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Site doesn't load in Firefox

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Site doesn't load in Firefox StuffUrl Webmaster 2/27/09 11:54 AM
I added analytics to a site yesterday and now notice that the site will not load in Firefox 3.x. It hangs on load, saying "transferring data from" or something similar. After 10 minutes or so, I assume it's not going to load.

Looking through the forums here, I see that many people have reported the same problem. However, it seems no one has a solution...

So, I guess I'll go with another product? Safe to assume there is no solution?
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Joseph Pecoraro 3/4/09 8:45 PM
I want to add that this has been happening to my site as well.  I reverted to the older "Urchin Tracking" which does work properly.

It was failing to load with all the version of Firefox that I had access to:
Firefox 3 on Mac OS X
Firefox 2 on Linux
Firefox 2 on Windows XP

The symptoms I experienced are described in this overview:
1. Direct Firefox browser to the page (directly or via a link both caused the issue)
2. Page might show for 1/10 of a second (if you're lucky... probably cached) but then goes to an all white page
3. Status bar says "transferring data from" and appears to be loading forever to no avail

All other browsers loaded just fine.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox mortenhat 5/4/09 11:10 PM
I experience exactly the same behavior on a page on the site. Firefox 3.0.10 (under Ubuntu Linux) hangs with a white page and the status bar message "Transferring data from".

No problems on other browsers
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox WestCoastSuccess 5/10/09 12:52 AM
Identical problem here. I can access google analytics in other browsers, and even copy the url and paste it into firefox's address bar to get some access (ie the calendar won't load if I attempt to change dates, etc.). I'm running Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) and firefox 3.0.10.

I think this may be unique to firefox 3.0.10 as it worked fine until, I think, I upgraded from 3.0.09.

Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox KevinSyd 5/10/09 7:53 PM
Yep same problem on Loaded the first time for a second then disappeared forever.

Site works fine in Google Chrome.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox tadamusiak 6/2/09 7:14 AM
Same problem when using the new tracking code in an xsl transform. Bearing in mind that firefox already has issues with it. Reverting to the legacy urchin code helped, as well as using this modification of the new code:

 <script src="" type="text/javascript">
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox sec116 6/19/09 1:46 PM
I'm experiencing the same thing. It appears to be a problem with document.write() that google puts in the script block. Just putting document.write("test"); screws things up (meaning this isn't really a Google bug but a browser problem). The entire page gets overwritten with the word "test". I see this happening in Chrome and Safari as well. IE handles it fine.

I see it happening after an postback.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox MOONEQ 8/3/09 6:38 PM
Still an issue...
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jaredshih 8/3/09 6:46 PM
tadamusiak's answer of changing the way the script seems to have worked on my site. I just replaced the google generated call to the ga script with <script src="" type="text/javascript"> per tadamusiak's suggestion.

Hope that helps someone else.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Dashar 1/5/10 1:41 PM
Heh jaredshih Can you explain that in "kindie language" please' as I have know idea 'where or how to do all that stuff? How about a step by step guide for us "dolts" so we can understand and follow you? where in the hell do I find the "Google Analytic Script" and how do I alter it? At this very moment I would like to change it and Google with a Hammer!  Thanks Dasha
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox rcid 1/5/10 2:10 PM
This is how Jaredshih's code made the pages load (in Firefox and Safari) without hanging for me.
the include info:


<script src="" type="text/javascript">
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
<script type="text/javascript">
try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-xxxxxx");
} catch(err) {}</script>
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox rcid 1/5/10 2:11 PM
BUT! will it track?!?!?!
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jaredshih 1/5/10 2:22 PM

Glad my amateurish attempts at hacking help some people. My sites seem to be tracking fine. No problems for a month now.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Dashar 1/5/10 3:51 PM
Thanks jaredsheh, But you still haven't told us how to enter the scipt? Where do i enter it? Is it via the Address Bar or what? Can I Copy and past it and where do I Copy and past it to? Dasha
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jaredshih 1/5/10 5:08 PM
Oh Sorry, I thought rcid was pretty clear so I didn't bother to talk about it. Basically you take the script google gives you replace the line of code mentioned above and copy and paste it into the footer of your website. Hope this helps.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Dashar 1/5/10 7:33 PM
Just solved the problem' I have deleted IGoolge Homepage and gone back to the old standard one and it's flying BUT the Gmail is still logging me off every time I close it and Open It remembers me? But until I can Log in it's all hung up for at least a minute It hink Google need to get their act together? This is a disgrace. I have been having this drama for 5 weeks now and every time I find a fix here for one problem,another one  is created. I think Google is full of Bandaids and Bandages Dasha
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jeff.weissman 1/25/10 9:52 AM
None of this solves MY problem, though: When I try to go to my new site ( I get the same symptoms as Joseph (above), namely:
• Site shows for 1/10 of a second but then goes to an all white page
• Status bar says "transferring data from" and appears to be loading forever to no avail.
I'm in Firefox 3.5.7 on Mac 10.5.8.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox WestCoastSuccess 1/25/10 11:00 AM
I've upgraded to Firefox 3.7a1pre (aka Minefield) and now works for me. Not sure if 3.6 also works. You can grab a copy at the link below, but be aware these are PRE-ALPHA releases and NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK AT ALL and will likely break most if not all of your extensions (it works perfectly on my system, tho, and I got nearly all the extensions to work by manually changing the "max version" in the "install.rdf" file for each extensions to "3.*". In Linux you should be able to find these in your home folder under .mozilla/firefox/<profile name>/extensions/<extension> where <profile name> is a bunch of nonsensical alphanumerics and <extension> is nonsensical alphanumerics corresponding to each extension):

I'm on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 on an AMD 6400+.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Alex_AB 6/2/10 5:22 AM
anyone else still getting the same problem? I've tried all of the fixes noted above, but none of them have worked for me so far... Is the general feeling that this is something that both Google and Firefox will have to resolve?
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox slaneyvalley 6/2/10 9:32 AM
Yes Alex - I have been having the same problem for over two months. I can get YouTube and other related google sites but, for the life of me, I can not access my blog to update it. I can actually read my blog from the site title but to update it is impossible. Google are fucking hopeless, sending e-mails is a waste of time and I have even tried phoning them (from UK to USA) but no services. I am at my wits end trying to figure out to stop this google-analytics from popping up as a white blcnk page. Grrrrr.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox WestCoastSuccess 6/2/10 10:23 AM
slaneyvalley: have you tried using Minefield (aka Firefox 3.7a5pre - see link in prior post)? Solves the problem here.

Likewise, try installing Opera browser - that too works.

Note I'm on Ubuntu Linux - your mileage may vary if you're using can get Ubuntu at if you want to try it out.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jmscreator 7/19/10 7:15 AM
I am having the same problem, where "" is trying to be accessed, but just hangs on a white page.
I have Mozilla 3.6, and I tried IE6 and it works perfectly fine. In the options of Firefox, i unchecked "Enable JavaScript" and it worked until i realized all the javascript links/buttons didn't do anything, of course. So I think it might have to do with Java Script. I'm trying to get an update for it.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox scratte 7/26/10 2:46 AM
i get the same problem its the same for all sites that have ga on them.
when u look into it, its atually a virus/hack on firefox that sends back a header "location: some shit"
that throws you back to another site that errors, it only happens iff you got something in firefox its cross version and cross profile. but its not to do with the version because it works fine on my other computer.

what you have to do is completly remove anything to do with firefox and reinstall, worked for me. uniinstall it with the 7 manager - uninstaller it looks for all traces of the app and lets you remove them, no shit left behind

Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jmscreator 7/26/10 8:49 AM
thanks, i'll try that as soon as possible, but any kind of swear/ foul language offends me...
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox elusis 8/8/10 2:00 PM
I have this problem all the time.  Fortunately it is easily resolved - if I re-load the hung page, it goes straight to the content.  But as more and more sites use Google analytics, I often find myself scrolling through tabs only to find many that haven't loaded because of this issue.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jmscreator 8/8/10 4:10 PM
Ya, just completely re-install works again:-)
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox dbreese 8/23/10 2:16 PM
I know this sounds ridiculous, but I've suffered from this issue for several weeks now and just went into firefox prefs and cleared my entire browser cache and it all works perfectly now.  Same symptoms as everyone above -- flashes page, then blank page, and just stuck on "".  All is well now.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox jmscreator 8/23/10 3:08 PM
hmmmm.......that's strange, because I do that all the time, and it doesn't do anything to fix this. This error keeps coming back, and im not going to reinstall Mozilla every time....
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox vladtess 9/6/10 8:45 PM
Here is the solution to the problem:  Make sure that the AdBlock plug in is installed.  Add the following to the block list:  "*

That will block this piece of code that causes problems.

Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox hiral30 9/12/10 1:03 PM
Thanks Scratte

I used Revo Uninstaller to completely remove firefox and then re-installed a fresh copy.

And everything seems to working fine, for now.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox pedaleguitarra 10/21/10 6:41 PM
My SOLUTION in windows

1) Edit HOSTS
2) add line
3) save the file
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox alonsoem 2/1/11 4:50 AM
i have the same problem? how to solve this?
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox Margorita 8/3/11 12:27 PM
I have had this problem for a LONG time and finally edited the HOSTS file as suggested above by pedaleguitarra.

he suggested:
I got these instruction on how to edit your HOSTS file from

Open the hosts file

    Go to the Start menu and choose Run. Type the following in the Run dialog box: Edit Host File
        For Windows NT and Windows 2000
        Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Click the OK button (This should open a window with several files in it.)
    Find the file called ‘hosts’ and double–click it. If prompted, specify that you would like to choose a program to open the file with from a list of programs.
        Choose ‘Notepad’ from the list of available programs.

Edit and save the hosts file

    The contents of your hosts file should look something like this
    Start typing on a new line at the bottom of the file.
        To do so, place your cursor at the very end of the last line and hit ‘Enter’ to start a new line.
    Type these two lines of text like this example:
    (use your server IP address and your site domain in–place of the defaults below)
    Your hosts file should look something like this when you are done
    Close the hosts file and save it when prompted.

It has something to do with resolving the ip address and editing the HOSTS file seems to work.
Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox BradTownsend 8/3/11 2:15 PM
It's possible some of you my have been targeted by a DNS poisoning attack. This type of attack may occur on your machine or the DNS server which your machine is using to resolve hostnames. 

Re: Site doesn't load in Firefox krisleech 10/31/11 9:15 AM
Disabling the HTTPS-Everywhere add-on solved this for me.
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