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Ad Implementation FAQ

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Ad Implementation FAQ AdSense Pro Leevi 9/27/11 3:24 AM

Q. My ads are not showing on my website.  How can I fix the problem?

A. Please check the most common reasons below.

 1. Your account has not been fully approved yet.

When you first apply for AdSense, your application is reviewed in two steps. The first one happens right after you apply, and if you pass it, you get access to your AdSense account and to the ad code. The second step only happens after you implement your code on the page - after some time, this will automatically initiate the second review, so you don't have to notify us that you have started using AdSense.

During this time, you will see an alert box in your AdSense account that tells you that until full approval, your ad units will appear as blank spaces. Once we have completed the second review, live ads will automatically appear in your site and we will send you an email to let you know that ads have been activated for your account.

2. Ad code is not pasted correctly.

You need to paste the code generated in your account exactly as it is onto your site. Please make sure that in the AdSense Account you see the code in the box after you have created your ad unit ad unit. To copy your code, click anywhere in the "Your AdSense code" box to select its contents. You'll know the code has been selected when the entire box is highlighted in blue.  Please visit here for more details.

3. Your PIN is not entered.

You'll have 6 months from the initial issue date to enter your PIN. If you do not enter a PIN within these 6 months, we will replace the paid advertisements on your site with blank spaces. If you still have not entered your PIN within the following 6 months, your account will be disabled and your unpaid earnings will be refunded to the appropriate advertisers. If you do not receive your first PIN, you can request up to 2 replacement PINs. For instructions on requesting a new PIN, visit How can I request a new PIN? (


4. Do you have too many ad units on your site?

Our policies permit publishers to place the following number of ads on a webpage:

- Up to three regular ad units

- Up to three link units

- Up to two search boxes

If you've placed more than the permitted number of ads on a webpage, ads will only show in the allowed number of ad units.


5. Has your site previously violated an AdSense policy?

Ad serving may have been disabled to your site because it wasn't compliant with our program policies. ( If this happened, a notification was sent to your AdSense login email or your contact email address if you've specified it in your account.

Also, check out other reasons:

Re: Ad Implementation FAQ AdSense Pro Leevi 9/27/11 3:24 AM
 Q. My ads are not relevant to the content of my website.  Can I fix this issue?

 A.  to improve relevance, we recommend you use section targeting.

Please check out more details about ad relevance and implications of filtering and blocking ads in the following URL as well:

If your ads are in the wrong language, please visit: