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Tracking online ads from facebook

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Tracking online ads from facebook GustavoJSM 4/21/09 6:57 AM
hi all,..
We've been running multiple facebook ad campaigns with much success lately. According to facebook ad reporting, we get anywhere between 300 and 400 clicks per day per ad. However, when I go to GA for that target site (where the ads send people to) the traffic source ( indicates that there were between 5 and 7 visits for any given day. How come this discrepancy? Any ideas? Have you experienced the same issue?

Re: Tracking online ads from facebook emkoo 5/26/09 8:50 AM
We've been experiencing the same problem as well. Even with the URL builder and tagged links, I am not getting any specific campaign data and the number of visitors reported from facebook are much less than what the facebook report tells me. Does anyone know how to address this issue?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 5/26/09 8:57 AM
Can you tell me what your target URLs are for the facebook ads?  Can you tell me what pages or groups I can find an ad on to see what's going on?

It's likely that your ads are going through a redirect or a rewrite that's causing both the referring data and the URL parameters to be stripped off.  We can fix this one!

Let me know some of the above and I'll see what I can do to help.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Ascendacy 5/28/09 2:37 AM
We are having the same problem, can you help us to?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 5/28/09 2:16 PM
If anyone experiencing this can answer the questions above, I'll do my best to help.  Without some of that info, though, there's not much I can do!
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook moser 5/28/09 3:54 PM
My ad on facebook directs to our home page at
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook janklemm 5/29/09 9:30 AM

we have the same problem. GA shows less than half (in visits) of the clicks we pay for in facebook. Our tracking link is this:

Any idea why?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook kanacubancoffee 6/3/09 6:14 AM
Same here, looks like Facebook is scamming clicks!
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 6/5/09 12:53 PM
I can assure you that nobody is scamming anything, so let's keep the witch trials to a minimum.

Is there any particular reason that your campaign string is so long?  Is there not a simpler phrase that you could use there?

In your particular case, you have a huge SWF that's being loaded and probably holding up your javascript.  I tried 3 times to load this page and it never completed after waiting a minute each time.

To solve your issue, janklemm, I'd move the Google Analytics code above the SWF object, potentially even in the <head> section of the HTML.  Let's see if you see a difference then.  It's very likely the code just isn't firing all the time because the page is so slow.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook eslam sameh 8/14/09 4:55 AM
I thing that is not your campaign source but it is few referrer clicks
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook PositivelyRandy 8/24/09 6:13 PM
I'm having a similar problem. I put AdSense ads on my website and now the page doesn't load completely.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook rmanville 9/15/09 7:52 AM
I had the same issue, but I move my tracking code to a new online ad tracking system called Tracker Kahuna that works great for me.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Nicolai 10/6/09 4:18 AM
My issue is the other wa around. I use a tracking code for the Facebook Ads and got way more visits on GA than on FB. Is it cause of the difference between visits and clicks?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook gillif 11/29/09 6:10 PM
Google see's facebook and twitter as a competitor. The curb traffic stats from both sites.  They want your advertising dollars.  The "do no evil" slogan doesnt apply to advertising.  Its in there disclaimer
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook a2emae 1/28/10 8:05 AM
same thing for us.

@evanlapointe, this is the landing page : and
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 1/28/10 8:14 AM
@Nicolai  Visits will always be lower than clicks, so it doesn't sound like that's an issue. It could be that you're looking at as a referrer. If people are putting links to your site anywhere else on facebook, those will count as referrals.  If you want to see your ads alone, you'll need to use campaign tagging to identify facebook as a source and paid ads (or whatever you want to call it) as a medium.

@giliff Yes, they see them as a competitor, but that has nothing to do with what we're talking about here.  Please take your black helicopter theories elsewhere! :-D

@a2emae I'm not sure I follow.  Can you please describe the problem in more detail?

If anyone else new joins this, please start a new thread. Threads are for specific answers, and are not ongoing conversations.  You'll get help much more quickly by starting a new thread.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook a2emae 1/28/10 10:39 AM
yes, we have had 6200 clicks on facebook and analytics declared 3000 clicks.

the difference between clicks and visits is very large!
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 1/28/10 11:26 AM
Yeah, that's a much larger discrepancy than you might expect. Here's something you can do.  Create a segment where you just get visits for this campaign. Then apply that segments to the entry pages report.  See how many entries and page views you get for those pages.  It could be that a large percentage of your audience is clicking more than one time (but not likely this much).

Also, look at your All traffic sources report and see if there are other instances of facebook that you don't have tagged properly.

Are you using an advertising platform to place these ads on facebook, or are you using facebook directly?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook a2emae 1/28/10 12:02 PM
i'm using directly facebook.

i'll try your idea and tell you what's on.

Re: Tracking online ads from facebook anthonypowers 3/9/10 5:37 AM
The main issue with Facebook Ads is that the ads that are displayed to the user contain direct links to your content. You will only be able to find this traffic under Referred Traffic listed as Facebook. You, unfortunately, will not be able to tell whether that traffic came from the Links or someone's Wall with a link... I believe Facebook is looking into working directly with Google in the future, but it's not yet a feature.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 3/9/10 10:53 AM

facebook ads do allow you to input a specific destination URL with parameters, so you should be able to set utm_campaign/source/medium to designate these ads and keep those referrals separate from regular wall posts.  Have you had difficulty with this working for you?  I know some users have said in the forums they've had a hard time getting accurate data from facebook campaigns.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook jerrylee81 4/2/10 11:04 AM
I am having the same problem here. Please see my screenshot :

So which one is the correct one? Facebook or Google.
We are paying so much money on Facebook Ads and Google shows less than 50 visitors a day?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Bambina 4/26/10 8:49 AM
Hi I am having the same problem.  Facebook ads claims we have had 3250 clicks and Google Analytics only 2300 of which over 1000 were direct, i.e. not referred.  I am hoping to take this up with Facebook as they also seem to have overcharged and gone over our daily spending limit, hoping it is something that we can resolve!  Does anyone else have experience of dealing with Facebook????
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook jsilton 4/26/10 10:13 AM
@anthonypowers @jerrylee81 @Bambina Evan's post is correct, and you are able to append parameters to the end of your urls. I have done this recently and the following url structure works for tracking in Google Analytics. This is the . In my campaign, I am seeing accurate results for Facebook traffic. Of course, you will always want to make sure the destination url does not strip those parameters and that the analytics code is properly installed on the landing page.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Andres Giannone 4/26/10 11:49 AM
is it posible that some of the facebook ads clicks are tracket as if they were direct trafic visits?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook jsilton 4/26/10 12:10 PM
Although it is possible that some of the Facebook ad clicks could be listed under direct traffic, the most likely case is that they would be categorized as visits from a referring site.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook carpediem22 5/10/10 10:08 AM
In running FB ads, will I get referrers from as well as I am trying to match up the numbers in google analytics and am having trouble matching them up. I am getting way more traffic from apps.fb than from the main fb domain, so I just wanted to be sure both referrers could be from the FB ads.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook evanlapointe 5/10/10 11:49 AM
Just tag your ads with campaign tagging and it will clear up all of the confusion.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Pete_JFOM 5/18/10 4:36 AM
I'm recording only 50% of clicks from Facebook in Analytics. Evan could you check if the load time of this page is causing the discrepancy between analytics figures and Facebook figures. This is an example destination URL.

It could be a redirect issue but then wouldn't all of the clicks from facebook be wiped from analytics if that was the case?
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Tolbit397 5/18/10 10:28 AM
Shouldn't be a redirect issue, as long as the query string is retained. We usually see 10-15% variances in our campaigns. I guess we can call this a baseline of what to expect.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Wei S 9/1/10 1:33 AM
I have put the campaigns on the facebook ads, they doesn't show on the Anallytics Campaigns report. But!!! There is some traffic from facebook as referring site from (  sth. like that). So it should be the redirect issue.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook ordoro 12/29/10 4:44 PM
I was running into this same issue. But then I made a change to the GA tracking code snippet and now it seems to be detecting the utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_keyword parameters in that url. I had to add the following to the GA code snippet javascript _gaq.push(['_setCampSourceKey', 'utm_source']); _gaq.push(['_setCampMediumKey', 'utm_medium']); _gaq.push(['_setCampContentKey', 'utm_keyword']); _gaq.push(['_setCampTermKey', 'utm_keyword']); _gaq.push(['_setCampNameKey', 'utm_campaign']); I have written up the details in a blog post. Let me know if this works for you guys.
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Whims 12/29/10 10:01 PM
@ ordoro.. when you click on the Check Status link to goto the page in your account where your tracking code is generated for you to copy and paste into your pages

To the left of the box with the tracking code if you click on the Advanced tab and then tick the check box I want to track online ad campaigns from other providers then to the best of my knowledge, doing the above shouldnt be necessary.

You'll just have to make sure to use the url builder tool to create your links with the tracking parameters
Re: Tracking online ads from facebook WiseTiger_Farnham 11/7/11 6:33 AM
I am having this problem also.

I want to track online ad campaigns from other providers is checked.

The URL I have added to the ads is -

Please use this URL to visit the landing page otherwise you will skew my stats even further!

Facebook shows 300 clicks up until now while GA shows 129 visits.

Not a big a discrepancy as mentioned earlier in this thread but, percentage wise, still very significant.

If anyone has any ideas why there is such a big difference then please let me know!

Re: Tracking online ads from facebook Whims 11/7/11 4:18 PM
@ WiseTiger_Farnham

I noticed the linked page has quite an out of date version of the tracking code on it (Pre May 2010)
This may be part of why you are seeing such discrepancies.

If you should decide to update, the present tracking will need to removed from all pages and the the current version of tracking code (will be available from within your GA account specific to the profile) gets placed before the closing </head> tag
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