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Spam Referrals

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Spam Referrals mattinertia 9/14/09 1:37 AM
Hi people. Im seeing a lot of spam referrals in my Analytics data. On one site, which is brand new, im getting about 20 hits a day from this url: (or a url that redirects to this one anyway). Anyone got any further info on this? Its not a huge problem but its annoying!
Re: Spam Referrals Bibiana 9/14/09 1:07 PM
I'm getting spam referrals from that domain as well. Where to report?
Re: Spam Referrals NickHutchins 9/14/09 2:35 PM
I am getting the same thing, about 21 hits in the last week from Pretty annoying, is there anyway to stop it?
Re: Spam Referrals mattinertia 9/14/09 2:39 PM
The sites built in wordpress, if that makes a difference?

Looks like another spam attack. I had one in my GWT inbound links profile as well with links to viruses appearing.
Re: Spam Referrals ElScrimmo 9/16/09 5:12 AM
Well, at the risk of just adding "me too".

Me too.
Re: Spam Referrals 12thDoctor 9/16/09 12:41 PM
We are as well. Is it your sense that this spammer is just trying to post into the forms on the sites or do you think there is another motive? This is the first time we've been spammed from a referring source.
Re: Spam Referrals walker169 9/17/09 5:18 AM
Hi, is there anything we can do? I have had this site, and now i have found another one in Brazil called in my hostnames section! How did they get into my hostnames report? very annoying.
Cheers in advance
Re: Spam Referrals netmarketingguy 9/17/09 11:05 AM
Hi, I'm also experiencing this problem and it's more than annoying for me.  One of the websites that I had set up had finally started receiving a good amount of traffic through the SERPS and now has disappeared out of the SERPS altogether.  I have google webmaster tools set up for this domain and it shows that my site should be on page 1 in the 10th or 11th spot.  Is there anything I can do about this?
Re: Spam Referrals PPC_Guru 9/18/09 2:54 AM
Firstly, spam referrals will NOT effect you search engine positions (SERP`s) these 2 issues are COMPLETELY* unrelated.

If you see sites listed within VisitorsTab >  NetworkProperties > Hostname
thebesthosting .org / gps-brasil.blogspot .com / notebooks-brasil.blogspot .com / www.web .com

Then see this post:

To fix add an include Hostname filter for to prevent faked visits from thebesthosting .org and others

Filter Type:
Advanced > INCLUDE
case sensitive: no

IMPORTANT: it is best to have a backup profile with no filters applied. Thus if you accidently clicked the "exclude" button rather than "include" or mistyped you domain name, then no traffic would be included, so be careful with filters using the hostname field.



Note: Spamer started activity on 13th September

List of other users effected:

*There is a small exception: if you use a Wordpress widget to publish your sites top referrals and these are shown as clickable links. If you using this function just add rel=nofollow to these external links.
Re: Spam Referrals BDalco 9/18/09 2:58 PM
Is there anyway to get rid of this on our website?  It appears to be some sort of javascript code but I can't find it within my code.  I get this at the end of my html code, but then when I look to remove it, I don't see it anywhere.  Does this mean it has already been removed from my code?  As you can tell I am a little confused.
<!-- text below generated by server. PLEASE REMOVE --><!-- Counter/Statistics data collection code --><script language="JavaScript" src=""></script><script language="javascript">geovisit();</script><noscript><img src="" alt="setstats" border="0" width="1" height="1"></noscript>
Re: Spam Referrals PPC_Guru 9/18/09 3:56 PM

That is a legitimate script.

It is legacy Yahoo Tracking script for Yahoo Sites (used before they bought IndexTools)
Re: Spam Referrals BDalco 9/18/09 10:17 PM
Oh thanks.  For some reason I thought that was some sort of malicious code.
Re: Spam Referrals rags2riches 7/20/10 9:26 AM
I am seeing lots of traffic (more than 100 visits) from different subdomains of I am also having adsense...will this impact my earnings?
Re: Spam Referrals KoKo 8/7/10 11:58 AM
Re: Spam Referrals SamLBInj 8/20/10 2:51 PM
Is it possible to only receive clicks from the area I am advertising in? I am advertising to do service in a created small area of about 30 miles..
I should not have to pay for the same 2 or 3 people who keep clicking on my site from Brazil, China, and who knows where.
Here are the spamers,
Please help.
Can I get a credit back for this or not?
Let me know asap.
I have stopped my advertising until this gets resolved.
Re: Spam Referrals bartd 8/23/10 4:44 PM
I found the site hosting our GA UAs and a guide on how to do it! Its called "reverse internet . c o m "