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Cannot delete analytics accounts

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Cannot delete analytics accounts shanemartinjones 12/22/08 6:51 AM
I have some accounts in my analytics account that were from my previous employment and am unable to delete them. How can I get rid of them. It says that some of them are linked to adwords accounts and I have no way of contacting people involved with these accounts.

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Analyticspro.Anna 12/22/08 8:50 AM

To delete an Analytics account you need to be the administrator of these accounts. If you are the administrator, then select the account from the "My Analytics Account" pulldown menu at the top of the 'Analytics Settings' page and click on 'Edit Account Settings'.  Next, select the option Delete this account. If your account is linked to an AdWords account then click on 'Unlink AdWords account from Analytics' and then delete the account. If you are unable to unlink the accounts, then I suggest you ask the administrator of the account to unlink the accounts.

Hope that helps!

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Richard Hearne 12/22/08 9:07 AM
Hi Anna

If you are granted access to an account, and the admin then revokes that access, can you remove these accounts from your control panel?
I have this issue as well, and can find no solution to remove the orphan accounts from my control panel in GA.

Sorry for thread hijack - just wandered over here from Webmaster Support, and thought 'hey why not hijack someone else's thread'.

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Analyticspro.Anna 12/29/08 9:41 PM
Hey Richard,

If your administrator has revoked access you should no longer be able to see this account in your control panel. If you are still seeing this account, I suggest you contact the administrator again and ask him to delete you as a user or administrator from his account.

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts seeker9 1/6/09 12:40 PM
Hello Anna, I have the same problem (seeing an account even though no right to sites granted) but no possibility to contact the site admin any longer.

How can I remove it from my overview screen?

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Pelican 2/11/09 4:49 AM
Hi Anna,
same situation for me here: 2 accounts in my GA with no "edit" link under the action column.
I was wondering if you had found a solution to that problem.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts RajV 3/5/09 11:20 AM
Hi Anna,
I am the administrator for 7 sites. However I do not see the 'Edit' link next to one of the sites. Any ideas on how I can remove this site from my list?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts KellyWatson 6/2/09 12:15 PM
I am having the same problem and cannot seem to find a solution. I would love to remove a certain site from my list but I have no options to 'Edit' under the actions column.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts allan.todd 6/2/09 4:41 PM
I have the same problem - old accounts that I no longer want access to and no way to contact the admin to remove me.  Please respond so we can all clean up our Overview: All Accounts page on GA.  Many thanks!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Zeol Shah 6/6/09 11:34 AM
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts KellyWatson 6/6/09 3:03 PM
That link does not help me because I cannot access the delete function under the "Actions" column. I have even uploaded a picture to show you:

I would like to get rid of this site in my Analytics page, but the administrator will not remove me as a user. I don't even know if she is getting my e-mails.

It would be nice if people actually read the entire circumstances of the problem instead of trying to offer a blanket solution that does not apply.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Analyticspro.Anna 6/7/09 12:48 PM
Hey Guys,

Apologies for the delayed response. I suggest you get in touch with us via the Contact Us form for this issue. You can find this form in the About Contacting Us page - found at the bottom of all Help Center pages.

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts AdriaK 1/5/10 12:23 PM
I have used the Contact Us form at least four times over the past four years, and have never gotten a response, much less had my issues resolved. Two of the old client profiles cluttering up my account aren't even getting traffic anymore.

Could you folks at Google please oh please finally come up with a resolution for this?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts hazymat 3/28/10 7:36 AM
I am having this same issue.

Why the hell can I not remove an account I have previously been granted access to?

Why is there no way to remove this account link to my own Analytics account, for which I am the administrator?

Why is there no information regarding this on Google Analytics Help?

Why does the Google employee keep writing things on this post that amount to no solution, when her name is "AnalyticsPro Anna"?

Come on!

The scenario is simple. An ex employer allowed granted me access to their Google Analytics from within my own Analytics account, this has now been revoked, but it remains as an Analytics account within my own. I am unable to contact the ex employer, unable to remove or edit the account within my Analytics account, and anyway I am unable to view the Analytics data.

Sort it out Google!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts seoatsea 4/15/10 5:56 AM
same problem, no response from Google Help.    Sigh.   Stupid Stupid Stupid!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts michaelpsy13 4/20/10 7:18 PM
same problem.... help google help...
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts amk221 4/22/10 3:35 AM
Same problem here too....
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts eTDS TechnoSys 4/24/10 12:39 PM
same problem here, unable to delete the account, i dont want to use it anymore but cannot delte my account, can anyone suggest what to do?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts slaneyvalley 4/29/10 8:52 AM
I am climbing the walls in frustration an not being able to get rid of google-analytics. It keeps popping up whenever I try to access my blog to update it. Google are NO help whatsoever. They don't reply to e-mails for help. I am so annoyed and there should be somewhere that we can report google to.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts sambeal 5/1/10 2:47 AM
Google doesn't do Customer Service. And nothing in the cloud ever dies. Try ignoring the legacy detritus (like we all do with Google Search Ads).
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts GeorgeK 5/12/10 3:17 PM
Exact same problem for me as hazymat, eTDS and others. If Google would fix this, it would be appreciated. (I'm subscribing to this thread in the hopes a Google employee will respond again in the thread). Because that 2nd account exists, my main screen is no longer the way it was before when I had access to only 1 account. Instead, I have to click through to pick which account to access, which is annoying.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts mylesrose 5/14/10 7:53 AM
Same issue- What about creating a remove my access link for an old account?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts GeorgeK 5/14/10 7:58 AM
I emailed Google Analytics support, and they deleted it manually. Doesn't seem to be another way at present.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts pnewcomb 6/15/10 11:08 AM
This is absolutely ridiculous. How can this possibly be a difficult issue for google to fix? I can only delete an account that I'm and administrator of, so I'm out of luck if I've been given limited access to an account. What harm could removing that shared account do? It's not like it will affect the original account that was shared with me. I just want it off of my screen. It just doesn't make sense to me...
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Cyberties 6/21/10 1:37 AM
Same problem here. Strange Google doesnt figure this out....
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts tam7am 6/23/10 8:31 PM
HI all,

After much stuffing around, I've figured out the solution.
Like many of you, I had set up my work Analytics under my personal gmail account and further down the track I made an official gmail account for my company which had Administrator access to the Analytics. When logged in under my own personal gmail however, the options were greyed out and I was unable to remove myself as Admin.

** The key point is that is impossible to delete yourself if you're logged in under your own account.


1) Whilst under the gmail account that is the main Administrator (i.e. the one you want to delete), make sure you have added the gmail account which will be the replacement. Make sure this account is an administrator.
2) At this point there must be at least 2 Administrators in your users list.
3) Sign out, and sign in under the alternate gmail account for which you want to make the sole admin.
4) Click on Edit (on the right, under the overview settings of your account).
5) You will now notice that your other email address now has the option of being deleted.
6) Delete the user.
7) Finito!

You MUST have access to both accounts, or have the old/new user assist you in making the switch.
There is no other way to do this.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts pnewcomb 6/23/10 9:50 PM
tam7am, thanks, but what if you are NOT the owner of the account you want to delete? what if an account was shared with you temporarily with limited access (for checking stats & whatnot)? I can't login as a second admin to delete myself, because I was never even an admin in the first place. I have this same situation for about 15 accounts. Yes, I could theoretically contact all these people that have shared access to their accounts, but honestly I don't have any of their contact info anymore.

Google? Are you listening?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts tam7am 6/24/10 3:41 AM
Unfortunately, if the account you want to delete is the only admin and/or there are multiple admins you no longer or don't want to contact, i don't see there's anything to be done. That's like trying to delete users who are a higher hierarchy than you - which isn't really common in most applications! But, if you did so happen to already be an admin, you can easily delete everybody off the user list.

The only other thing I could think of is that you delete that analytics off the website (where the analytics code was entered) since I suppose you must have access to the website. Once it's deleted, you simply create a new analytics account for the website. Of course you lose all the previous data!

GOOGLE should think of a way to export the previous analytics data to a single file. Particularly as you can't trust Google to store that data forever!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts darrencarter 7/13/10 1:47 PM
There is a way and it is there to see if you look close enough. Click on edit account whether of not you have half deleted it. Look to the middle of the page and you will see the link 2 lines under 'Default Time Zone: There is a link called 'Delete this account''. a pop up box will apear warning about deletion and then you delete.
I looked al over the internet for an answer to this and it was on the page all the time
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts mylesrose 7/13/10 2:40 PM
I believe that's to delete the entire account. I'm only looking to remove my access to the account.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts BrunoLM 10/8/10 8:28 AM
I have the exact same problem.

How can I remove an account where I can only view and not edit?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts H3LPm4n 10/16/10 1:50 PM
Same problem here. Note that G added the article below to the help base:

which doesnt help 90% of the people here - there are NO admins left (the domain was abandoned and expired) or the admin can't be contacted.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts 2pha 10/20/10 4:44 AM
This is getting ridiculous, I have the same problem as others here. I just don't want access to an account I don't have admin on (just want it removed from my 'overview:All Accounts' page).
I have been trying to do this for over 2 years now FFS.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts CherryHintonBlue 10/22/10 1:04 AM
Well, after reading all that, I'm not hopeful of ever seeing the problem resolved. Hey Google, let's just summarise the problem:

1. We had access to another Google Analytics account.
2. That access was revoked, and we're not in contact with the account owner.
3. The account still appears in the Accounts Overview list page, but now has no "edit" link.
4. We want to remove that account from the list.
5. Er...
6. That's it.

We all look forward to the small feature addition which will address this requirement. Thank you!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Josh.Mormann 12/7/10 2:12 PM
I'm having that same -> shouldn't be able to see it anymore, but still have the account listed problem that so many people are having. The only suggestion that has made sense so far has been from Analyticspro.Anna, however Anna suggests we contact google through a form that is no longer available anywhere that I can see.

Anyone know how to contact Google Support?

That is unless somewhere there is an answer in this massive thread that I'm missing somehow...
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts ukauctions 1/19/11 4:39 AM
Google have a knack of making simple things not simple!

This has been a pain for me for years, I had access to an account and I still do. I just am not interested anymore and want it removed. The person who is admin is not contactable.

It's the most ridiculous thing. Even just the option to hide accounts I am not interesting in would solve this for me.

Question is ... does Google have the coding manpower to fix this?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts xandermroales 1/20/11 11:11 PM

This reply was totally a waste of my time because it will get ignored by Google... (maybe trolling helps??) click yes if you agree!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts diseo 1/26/11 4:57 AM
Exact same problem...subscribed to this thread
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Martin 2/4/11 4:14 AM
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Somebody22 2/6/11 11:38 AM
I also have a line with account that I do not have access to any reports:

It just  distract me every time I enter the site to see the reports. Please unlink me from that account.

Better to give users an option for unlink from accounts where they are not administrators.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Metakinetic 2/16/11 6:47 AM
I have a REAL ANSWER (Please vote it up) for those of you who are in the following scenario:
A) You're annoyed by the accounts appearing in your analytics that you no longer have administrative access.
B) You cannot contact the account administrator to get them to remove your VIEW ONLY access account.
C) You are receiving no response from Google (as we're all sure they're very busy making search great).

Here's what you need to do:

1) Register a NEW analytics account (this will require a new email address)
2) In your ORIGINAL analytics account - grant full administrative access to your NEW account.  Do this only for those accounts you want to preserve your access to leaving those pesky annoying accounts behind.
3) Once you have confirmed that your NEW account has full administrative access to all accounts you wish to keep (VERY IMPORTANT).  You can ignore your OLD analytics account -or- safely DELETE IT.

I have used this technique before and all of your Google analytics history IS preserved on the new account.  This technique is also useful if you ever wish to exceed the present 25 accounts per Google-ID cap.

If anyone requires any specialist consultancy in this particular area - please visit us at  (we're a real bunch of techies that specialise in for eCommerce, CMS and way, way more!

I wish you all a restful night's sleep - no longer bothered by those old pesky accounts,
David Mash :)
Metakinetic Ltd
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts spacetime 3/18/11 5:10 AM
I simply don't understand why I am not allowed to control my own account?! Why I can not simply remove accounts I don't need or I don't want to see them in my My Analytics Accounts?

Somebody has added my email address to his account and now I have to live with it? Why?

Isn't it obvious that there are many people with the some problem?
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts BrunoLM 3/29/11 4:05 PM
Still no solution? Damnit Google!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts cmoeser 4/8/11 7:23 AM
Same Issue
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts VerticalRail 4/14/11 9:42 AM
I find it curious that for three years of comments o this string, Google has STILL not changed this functionality.  We are a company who manages multiple clients.  When those clients move on, we cannot remove their analytics from our list, even though the access has been removed by the administrator.  Our access list is now nearly unmanageable, simply because of dead accesses.

Google, PLEASE add a delete button, so we can remove these from our lists.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts tgurske 4/16/11 2:34 PM
I am having the same issue.

Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts jen.wilhelm 4/17/11 8:30 PM
I'm also having this problem... it's really, really frustrating.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts sebicas 4/21/11 3:26 PM
Also have the same problem... I like to hide the account from my Google Analytics!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Homestar9 5/3/11 10:49 AM
I had a similar problem with accounts showing in my Analytics dashboard but I could not remove them. I was able to resolve it using the following steps:

1. I contacted Google using the adwords contact form:
2. I provided a screenshot of my analytics dashboard and told them that I was an adwords customer but that I was having an issue with analytics.
3. I told them that there were accounts showing on my dashboard that I could not remove and that I could not contact the owners of those accounts.
4. I asked them to please remove those accounts from my dashboard.

Within 2 hours a rep contacted me and removed the accounts I didn't want access to anymore.

Hope this helps!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts jmarso 5/4/11 8:00 PM
I too have the same problem as the rest of you but unfortunately I am not an 'adwords' client so there is no email address to complain to and no rep will be calling me. Its hard to understand why I am forced to have unwanted accounts cluttering up my summary page.  Creating a new account only works if you have admin. access to all the  profiles you want to keep.  I have a mixture. Creating a new Google Analytics account means I must walk away from the profiles where I am not the admin.

If it makes any of you feel any better....I work for the state ( websites and I'm being treated just a poorly as everyone else.  We were told Google Analytics was going to be a great answer to our such a good answer.  Sounds like anyone with your Google email address can grant you viewer status to their accounts and there is nothing we can do about it.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts pnewcomb 5/5/11 12:14 PM
I did what Homestar9 recommended and it worked like a charm! My account is finally clean!

Took a couple hours for them to respond to me. I guess if you are contacting adwords they're more likely to care about customer service as opposed to analytics which is a free service.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts sevenmix 5/23/11 11:17 PM
I still have this problem...
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts 2pha 5/26/11 8:27 AM
I have been looking for a simple solutions to this problem for 3 years FFS
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Graham Bowman 7/25/11 5:47 AM
If anyone is still having problems I've just managed to remove an account. What I wanted to do was move the account from my personal gmail account to my employers (googleapps) account.
1. Grant administration access to the new account (you should now have at least 2 admins)
2. Log into the new admin account
3. Go to "Analytics Settings" and click "User Manager»"
4. Find the old account and click the "Delete" link
5. Log back into the original account (my personal one in my case) and check that it is no longer available

I think the mix up for me was the difference between access to the ACCOUNT and PROFILE. I'd been removed from the profile but not the account.

Hope it helps someone!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts one more question 7/25/11 7:55 AM
Hi - is this Help Forum the only way to get help and support? -  as I have an issue which has gone unanswered for 3 days.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts mattingley 7/25/11 4:42 PM
Has anyone ever found a solution to this?  I'm was looking through my analytics account today and I still have access to accounts on here from past employment and freelance gigs..I haven't tried it, but it seems that I can delete or change THEIR access level to THEIR account but can't remove MY ACCESS?..that makes no sense?? Wake up Google!
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts McTart 8/11/11 3:57 AM
If you are not the original account owner and have been added to this from someone else, follow one of the guides above.

If you are the original account owner, you cannot remove yourself from it as it is greyed out (unless someone else takes over it), however you can delete the Account and all associated data by:

Login to Analytics
Top right, next to the Settings Gear icon, click the Analytics icon and select an account.
You should now be in the account administration page
Click the account you want to delete
Click the Account Settings Tab
Bottom right hand corner you have an option to Delete the Account.
Click and Confirm.
Your account is now removed + all associated data.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts mewchloe 9/10/11 5:45 AM
same problem here >_>'
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts morr 10/1/11 5:47 AM
i vote for this fix
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Histemic 10/27/11 8:50 AM

This sorted me out. I'd set up a couple of account in error. Not sure you can do with a mature account.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts Entragan 11/6/11 10:59 PM
still no answer here? that's plain ridiculous.
My problem is different cause, but like most:

1. got viewer access to an account from client
2. company I worked for went bankrupt and projects closed
3. the viewer account still lives and I'm not able to contact administrator of the ga account
4. the account remains in my list.
Re: Cannot delete analytics accounts jzatt 11/24/11 2:18 AM
Silly me thought I would be able to get this sorted with the new Analytics... But no. Please Google, get this sorted out!

I don't want to or think that I should have to create a new Analytics account just to transfer the ones I want to keep.

I just want to be able to get rid of some profiles from my overview, that I don't have admin-access to. I don't want to delete the profiles completely, just my access to them.
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