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Domain name renewal

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Domain name renewal Costa99 3/24/11 4:50 AM

Domain Name:

I forgot to update my credit card on my account and the renewal of my domain name expired (purchased through google apps for my blogger site).

Try to use but the response was "domain name expired contact Customer Support".

Went to GoDaddy first by phone but because I dont have the PIN number I cant acess my account there. The guy contact Google Help (thanks a lot!) and told me that they were sending me a message to my e-mail account in order to renew automatically the domain name. Still didnt got the message...

Already read several post similar to this. No help from there...

Is there any chance I can renew my domain name. If not I'll just move on. Thank you.
Re: Domain name renewal knvidia 3/24/11 10:27 AM
Hello, have you taken a look at thisĀ

email me for further assistance if the link above does not help
Re: Domain name renewal LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 3/24/11 7:26 PM

did you used this email address to contact Godaddy this is the direct link to the godaddy domain that is purchase through Google apps.