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bandwidth limit over felipesalomao 5/30/09 10:04 PM
Hi, i use web pages (inside google apps options) to uploud my website photos, but this month my bandwidth is over, how can i fix it, i cant change link ! If i will upgrade my signature to Google Apps Professional, my bandwidth will increase ? Please help me solve it ! Thanks
Re: bandwidth limit over The Beatles 5/31/09 12:12 AM
No, I don't think that would increase your bandwidth.
Re: bandwidth limit over Jay H. Lee 5/31/09 7:01 AM
Google doesn't seem to offer any details on what the actual limits are (see below).  They also don't advertise increased bandwidth for Sites as a reason for upgrading to Premier so I doubt that is the case.  You might consider looking into Google AppEngine:

AppEngine allows you to host your own site with Python or Java on the backend.  Static HTML is also possible.  You get a set free quota but if you setup a billing account, you can go beyond the free quota.  There is no direct migration path from Sites to AppEngine (they are two different beasts) but it should be possible to get your information over.

Re: bandwidth limit over mattcUK 2/23/10 5:56 AM

Looks like this is an area of Google that will change? Perhaps like App Engine you get the free level of bandwidth/CPU etc and can then upgrade if you start using more....

Would make sense if the Premier edition had higher free quotas (like maiboxes etc) and then you could add even more by paying (like storage).

Can anyone at Google comment on the roadmap? I am looking at developing a large site using Sites and hooking it into App Engine and without a way of increasing the Sites limits (quite happy to pay) then it might not be the way to go.