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What are "Unique views"?

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What are "Unique views"? DangerousDolly 1/13/09 8:51 AM
So "Absolutely Unique Visitors" are the amount of people visiting the site during the selected time period.
And "New visits" are people visiting the site for the first time ever!
And "Visits" are just that, visits - regardless of if 1000 visits come from 1 person

So what are "Unique views"?? Is 4214 unique views the same as 4212 PEOPLE that are unique in the time-frame? Or could 1000 people have seen 4 pages each? Is "time-frame" important in this metric (as it is in Unique Visitor)? Couldn't GA be a bit more consistent in the metrics they present under each report :S

Anyone who would like to make my life easier?
Re: What are "Unique views"? ShoreTel 1/13/09 3:26 PM
Unique Views are the equivalent of "Visits" to a single page. For example, if 1 person viewed a single page 100 times during the same visit, that page would show 100 pageviews, but only 1 "unique view"
Re: What are "Unique views"? Kevin Yang 10/26/09 4:01 AM
hi, shoretel, it should be right according to what google analytics official says, but according to what i test in many profiles, the result is always not true. they have some slight differences.
and the aggregation of uniquepageview is more confusing. neither is it close to visits, nor is it close to the sumup of all the uniquepageview of every individual page
Re: What are "Unique views"? smithtracey 12/10/09 4:35 PM
interestingly we have found that the 'visits' stats that are generated from our CMS used for our website and the GA 'visits' stats are vastly different and we are at at a loss to explain it. It cant all be GATC rejection the difference is that vast. Any ideas?