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Chinese 360 Internet browser

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Chinese 360 Internet browser Petri71 12/10/10 2:36 AM

I am using Google Analytics for china based website and I would like to know the number of users using the famous 360 Internet Browser but I can't see it in the listing.
I know that 30% of the users in China are using it :

You can find the browser download page over there :

I wonder if this browser could automatically be considered as Internet Explorer (they almost have the same logo).

Anybody knows smth about it ?

thank you in advance for any sort of answer
Re: Chinese 360 Internet browser Ankit Sharma 12/10/10 3:54 AM
Have you access to edit codes of " Chinese 360 Internet browser "?
Re: Chinese 360 Internet browser Petri71 12/12/10 5:14 PM
no, not at all, I am just working on Chinese websites, hoping to be able to use GA to analyze them. I just wonder where all these 30% of 360 users have gone in the stats...

maybe Google China could investigate this case ?
Re: Chinese 360 Internet browser Ankit Sharma 12/12/10 8:57 PM

Looks like This concern is related to your Google China. Try to contact them becasue you have no access to edit codes n all)
Re: Chinese 360 Internet browser Petri71 12/12/10 10:46 PM
Hi Ankit Sharma,

Thank you for your answer, but I am not working for Google, I don't know anyone at Google China and can't read Chinese, so I guess that if anyone working for Google is reading this, he or she should forward this to whoever is in charge of GA in China.

And until then, I'll just stop using GA as a reference for my Chinese clients.