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I can't log into my account!

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I can't log into my account! califaschic 9/3/10 6:09 PM
Hello Google Analytics Crew,

I am still unable to log into my Analytics account.  I saw on Twitter that you "resolved" the problem today but I am still locked out.  Please help.  I know this is a simple matter for you to fix =)
Re: I can't log into my account! Bronwyn V 9/3/10 6:44 PM
Did you report your account as being affected?

Sorry if you have posted in another thread regarding this, there are a few to keep track of.

The form below is specifically for reporting this issue, so that Google is aware of your account being affected.

If you havent done so, could you please escalate it via the linked form

Thanks :-)
Re: I can't log into my account! califaschic 9/7/10 5:47 PM
Hi Whims,

I totally added my name to that spreadsheet.  And I've sent tweets as well as a formal notice through their help form.  Any more tips i can try?  Do you know of anyone who is also experiencing this problem? None of my websites are showing up on my homepage and i'm doing my best not to freak out. lol