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Tracking Coupon Codes

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Tracking Coupon Codes cw360 6/24/09 9:28 AM
We are implementing GA. We think the best way to track coupon codes is the _addItem method. However we need a report that is revenue by coupon code (ie. all the sales that were made in association with that coupon). Has anyone have any insight into this problem?
Re: Tracking Coupon Codes Saiho01 6/27/09 12:48 PM
I can't seem to figure out a way to track coupon codes either.  What we are doing now is tracking a particular email marketing campaign with the conversion rate.  So we get a general idea of how many people actually brought stuff after click on the linked URL in the email.
Re: Tracking Coupon Codes jesse-kanclerz 6/10/10 9:24 AM
Add the following javascript to the coupon input field:

onchange="pageTracker._trackEvent('Coupons', this.form.action, this.value);"

This will allow GA to capture the text the visitor types in the field. The captured text can be found under Content -> Event Tracking. It will also assign ecommerce data to each specific code.