Today, we launched several new features for Google Apps Mobile Management, see details at You may find they are useful for your organization.

Please let us know your feedback on it. Thanks.

Google Apps Enterprise Mobile Team
Re: Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 AtulSachan-Power Poster 8/2/12 2:51 PM
Sure and thanks for update us.
Re: Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 Jay H. Lee 8/3/12 7:08 PM
Thanks HongZ,

My thoughts:

Allow user to remote wipe device. Very useful for Android users! I'd liked to see this released for Google Sync also. Also, the "My Devices" page needs more exposure. I don't know of any way to navigate to it from a user's Gmail or Google Account settings page which makes walking a user through wiping their own device on a Sunday evening not fun :-)

Only enforce available policies on Android devices. A good compromise for organizations that are trying to be secure but don't have specific policies/laws requiring them to do so. I know end users get frustrated when they're told their older device doesn't comply so it won't work at all. This should make it easier for an org to make best effort without frustrating users.

Last comment, I recently did a large deployment with very open mobile policies (allowed Android and Google Sync without any enforced policies). Everything went smoothly but I was a little distressed at first to see no Android users showing up in the control panel. Was something wrong with our Android instructions? Was iOS that popular in the organization? It took me awhile to realize that since device policy wasn't required for users, they weren't getting registered and reported. I understand the device policy app is necessary on Android to enforce policy but it would be nice if the Reports tab displayed users who are syncing Android devices or at least displayed a warning that Android policies are not enforced and users without the device policy app won't show in the reports.

Thanks for the constant improvements to Google Apps Mobile!

Re: Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 HongZ 8/7/12 1:20 PM
jlee, thanks for your feedback.

Since iCloud already provides remote locate/ring/wipe features, there is not enough demand to duplicate the remote wipe feature in My Devices for Google Sync users. We may revisit this issue in the future.

Regarding device reporting, we don't have a reliable way to keep track Android devices without Device Policy. Device Policy reports information like device model, phone number, carrier etc. Simply reporting an unknown device is syncing data does not really meet the needs of enterprise admin. We are very aware of the issue and will see if we can have a good way to address it.
Re: Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 Bradley Wood 11/21/12 1:42 PM
A few concerns:
1) I assume I need to turn off pop3/imap to force users to use Android/Google sync instead, as otherwise they could just use vanilla pop3/imap and sitestep the policy requirements. If true, and I must turn off pop3/imap, then I can't connect my Mac Mail clients, nor any other desktop mail clients.
2) Users on iOS can install the Gmail App (rather than using the Exchange Connector on iOS) and sidestep the policy.

I would be good to see these to issues addressed to give a much tighter enforcement of enterprise mobile policies, especially for iOS devices.

I'm liking the Android support though - this is very promising stuff.

Re: Google Apps Mobile Management Update 2012-08-02 Jay H. Lee 11/21/12 5:06 PM
Hi Bradley,

1) Yes, you are correct though users using POP/IMAP wouldn't get access to their Calendar or Contacts. I can't think of any way any platform can be configured to allow desktop IMAP/POP clients but not mobile clients.

2) The Gmail app on iOS is simply an HTML wrapper, it really doesn't do anything more than what users can do in a mobile browser.