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Filtering Evony Game Ads

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Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/6/09 8:07 AM
I am being bombarded by Evony game ads and cannot filter their many url's due to the fact that the ad is flash. No destination url can be viewed and the preview tool does not show these ads. Although the ad is appropriate to the site their ads overwhelm all of the ad spaces appearing 3 times on a single page which is simply not acceptable. It's the same on many other online game websites. Should I continue to subject myself the time to view other game sites and click their Evony ads just to grab url's to ad to my filter list? I'm doubting that this would be a recommended method. I very much prefer the image based ads as opposed to the text format so the latter isn't a desirable option. I fully understand that promoting their site is their own expense but when I see url's like don't you think thats a bit overboard and beginning to game the adsense system? I can only guess what url's to filter at this point unless I recruit an army of clickers to run around pulling urls for this ad. Just stop the ad from appearing more than once on a page and I could deal with it.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Jioji 6/6/09 9:57 AM
Hi, Supreme -
Do you have (for example) three different ad units/codes/sizes on a page, or all the same code repeated three times? Maybe you could change things a little by shaking up the ad sizes/units. And, even though you say you don't like text ads, maybe try "image and text", which might at least change the dominance of Evony image ads.
By the way, I think if you select "image only" on an ad unit, you are more likely to get "targetted" with a campaign. Sounds like that might have happened with you. So, going with different ad settings, at least for a while, might break the Evony overload. Another thing to check is if you have enabled "targetting" on channels in your account on these specific ad units/channels. I disabled that a while back, because I kept getting the same ads in almost every unit on my site, like you. About a week later, the problem went away. Hope that helps!
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/6/09 4:36 PM
Different codes and sizes were tried once the duplicate ads from Evony began and no changes were seen. Drop one domain in the competitive ad filter and another appears just as quickly. Same old ads dominating the pages. Check the url above. It's a parked domain yet that's where the latest ad was served from. And yes. The whois does confirm the ownership as Evony.

 I am not opposed to text ads as we use them on numerous other domains and they perform quite well it's the fact that we tested the image and text ads on a smaller platform game site for 6 months and the image ads always out-performed the text ads. Obviously we want to run ads that work in our favor if we open an area for any advertisement regardless of the source. Since these duplicates began appearing the earnings have been disappearing. Not to mention the sight of 3 duplicate ads running at once makes our domains look somewhat desperate or ill-conceived. I've personally run through the settings and I don't see any targetting issues and have come to this support forum hoping to get some help. Your input has been welcomed Jioji. We will give this a few more days to monitor the support area before replacing at least one block of the adsense code with a different source that we can control. Sure would be great to have the ability to block or filter advertisers by keyword. Would save many webmasters a lot of time.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Jioji 6/6/09 5:00 PM
Supreme -
Don't know if you already know this, but you can use the AdSense preview tool (in IE browswer). This tool lets you see the "real" URL behind the ads. There is hopefully some "root" URL that you can find and block out all the ads in one fell swoop. If the preview tool "doesn't help reveal a root URL, well... damn. I've had to do this on a few occasions to fully get rid of a bothersome ad.
This may work out (finding "true" URL), because I just tried the link you posted earlier and got a parked godaddy domain that wanted to "interact with another website", which I didn't allow. So, there is a redirect happening from all these various URL's you are seeing, I bet. If you don't have the preview tool, post here, and I will try and find a link for you. But I think I got it in the help topics area somewhere. Hope that gets to the "root" of it all!
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/6/09 5:07 PM
Quoted from original post: No destination url can be viewed and the preview tool does not show these ads.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Jioji 6/6/09 5:17 PM
Didn't re-read original (from hours ago).
Maybe try this. I've seen the Evony ads in text form, but not on my site or I would help you out with a URL, obviously. Set one of your ad units where the ads keep showing up to text. Text ads do show up in the preview tool. Maybe you'll catch it that way. Otherwise, as I said earlier, well... damn. Good luck.
Too bad you can't put an * in the URL filter list. Then you could block evony*.com. At least, I don't think you can...
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/6/09 5:36 PM
I tried a set of text ads for two days in one section, about 34 pages, and never got anything from Evony. Of course on the opposite side of the same page their flash ad appeared 80% of the time. I pretty much exhausted all the possibilities before I came to the forum. I think I'm stuck with the damn...good luck option.

Yes it's too bad we didn't have the option you mention. As I said a simple keyword filter would work fine. I could just block the keyword Evony and be done but then again we've been asking for that option for a long time. And for reference. I've got nothing against the game itself or the ads. It's the duplication of ads on the same page that's burying any options and earnings.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 6/9/09 10:33 AM
I have the same problem with being unable to get Evony ads of my website. 
The ads are served via DoubleClick which is why you are unable to use the AdSense preview tool to sort out the target domain. 

So let's dig a but into the issue. 
1: The domains are not linked from anywhere besides the ads. 
2: They do not run on the same IP range as
3: They haven't even used the time to configure the domains without www. for some of the domains
4: A few of them are even registered using domain proxy services such as DomainsByProxy

Knowing this; it's hard not to draw the conclusion that the domains where registered specifically to avoid filters. How this is not abuse is beoynd me.
The domains I've seen and blocked are: 
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/9/09 12:45 PM
Here's a couple more Benjaminsen. It's obvious that this will be a long list which will probably continue to grow. Have spent too much time trying to track down their ads already so I will be reverting to removing an adsense block and replacing it with another source by the end of the week. Just don't see any other solution but am willing to help out those who are still looking to filter url's when possible. Thanks for the url's. You had a couple in there I didn't have.

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 6/10/09 1:59 AM
Haven't seen any ads from evony since I added the two new domains and to my list, so I think I got it. Still sad you have to go to such extremes to get rid of a single campaign.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Mr.Bill 6/10/09 11:23 AM
Here is another one Not sure you guys got this many of the urls but I appreciate it
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 6/10/09 12:07 PM
Same here Benjaminsen. Although I hadn't intended to remove the campaign completely it appears that's what has happened. Still, I will be removing an adsense block. One can only guess that new domains from Evony will be added in the future. In fact since their ads quit showing on the site I've been seeing a bunch of new ads. Coincidence or not at least there's some new options for our visitors now.

You're welcome Mr. Bill. I searched high and low for others having this same problem. Although I could see it on other sites nobody was talking about it. Maybe the ads are performing for other sites but it wasn't working for me. I had hoped that others would come along and throw in their two cents or at least find some sort of support.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads AsifLateef 6/14/09 2:32 AM
There's a desperate need to block such flooding advertisers by the use of wild card characters. I hope Google will consider add this long awaited feature so that publishers could use it when critically needed. This is however, natural that no publisher would like to lower his revenue by applying this filter wildly.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads dangerouslydead 6/28/09 6:34 PM
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads feerab 7/3/09 9:38 AM
A new site today
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads peterkirn 7/6/09 10:33 AM
Thanks so much for this, gang, this is a huge help. AdSense user community FTW.

Now, Google on the other hand -- do you know if there's a proper channel to report this kind of advertiser behavior? To me, it really seems a clear abuse of the AdSense system. Does Google have a preferred feedback mechanism for that instance for publishers? (Seems particularly significant after the huge snafu in the fall before Election Day.)
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Caer 7/8/09 4:34 PM
I currently play the game Evony, and it turns out that Super Continental LLC just got sued by Microsoft for Click Fraud. Eric Lams owns Super Continental and he owns UMGE LLC which is the developer for Evony. Evony abuses the ads and you can see in this thread here what we are talking about:
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads samxnguyen 7/8/09 4:44 PM
Here's my Google spreadsheet listing the URLs that I have so far:
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 7/8/09 7:29 PM
When I started this thread it was intentionally titled Filtering Evony Game Ads in the hopes that people would find it easily and contribute. Got to admit that even though I resorted to only using 1 adsense image ad on my gaming site I no longer see 'any' ads from Evony. I could be missing them here and there but I've been adding the url's everyone has been posting here and it seems to be working.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 7/10/09 2:17 PM added to the list as well.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Spanner 7/10/09 4:32 PM
Peter, I bumped it up for Google to check out, it does seem to be a deliberate technique to circumvent the filters
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Bruceongames 7/12/09 2:36 AM
It looks like Evony is just one big scam. The game content is stolen. They are spamming the whole internet to market it. iEvony is a tool they are using to gather people's details. It is run by Chinese gold farmers. The whole thing stinks. I have been collating information about it here:
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads birdimus 7/12/09 1:02 PM
We dropped google ads partially because of these crap Evony ads.  If we show ads, we obviously want it to be relevant to our users.  This is just spam BS.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads smokeskank 7/12/09 3:41 PM
I love you all for keeping this thread alive. I'd like to add as well. notice it's my and not me. They did both. I don't get why google allows them to do this when they're clearly trying to circumvent adsense's competitive ad filter. I find this site to be spammy, and I feel that my visitors should not be sent to such trash.

I love adsense, but this is abuse of the system plain and simple. I see a sharp earnings drop every time evony manages to sneak another in. The ads are frankly vulgar, and as I'm often writing about the Sims 3 I like to keep ads tasteful because kids are playing. Way way too much cleavage in some of those ads.

They make this harder by using flash ads. If you want to block a flash ad, and can't figure out what it is, turn off your internet connection... that way, when you click the ad you can see the url appear toward the end of the code. You won't be registering an invalid click this way.

This is the only ad, other than Wow gold ads that I feel necessary to block, so I don't feel like I am abusing the filter.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads samxnguyen 7/13/09 10:34 AM
New Evony URL:

This is ridiculous.  
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads AdSensePro Policy 7/14/09 3:20 PM
Thanks for bringing these ads to our attention. I've escalated these ads to our AdWords specialists for review.

You can provide ad feedback to the AdWords team at . However, in this particular case, keep in mind that I'm already escalating this thread to their attention, so you don't need to submit anything that has already been mentioned.

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads bogdan 7/18/09 6:56 AM
I've been doing everything i could to block Evony ads, since I do not want the half porn images on my site that is mostly visited by minors. I keep blocking their sites, to find that they add more.
When every site is bombarded with their deceiving ads and people are unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the infamous Evony ads, what is AdSense doing? (other than cashing money for the clicks of course)
I don't think I should change the ad type to text just because some scammers found a loophole in AdSense's system and AdSense is slow in taking action.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads highslot 7/22/09 2:20 PM
@bogdan.  i couldn't agree with you more.  my site is for youth sports teams.  these partially dressed cyber damsels are a total embarrassment.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads highslot 7/22/09 2:25 PM
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 7/23/09 6:32 AM
Having just had to pleasure of one more Evony ad, I decided to dig around a bit more and try to trace down what domains belong to them. My new list even contains a few domains clearly mend for future use. Enjoy!

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads fun4thebrain 7/23/09 7:04 AM
This thread is wonderful! I have a site that puts up free educational games for children in 1 - 6 grade.  I have been bombarded with complaint emails from parents and teachers because I have "pornagraphic" images on my site.  When I go to check them out, it is evony AGAIN!!!  I have blocked them so many times it is getting ridiculous. I have converted to all text ads for now and will try to add all of these URLs to see if it blocks them. I really use the ad money I get from adSense, but cannot have the small children that are coming to my site being hit with this smut!

Thanks for the great thread!

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 7/23/09 9:56 AM
The ads they are running now are pretty racy. Actual closeup pictures of a womans chest hanging out of a small bra is somehow related to this game? I'm just glad those ads never appeared on my site as it seems like a newer tactic to draw people.

You can find complaints and documentation about this game all over the internet now when just about a month and half ago you could find nothing. Which is what led me here to begin with. Now I see Benjaminsen posting url's like (Thanks Ben) and find it hard to believe that a url like that isn't simply a slap in the face to everyone trying to block their ads. This was supposedly escalated to an adwords specialist 10 days ago. I realize Google is a busy place but can't you find one employee to give us an update or, better yet, give us the tools we need to uncover and block these ads when need be.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads BioHazardous 7/23/09 10:14 AM
I think I've found two more <-- for certain <-- was told by somebody who clicked on the ad (not me) that it first said it was taking them to this page?  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it or not, but I'm adding it to my blocked list for now.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Joseph Earl 7/23/09 10:47 AM
I don't understand why the competitive filter doesn't allow you to block Adsense Publisher IDs as well, this would be very useful in a case like this (although they're possibly abusing the AdWords system by using multiple accounts). It would also allow you to block all ads from a competitor without figuring out all their domains first.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 7/23/09 11:08 AM is just a content provider. 

I dug around a bit more after started showing up on my own site as well and found:

As well - funky with all the trademark violations, there is even a google IP in there....

The full list is now:

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads BioHazardous 7/23/09 11:55 AM
Thanks for your effort Ben.  I'll be glad when Evony is gone for good.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads BioHazardous 7/23/09 1:48 PM
Is it just me or is it becoming impossible to keep their ads off of our sites? I have all of those added to my competitive ad filter and they have been for well over an hour.  With the 3 different ad slots I have, they are all pulling Evony ads!  It's like it is getting worse.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Jestah 7/24/09 8:01 AM
I too am being bombarded on my G-rated kid site.   I've kept up to date with the block urls that have been posted here over the last few months and I still get boobies.   I've had to revert to text only due to the MASSIVE backlash from parents.  I would be surprised if Evony/Civony hasn't damaged my site's reputation already, not to mention the loss of income.
Can I sue someone?  (half joking)
If anyone from Google is reading this thread still, I beg of you to PLEASE drop this advertiser.  When I use Adwords, I know my ads are being reviewed by the big G..... Why is it so hard for G to deny their BLATENT attempts to circumvent our block lists.  It's almost like Spyware that won't go away.
They may get clicks from horny kids but I think the cost in the long run will hurt more.  I may have to drop Adsense altogether and go with someone else who does allow blocking  because I need attactive ads vs text for the type of site I am referring to.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Benjaminsen 7/24/09 1:02 PM
There is a great thread on Reddit about the game here where I also have comment telling a bit more about my experience in blocking this ad.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Spanner 7/24/09 1:48 PM
Thanks for the list, I have implemented it as well now.

Anyone noticed changes in their income since these adverts emerged? Mine seems to have dropped.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads concerned4kids 7/25/09 6:26 AM
Thank you very much for the list and information.  I'm getting complaints from visitors and I simply cannot blame them for their concerns.  They're right.  These ads are abominable >:|
Google: Wake Up! It's far past time to focus on this problem. Please fix it!!
Children are seeing these ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you want all of us who publish websites for children to stop running Adsense ads entirely in fear of the types of ads that may be shown?
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Jestah 7/25/09 10:14 AM
@Spanner:  Lately eCPM is way down.  I don't know if it's Evony or what the deal is.
Still looking for word from Google.....
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads hydrolover 7/25/09 11:18 AM
I have tried every url listed here and tried going offline to click an ad to get a different url to ad to the list. 
Seems I just can't get rid of Evony ads.  I have people, as do many of you, complaining about the "look" of the ad.  I want to continue with google ads but I need to get rid of this particular ad or I am going to loose followers of my site.
They seem to disappear for a brief time (less than an hour) then volia, they are back.  Seems like google should have some way to help control them.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Spanner 7/25/09 12:44 PM
Either its a caching issue, so try another browser and clear your cache, or you didn't put them in right :)

Within an hour of putting the links in the filter  the adverts disappeared, I havn't seen an since then.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Prince_Porter 7/25/09 3:30 PM
Thanks a bunch for this list, I spent about an hour looking for a way to get rid of these ads, this will hopefully work (I'll clear my cache as well, thanks for the reminder). Thanks again for the list, sad that google won't step in and take care of it and we have to, but at least it's taken care of.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads GreenAsJade 7/26/09 5:36 PM
It's taking a strangley long amount of time for Google to stomp on what is obviously an attempt to work around their policies.

Google?  What's going on?

The most comprehensive list of filters I've found is:


Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads supercel 7/26/09 8:14 PM
I found ads from those IP-violating, spam-propagating miscreants back on my site, today. 

Is there a way to directly contact Google to COMPLAIN about this?

Google?? GOOOOGLE!!!!!??

How many more hours of our valuable, billable time will be wasted trying to filter Evony Concubines off our sites? 


Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads supercel 7/27/09 4:08 AM
It would be GREAT to have the option of blocking Evony's Adsense Publisher IDs.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads RockyLhotka 7/27/09 12:21 PM
I'm glad this thread is here - thank you all! This was brought to my attention by a user of my site, and I was totally surprised to find these ads (which are entirely content-inappropriate) lurking on my pages.
Google really screwed up on this deal - and apparently continues to screw up. I don't generate nearly enough revenue from their ads to pay for my time to troubleshoot stuff like this.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads wasaweb 7/27/09 1:45 PM
Thanks for the list. They have reached a pandemic level. I'm just curious: how did they manage to outbid everyone else to be displayed on totally irrelevant pages?
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 7/27/09 4:35 PM
I'm starting to see their ads on other websites that have absolutely nothing even remotely in common. Not my problem but maybe some high profile publishers will start complaining and in turn get Googles attention. Until then we're stuck between ourselves and Googles lack of desire to communicate. A community forum for Google support? Might as well say don't bother us. Much appreciation to Benjaminsen, and a couple others, who jumped right in and helped compile the first and most comprehensive list of urls to block Evony from our domains.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads gigitrix 7/28/09 9:55 AM
This must be stopped. Bump.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads gigitrix 7/28/09 9:59 AM
I'm having to go text only until google stops advertising them. It's not just the risque ads, it's the blogspam, trojan horse, and general nefariousness of the company and I refuse to deal with them.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Casparina 7/28/09 1:10 PM
This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I do not need bulging breasts on my educational web site which is used by children and teachers in schools (but not for much longer if this goes on). It needs sorting out. Thanks for all the URLs contributed but I don't see any point in blocking them because Evony are coming up with new domains so quickly. I can only go through every single page on all my website and swap the ads to text. Sigh.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads NilsC 7/28/09 2:36 PM
Did anyone ask this question on the AdWords forum? They would be better when it comes to handle scammy advertisers?

I guess I'm lucky since I have not seen any of the ads on my site, I would report them if I do see them :)
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads mathie 7/29/09 11:36 AM
Google gets a boat load of money from Evony to place ads on their network so why would they care? Evony is definitely an unethical game company but they got the money.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads highslot 8/4/09 7:40 AM
@gigitrix, great idea switching to text ads.  I should have thought of that sooner.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 8/5/09 9:30 AM
Is this recent addition of filtering up to 5 categories from our adsense accounts the supposed answer to this problem? I for one don't want to filter ALL video and online game ads. Just Evony at the moment. Will checking the Sexually Suggestive category keep this ad from appearing since the ad itself has become so sexually suggestive? Guessing probably not so perhaps Adsense Pro Policy could give us some long awaited update information.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads NilsC 8/5/09 10:42 AM
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads AdSensePro Policy 8/5/09 11:28 AM
Hi everyone -- thanks for your patience so far. We've received all of your feedback and have looked into your concerns. Any Evony ads should now point only to, so having on your filter list should now effectively block all Evony ads. If you still see ads after adding this URL to your filter (and it's been over 48 hours since you've added it), reply to this thread and we'll look into it.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads SupremeGaming 8/5/09 11:55 AM
Thank You for the update and action regarding this issue.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads samxnguyen 8/5/09 12:06 PM
Thank you for FINALLY addressing this was an issue for far too long.  I hope Google is improving its policies and tools to prevent this from happening again.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads zas 8/7/09 9:26 AM
At last Thank you very much for some attempt Google took.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads noteperfect 8/10/09 6:37 AM
Thanks to all who have posted these Evony urls - most appreciated. I have just included them in my filter, however it's  Its a pity the filter is limited to 200, If evony keeps up adding different URLS it will eat into the available quantity.
The Ad Review center is so lame. Why can't it show every Ad that is ever posted? I can't see why that is so difficult. One could filter shown adds by date last shown and choose whether or not to allow them in future.
Evony is quite clearly spamming and abusing, One wonders why Google actually allow them, especially with the racy images that can be deemed offensive on some sites.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads admaster 8/12/09 12:23 PM
@noteperfect: FYI, if you read the AdSensePro Policy post above; the evony URLs have been consolidated to a single URL: So you only need to filter out one URL in your AdSense competitive ads filter to prevent the ads from appearing on your website rather than the 30 or so posted above. That way, you won't run out of your 200 limit.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads NilsC 8/12/09 5:38 PM
I guess marking "AdSensePro Policy" answer should hel people find the correct answer...
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads NilsC 8/12/09 5:39 PM
I guess marking "AdSensePro Policy" answer should help people find the correct answer...
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads jbgrahame 8/15/09 8:41 AM
I added to our competitive ad filter, but Evony ads started to appear again on my site. Google: Control your advertiser or I will have to terminate AdSense on my site.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads pleaseblockevony 8/18/09 8:28 AM
Just like jbgrahame, I've added every last one of these urls and STILL get Evony ads.  Another one popped up today.  This is ridiculous.  Stop this abuse of the system or my site will have to terminate AdSense, too.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Cindy D 8/18/09 10:15 AM
I switched to link units only. I run a website targeted at kids and teens (coloring games, etc...) and the amount of cleavage is not acceptable. I blocked IMVU for way less, and Imvu ranked fairly high in my list of advertisers to murder with an icepick. I'll try to complement with another allowed advertiser, I guess.

I'm glad to see the issue has been escalated, but it clearly shows that adsense needs more options as far as ad blocking goes. A word filter would be a good thing (get away from my website). Blocking domains pointing to as specific IP too. And a proper competitive ads filter page (come on, google. You have google docs. Don't tell me you can't give us columns with "blocked since, reason why, notes, severity"? )
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Uhfgood 8/18/09 10:53 AM
I also added and I also still get the ads, but i'm thinking maybe also adding might help too, so i'm going to try it

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Uhfgood 8/18/09 10:55 AM
I guess I already did.  You would think google would ban them.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads tymaxfree 11/9/09 11:23 AM
i'm  terminating ads by google and one of my users requested and i approved that June 30th is no adsense day on my site free downloads free every thing on june 30th
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Karmalx 11/14/09 5:32 PM
i think evony work fine on me blog,

got a few clicks on the ads.which gamers doesnt want to check on the sexy lady :P
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads DeanKeaton259 12/25/09 10:52 PM
blocking or alone does not stop the ads. I don't know what the google employee was talking about. He's absolutely wrong. These ads are not being blocked. This is rediculous. Google, you need to terminate your contractual agreement with evony and all of its subsidiaries. You guys should've done this a long time ago.... It's common sense. If a company is abusing the system, they're supposed to be banned...
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads BioHazardous 4/8/10 11:24 AM
I've compiled my findings and an update with the latest rash of Evony ads.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Varrath 5/4/10 2:56 PM
I am hosting a petition to remove Evony's ads from the web. Please join me in my fight against this obscene and disguesting advertising ploy. Follow the link below to sign the petition and ad your voice! It will only take a moment.
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads keshabraj 5/15/10 6:23 AM
We have a website, which calculate the estimate website worth(value), daily page view and many more, (i.e., normally any one can check website value, so we have a problem, if somebody check certain website worth which is not valid keyword in terms of adsense policy, google adsense will disappear from that page, we have a script to block certains keyword but the problem is how many keyword, Do any one have list of keyword which is violent in terms of adsense policy??

In general, keyword which is not valid for adsense policy

thankx TM
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads bjornh79 6/22/10 12:27 PM

Get Evony out of my face!

I don't want to be responsible, partially responsible or even unresponsible for getting kids hooked on this junk! I don't want anything to do with them whatsoever!

Please fine them $10,000 for every time you have to manually handle one of their proxy links! If you can't do that legally, then you can legally give them the 'choice' between that or they loose their privileges! Or something =P



-- List below; is up and running. The others are either parked or don't respond.
-- But you can be sure they have plans for it! They probably have a guy working full time on this!


My apologies if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that one still has to go fishing for these proxy links in order to try and stop them. Is this correct or does that one link; do the trick?
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Monstr 6/29/10 7:53 PM
No the doesn't work for me , I have over 45+ evony urls blocked in my completive ad filter and there still getting through. The comp ad filter only works for a day , then Evony breaks through. I hope google blocks evony because it is ruining websites and also other advertisers... 
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Product Manager Wooj 6/30/10 1:01 PM
Hello everyone,

I was directed to this thread from another forum thread.  Have you been seeing Evony ads on your site recently even after you've setup competitive URL filters?  I'm curious to see how many visible URL these evony ads are using to show on the network.

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Product Manager Wooj 6/30/10 1:49 PM
Hello again,

I just checked with the team here at Google.  For those wishing to block Evony ads, the correct URL to block in competitive URL filter is:

and not the other URLs mentioned elsewhere in this thread, including  Sorry about the confusion, but to the best of my knowledge, all traffic to the service has been consolidated to

I really hope this helps.  

The team has been working hard to filter policy-violating ads from the network as quickly as possible, and in cases where an ad is not in clear violation of our policies, we have been trying to make it easy for publishers to block such ads.  Asking advertisers to use consolidated URLs is one such solution; we have been offering features like category filtering for sensitive types of ads as well.  (See link below.)

Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads wasaweb 6/30/10 2:01 PM
Thanks for the clarification!
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads AdsDontWork 7/5/10 9:47 PM
Ok, here we go again. For the past week I've been seeing these stupid complaints about all sorts of websites. So here is the plan, if you see any new domains put them on this thread. Add them to your filter thing, and GET OVER IT!!!!! By law, they have the right to campaign their adds however they choose because of the 1st Amendment. This gives them the right to speak about their game (Using pictures, words, or any other form of communication) in any way they choose as long as it contains nothing pornographic that could be shown to minors or anything discriminating (Almost naked women doesn't count, sorry ladies). By complaining on these threads you allow Evony and all the other websites to know that they are being watched. This allows them to comeback with a not-so-bad way to show their website for a week while everyone else simmers down, and as soon as they see an opening BAM!! they take it. Then your just back to square one, so what I REALLY suggest is E-Mailing someone instead of posting every website that they use on this thread. They are just using it against you and none of you realize it. So start forming groups of E-Mails you know you can trust and talk that way, or maybe even video chat if you want to get technical. I bet if I grabbed the IP of everyone that looked at this thread daily, almost a fourth of them would be from websites that use these "pornographic" images. 
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads traditional 7/6/10 1:34 PM
I have
In my competitive ad filter but I still get their dross ads on my site.
I have also tried filtering out the games category this does not work either.
Is there no way to stop them?
Re: Filtering Evony Game Ads Louangkhot11 5/21/11 8:36 AM
When I play my game keeps on slowing down and I only have one game!
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